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Late Season Rifle Kit

Winter conditions bring equal parts challenge and opportunity. There's no reason you shouldn't be out there, but this time of year does require the hunter to be meticulous with their kit due to the substantial consequences of being ill-prepared. This system is designed for late-season rifle hunters who find themselves trudging through the snow and working up a sweat but need enough insulation for long glassing sessions. Built around our durable soft-shell Catalyst technology and Kiln baselayers, this layering system will allow you to shed and add layers as your body temperature fluctuates throughout the day. For stationary glassing, throw a Chamberlin and a pair of Uncompahgre Pants in your pack. In addition to keeping you warm during those stationary periods, they qualify as 'safety' gear that'll dig you out of a pinch when your core temp drops dangerously low. If you've got any questions, please give our Customer Service Team a ring at 208-806-0066 or shoot us an email at info@firstlite.comBest of luck out there.