Men's Catalyst Soft Shell Jacket – First Lite Performance Hunting
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Men's Catalyst Soft Shell Jacket
Men's Catalyst Soft Shell Jacket
Men's Catalyst Soft Shell Jacket
Men's Catalyst Soft Shell Jacket
Men's Catalyst Soft Shell Jacket
Men's Catalyst Soft Shell Jacket
Men's Catalyst Soft Shell Jacket
Men's Catalyst Soft Shell Jacket
Men's Catalyst Soft Shell Jacket
Men's Catalyst Soft Shell Jacket
Men's Catalyst Soft Shell Jacket
Men's Catalyst Soft Shell Jacket
Men's Catalyst Soft Shell Jacket
Men's Catalyst Soft Shell Jacket
Men's Catalyst Soft Shell Jacket
Men's Catalyst Soft Shell Jacket

Men's Catalyst Soft Shell Jacket

2 Layer Silent Softshell

$240.00 USD

Color/PatternFirst Lite Cipher
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From the treestand to the tundra, the Men's Catalyst Soft Shell Jacket changes the paradigm of technical hunting softshell jackets. Silent, breathable, insulating, and engineered to stretch and move with you, the Catalyst changes what is possible in a softshell jacket. The revolutionary, 2-layer construction creates a jacket that is warm and breathable while also being lightweight and completely silent.

Interior 37.5 fleece lining works to optimize your body temperature while the brushed, durable exterior is ultra-silent while fending off moisture through our advanced DWR.

The result is an ultra-versatile jacket that performs as well in the stand as it does in the backcountry. Whether you are looking for silent warmth sitting for whitetails during the rut or hoofing it through knee-deep snow on the trail of late season elk, the Catalyst softshell system will help you get it done.

The Catalyst is also available in a Men's Pant.

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Men's Catalyst Soft Shell Jacket Details

Layering Position

  • Insulated Outerwear


  • Revolutionary, 2-layer soft shell design
  • Ultra quiet construction
  • Exclusive 37.5 Active Particle Technology exhausts moisture and helps maintain optimal core body temperature
  • Built-in stretch for full range-of-motion
  • DWR exterior repels snow/rain and blocks wind
  • 3D Turret Hood

How It's Built

  • Material: 2-Layer SoftShell
  • Cut: Athletic
  • Primary Uses:
    • Spot & Stalk
    • Tree Stand
    • Waterfowl
    • Upland
    • Fishing
  • Weight: 19oz.

Where to Use

  • Regions:
    • Intermountain/Rockies
    • Midwest
    • Northeast
    • BC/Alaska
    • Southeast
  • Temperature Ranges:
    • 20F - 45F
    • 45F - 60F
    • Below 20F (Active)

Customer Reviews

Based on 154 reviews
Product Size: XXL
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 300
Fit Comments: Not too tight, not too loose
Location: Wisconsin
Primary Use: Waterfowl

I picked this jacket up in the tag soup sale last year to use for waterfowl hunting. I figured it would work for a good chunk of our season up here in Wisconsin. I would say that I have about 60 hunts in with it with temperatures ranging from upper 60's down to single digits. I primarily used a Fuse base layer during the warmer hunts and the amount of breath ability of this set up was amazing. I am primarily a field hunter who is using burlap for a hide laying right on the ground. There are no rips or tears in any parts of this jacket after being abused in a variety of field conditions. With falling temps I added a grid fleece layer and can say that I am warm down to 30 or so with little to no movement. If I'm walking, that set up is fine down into the teens. I like the camo pattern, cipher, it blends well in most environments, not too dark, not too light. The DWR is about what I expected. In a moderate rain you can expect about 75 minutes before you start to see soak through on the hood and elbow areas. An acceptable amount of time considering this isn't a water PROOF piece of equipment. I will echo that it would be nice if there was a wind blocker layer in the item, even if it was just the core area. Fit is exceptional. Sleeves are good and the hood is one of the best I've ever used. I would buy this item again in a heart beat. Very positive experience with my first pieces of gear from First Lite.

Product Size: L
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 180
Location: North Idaho
Primary Use: September Archery Elk (Cold Mornings) Late Fall/Early Winter Whitetail Tree Stand
Very Comfortable. Works and Fits Great.

I ordered a size large and it fit me perfect. I use it for September Archery Elk on the cold mornings and for Tree Stand Whitetail in the late fall/early winter. It is very quite and for how little it weighs, it keeps you very warm. Great product and I love the Fusion Camo pattern.

Product Size: XL
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 215
Fit Comments: Fit is good, true to size. Athletic build, bodybuilding / power lifting. Appropriate fit to be functional
Location: Western US - Nebraska
Primary Use: I attempted to use it for a windprook layer but was sorely disappointed
No Wind Resistance

I bought the pants and jacket as a windproof layer with the intent of layering beneath it as temperatures dictated. After wearing this on one morning hunt with the wind (15-20 mph), temps in the 20's-30's blowing right through the jacket, pants and me, I left this in camp for the remainder of the two week hunt and used other gear to meet my needs.

For an item that is advertised as "DWR exterior repels snow/rain and blocks wind" there is no wind resistance. Very disappointed in the performance vs how the product is advertised.

That coupled with the return policy make for a disappointing experience with First Lite. I own many other pieces of FL gear that I am very satisfied with, yet the in the field performance vs advertised performance for these items coupled with a weak return policy will certainly lead me to evaluate competing products before my next purchase.

Product Size: L
Height: 5' 11'
Weight: 195
Fit Comments: Snug across my chest and shoulders but not tight. If you workout, try it on with all of your baselayers before you take the tags off.
Location: Whitetail treestand hunting in the South
Primary Use: treestand hunting and spot and stalk hunting
Quiet jacket for temperatures above 40

Quiet jacket for whitetail archery hunting in the south in November. Good jacket for termperatures 40 and above, but less than 40 it doesn't keep you warm while treestand hunting for hours during the rut. This jacket lacks the ability to stop wind while treestand hunting. Spot and stalk hunting this would be an effective jacket. Hunting last week, temperature was 33 degrees that morning. Planned on sitting all day during the rut. I had on 4 layers, which were a 250g merino wool baselayer, then the FL wick LS merino top, the FL Furnace merino top and the catalyst jacket. Plenty warm after my 400 yard stroll to my stand. After being in my stand for an 1.5rs, I was getting cooler. The wind picked up a bit (8 mph) but didnt stay steady. The jacket didn't hold up to the little bit of wind as I had expected. I expected it to hold my heat better than my old FL merino wool top, but it is breathable, so I guess you cannot have both. I wear size lg with my baselayers. The jacket fit comfortably across my chest and arms without baselayers. I could've sent it back for an XL, but the sleeves would have been too long. Fast forward to this past weekend hunting, teperature was 43. I stayed comfortable in my stand for hours with 3 layers on.

Product Size: M
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 180
Fit Comments: Arms are tight
Location: New England
Primary Use: Hunting
Overpriced and not warm

Basically just a thin sweatshirt, I was cold even with two wool base layers around freezing temps, temperature range very misleading. I couldn't even return or exchange them because the return policy requires tags to be attached. Arms are tight