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Men's Wick Quarter Zip
Men's Wick Quarter Zip
Men's Wick Quarter Zip
Men's Wick Quarter Zip
Men's Wick Quarter Zip
Men's Wick Quarter Zip
Men's Wick Quarter Zip
Men's Wick Quarter Zip
Men's Wick Quarter Zip
Men's Wick Quarter Zip
Men's Wick Quarter Zip
Men's Wick Quarter Zip
Men's Wick Quarter Zip
Men's Wick Quarter Zip
Men's Wick Quarter Zip
Men's Wick Quarter Zip
Men's Wick Quarter Zip
Men's Wick Quarter Zip

Men's Wick Quarter Zip

Ultralight 150 Aerowool

$95.00 USD


From the archery opener in Carolina to desert aoudad in Texas, the Men's Wick Quarter Zip is First Lite's next-to-skin base layer for high output hunts in hot weather. Using an airy 150 gram Aerowool construction this layer also features a quarter-length front zipper to cool down in hot weather and 125 gram Aerowool mesh panels to maximize ventilation during active hunts. The Men's Wick Quarter Zip is the new standard for quick-drying, odor-resistant, ultralight base layers.

Ultralight 150 Aerowool construction combines the finest, 17.5-micron merino wool available with 37.5-activated nylon fibers to create a super-charged fabric with incredible performance benefits. Our Wick styles also integrate 125 gram Aerowool mesh to targeted hot-zones. that also utilizes 17.5 micron merino and 37.5-activated nylon fibers. What you get is enhanced odor resistance, exponentially improved dry times, increased durability and moisture-wicking, and a fabric that can cool you down when you're heating up and warm you up when it's cooling down.

The Wick Ultralight 150 Aerowool is also available in a men's Long Sleeve CrewShort Sleeve Crew, and Hoody.

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Men's Wick Quarter Zip Details

Layering Position

  • Next to Skin


  • True to size: Purchase your normal size to wear over or under other layers
  • Exclusive 37.5 Active Particle Technology 
    • Exhausts moisture and maintains core body temperature 
    • Traps odors (human signature) and releases them when laundered
    • 17.5 micron, ultrafine, Merino wool
    • Ultralight 150gsm jersey knit fabric for hot weather
    • Mesh vent panels to maximize ventilation
    • Quarter-zip neck for strategic ventilation
    • Modified raglan sleeve moves seams out from under backpack shoulder straps
    • Ergonomic cuff with thumb loops
    • Flatlock seams for next-to-skin comfort
    • Machine wash, line dry
    • Naturally UV absorbent to eliminate shine

    How It's Built

    • Material: Aerowool
    • Cut: Athletic
    • Primary Uses:
      • Spot & Stalk
      • Tree Stand
      • Waterfowl
      • Upland
      • Fishing
    • Material Weight: 150 Ultralight
    • Weight: 9oz.

    Where to Use

    • Regions:
      • Intermountain/Rockies
      • Southwest
      • Midwest
      • Northeast
      • BC/Alaska
      • Pacific Northwest
      • Southeast
    • Temperature Ranges:
      • 45F - 60F
      • 60F - 80F
      • Above 80F

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 75 reviews
    Product Size: XXL
    Height: 6’6”
    Weight: 250
    Waist Size: 36
    Inseam Length: 36
    Draw Length: 36
    Location: Turkey / elk
    Primary Use: Day to day and hunting
    Good for days

    Great early season base layer. I put it to the test over 10 days running after elk. Having the zipper to vent was key. Then compared to my other gear it didn’t hold the smell as much. Over 10 days smell is bound to happen but the different fabric/ material was considerably noticeable.

    Product Size: XXL
    Height: 6’3”
    Weight: 250
    Waist Size: 40
    Inseam Length: 32
    Location: North Carolina Piedmont and mountains
    Primary Use: Hiking so far
    Great baselayer

    Great garment just needs a zipper guard at neck.

    Product Size: L
    Height: 6’-2”
    Weight: 195
    Waist Size: 34
    Inseam Length: 36
    Draw Length: 31
    Location: Oklahoma and Colorado
    Primary Use: Elk and whitetail hunting
    Love it!

    I’ve been wearing this next to skin for a years worth of hunting trips now. I just got back from a 6 night 7 day backcounty elk hunt during which I only took this layer off twice when I sweated it out. Threw it over a tree to dry while wearing my kiln hoody (my absolute favorite) and never did it stink! My only grip is the lack of a zipper guard which can leave the zipper rubbing your neck when zipped all the way up. I resolve this by leaving the zipper down half an inch and it isn’t a problem. I also have crazy long arms and this thing fits comfortably, even if using the thumb loops. I recommend anything merino from FL!

    Product Size: L
    Height: 6' 1"
    Weight: 195 lbs
    Waist Size: 34-36"
    Inseam Length: 32"
    Draw Length: 32"
    Location: Mid/South GA
    Primary Use: Bow hunting. Sitting in a deer stand.
    Great shirt for hot weather

    I bow hunt in GA. I start when the season starts, early September. In GA, this is more summer than fall. This shirt does a great job of being light weight, breathable, and moisture wicking. I find many fabrics I've tried that advertise as light weight, moisture wicking, don't breathe well. So I end up getting hot anyway. This shirt breathes too In the hot weather I wear it as a single layer. I've just discovered merino wool in the last few years and it may be a secret sauce, event for hot hunts.

    Product Size: XL
    Height: 6’
    Weight: 260
    Waist Size: 36
    Inseam Length: 32
    Location: North Dakota
    Primary Use: Waterfowl, Big Game
    Fantastic base layer

    The fit is fantastic! The length was great and that’s saying a lot with my large torso. Not too tight but also not too loose. Very good at pulling moisture away and regulating temps. I can’t wait to get more in different colors!

    Product Size: L
    Height: 5' 7"
    Weight: 190
    Waist Size: 34
    Inseam Length: 30
    Draw Length: 28
    Location: Scouting, hunting.
    Primary Use: As a base layer or an outer layer when the temps are 80+
    Awesome base layer!

    I purchased the Men's Wick Quarter Zip for those early season scouting trips when the weather is still in the 80's, and this piece didn't disappoint. The 37.5 Active Particle Technology to exhaust moisture and maintain optimal core body temperature worked to perfection while checking trail cameras and then heading out to do some squirrel hunting afterwards. Sleeves were a touch long for me, but it wasn't enough to move down a size.

    Product Size: XL
    Height: 6'-1"
    Weight: 225
    Waist Size: 36
    Inseam Length: 34
    Location: Wisconsin & Montana
    Primary Use: Stand Alone Piece & Midlayer
    Great Lightweight Piece

    I haven't had a chance to test this in field yet but it's exactly what I wanted for my early season whitetail sits. The quarter zip is nice to let some extra heat escape on the long walks in. It's definitely an athletic fit and is a touch tighter through my midsection but overall a great piece by itself or over a base layer later in the season. Arms may be a touch long but I'd rather have that than too short.

    Product Size: L
    Height: 6’0
    Weight: 215
    Waist Size: 36
    Inseam Length: 34
    Draw Length: 29
    Location: Texas
    Primary Use: Hunting
    Excellent Shirt

    I have yet to put this to the test in the Texas heat for a hunt, but overall it is clearly high quality. It is super light weight, let’s air in all the right places and I dig the zipper. It will be used mainly for early season as a stand alone, or as an extra layer when I hunt cooler weather.

    Product Size: M
    Height: 5'8
    Weight: 175
    Waist Size: 32
    Location: Colorado, Ohio
    Primary Use: Hunting Whitetail and Elk
    Excellent Material

    Material is top notch and allows my body to breath pretty easily. The arms fit a bit long but nothing too bothersome.

    Product Size: L
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 190
    Waist Size: 32
    Location: Outside
    Primary Use: Outdoor stuff.

    My wife bought this for me as a secondary for my Llano QZ. I switch them out daily to air. After a few days, I smell like an old milk in a hot truck. The shirt does what it says. It doesn't retain the majority of my odour-de-Chad, thus I smell less, but at 10 to 20 foot miles a day, nothing can wick away that kind of scent. Only downside is the fabric catches on brush easily. Still a 5 star shirt.