First Lite's new proprietary whitetail camo pattern

Large Shape Disruption

  • Specter uses First Lite's nature-based algorithm (found in Fusion and Cipher) to create large-shape disruption for whitetail hunters.
  • This distorts and hides the human body, which inherently stands out in the natural environment.
  • The visual disruption is created by incorporating large regions of both light and dark colors (macro break up) found in the tree canopy.
  • These regions of dark and light work against the human figure at long engagement distances and angles specific to the whitetail hunter.

Small-Medium Texture Disruption

  • Using our nature-based algorithm that mimics naturally occurring patterns in combination with textures, shapes, and elements specific to tree stand hunting, we created a scattering of small-to-medium-sized elements (micro break up).
  • This effectively blends the hunter into their surroundings at close engagement distances and angles specific to the whitetail hunter.

Disruptive Coloration

  • Specter uses a finely tuned color palette to blend the body into its surroundings.
  • The pattern utilizes selective colors derived from whitetail regions: trees, leaves, limbs, and sky tones were all measured to create Specter's seven median colors.
  • Doing so also prevents 'blobbing' through controlled contrast, making Specter highly effective across varying distances, elevations, and focus points.

Focal and Depth Confusion

  • By carefully utilizing science-based disruptive shapes, Specter has an unmatched built-in sense of depth.
  • The pattern's elements create focal confusion and disruption that ensure deer are not able to pinpoint the human figure.
  • The contrast and disruptive coloration of Specter also confuse a deer’s peripheral vision, keeping hunters from being exposed.

Environmental Flexibility

  • Designed to function in a wide variety of environments (North to South and early season to late), Specter transitions between locations and seasons extremely well.