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Large Shape Disruption

  • Specter uses First Lite's nature-based algorithm (found in Fusion and Cipher) to create large-shape disruption for whitetail hunters.
  • This distorts and hides the human body, which inherently stands out in the natural environment.
  • The visual disruption is created by incorporating large regions of both light and dark colors (macro break up) found in the tree canopy.
  • These regions of dark and light work against the human figure at long engagement distances and angles specific to the whitetail hunter.

Small-Medium Texture Disruption

  • Using our nature-based algorithm that mimics naturally occurring patterns in combination with textures, shapes, and elements specific to tree stand hunting, we created a scattering of small-to-medium-sized elements (micro break up).
  • This effectively blends the hunter into their surroundings at close engagement distances and angles specific to the whitetail hunter.

Disruptive Coloration

  • Specter uses a finely tuned color palette to blend the body into its surroundings.
  • The pattern utilizes selective colors derived from whitetail regions: trees, leaves, limbs, and sky tones were all measured to create Specter's seven median colors.
  • Doing so also prevents 'blobbing' through controlled contrast, making Specter highly effective across varying distances, elevations, and focus points.

Focal and Depth Confusion

  • By carefully utilizing science-based disruptive shapes, Specter has an unmatched built-in sense of depth.
  • The pattern's elements create focal confusion and disruption that ensure deer are not able to pinpoint the human figure.
  • The contrast and disruptive coloration of Specter also confuse a deer’s peripheral vision, keeping hunters from being exposed.

Environmental Flexibility

  • Designed to function in a wide variety of environments (North to South and early season to late), Specter transitions between locations and seasons extremely well.

Field Testers

Brad Bever

I was born and raised in Indiana, but moved to the whitetail mecca of Iowa in 2018. I quickly realized the legitimacy of the whitetail season in Iowa demanded the best gear available. My whitetail rut is a grind; long days, short nights, and cold temps. So I need quality tools that keep me in the woods and in the action. This Specter pattern is by far my most valuable tool. Being able to get close and still fool deer gives me the advantage I need during the marathon that is whitetail season.

Mark Kenyon

I'm the author of the recently published public land focused book, That Wild Country, founder of the Wired To Hunt podcast, and host of MeatEater's Back 40. I live for whitetails and hunt both public and private land all across the country. I've been using Specter this fall and have been stoked with the performance so far. I've been surrounded by deer at close ranges and long and have yet to be picked off. This is sure to be my go-to pattern for elevated whitetail hunts for years to come.

Taylor Chamberlin

I live in the suburbs of Washington, DC, where I spend over 200 days a year bowhunting deer to reduce the over-bustling whitetail herd. Being able to spend all four seasons in the tree allows me to truly test Specter in every environment, from now to the spring. Specter has been nothing short of incredible in every season and has passed every test thrown at it with flying colors on heavily hunted deer. The macro and micro crackelature and depth make Specter the ultimate whitetail pattern.

Brennen Nading

I grew up in west-central Wisconsin and moved to southern Iowa 8 years ago, with the sole purpose of hunting big whitetails. I work full time alongside business partners Mike Mancl and Dylan Lenz for our media company, Black Stamp Media. We produce the hunting show, 'The Breaking Point'. Each fall, we travel all over the country, chasing whitetails and other critters. I have been wearing Specter for the majority of the season now, and it has been incredible. The quality of the pieces is what you have come to expect out of First Lite, and the new pattern is one of the best I have seen. The light to mid-tone colors just makes sense for elevated hunting.

Jeff Sturgis

My name is Jeff Sturgis from Whitetail Habitat Solutions, and part of what I do is scout whitetails for the entire year, both for myself and my clients. With the experience of being in the field hunting, scouting, and designing whitetail parcels 365/7, it has amazed me how the new Specter camo captures the muted splendor of the whitetail woods. Specter was built to blend and help hunters be a true predator when it comes to chasing the oldest and wisest deer in the woods. I love it - I finally feel naturally hidden when I pursue whitetails, as opposed to an unwelcome intruder. The new Specter camo meets my demands for helping me be the ultimate predator, with the ultimate goal of finding consistent whitetail success.