Introducing Terra,

our newest solid color

Introducing Terra, our newest solid color. Terra, meaning “earth,” is present in every environment and every hunt from plowed soil, to marsh mud, to subalpine understories. That’s why this color is already included as a building block within every First Lite camouflage pattern. We’re proud to launch this foundational color in the heart of our line; the world’s best merino base layers and our Corrugate series pants. Whether you are just joining the First Lite family or adding to your kit, Terra is ready for all hunts, in any landscape, no matter how you layer.

Informed By Nature. Adept in every Landscape.

The Dark Side of a Bottomland Oak.
The bark of a loblolly pine tree.
Dark talus rock in a southwestern desert.
The rotted leaves in a hardwood forest.
A blackwater slough at first light.
Lava rimrock in sheep country.
TERRA OUTERWEAR More Styles Coming Soon
TERRA BASELAYERS The World's Best Merino