First Lite FAQ


Q: I’ve been told that First Lite makes great gear but what makes you better than other hunting brands?

When it comes down to it, our strength as a company is authenticity. First Lite is comprised of hunting fanatics who live, breathe and sleep hunting. We live in a place where we can literally get out on our lunch breaks; we have spotted elk 356 yards from our office door. Your First Lite gear wasn't designed and tested by tennis enthusiasts who camp with designer firewood. It was created in the high Idaho Rockies by a small group of folks for whom hunting is a lifestyle. You can learn all about us on our About Us page.

Q: I filled a great tag thanks to First Lite gear. Can I send you guys some pictures or video?

We love hearing your success stories and passing your images around the office and to friends in the industry. Send images and video links to Who might just make it on our Facebook page, Instagram feed or Youtube channel!

Q: You all talk about conservation a lot but what are you actually doing to benefit wildlife and wild places?

From grassroots volunteer hours to corporate giving, First Lite is committed to pushing the hunting industry to do more to support the animals and landscapes we love. Learn more about the details of our conservation actions here.


Q: It seems like more companies are now offering merino. What makes First Lite Merino the best?

First Lite was the first company to engineer printed camouflage in 100% Merino wool. Our Merino is the highest quality wool available. Unlike most of our competitors, we use 17.5 micron wool in our next to skin layers. This small number is indicative of an extremely fine individual merino fibers and ensures that the garment is soft to the touch. We are often asked if our base layers are scratchy like traditional wool garments. Because of the finely spun merino, the answer is, no.

In 2016 we introduced AeroWool. This material incorporates 37.5 active particle nylon into our merino wool base layers. The result is an ultralight material that fights stink and noise, just like the Merino you love, but dries three to five times faster and brings improved durability to the table thanks to the 37.5-infused fibers. Learn more about AeroWool here.


Q: Why does First Lite use 37.5 Active Particle Technology in their outerwear?

First Lite chose 37.5 because it is the most advanced technology on the market. Active Particle Technology means it is more breathable, allowing it to finish the job of evacuating moisture and stinky bacteria that our Merino base layers begin. Where many, bigger fabric brands will leave you a sweaty mess at the top of the ridge, 37.5 helps you stay dry, comfortable and odor free. Learn more about 37.5 right here.


Q: I've looked at your information and watched your product videos but I'm still unsure. What can I do?

Unlike most brands, we actually want to talk to you. Yeah, that's right--call us. You will talk to James, Nate, Lauren, or Cody. They know everything there is to know about our product. Call our Customer Service Team right now at 208 806 0066. They can tell you about how they use their gear, answer your questions, build your order and walk you though the payment process to help you complete your purchase.

Q: I want to order an item but do not see an option to select the pattern I want, is the item out-of-stock or has FL stopped making said piece?

When an item does not have a pattern associated with it, FL is sold out of all sizes within that pattern/product. The item and pattern will show as available once quantities have been updated.

Q: If an item is out-of-stock, can I backorder the item and have it shipped to me when it is available?

Though we do not take back orders, we get several shipments throughout the year. Call Customer Service at 208 806 0066 for more information on when to expect your desired style.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

To service our customers outside of North America, we have teamed up with some amazing partners that distribute in Europe, New Zealand & Australia.

Q: Do you offer a law enforcement or military discount?

First Lite values the service of our law enforcement officers and servicemen and women. You can access our professional discount application here.


Q: What are the sleeve lengths and overall lengths of First Lite Garments?

Please see our Size Chart.

Q: How Should First Lite Garments Fit?

First Lite base layers are designed to fit comfortably snug as they perform at their best when in direct contact with your skin. Outerwear and pants should fit as expected, with attention to cut that allows for easy movement without excess material. Any First Lite piece should be form fitting but not restrictive.

Q: If I purchase a size LG in my lightweight pieces, do I need to size up to XL in my mid/heavyweight and outerwear pieces to accommodate for layering?

No, you will not need to size up when adding/layering over multiple pieces. Our top layering pieces are designed to be worn as a system and sizing should remain consistent throughout our product line.

Q: How should I care for my First Lite gear?

You can learn more about caring for your First Lite products at our care page here.


Q: What is your warranty policy? Does First Lite stand behind its products?

We have built an outstanding reputation for our customer service--before and after the purchase.

We take pride in our products and will stand behind their quality. We will replace any piece that's performance in the field has been compromised by manufacturer's defect for the practical lifespan of the garment. We work hard to take care of our customers so no matter how old your product is, give us a call. See our full Warranty Policy here.