Talus Fingerless Merino Glove
Woven Midweight Merino

Simple, seamless, fingerless gloves made from Merino Wool for all of your pursuits. Thanks to Merino, these gloves will keep your hands warm even when soaking wet and offer fantastic insulation where your hands need it most.



Product Details

Layering Position

  • - Next to Skin
    • Technology

      • - 100% Ultrafine Merino wool
      • - Seamless knit construction
      • - Fingerless design for maximum tactile functionality
      Cut Shooters Cut
      System Position Accessory
      Material 100% Merino Wool
      Actual Product Weight Size MD 1.8 oz.
      Primary Usage Spot & Stalk, Tree Stand, Waterfowl, Upland, Fishing

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40 Reviews
Happy with them 6/27/2018

I have worn these gloves through this past years winter hunting season a lot. They are very comfortable and kept my hands warm in -10 degree weather. My finger tips did almost fall off(as expected since they are fingerless) but the rest of my hand was warm. I gave these 4 stars for the fact they started to fray quite a bit and have random strands/holes in some places on the gloves. I would recommend these to other people because they still work awesome.

Nickname: Shaun
Don’t want to take them off! 6/26/2018

Amazing product. I bought these last year and ended up wearing them all through winter! They are great at keeping my hands warm on chilly days and on days when the temps went below zero I just wore them under a wind resistant pair of gloves and my hands where always nice and warm! Loved wearing these cause having no fingers in them helps so much!!! Huntin and winter this year I’ll always have these with me!

Nickname: Missy
Unbelievable glove 6/12/2018

Bought these gloves for chilly mornings for a backcountry trip in Colorado but little did I know that I'd be using them through the month of December on whitetail sits in 10 degree weather. I've tried all sorts of cold weather gloves and these gloves are by far the most versatile and warm. I'll sit sun up to sun down below freezing temps, sometimes with a light liner glove underneath but they keep my hands warm all day long. Best gloves I've ever owned.

Nickname: Dan Z.
Always in my pack 5/22/2018

These gloves are awesome. I've used them hunting, fishing, shooting and hiking. They keep hands warm into the upper 20's when I'm active and are great for glassing in the morning or evening of the early/mid season in Utah. They'll keep insulating even when wet which I've seen while fishing. You still have bare skin dexterity on your fingertips which I love for fishing and bow hunting.

Nickname: Graham
Great fit 3/26/2018

They fit nice, and are very comfortable. Warmer than I expected.

Nickname: Chris
These gloves are awesome! 3/19/2018

Great warm fingerless hunting gloves.

Nickname: Chad
Surpassed my expectations 3/6/2018

I used these gloves deer hunting in KY, they have replaced other gloves I wear. Even though they are fingerless I was amazed at how warm they kept my hands, comfortable to the upper 20’s. I put them on once I get in the stand and love them, even bought a pair for my hunting buddy who wears them now fishing in cold weather. Great piece of gear that is now with me every time I go in the field with bow or gun .

Nickname: BW
Love the Gloves 2/20/2018

Great gloves, wear them all the time. Comfy and warm. Want a green pair, but out of stock for a long time.

Nickname: Tim
These are warm and the fit was perfect! 2/10/2018

These gloves fit perfect and are warm! These are a favorite of mine for duck hunting and late season archery. Noticeable Quality, Thanks First Lite!!!

Nickname: @cascadeshunting
Keep your hands warm even when wet 2/9/2018

Have had these for over 3 years and they are great for hiking and hunting in when your moving around alot. If you sit still they might need to be paired with a muff in extreme cold. They kept my hands warm even when soaking wet deer hunting in a snowstorm in Alaska.

Nickname: Bryan
Outstanding Gloves 2/5/2018

As an avid waterfowler sometimes the conditions can be tough, but these gloves hold up to the test! They’ve survived many downpours and cold temps but they did their job well and kept my hands warm!! Only problem is I’ll need another pair because these are so awesome!!!

Nickname: Garret
Great glove 1/27/2018

I hunt whitetails from tree stands in Kentucky, and bought this glove the past year and I absolutely love it. I am amazed how warm it is being fingerless. I wore these gloves the entire rut, gun and bow and late season bow. I wore this glove down to the upper 20’s and was warm, crazy. It feels great, soft and warm. I highly recommend it.

Nickname: BW
Daily use 1/23/2018

These are by far the best fingerless gloves I have used. From winter/spring fishing where my hands always seem to be wet, to the middle of winter where I wear these as liners under the grizzly mits, these things rock. They are also really durable and the fit and material almost makes you forget that you are wearing them.

Nickname: Ethan
All around excellent glove 1/18/2018

I have a few pairs of these gloves and absolutely love them. I have a conifer pair for deer hunting that match my deer camo, a dry earth pair for duck hunting that match my duck camo, and an orange pair for everyday cold weather. Being able to feel the release for bow hunting and the trigger on a rifle or shotgun is just one of the benefits of the fingerless gloves. The wool keeps your hands extremely comfortable in and out of the woods. I’m planning on buying backup pairs when my size is available again. Excellent product.

Nickname: Marc
Great for hunting, fishing, and anything outdoors 1/17/2018

These are really great gloves for hunting, fishing, hiking, or even outdoor work. They are warm, well made, and solid. I've taken them fishing in Montana and they keep the core of your hand warm while allowing you to tie flies onto your tippet with your fingers. Yes, you fingers still get cold, but that is what pockets and hard warmers are for, and the flexibility of not having to take off gloves all the time is awesome. Plus when they do get wet--as they do on a stream while fly fishing--they suck up the moisture, stay warm, and you really don't feel the wetness. I've also used them in the tree stand when bowhunting for whitetail, where they perform equally well. Great for camping as well.

Nickname: Howard
A must have 1/15/2018

My favorite glove out of all my arsenal of hunting gloves. Very comfortable and warm!!!!!

Nickname: matt
Fuzzy but awesome 1/12/2018

These gloves are awesome. I've only had them for a few weeks but they've already become my favorite gloves for temps down to about 15 degrees. They're really comfortable and the dexterity gained from having finger tips exposed is super handy. They have already started to pill and fray just a bit around the fingers, but it doesn't bother me, that's just what happens with knitted products.

Nickname: Garrett
The First Gloves I Grab 1/11/2018

I'm obsessed. My wife says the fingerless gloves make me look like the burglars on Home Alone. Whatever. On all but the coldest days, these are the first gloves I grab. They provide great warmth while still allowing full dexterity for shooting or other tasks. I do a lot of photography in the fall, and these gloves are perfect. I don't worry about my hands but can still operate the camera with ease. And I've always heard that merino wool keeps its insulating properties when it gets wet. I discovered that to be true! On a November mule deer hunt in Colorado this fall, we were caught in a sudden freezing rain. While my Stormtight rain gear kept the rest of me perfectly dry, my hands and these gloves were soaked. I wrung them out, put them back on, and my hands stayed very comfortable on the hike back to camp.

Nickname: RyanM
Awesome! 12/29/2017

I got these gloves in a medium. They seem to run a little big so I’m glad I went with a medium as I do have a bit larger hands but they fit perfectly and I believe the larges would have been to big. But these gloves kept my hands very warm while still giving me mobility and enough touch on my bow release to be confident in my shot. I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for an early mid or late season glove while bow hunting.

Nickname: David
Dont Leave Home Without Them 12/22/2017

The Talus Fingerless Merino Glove are a must have! As a freelancer I often have to be mindful of weight but this is one piece I never leave home without. Whether I'm in Sonora or Saskatchewan there is a use for these. Great for still allowing me to access zippers and run gear. Also my go to in turkey season. Love them !

Nickname: Gaines
Glove review 12/20/2017

The gloves are awesome. Warm, thin, and so far pretty resilient with pickers and constant use.

What I would change: being that they are all wool they are a tad slippery on my bow and gun during the late season so far. I knew this would be the case so it’s not a huge complaint but I would love to see some type of thin non combersome grip on the palms at the very least. I think it would help with not only the grip on things like a gun, bow, or camera but will help with the fuzz fray that develop after using them for a week or so.

Nickname: Wess
Warm and comfortable 12/8/2017

Used these gloves for a elk hunt in December in northern New Mexico. Gloves kept my hands warm throughout single digit temperatures. Would recommend to anyone!

Nickname: Daniel
Great Wool Glove 12/6/2017

I was hesitant to buy fingerless gloves because I typically get frozen fingers on long sits in the woods. I thought I would try them out after a hunt last year where I had my sites on a deer for a long time with no gloves and it was literally hard to pull the trigger. The gloves are awesome. They are super warm but allow you to keep dexterity. I use these with a muff and hand warmers and it’s perfect. Great quality.

Nickname: Tn_Hunting
Great Fit 12/4/2017

Great fit, very warm and comfortable!

Nickname: Meetch72
You'll want more than 1 pair. 12/3/2017

After reading reviews and evaluating my own lack of glove options from last season I knew I had to give these a try. From archery through late season I never leave home without these accessible when the temps drop into the 50s or below. They kept my hands warm down to freezing temps with just a pair of mechanix gloves on in Upstate NY rifle season. I wear these with my 3 finger glove when shooting my stick bow in late October/early November.

Nickname: Joey B
No women's 11/15/2017

Firstlite does NOT make these in women's which is very disappointing considering WOMEN HUNT TOO!! I was going to buy a few pair of these until I found out they don't make women's. Huge bummer!!

Nickname: Forest Queen
Comfortable and Warm 11/14/2017

I've been wearing these for most of VA's deer season. They're very comfortable and Warm for their size. I like the snug fit. Only downside is that after 2 months of use they're starting to fray and get fuzz balls on them so I think they may only last a season or two. That being said, I will definitely be buying another pair when these wear out.

Nickname: Alex
Perfect fingerless glove 11/7/2017

These gloves are warmer and more durable than the ragwool gloves that I’ve used for years, and the slimmer profile makes detailed tasks easier. My first pair are three years old and they haven’t worn out at all. Great price for the best product on the market.

Nickname: David
A glove that performs in any weather!!! 10/27/2017

I wore these glove all day to the point I almost forgot to take them off at night. Cold, hot, wet, even snow weather these things performed. They kept my hands warm no matter what the weather threw at me. On top of it all when the sun comes out from behind the rain clouds they seem to instantly start to dry. I can literally watch the water steam from my hands as the sun starts to dry them after the rain storm I was in. A must have for your gear. I bet if you paired them with the liner glove it would be that much better during the colder days like when it snows.

Nickname: Justin
simple utility 10/18/2017

Keep your hands warm while maintaining dexterity. They do what they're supposed to

Nickname: Graham
Best archery glove 10/11/2017

Love these glove for early season cold mornings and they will be with me year round in my pack.

Nickname: Flatlander Outdoors
As Described 10/6/2017

Been using these gloves both for hunting and fishing and couldn't be happier. They keep my hands warm without cooking them and I still keep my finger dexterity. Dip them in the water in the mountains here in CO fly fishing and just keep on going without needing to take a break to warm my hands back up. Everyone should throw a pair in the pack.

Nickname: Gavin
The Best Archery Glove 10/5/2017

I've had the Talus Fingerless Merino Glove for several years now and they travel everywhere with me. From the whitetail woods, to the open prairie, and even chasing bugling bulls these gloves have never let me down. Their fingerless design allows me to achieve a consistent feel on both my bow and release while executing my shot process. The warmth generated while still maintaining a thin design is unparalleled.

Nickname: Daykota
Been Waiting For These! 10/3/2017

These gloves are perfect for chilly or windy hunts. I usually take hand warmers or a heavier pair of gloves to go over these on cold days. With these on, you don't loose all your heat when your hands are exposed, and you have all the dexterity you need to draw your bow, snap your treestand selfie, or rig you safety harness. Exactly what I was looking for and super soft!

Nickname: DSiv
Fingerless 9/11/2017

These are a must when the temp drops but there is still shooting light. Going finger less helps out a ton for small detailed task. Plus they are cheap and wortth every penny.

Nickname: Stefan
Nice Gloves 9/5/2017

I always keep these around in case liner gloves aren't warm enough. Very comfortable.

Nickname: Clint
Simple and Great 9/3/2017

Love these gloves, simple and perfect but they are so comfortable, worked great while salmon fishing in Sitka where it is always raining, and your hands stay warm with the Merino.

Nickname: Ryan
my go to gloves 8/3/2017

Didn't really know if I would care for these gloves or not at first but they have quickly become my go to gloves. Amazing warmth for their size and weight but still gives you all the dexterity of your fingers.

Nickname: Lincoln
Great addition to the pack 7/8/2017

What can I say? These don't disappoint. I wear XL in most of the gloves but went with a L in these and appreciate the snug fit. These are great anytime you need your fingers and when you just want a little extra warmth or as a liner. I wear them a lot more often than I ever thought I would. Super comfy too!

Nickname: JayCreegs
Never leave these at home 10/29/2015

I love the Talus fingerless gloves. I bought another pair because I fear that i will lose one and go without. Warm alone in the early season and can be used with other gloves as a liner.

Nickname: easton