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Men's Sawbuck Brush Pant
Men's Sawbuck Brush Pant
Men's Sawbuck Brush Pant
Men's Sawbuck Brush Pant
Men's Sawbuck Brush Pant
Men's Sawbuck Brush Pant
Men's Sawbuck Brush Pant
Men's Sawbuck Brush Pant
Men's Sawbuck Brush Pant
Men's Sawbuck Brush Pant
Men's Sawbuck Brush Pant
Men's Sawbuck Brush Pant
Men's Sawbuck Brush Pant
Men's Sawbuck Brush Pant

Men's Sawbuck Brush Pant

Nylon Brush Pant with DWR

$150.00 USD


Durable, comfortable, and built to move, the brush-busting Sawbuck pant is the answer to navigating through Idaho sagebrush and Sonoran thorns. We've combined our proven Corrugate Guide Pant, 4-way stretch nylon with double-panel nylon brush panels and triple-needle reinforced stitching to create a workhorse that fits and moves like a climbing pant.

The rigid waistband manages a heavier overall pant construction, while the articulated construction and stretch paneling provide unobstructed mobility in the field. With both belt and suspender loops and a DWR finish to shed moisture, the Sawbuck Pant has created a much-needed solution for hunters navigating through the roughest environs.

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Men's Sawbuck Brush Pant Details

Layering Position

  • Next to Skin


  • True to Size: Purchase your normal size waist and inseam
  • 2-layer, reinforced nylon paneling for busting through dense vegetation
  • Corrugate 4-way stretch nylon material in the rear and waist
  • Articulated fit and built-in stretch for complete range-of-motion
  • DWR finish for all-weather capability
  • Two front drop-in pockets with knife clip gussets; two drop-in back pockets
  • Contoured, reinforced waistband for increased strength
  • Wide pant legs fit over boots or can be tucked in
  • Triple-needle, reinforced nylon stitching
  • Belt and suspender loops (suspenders not included)

How It's Built

  • Material: 100% Nylon Chap
  • Cut: Athletic
  • Primary Uses:
    • Spot & Stalk
    • Upland
  • Weight: 19.4oz.

Where to Use

  • Regions:
    • Intermountain/Rockies
    • Southwest
    • Midwest
    • Northeast
    • BC/Alaska
    • Pacific Northwest
  • Temperature Ranges:
    • 20F - 45F
    • 45F - 60F
    • 60F - 80F
    • Above 80F

Customer Reviews

Based on 189 reviews
Andrew B.
Product Size: 36 x 32
Height: 6
Weight: 210
Waist Size: 38
Inseam Length: 32
Location: Wi/Dakotas
Primary Use: Upland
Sizing is everything

Call and talk with the folks ahead of time and save everyone trouble with exchange. For me my everyday pants are 38x32. That size in saw buck was way too big. 36x32 are as good as I’ll get and there’s not much to complain about but to get the maximum out of high quality gear it needs to fit correctly.

In my opinion the 32 inseam is longer than my standard pants but not a deal breaker. 36 still has give in the waist area.

Have not used in the field but initial impressions are the pants are light and comfortable and allow any movement without restriction.

Product Size: 38 x 33
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 230
Waist Size: 36
Inseam Length: 30
Location: MN
Primary Use: Pheasant & Grouse hunting, Shed hunting and checking deer stands.
Great pants! Hardly have any brush/stickers on me after my hunts!

I have been very satisfied with the pants so far and they have been holding up well, no tears or wear marks at all. The only thing I didn't like so far was a shorter leg length wasn't available for a short and stout guy but I am making due. Otherwise they fit great!

Product Size: 30 x 30
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 145
Waist Size: 30
Inseam Length: 30
Location: Mountains in Utah, thick, thorny South Texas fields
Primary Use: Spring Turkey, Upland, Archery and Dove
Best Spring to Fall Hunting Pants

I bought these pants in 2020 because I got tired of tearing up my other hunting pants. I’ve bushwhacked through Sage, scrub oak, cactus and mesquite trees with no issue. Love how lightweight and flexible these are. I’ve worn them in temps from 45 to 95 degrees and felt perfectly comfortable. Highly recommend these for Spring to early Fall hunting activities.

Product Size: 32 x 32
Height: 6
Weight: 160
Waist Size: 33
Inseam Length: Unk
Location: Bring back elastic waste.
Primary Use: Upland l, big game
Awesome pants

Love these pants and wear them over many of my other pants. I prefer the elastic waste compared to the waitesize. I really like the elastic waste.

Trevor Tipton
Product Size: 36 x 32
Height: 6'
Weight: 205
Waist Size: 36
Inseam Length: 32
Great,..but very long!

I have not worn these in the field yet, but looking at the fabric and construction I have no doubt they will preform great. However, they are long! I wear a 36x32 in almost every single brand pant I own and these are at least 2" longer than all of them. I spoke to a rep and he said that they are cut long on purpose. I'm fine with that, but it would have been nice to know in advance.

Coy E
Product Size: 30 x 30
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 130
Waist Size: 29/30
Inseam Length: 30
Location: Texas brush country
Primary Use: Work, guiding, hunting.
Great Brush Pant

I've had the Sawbucks for about two months now, and I thoroughly enjoy them. I typically wear Sawbucks 2-3 days a week while working on various projects across West Texas. I've drug the pants through mesquites, catclaw, white brush, lotebush, cholla, and prickly pear without a second guess or problem. While the brush panel is on the front of the pants, I've found that there is minimal issue with brush getting through the remainder of the pant either. In so far, the pants are also very comfortable in a range of temperatures. I've worn them several weeks in the 90s and they are more than comfortable to wear during labor intensive projects when it is that worm. My only qualm is that I'm closer to a 29 inch waist on most pants, and find the waist to be too large. While it's not a problem with the pant, this waist doesn't fit me as well as the older corrugates do with the flexible waist.

Joshua Miller
Product Size: L
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 200
Waist Size: 33
Inseam Length: 34
Location: Washington
Primary Use: Upland hunting
Very durable

These pants work great for upland bird hunting. They are very quiet, durable and comfortable. Will buy again.

Product Size: 34 x 32
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 225
Waist Size: 34
Inseam Length: 32
Location: Anywhere pants are required
Primary Use: Being awesome while not worrying about damaging my pants or my ego.
Absolute Go-To Pants

The quality of these pants (and First Lite in general ) are outstanding. I find myself reaching for these pants on every occasion possible. They hike, hunt, fish, hang out, camp, and go to the grocery store without any trouble in transition.

Luke Peays
Product Size: 32 x 32
Height: 5,9
Weight: 160
Waist Size: 32
Inseam Length: 33
Location: Texas
Primary Use: Whitetail hog and small game
Great pants

I live and hunt mainly in Texas and the place I hunt has a lot of brush. These pants are perfect for this, they are tough enough that they sent shredded after a year of use but are more comfortable than other, less flexible brush pants.

Tom Roller
Product Size: 32 x 32
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 175
Waist Size: 33
Inseam Length: 30
Location: NC - but across the country
Primary Use: Upland hunting, outdoor work, hiking
Best Upland Briar Pants on the Market.

I spent a lot of time in the field walking through heavy brush and dense nasty thorns hunting with and training my bird dogs. I use and abuse my gear, if there are issues - I will find them. For the most part I really dislike the majority of the briar pants on the market. And rest assured I probably own a pair from every major and minor outdoor apparel maker that makes them. I bet I currently have 12 pairs from 8 different brands currently. Most of them are way too baggy and fit like oversized garbage bags that in my opinion catch on brush more often and lend to their cuffs becoming torn and quickly worn out...and if too loose, you'll end up with more wear on your boot uppers and will spend a lot of time trying your laces. Many cuffs are so baggy they even make the use of gaiters uncomfortable. Many are loud, and for the most part they're all rather uncomfortable. Many dont breath and I would not want to wear them for anything other than a hunt. Hiking? Forget about it.

All Briar pants are going to be a compromise - some will offer more protection at the cost of breathability, comfort. Lightweight pants for warmer conditions will breath better but will often minimal protection and the fabric will wear considerably faster.

What I have been looking for is a pair of pants that falls somwhere in the middle - middle range protection, good durability, but more important - a better more "athletic fit." And by a better fit - just like a normal pair of jeans or khakis and not so incredibly baggy. In addition - some fabric with a bit of stretch!

I have about 30 days of active wear on my pair of Sawbuck brush Pants, and I can hands down say they are the most comfortable and best brush pants I have ever purchased. They blow every other pair out of the water, period. Honestly, they're one of the most comfortable pairs of pants I own and I put them side by side with any of pair of quality pants. I would wear these for any sort of outdoor work, hiking, etc. The protective facing is not rigid and you almost dont even notice it.

So far I have no wear or pilling on the fabric from thorns, and while I expected them to offer mid-range protection from briars, etc. they are one of the best protective pants I've used. Short of the impenetrable waxed cotton pants/chaps, they are as good as any heavy nylon faced pants. I have yet to have any major scrapes across my legs, etc.

Breathability is excellent, and I put these up there in comfort with any pair of climbing or performance outdoor pants.

The fit is my favorite part - they are fair from tight fitting but are an athletic fit with only minimal bagginess. They dont catch on underbrush and tightly but comfortably fit over the top boots. I typically wear gaitors when bird hunting but I have found I havent needed too so far - the cuff is just tight enough i have had an issue with the pant leg being pulled up or boot laces undone.

I typically wear a ~32-33" waist but I've added about 5-10lbs during the pandemic (who hasnt]. Currently I ordered a 32 waist worried that they may not fit but i found them to be a perfect fit with the stretch despite being a few pounds heavier. For most people, if you were in between sizes like I saw (aka 32-33") i wouldnt have a problem recommending the smaller size. The only negative is the inseam - they are long if you have a shorter or more average inseam like 30" = I typically always get 30" inseams I do wish that First Lite would offer that length in more waist sizes. I will likely get my current (and the next pair) hemmed down an inch although the extra inseam length does help keep them tucked over a pair of boots.

In review - these pants arent just my favorite briar pants, they're one of my favorite pairs of pants. Ill be ordering another pair and as quiet as they are I plan on ordering a camo pair to be part of my turkey hunting system.

Well done First Lite!