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Catalyst Soft Shell Glove
Catalyst Soft Shell Glove
Catalyst Soft Shell Glove
Catalyst Soft Shell Glove
Catalyst Soft Shell Glove
Catalyst Soft Shell Glove
Catalyst Soft Shell Glove
Catalyst Soft Shell Glove
Catalyst Soft Shell Glove
Catalyst Soft Shell Glove
Catalyst Soft Shell Glove
Catalyst Soft Shell Glove
Catalyst Soft Shell Glove
Catalyst Soft Shell Glove

Catalyst Soft Shell Glove

2-Layer Silent Soft Shell

$80.00 USD


If you think that you may be in between sizes, we encourage you to move one size up on the Catalyst Soft Shell glove. 

The ideal solution for mid-season hunts. The Catalyst Soft Shell Glove's articulated design provides exceptional dexterity and utilizes a 37.5 fleece interior to maintain optimal warmth in cooler temperatures. The result is a lightweight, minimalist glove with excellent touch that rounds out our Catalyst collection to provide the perfect, breathable outerwear kit for cooler temperatures.

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Catalyst Soft Shell Glove Details

Layering Position

  • Next to Skin


  • Exclusive 37.5 Active Particle Technology 
    • Exhausts moisture and maintains core body temperature 
    • Traps odors (human signature) and releases them when laundered
    • DWR finish
    • Articulated construction for maximum dexterity
    • Suede thumb nose wipe
    • Webbing loop for upright hanging
    • Side-release wrist clips

    How It's Built

    • Material: 2-Layer SoftShell
    • Primary Uses:
      • Spot & Stalk
      • Tree Stand
      • Waterfowl
      • Upland
      • Fishing
      • Lifestyle
    • Weight: 3oz.

    Where to Use

    • Regions:
      • Intermountain/Rockies
      • Midwest
      • Northeast
      • BC/Alaska
      • Pacific Northwest
    • Temperature Ranges:
      • 45F - 60F
      • 20F - 45F (Active)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 21 reviews
    Product Size: S
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 167
    Waist Size: 32
    Inseam Length: 31
    Draw Length: 28.5
    Location: WY
    Primary Use: Hunting/hiking

    Fits perfect and keeps hands warm. Great for fall, winter and spring mountain activities.

    Tanner Shuler
    Product Size: M
    Height: 5' 7"
    Weight: 160
    Waist Size: 32
    Inseam Length: 31
    Location: WY
    Primary Use: Hunting/Hiking
    Versatile cold weather glove

    These work well in temps from 25-45. They give you the extra warmth you need without too much bulk.

    Product Size: M
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 170lbs
    Waist Size: 32
    Inseam Length: 34
    Location: ON
    Primary Use: Spot & stalk, tree stand, archery
    The perfect hunting glove

    These are super versatile. I use them for early season turkey and pretty much throughout our October-December whitetail season in Ontario. They stop wind, keep my hands warm even when I soak them (which I do often, and they still haven't fallen apart...), have a ton of grip for getting into the treestand, and still give me lots of feel for my bow release (which straps over the wrist comfortably). My favourite part is that they 'break in' to the shape of your hand over a few uses and the leather gets very supple without losing durability.

    Also, they fit perfectly under the Brooks puffy mitts for late season in the stand!

    I'll probably end up only ever buying this glove once mine wear out.

    Garrett Gordon
    Product Size: L
    Height: 6’2”
    Weight: 230
    Waist Size: 40
    Inseam Length: 36
    Location: Woods
    Primary Use: Hunting

    Nice fit and true to size.

    Marcellus Jeter
    Product Size: XL
    Height: 6.0
    Weight: 220
    Waist Size: 38
    Inseam Length: 32
    Location: Hunting
    Primary Use: Hunting
    Best Glove Made

    Most gloves you buy I feel that you’re always sacrificing something whether it’s size, bulky, heat, etc When they made the this glove I don’t think they could’ve made them any better. They fit perfectly and it’s not so bulky to where you have to take it off to fire your weapon while at the same time the glove is keeping your hand s warm. I don’t think there’s ever been a better glove made. I have finally found a glove that has a slim profile that I can continually wear while hunting and stay warm.

    Garrett J.
    Product Size: XL
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 225
    Waist Size: 36
    Inseam Length: 34
    Draw Length: 29"
    Location: Idaho Panhandle
    Primary Use: Hunting
    Great October Glove

    I recently purchased this and have had the opportunity to take them out for a week in the field during our Rifle "A" tag elk opening in northern Idaho. The Northwest did what it's known to do and threw a good amount of snow and a random cold front in the night before the opening, putting temps in the low teens to low twenties for the first two days of the five day opening. While hiking around these gloves kept my hands warm and dry while hiking, The only time my fingers really got cold was during the morning and evening sits where we were there for a couple hours at a time. Remember though, the temperatures were quite low, and if I had anticipated them I would have selected a warmer glove. I think these are great for anything in the twenties to forties...but much warmer and they may be too warm. Fit was great, a tad tight to get into, but that may be how they are designed as the cuffs of both the Uncompahgre puffy and the Seak Stormtight jacket both fit over them nicely. So far they seem to be holding up just fine.

    Product Size: L
    Height: 5’09”
    Weight: 180
    Waist Size: 32
    Draw Length: 27.5
    Location: Northern Arizona
    Primary Use: Late Season archery

    My entire kit is First Lite and will continue to be. However, I am not stoked on these gloves. The fit is great and no issues there. These gloves do not breathe at all. They are warm in cold weather (late season archery in AZ high country) but caused my hands to sweat badly and we all know what sweat does to you when it’s cold out. Once your hands are wet they are difficult to get on and off. My hands do not get sweaty in any other pair of gloves I own. I will be trying a different pair next.

    Jay W.
    Product Size: XL
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 200
    Waist Size: 35-36
    Location: North Alabama
    Primary Use: Bow and gun hunting deer.
    Great mid to cold weather glove.

    Got these gloves for mid to cold weather in North Alabama. They work great, found they are a bit small even in a XL. Also if your hands get damp they are hard to deal with. Getting them back on after wet is not fun. More a dry weather glove. Dry conditions..... I love em. Can still feel the trigger bow hunting.

    Product Size: XL
    Location: East TN
    Primary Use: Whitetail ground and stand hunting
    Run small

    These gloves are a good glove and love the fact they use the catalyst softshell material. However, they run small and you cannot wear a liner underneath. They are a decently warm glove.

    Product Size: L
    Height: 5' 11"
    Weight: 180
    Early fall glove

    This glove is great for early to mid fall hunting. I found it the perfect glove out chasing Pronghorn in October in CO. It was a bit light for a November westslope deer hunt