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Brambler Hunting Boot Gaiters
Brambler Hunting Boot Gaiters
Brambler Hunting Boot Gaiters
Brambler Hunting Boot Gaiters
Brambler Hunting Boot Gaiters
Brambler Hunting Boot Gaiters
Brambler Hunting Boot Gaiters
Brambler Hunting Boot Gaiters
Brambler Hunting Boot Gaiters
Brambler Hunting Boot Gaiters
Brambler Hunting Boot Gaiters
Brambler Hunting Boot Gaiters

Brambler Hunting Boot Gaiters

3.5-Layer Waterproof Construction


In Stock & Ready to Ship

We know that great all-season leg gaiters for hunting are designed and constructed to last a lifetime and the Brambler Hunting Boot Gaiter is no exception. Overbuilt and as burly as your favorite boots, this 37.5 by Cocona Technology gaiter utilizes Hypalon straps, Cordura insteps and bombproof seams to keep you dry in the roughest hunting country. Field tested in BC and all over the Western US, the Brambler is your new ironclad gaiter.

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Brambler Hunting Boot Gaiters Details

Sizing Note

Sizing boot gaiters can be a bit tricky.

Generally, if you wear full boots (Kenetreks, Danners, Lowas) and/or have large calves (size 10 and bigger) you will likely want to go with the LG. 

If you have smaller feet or calves (size 9 and smaller) or wear a lighter boot or trail shoe (Salomon, La Sportiva) you will want to go with the SM.


    • Exclusive 37.5 Active Particle Technology 
      • Exhausts moisture and maintains core body temperature 
      • Traps odors (human signature) and releases them when laundered
      • Heavy-duty construction featuring 3.5 layered construction
      • Adjustable calf strap
      • Snap reinforced velcro closure
      • Hypalon stirrup with black metal buckle adjustment
      • Black, metal lace hook


      How It's Built

      • Material: 3.5-Layer Construction
      • Primary Uses:
        • Spot & Stalk
        • Tree Stand
        • Upland
      • Weight: 12oz.

      Where to Use

      • Regions:
        • Intermountain/Rockies
        • Southwest
        • Midwest
        • Northeast
        • BC/Alaska
        • Pacific Northwest
      • Temperature Ranges:
        • Below 20F
        • 20F - 45F
        • 45F - 60F
        • 60F - 80F
        • Above 80F

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 236 reviews
      Peter Slavtchev
      Product Size: XL
      Height: 6.1 ft
      Weight: 220 lbs
      Waist Size: 38
      Inseam Length: 36
      Location: South East Ontario
      Primary Use: Hunting

      I used the Brambler gaiters last week for the first time on turkey hunting in SE Ontario.
      Crossing couple fields with 1.5 ft toll hay after all night rain, small creek and very muddy terrain, my feet and pants was completely dry. By the end of the day the gaiters help me feel really comfortable during my hunting.
      A must have product for every one using hunting boots

      Katie Barker
      Product Size: S
      Height: 4’ 10.5”
      Weight: 130
      Waist Size: S or M
      Inseam Length: 26”
      Draw Length: 23.5”
      Location: Hunting
      Primary Use: Hunting

      Incredible accurate fit, comfort, and durability.

      Aaron Lee
      Product Size: L
      Height: 5-11
      Weight: 185
      Waist Size: 33
      Inseam Length: 32
      Location: Almost on every hunt and hikes with the boyscout troop. Pacific Northwest Washington!
      Primary Use: Keep water and dirt debris out of my shoes. I hated my pants dragging at the bottom, this keeps everything nicely tucked and protected.
      Great fit and keep everything out

      I use this on almost all my hunts. I also use it during my son's boy scout troop hikes. They work great! The material is tough!

      chad ervin
      Product Size: XL
      Height: 6’1
      Weight: 220
      Waist Size: 34
      Inseam Length: 34
      Draw Length: 29
      Location: Anytime i what to stay dry below the knees when in snow or heavy dew. Or rainy days.
      Primary Use: Turkey/Elk hunting
      Chasing spring gobblers

      No more heavy sweaty rubber boots, coupled with a pair of Crispi boots these gaiters were awesome. No more wet pants or boots, which means dry socks, dry feet and a happy comfy hunt. I wear size 13 boot, clip on laces first, Snap bottoms, velcro up,snap tops cinch up and get to chasing!

      JAy SPradlin
      Product Size: L
      Height: 5’9”
      Weight: 179
      Waist Size: 32
      Inseam Length: 32
      Draw Length: 29.5
      Location: Mountain hunting
      Primary Use: Heavy snow or wet days
      Brambler Gaitors

      As a hunter that gree up hunting in the Southeast, I have never needed gaitors. Since moving to WY and hunting all seasons, the need for gaitors has become a requirement. These are tough, and easy to adjust. Highly recommend.

      Product Size: M
      Height: 5' 8"
      Weight: 155
      Waist Size: 31
      Inseam Length: 31
      Location: PA
      Primary Use: Hunting, Hiking
      Brambler Gaiters

      Worn with a size 10 Lowa Camino. Originally got the L because of direction in description, but ended up exchanging for the S/M. Calves on the skinny side. still fit well on boot, snug without any loss of movement.

      Shane Mozingo
      Product Size: L

      Brambler Hunting Boot Gaiters

      Kerry Battershell
      Product Size: L

      Well worth the money wish I would have got them on sale!

      Chas Cypher
      Product Size: M
      Height: 5’10
      Weight: 167
      Waist Size: 31
      Inseam Length: 31
      Draw Length: 28
      Location: Outdoors
      Primary Use: Hunting
      The best gaiters!

      These gaiters are very comfortable and work great. I love the material and are quiet for gaiters. I can’t wait to use them in spring turkey season. Firstlite is the only way to go for anything!!

      Anthony Klein
      Product Size: L
      Height: 6'3"
      Weight: 200
      Waist Size: 35
      Inseam Length: 36
      Location: Texas
      Primary Use: Hunting
      Awesome boots!

      I've used these a few times, but not through water yet. The fit is great and they are warm and comfortable. Looking forward to putting them to the test in water.