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Brambler Gaiter
Brambler Gaiter
Brambler Gaiter
Brambler Gaiter
Brambler Gaiter
Brambler Gaiter
Brambler Gaiter
Brambler Gaiter
Brambler Gaiter
Brambler Gaiter
Brambler Gaiter
Brambler Gaiter

Brambler Gaiter

3.5-Layer Waterproof Construction

$85.00 USD $68.00 USD


We know that a great all-seasons gaiter is designed and constructed to last a lifetime and the Brambler Gaiter is no exception. Overbuilt and as burly as your favorite boots, this 37.5 by Cocona Technology gaiter utilizes Hypalon straps, Cordura insteps and bombproof seams to keep you dry in the roughest hunting country. Field tested in BC and all over the Western US, the Brambler is your new ironclad gaiter.

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Brambler Gaiter Details

Sizing Note

Sizing boot gaiters can be a bit tricky.

Generally, if you wear full boots (Kenetreks, Danners, Lowas) and/or have large calves (size 10 and bigger) you will likely want to go with the LG. 

If you have smaller feet or calves (size 9 and smaller) or wear a lighter boot or trail shoe (Salomon, La Sportiva) you will want to go with the SM.


    • Exclusive 37.5 Active Particle Technology 
      • Exhausts moisture and maintains core body temperature 
      • Traps odors (human signature) and releases them when laundered
      • Heavy-duty construction featuring 3.5 layered construction
      • Adjustable calf strap
      • Snap reinforced velcro closure
      • Hypalon stirrup with black metal buckle adjustment
      • Black, metal lace hook


      How It's Built

      • Material: 3.5-Layer Construction
      • Primary Uses:
        • Spot & Stalk
        • Tree Stand
        • Upland
      • Weight: 12oz.

      Where to Use

      • Regions:
        • Intermountain/Rockies
        • Southwest
        • Midwest
        • Northeast
        • BC/Alaska
        • Pacific Northwest
      • Temperature Ranges:
        • Below 20F
        • 20F - 45F
        • 45F - 60F
        • 60F - 80F
        • Above 80F

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 120 reviews
      Jaren Belrose
      Product Size: M
      Height: 169 cm
      Weight: 65 kg
      Waist Size: 32
      Inseam Length: 29
      Great quality and fit

      Needed a set of gaiters for long treks through early morning dew. These look like great quality and the fit is excellent. Looking forward to trying them in the field this fall.

      Matthew Healy
      Product Size: L
      Height: 5’10”
      Weight: 195
      Waist Size: 32”
      Inseam Length: 32”
      Location: Idaho backcountry
      Primary Use: Winter and spring trips
      Great Investment

      I bought these in the fall knowing I’d need them in the winter for chukar and wolf hunting. I was on the fence about spending this much on gaiters but they’ve been more than worth it. I’ve hiked hard with these on and haven’t noticed any wear. My feet are always dry now and I don’t have to worry about the bottoms of my pants being soaked anymore.

      Kamil Musielak
      Product Size: XL
      Height: 6'1"
      Weight: 170lbs
      Waist Size: 32
      Inseam Length: 34
      Location: Ontario
      Primary Use: Spot & stalk, tree stand, swamp
      Game changers and an essential for anybody's kit.

      I own a lot of FL stuff. But given that I am paying in CAD, I am very scrupulous in researching and decided which pieces to purchase - there can be no redundancy in my kit and I need to be sure each piece is essential... I was really unsure if I needed gaiters, considering I run knee-high rubber boots for spring turkey to combat morning dew and some river action, but I have found myself wearing these now on 95% of my hunts; whitetail stand included! Let me just say that they are much more versatile than even FL markets them to be, and I also consider them to be an essential piece of safety gear.

      Now, they are not the quietest things out there if you are not careful, but I have found them invaluable when matting down briars as I stalk close to bedding areas or to keep my Uncomphgre Puffy Pants tight around my ankles and out of snags while stalking. Yes, that's correct - I use the Puffy Pants in combo with these gaiters for creeping around in turkey and whitetail country in the cold and I think it's a brilliant hack; it affords me the ability to quickly put on or remove the insulating layer, while keeping it protected from underbrush, and without the bulk of full bibs.

      Not only do the gaiters protect whatever I am running as pants up to the shins, but they have saved my boots and boot laces from tears and mud caking. Most importantly, they have saved my ankles and shins more than once from being speared by deadfall, which is something I am all too familiar with... These things are tough.

      And yes, they keep my feet and pants dry, free of water, snow, and mud as intended.

      I'll also add that I was very worried about fitment. I have long, large calves by smaller feet for my size. I hesitantly ordered the L/XL with size 10 boots, but can say I am very happy with the size. Running my smallest summer ankle boots, I have to use the last eye on the strap, but the larger size gives me room in the calf to layer for all seasons, as discussed.

      Product Size: XL
      Height: 6'4
      Weight: 240
      Waist Size: 38
      Inseam Length: 34
      Draw Length: 32
      Location: Winter hunting
      Primary Use: Bow hunting
      That time you hunt with your Bro and he is wet, you are dry.

      amazing, 20 degrees wet as hell and guess what, my feet are dry. You make that mistake a few times in life and learn, then get better gear. This is that better gear.

      Product Size: M
      Height: 6 ft
      Weight: 175
      Waist Size: 32
      Inseam Length: 34
      Held up under stress.

      Ordered these 2 weeks before season started and recieved them just in time to put them to use. Wore them through thick wet grass and multi-florarose bushes. They tore through every thing without a scratch. They protected my pants and boots from a beating. Fit well and stayed snug on my boot and leg.

      Tim Valenzuela
      Product Size: XL
      Height: 6'2"
      Weight: 255
      Waist Size: 38
      Inseam Length: 34
      Location: Alberta, Canada
      Primary Use: Hunting
      Worth every penny!

      I ordered these and used them for my hunting season in Alberta,Canada this year. Every single hunter should have these in their kit especially if trekking through snow or any sort of element. High quality and comfy fit! I can't believe I waited this long to get them!

      Fred Newman
      Product Size: L
      Height: 6ft
      Weight: 195lbs
      Waist Size: 34
      Inseam Length: 34
      Draw Length: 29.5”
      Location: North east
      Primary Use: Everything
      Best piece you didn’t know you needed

      I hate to say this is my go to piece as first lite makes top of the line gear, but I grab these gaiters almost all year round when I head into the woods for any and all activities. Early morning dew to any tough brush, thorns even water crossings are a non issue with these on. I just bought a second pair in case mine ever wear out. If you are even questioning these gaiters as part of your kit. Get them, you will wonder why you didn’t sooner

      Eric Steinebach
      Product Size: L
      Height: .
      Weight: .
      Waist Size: .
      Inseam Length: .
      Location: Mountains
      Primary Use: Hiking fishing hunting stuff around house firewooding.
      Brambler gaiter

      Absolutely awesome I live in the rocky's and am constantly in rain mud snow in western Montana and these things are super solid waterproof. These are the gaiters to get.

      Andrew Didio
      Product Size: M
      Height: 5'9"
      Weight: 135
      Waist Size: 6
      Inseam Length: 31"
      Wife loves them!

      I got these for my wife who has begun hunting in the past couple years. She's coming with me for upland birds and small game now and wanted gaiters to protest her boots and pant legs in the low brush. She loves these. She also wears them when we take short hikes or scouting trips with the kids. Likes the Dry Earth color and says they fit perfectly (body specs are hers). The upper strap keeps them in position just under the knee. She forgets she has them on. Easy on/off. Exactly what she was looking for. Nice work.

      AJ Z
      Product Size: L
      Height: 5’11”
      Weight: 200
      Waist Size: 34
      Inseam Length: 32
      Location: PNW, southern Oregon, eastern Oregon,
      Primary Use: Hunting, hiking, snow shoeing, fishing.
      Absolutely killer

      I have ran several different gators over the years. I owned a couple of pairs of kenes but they never lasted more then a season or two. I am going on my 3 season and have put these things to the test more then any other. They are holding strong I love them. Absolutely buy them you will not be disappointed. Side note I where 10” Hoffman’s and they fit snug around the boot