“This would be the equivalent of grabbing the waterboy off the bench at the World Series and saying, hey we just kind of need a grand slam.”

Ryan Callaghan summed up First Lite Digital Marketing Manager Tag Spenst winning a Dall Sheep hunt at the Wild Sheep Foundation's Less Than 1 Club drawing back in January of 2018. Tag follows the journey of a new hunter who got his hunter certificate less than a year before drawing the hunt of a lifetime in some of the roughest terrain on earth.

Series Teaser

Episode 1 - "Waterboy"

Episode 2 - "Fundamentals"

Episode 3 - "Snow"

Episode 4 - "Backpacking"

Episode 5 - "Confidence"

Episode 6 - "Departure"

Episode 7 - "Alaska"

Episode 8 - Finale