Iron Man

Life and Lessons of Sidney Smith


Overcoming the Odds

Sidney Smith battles a disease called Charcot-Marie-Tooth, which ultimately resulted in the amputation of his lower legs. From learning to walk again to an improbable physical feat for most non-disabled athletes, the Rocky Mountain backcountry provided Sidney with an opportunity to continue providing for his family and served as a training ground for the Ironman race. Sidney’s resolve speaks volumes to his perseverance in the face of immense adversity. His badassery matches that of the superhero and the Black Sabbath anthem.

"When I lost my legs due to the disease I made a goal in the hospital to do the Ironman. I picked that goal because I knew it was going to be extremely difficult, but it was going to change me. It was going to distract me from some of the demons that were bringing me down." - Sidney Smith

Sidney Smith's Go-To's