Meet First Lite Team Member Taylor Chamberlin. He spends 150 days a year bowhunting whitetails in the backyards and cul de sacs of the Washington, DC Metro area. With permission on more than a hundred properties, some as small as half an acre, Taylor pursues deer from swing sets, tree forts and a modified arborist saddle. He receives no compensations for his significant contributions to the management of a suburban deer herd that creates a wide range of social, ecological and human health issues. Burgeoning metro whitetail populations mow down native tree seedlings, destroy expensive landscaping, endanger motorists and have lead to the near-epidemic spread of Lyme disease. "In City Limits" follows Taylor's unique lifestyle, pursuing deer year-round while balancing his passion with a successful career and a growing family.

One things for sure, this ain’t Kansas.

"I think it's interesting that regardless of where you live physically, you are always going to find a way to do what you’re truly passionate about. That’s what gets you out of bed 150 times a year at 4:30 or 5:00 in the morning."

- Taylor Chamberlin

Suburban Hunter

"... Estimates of deer density have been as high as 412 deer per square mile."

- Kevin Rose

District Biologist, Virginia DGIF

"If you want to hunt 100 acres in a suburban area, you might have to have 300 permissions from each one of those landowners."

- Billy Phillips

Taylor's Buddy and Suburban Hunter

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