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Lo Pro Hat

From the field to the shop, the First Lite Lo Pro is your choice of traditional, low profile ball cap. The Lo Pro is a high quality hat that will last longer than your favorite boots.


Product Details

Layering Position

  • - Cap
    • Features

      • - Washed, chino/twill front
      • - Broken-in, soft poly mesh back
      • - Pre-curved visor
System Position Accessory
Material Cotton and Synthetic
Actual Product Weight Size MD
Primary Usage Lifestyle, Spot & Stalk, Tree Stand, Waterfowl, Upland, Fishing

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38 Reviews
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Runs Large
Comfortable Hat 7/31/2018

This hat is a lot more comfortable than the "Trucker Hat" I have. I need a few more now.

How it fits
Fits great!

Nickname: Ripsaw650
Height: 5'8" - 5'10"
Weight: 210lbs - 220lbs
Size: OSFA
Location: Utah
Use: Lifestyle
Love it. 7/29/2018

I purchased this for hunting season but wear it all the time! Purchased in dry earth. Great color!

Nickname: Kenia
Size: OSFA
Great hat 7/28/2018

Fits great, very comfortable, and functional!!

Nickname: Michael
Height: 5'6" - 5'8"
Weight: 190lbs - 200lbs
Size: OSFA
Location: British Columbia
Use: Spot & Stalk
Perfect fit 7/25/2018

A great looking hat that fits perfectly.

How it fits

Nickname: Rob
Height: 5'10" - 6'
Weight: 170lbs - 180lbs
Location: Indiana
Use: Tree Stand
Just bought another 6/26/2018

I bought this hat in fusion to match my gear and liked it so much I bought another in dry earth to wear around every day

Nickname: Dominic
Just bought another 6/26/2018

I bought this hat in fusion to match my gear and liked it so much I bought another in dry earth to wear around every day

Nickname: Dominic
In the woods or around town 6/1/2018

I got this hat in fusion camo, it's great for those spring and summer walks into the woods or just running around town. Fit was perfect and pattern was spot on. Don't leave home without it.

Nickname: Jarrod
Love it. 5/15/2018

I have this hat in First Lite cipher. What more do you need than a good hat in a cool camo pattern?

Nickname: Joel
I wear this all the time now. 5/4/2018

I got this hat about a week ago in the Cipher pattern. It is great. The material is thin, but it feels durable, and I don't want a heavy hat anyway. The fit is good. I really like the leather strap. I normally prefer fitted hats, but if I am going to wear an adjustable, this is the way to go.

Nickname: Jason
Fine Hat- Fusion color does not match with rest of clothing 4/30/2018

The color does not match the rest of my fusion color system. Contacted customer service and their reply was it was different material and therefore I should not expect the hat to match. Very disappointed as their competitors have obviously figured how to manage...

Everyone in my hunting party also pointed it out, it was that far off.

Nickname: Lionel
Great hat 4/17/2018

Love this hat. It feels broken in right out the box. I threw out about 6 ill fitting hats after buying this one. ! Currently have dry earth and will be buying one in conifer as well!

Nickname: Melissa
Great right out of the gate 4/12/2018

Dry earth color. No break in period. Comfortable, great fit, and the color will blend with anything outdoors or indoors.

Nickname: Kyle
My new favorite hat 3/27/2018

I bought this hat in Fusion camo and love it. I'm old school and I think a baseball cap should fit tight to the top of your head, not stick up two inches off your head like these new "trucker" hats. I might have to get another one in Cipher camo. Thanks first lite for putting out great stuff.

Nickname: Rick
Great Hat, Fusion color is "off" 3/9/2018

I love this hat. The cut is perfect and looks great. Great quality in the materials. The leather adjustment strap is a nice touch. My only criticism is that the fusion color I received is way lighter shade compared to the other fusion items I own.

Nickname: SyracuseHunter
New Favorite Lid 2/3/2018

The Lo Pro is comfortable, stylish, and most importantly FUNCTIONAL.

Comfort: Unlike most hats, it came out of the box feeling like it had already been broken in. Really soft material that is almost unnoticeable on my head.

Stylish: Love the fusion camo pattern on this, but mostly its the cool patch logo that sold me on it. I wear it all over, not just hunting.

Function: Two main things here are: 1. The adjustable leather strap, which is both easy to change the hat size on and seems much more durable than your typical Velcro or snap back plastic straps. ...and... 2. The brim on this hat is fairly large so it does a great job keeping the sun off of your face.

Nickname: Jack
Awesome 2/3/2018

I love the fit and comfort of this hat. The Fusion camo is awesome too!

Nickname: Jeff
Color was off and fit weird 2/2/2018

Just didn't fit right and the fusion color seemed off compared to the rest of my fusion gear.

Nickname: Michael
Very comfortable 1/4/2018

Great low profile hat the leather closure in the back is the best I’ve seen in my opinion.

Nickname: Daniel
Just OK 12/10/2017

Made in China of thin cotton material. Doesn't fit any better than a $10 Walmart hat. Glad I got it on sale and didn't pay full price. I am picky on how my hats fit and look. This one is just ok.

Nickname: Les
pro hat 12/6/2017

Be a pro wear this hat lol
fits my gear perfectly

Nickname: marty
Favorite Hat 11/24/2017

Put this on and instantly became my new favorite hat. I will be buying another. Often times hats don’t fit me well but this one was perfect.

Nickname: Glenn
Fits good, new material not so good 10/22/2017

Just replaced old wore out lo pro hat with a new one. The new one I got in the mail is 100% cotton, the old one was a 65% poly blend. New one feels thinner/cheaper. Fit is still great but I think the old hat was much better.

Nickname: Montana
My new favorite hat! 10/10/2017

Comfortable, the bill holds moulding well and looks fantastic. It's my new favorite hat. I bought a fusion for hunting and had to buy a tan one for every-day.

Tip: the leather strap for adjusting is very long, and can only tuck into the slit in the hat so much. To get around this, cut it and burn the ends to prevent fraying. Works like a charm.

Nickname: Jonathan
Love this hat! 10/5/2017

I've always been a big hat guy and have dozens of them. This is by far my favorite hunting hat. Like all the First Lite gear I own, the quality is top notch and the material is comfortable. I love the leather adjustment strap. To top of off, this hat fits the way it should and looks great! I've had several compliments when wearing it and people wanting to know about First Lite and how to get one

Nickname: John
Fit the Bill 9/25/2017

Sharp looking hat. I don't like hats that stick up above my head and this one just fit really well.

Nickname: Jon
Comfortable 9/11/2017

I literraly wear this hat every day. The leathe rstrap can loosen as you wear it. I think it has happen on or twice in 6 months. No issue for me for what the hat is. I highly recommend it and will be getting another so one is for hunting an done for daily wear.

Nickname: Stefan
Great Hat! 6/27/2017

Sometimes it is not easy to find a hat that fits just right. Everybody comes in all different shapes and sizes, so do hats. Some of the lower crown hats I've had in the past just sat on the base of my head. This hat does not do that for me. It fits snug just above the ears with ample room for my sunglasses to slide right in. The Dry Earth is such a great color to boot. Nobody has a Earth/Tan color better than First Lite. I will definitely be getting one in Fusion as well.

Nickname: Drew Pinkston
NICE HAT 5/23/2017

I ordered the Lo Pro and was surprised by the quality and comfort. I will be ordering another

Nickname: CodyB
Great Hat 4/26/2017

Ordered the conifer hat. The green is darker than the picture. The leather adjustment is really good and holds well. The patch pops out agains the dark green. It's a sharp hat that works well in the field and around town.

Nickname: Andrew
This is my new favorite hat 3/26/2017

I absolutely love the material of this hat. It keeps my head cool in warm tempatures, but also warm in cooler tempatures. I love the strap on the back of the hat and how easy it is to adjust. I don't have to take the hat off to make it tighter or looser. I also love the leather look of the strap and how easy the clip is on it.

Nickname: Ga_huntress
Great hat OK strap 11/21/2016

Love this hat. I love the way it fits and looks. The only thing I'd change is I'd put a Velcro adjustment on it. The leather strap is OK but it slips a little as you wear it and I have to readjust it everyday.

Nickname: Jerimy
Comfortable but doesn't match the wool Fusion clothing 10/17/2016

The hat was very comfortable on the late September archery hunt. Seems well made. Problem I had with it was it is printed on snow white polyester which almost glowed in the low light of the morning and evening. The merino wool is light tan so when the Fusion pattern is printed it isn't bright like the hat. My cousin said the rest of the gear blended in great but the hat seemed very bright. I use the merino wool base layers and this hat just didn't match the Fusion pattern and I felt like in the low light it was a beacon.

It might match the outer layers better but for the wool it was too different.

Nickname: dpgeorge
Solid hat, one recomendation 10/13/2016

This is truly a great hat. The fabric feels great, is durable, and cool. Would love to see the hat made with a lightweight plastic closure (instead of a heavier leather and metal clasp), and the First Lite logo embroidered on much like the trucker hat.

Nickname: JDE
You need one 8/21/2016

I always wear a ball cap, so it's nice to have one that not only fits well, but sheds sweat and dries quickly. It seams like most ball caps, even ones marketed towards outdoorsman, don't have much thought put into them. However, the Lo Pro was designed for exactly that person.
I recommend this product to anyone looking for a hat that has had more thought and effort put into it's purpose and functionality. The only thing I'm not keen on is the leather strap used for adjusting the size, but right now I can't think of a better alternative.

Nickname: jclillegard
Great hat. 7/24/2016

Hat fits and feels great. Will probably pick up a second on my next order.

Nickname: Dvk
Looks great but... 7/2/2016

"Lo Pro" doesn't mean size S/M. It is a LARGE sized cap, I can't wear it. I'll be gifting this one to someone with a larger head than me.

Nickname: backcountryshaffer
great fit 5/10/2016

The hat fits great and has a decent bill that can be shaped.

Nickname: Jerud
Pretty good cap 5/4/2016

The cap is pretty good. I'm switching my camo over to Fusion, and I wanted a baseball cap, but the 5-Panel Cap fits weird and the Trucker Hat is too high-profile. This one fits okay. I was pleasantly surprised it's 100% polyester, which means it should shed rain better than cotton. I wish the leather band on the back was velcro, but it'll do. I took the patch off and it looks alright: http://imageshack.com/a/img921/9896/Usief6.jpg

Nickname: Gil