Corrugate Guide Pant

The award winning Corrugate Guide Pant takes its inspiration from rock climbing and mountaineering. These nylon pants are constructed around a simple design concept that allows the hunter uninhibited freedom of movement while providing easy access to storage by way of our 3D double cargo pockets. With both belt and suspender loops as well as a DWR finish to help keep you dry, the Corrugate Guide pant has solved the problem of the complete all day hunting pant. If the Obsidian Pant is a Formula One car, this is our armored truck.





Product Details


  • True to Size: Purchase your normal size to wear over or under other layers
  • Actual Weight: 17oz (size large)
  • Ultra durable nylon fabric
  • Built-in stretch for complete range-of-motion
  • Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish for all-weather capability
  • 3D Double Cargo Pockets
  • Belt and suspender loops (suspenders not included)
  • Covered by First Lite's Warranty

    • Sizes

      Available in men's sizes: SM, MD, LG, XL, XXL


      Machine Wash Cold and Hang Dry

      Cut Shooters Cut
      System Position Midlayer
      Material Nylon
      Actual Product Weight Size MD N/A
      Primary Usage Lifestyle, Spot & Stalk, Tree Stand, Upland, Fishing
      Temperature 45F - 60F, 60F - 80F, Above - 80F, 80F+

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    Most Versatile Layer you'll need!
    My absolute favorite about this is the hood and how soft it is. Complete silence when the hoods on and you're glassing for dear. So soft and warm that I used it for bedtime while sleeping in my hammock and woke up in 40 degree weather ready to go.
    - mr_ssmith44 on 10/2/2017
    Very versatile
    Just got back from first cold and snowy high country mule deer trip of season and these pants did great. I'd worn on a couple early scouting trips in the heat and was happy how they performed. Cool deal to have a pant that is so comfortable in one extreme to the other. Love how they don't bind while climbing. The length is perfect for not riding up when glassing for long periods. Definitely recommend as the the go to if you are traveling light and living out of your pack.
    - Charles on 10/1/2017
    Not very "armored truck" like at all
    Wore mine 2 times before the stitching that held the zipper to the nylon material of the pant completely failed. For a supposedly ultra rugged "armored tank" it's pretty underwhelming. Up to that how ever they are pretty awesome pant they didn't limit my range of motion at all. They are one of the few hunting pants that are actually comfortable to wear when "going commando".
    - Pbstar1128 on 9/30/2017
    Two thumbs up
    I am 6'1 240 and the XL fit perfect. In Levi jeans I am a 38-34. The guide pants fit extremely well in all places. Have not hunted in them yet so my October elk hunt will be the first test for these. Super impressed though, good job FL the puffy pants are next for me.
    - Dan on 9/29/2017
    After wearing other "top" company's pants throughout the season (2016) and then trying these pants it was a no brainer which would be my go to pant for everything. After it was said and done i sold the other pants and took the profits to buy more first lite gear 100% committed.
    - DL on 9/29/2017
    If you are looking for the "all around hunting pant" look no further. From August Lopes to November Bulls, this is the pant. Once again, FIRSTLITE has won.
    - TM Montana on 9/27/2017
    Perfect for early season in AZ
    Most comfortably pants I own. I'm a 36x32 and the large fits me perfectly. Definitely my go to pant for easy season hunts in Arizona.
    - JP on 9/24/2017
    Perfect warm weather pant!
    Will not retain odor. Quiet. Flexible. Great early season pants for an active hunter. Love these pants! Tried multiple top brands and ordered these based on the reviews not expecting them to live up to the hype. Well, I’m writing my first review ever because these far exceeded expectations. Multiple pockets in perfect places and zippers. Will be getting another pair in tan color for casual wear. I’m 5’8” w/ 31” waist and big legs. medium is a perfect fit.
    - Daniel on 9/22/2017
    Tough as nails
    As a backcountry hunter and forestry worker, I put the Corrugate Guide pants through hell. When the description says "armoured truck" you can count on that. Not only are these pants tough but they also display impressive wicking and drying properties. I can't say enough about these pants. They continue to exceed my expectations. Great for everyday use as well.
    - Jake on 9/22/2017
    Didnt want to take them off
    These are by far the most comfortable pants I have ever hunted in. I had some other pants I brought on my archery elk hunt this year but I found myself always going back to these. We had temps that ranged from about 90 down to 35 and these pants were great the entire time. Loved the pockets, dried out super fast and breathed great. Will be ordering more of these for sure.
    - Nathan on 9/22/2017
    If Only They Stayed Together
    I like the pants but my 3rd pair (2 warranty claims) has just failed. The inside of the pockets has come unsewn again. My theory is that front pocket design causes the sewing in the whole pocket/crotch area to pull apart. The saddest part is that I've only worn this latest pair to work...and I'm an accountant. I'm pretty shocked by the reviews posted for these pants. I've heard a lot of other guys on the internet talking about this issue.
    - Zack R on 9/21/2017
    comfortable, tough, quiet and smart pocket placement
    Elk archery hunting in Idaho. Extremely comfortable and they didn't stink after days of hunting. Zipper pockets on the outside of the cargo pockets allowed secure placement of small items. Quiet and 4 way stretch made hiking over deadfalls, timber and rocks a breeze. Quickly dried after several stream crossings. Would recommend to all outdoor enthusiasts. Also enjoy the shorts version for fishing and other leisure activities. Will need to get another pair in fusion, as these are in cipher.
    - Karl on 9/20/2017
    Great Pant
    Finally FL offers a long size. 6'1 195 and the LT were perfect. and plenty of room for thermals underneath. Wore them in 35-55 degrees and were great. Little warm and strenuous afternoon hikes but very comfortable and breath great. Best part is they don't ride on thighs when hiking.
    - Scott on 9/15/2017
    Quiet, comfortable, breathable, dry, and functional
    I love these pants. Super comfortable and quiet for walking around. I run hot and they were as breathable as a pant can be. The DWR finish kept them dry in the morning dew as well. I look forward to testing these out in more adverse conditions to see how they hold up!
    - Josh on 9/13/2017
    Wear Them Way too Much
    I have two pair of these and wear them all the time, my life gets on me actually. These things allow you to do whatever you want to with flexibility of movement. I have literally done a wall ball CrossFit workout while working with these on. Dry fast and weigh nothing.
    - Trevor on 9/13/2017
    Amazingly Comfortable!
    I wish I could wear these everyday. Built in stretch is very comfortable! Repels water well.
    - Clint on 9/5/2017
    These pants are the best. By far my go to hunting pants. Super durable and comfortable. Some people complain about being noisy, but I have not had any issues especially after washing them a couple times. My only suggestion would be to add a double knee for added durability.
    - Tyler on 9/4/2017
    Good pant
    I liked everything about these pants except for the fit. For me to get the pant length I needed I had to get a waist size that was too large for me. This caused them to be very loose in the crotch. Good pant I they just aren’t a good fit for me.
    - Jake on 8/30/2017
    Best piece of camo i've ever owned.
    These pants are hands down the best outdoor, hunting, and daily wear pair of pants that I have ever purchased. The material is amazingly comfortable and breaths really well. When wet, it dries quickly. The pants stretch when going over obstacles or hiking uphill. When the pants snag on a twig or brush, they have a slight give which prevents tearing. In two years, I've yet to have any of my four pairs tear. I've heard complaints about these pants being considered noisy. I disagree due to never having this issue affect me on any of my archery hunting stocks. This is by far the best piece of clothing I have ever purchased. Firstlite hit a homerun on this pant.
    - Eric E on 8/25/2017
    Very impressed so far.
    I wore these pants out for the first time this morning and was very impressed with the function and comfort. I'm also extremely happy that these fit me! I'm 6'4' and a lot of my height is in the legs so you can imagine what's like buying ordinary pants, much less decent hunting pants. These pants run a little big - not too much, just a little - which is good for me because it allows me the length I need to keep them from pulling up over my boots when I sit down and the design works great for going up and over rough terrain without having to be afraid of ripping them. I admit I was skeptical about how these would hold up and granted I've only had them out once but I covered a lot of ground and did everything I could to see if they'll hold up, including a thorough inspection when I got home, but it's clear they're well made and are built to last. I hunt in rough country in southern Arizona so I'm really glad I found a pair of pants that work for me.
    They are pretty thin so if you're hunting cold weather make sure to layer them otherwise these are a great single layer if the conditions are right for it.
    - Dan on 8/5/2017
    Did very well
    Took it on late July fall hunt, used it as my single only pant. Did very well for wicking moisture and drying quick. Only did 3 ascents with it on. By second ascent my back end started to pill significantly. Got my sheep with the third. Durability might be a long term issue.
    - JustinTX on 8/3/2017
    You've been missing out
    These are absolutely my favorite pants of all time! I waited a year to write this review so I could provide honest feedback with a year of hunting as a test and these pants performed exceptionally. I found these pants to be great during all seasons as the material stretches really well, breathes, and are very quiet. I found them to be great for a multitude of environments, from stalking turkeys through the plains, to sitting in a stand in the hardwoods waiting for whitetail. The pockets on these pants are not the shallow pockets you would find on most pants and provide ample room to store items and keeps them secure. They weren't kidding when they said these are the armored truck of pants, they are durable!
    - Joe with Livin' Large Outdoors on 8/3/2017
    Awesome pants
    These are all around great outdoor sport pants. There is a lot of stretch and I could see them being great for rock climbing. Light enough to wear in the summer. They are tapered on the lower legs but there is still plenty of room. I'm looking forward to getting a pair in fusion for the fall elk/ deer season.
    - Alex Sterling on 8/1/2017
    Great hunting pant
    These are my favorite hunting pants. I use them for everything from warm summer scouting trips to mid winter hunting trips. For the colder weather I pair them with my Firstlite base layers or if it's extremely cold, I'll add my Sanctuary bibs over the top. Great all around pant.
    - Justin on 7/31/2017
    Truly allows you to go father stay longer
    The first day I got the pants I put them on and didn't want to take them off. They have a bit of stretch to them almost like sweat pants! They are so comfortable and so cool. I tested them at Total Archery Challenge this weekend at Snowbird! They held up amazing and I never had range of motion issues with the pants which is huge for a hunter hunting steep terrain! I am in love with the pants and want to wear these as my everyday pants!
    - Colby on 7/18/2017
    Extremely comfortable and extremely quiet.
    I've never had a more comfortable pair of hunting pant. They have the right amount of stretch in the fabric and still remain tough. Very versatile and make no noise.
    - Seth T. on 7/17/2017
    Top Shelf.
    Wore these today scouting some public land here in Central Pa. The temperature was 86 degrees and these pants were surprisingly breathable and quiet. After multiple passes of multi floral rose, raspberry and other brush, these pants didn't show a sign of wear. I have these in dark earth because I wanted a scouting/causal outdoor pant. They will definitely get put through their paces this season in PA and NY. As always, overly thrilled with the products FL produces and never worry about parting ways with my money.
    - JB64 on 7/2/2017
    Love These
    Super comfortable, lightweight, and surprisingly tough. I've abused these for 3 years in some pretty harsh PNW country and they are outstanding.
    - KP on 6/26/2017
    Extremely comfortable pants
    I received my Corrugate Guide pants a few days ago. They are very comfortable and easy to move in. I really like the large pockets. They are easy to get items in and out of. I often carry a range finder in my pocket and can easily remove it even with my release on. I was a little concerned these might be a bit warm for an early season hunt, even here in Alaska. After wearing them at work on a relatively warm day (for us) I was very impressed with how cool i stayed in them. I am excited to use them this fall when our weather can go from sunny and 70 to below freezing and snowing in a few hours.
    - Corrugate on 6/18/2017
    Best all around pants I've every purchased.
    I bought 2 pair of these (fusion for hunting and dry earth for scouting). They quickly replaced my sitka pants as my favorite hunting pants I've ever owned. The dry earth are my go to "travel pants", I spend a ton of time on an airplane for work, sometimes 20 hours in the air to other countries, best travel pants you could ever purchase. They're light, comfortable, breath well, and layer easy when using them for later season hunts. Impressed with how quickly they dry as well. Incredible gear.
    - Jack on 6/8/2017
    Favorite piece of First Lite so far!
    I recently used the corrugate guide pant in recent hunt in South Africa. These pants keep me warm in the early hours and cool during the peak heat periods of the day. The new cipher pattern blended in extremely well with the South African bush surroundings. These pants are also fairly quite. South Africa has very dense bush areas and snagging pants are almost always an issue. So much so that South Africans only hunt in shorts. These pants seemed to silently move through the bush with little to no noise.
    - Tanner on 6/2/2017
    Excellent Pants
    The Corrugate Guide Pants are excellent. After a few washes they are deadly quiet and very durable. On my last hunt while wearing them I slipped on a wet rock and slide a good 20 feet on my butt down a rocky mountain. Not the most comfortable experience as far as rocks in my ass but the pants show zero evidence of my callous mistake. I was thoroughly impressed!
    - Jason on 5/8/2017
    Great Early-Mid Season Pant!
    These pants are extremely comfortable. If you're a pajama person I'd bet you could wear these to bed without a single complaint. As an early to mid season pant these are a great choice, much past that a good base layer will definitely be needed. The pockets are deep and extremely functional they provide good space for items such as rangefinders. They also have dual thigh pockets on each side. My only complaint is that the thigh pocket with the zippers are too small for my large hands to fit into. Not a big deal, but worth noting. The elastic waistband stretches for a very relaxed feel. When you first put them on they don't ssem very durable, but after wearing them many time in rough conditions it's safe to say they're a lot tougher than you'd think. These pants seem to run a little big, I have a 35" waist and they fit a little loose. I tried on a medium and the thighs were too tight, but fit well in length and waist. All in all these are great pants, I'd definitely recommend them!
    - Jacob Williams on 5/6/2017
    Most comfortable pant I own
    I wear size 36 pants and I got these in size XL the only thing I dont like about them is they are on the bigger end for me. I should have gone with the Large pant not the XL. They fit fine but for hiking around I will just have to wear a belt (planned on it anyway). They are light weight and super comfortable. I wish they had a back left pocket because thats where I stash my wallet but on these pants I have to stash them in the right pocket oh well. I have gone on a few hikes in the off season and love the way the pant wears. I will be purchasing more of these in the future.
    - Ryan on 5/1/2017
    Favorite Pants for Everything
    I've had pants from Columbia, REI, prana, Uncle Sam, and various other manufacturers and I can say that without a doubt these are my absolute favorite. They're durable, they hold up to the weather, they dry quickly, and they're comfortable. With a pair of Allegheny 230s they're comfortable hiking around down into single digits with below zero wind chills. They keep me dry in light rain and they keep me comfortable during Spring turkey season and warm weather, too. The pockets are perfect because I can stash some small items like gloves and a beanie, but I can't overstuff them with a bunch of crap that I should have put in my pack anyways.

    In the event of the Apocalypse, I'm grabbing my wife and child, a firearm, and these pants to get me through the end of days.
    - Matt on 4/18/2017
    Awesome Pants
    I bought these in a large since I'm on the border of medium tall and large. Had to return them for a pair in MT becaise they are slightly stretchy and customer service was incredible. These pants are insanely comfortable and seem to be very durable. I've been out in the dense PA woods about 5 times now in them and they're holding up great. Now I just need to buy a pair in a solid color so I can wear them outside of just hunting.
    - Mitch on 4/15/2017
    Complete package!
    These pants have it all. Not too heavy, very stretchy, somewhat water repellent, dry fast, durable, quiet.
    - PNW Joe on 4/14/2017
    Love this pant
    I have two seasons in the field with these pants and I love the fit and comfort! The 4 way stretch and light weight make them great for active hunters. They are great for early season and layered with the Allegheny, I have never needed anything warmer than this combo through late season. I do have two complaints...there are quieter nylon pants out there and mine are starting to pill despite always washing them on the delicate cycle with Nikwax Tech Wash. I'm not sure why they are doing that but it drives me crazy, hence only 4 stars.
    - JayCreegs on 4/13/2017
    Poor Fit
    The feel of these is great and they are light weight and stretchy. But I have come to feel I don't like the fit of First Lite Clothes. These pants for me are too baggy in the thigh and butt and then they taper off as you go down to look like "skinny jeans". I realize this is probably to accommodate wearing gators, but I just like the fit of Kuiu clothing a lot better.
    - Dan N on 4/5/2017
    Best hunting pants I've ever owned
    I've worn KUIU Attack pants for years and recently ordered the First Lite Guide Pant. These are now my go to pants as they're the most comfortable I've ever worn! I can't adequately describe how great the stretch and feel of these pants is. They fit well but with the freedom you need while hunting or stalking. I got caught out in a pretty good rain storm this past weekend while turkey hunting and they handled it well and dried quickly. I love the pocket setup, very useful and practical. The Fusion camo looks fantastic and blends well where I hunt. I've had 2 people stop me and ask about the pattern. I plan on ordering another pair for my Alaska caribou hunt and a pair in Dry Earth to kick around in and at camp.
    - John on 3/29/2017
    Great for the heat of the desert
    I absolutely find the cipher camo pattern a must when hunting southern Arizona coues deer. This species of whitetale are very challenging to harvest but when I use my cipher corrugate pants I dont have to worry about them seeing me or hearing me, these pants are super quite and flexible. Great job firstlite cant wait to rey more of your gear on my next hunt.
    - USMarine on 3/21/2017
    Great performing and designed pant
    After at least trying on almost every high-end hunting pant out there, these took the cake. That includes hunting in Kryptek, ordering another brand then returning due to ill fit, and driving to NORCAL to try out another brand, design and primarily fit brought me to the FL Guides. The best features are everything I was looking for: (did I mention fit?) pocket layout and design is spot on, snug leg cuffs all but eliminate the need for gaiters (as an early season archery only hunter,) and the DWR finish is awesome. As is normal, I got myself into scorching hot days to windy on/off drizzle and a little storm that had rain coming from directions that defy physics. This combined with the cirrus jacket kept me perfectly dry - I was actually kind of shocked.

    Cons? Yeah, they're not silent especially brand new. I even talked myself into thinking they were too loud - until I bagged by first bull this year from about 17 yards. So much for being too noisy. The only complaint is that after about 3 days from brand new some of the stitching in the fly just started to unravel. But the lady friend is handy and fixed that. Everywhere that took a beating from use still looks new. I'm a believer in these!
    - Bluto on 3/20/2017
    Amazing everyday pants
    Bought these pants in First Lite Fusion for my Montana '16 elk season. It was an 8 day hunt and I wore them every day! They are lightweight weight and easy to layer with. I was able to comfortably put overalls on during the early morning when I needed the extra insulation. Highly water resistant and highly wind resistant. trust me, there was plenty of 30mph winds to test them adequately! Oh and they never starter to smell! Even after 8 days! I was able to put a small hole in them when crossing a barb wire fence but up to that point they withstood all the crouching, kneeling, and crawling through brush that I threw at 'em. I have no complaints about quality or thoughts for improvements, honestly. However, it would be awesome to have more color options because I definitely want a pair that I can wear out everyday.
    - Dominic on 3/19/2017
    Great Pants for all ac
    Bought these pants in First Lite Fusion for my Montana '16 elk season. It was an 8 day hunt and I wore them every day! They are lightweight weight and easy to layer with. I was able to comfortably put overalls on during the early morning when I needed the extra insulation. Highly water resistant and highly wind resistant. trust me, there was plenty of 30mph winds to test them adequately! Oh and they never starter to smell! Even after 8 days! I was able to put a small hole in them when crossing a barb wire fence but up to that point they withstood all the crouching, kneeling, and crawling through brush that I threw at 'em.
    - Dominic on 3/19/2017
    Great Pants for all ac
    Bought these pants in First Lite Fusion for my Montana '16 elk season. It was an 8 day hunt and I wore them every day! They are lightweight weight and easy to layer with. I was able to comfortably put overalls on during the early morning when I needed the extra insulation. Highly water resistant and highly wind resistant. trust me, there was plenty of 30mph winds to test them adequately! Oh and they never starter to smell! Even after 8 days! I was able to put a small hole in them when crossing a barb wire fence but up to that point they withstood all the crouching, kneeling, and crawling through brush that I threw at 'em.
    - Dominic on 3/19/2017
    Great Pants for all ac
    Bought these pants in First Lite Fusion for my Montana '16 elk season. It was an 8 day hunt and I wore them every day! They are lightweight weight and easy to layer with. I was able to comfortably put overalls on during the early morning when I needed the extra insulation. Highly water resistant and highly wind resistant. trust me, there was plenty of 30mph winds to test them adequately! Oh and they never starter to smell! Even after 8 days! I was able to put a small hole in them when crossing a barb wire fence but up to that point they withstood all the crouching, kneeling, and crawling through brush that I threw at 'em.
    - Dominic on 3/19/2017
    Comfort: A+ Fit: B-
    These are the most comfortable pants I have ever worn- combine that with how durable they are, and you have a near perfect combination for the active hunter.

    My only minor complaint would be that the sizing is a touch off compared to their other products. I prefer a more tapered fit, for example the Kanab 2.0 fit me perfectly in the MT size and these were considerably longer and a little bit baggy in the leg (in the same size). Regardless, they are amazing pants and they're a must-have for any active hunter. If the cut is perfected, there's no reason to buy any other hunting pants.
    - Galin on 3/17/2017
    Best investment you will ever make
    If you are a hunter, hiker, fisherman, or outdoor junky and you haven't worn the Corrugate Guide Pant you are missing out. This pant moves with you unlike any other in its class. Forget the days of climbing over logs and around obstacles with restricted pant legs, or a blown out crotch. Range of motion is entirely uninhibited. Early season archery to late season in the snow, these pants are my go to. I can not think of a piece of gear I own that I would rank above these pants. If you are looking for a new favorite pant give these a walk in the woods and you will never look back.
    - Matt on 3/17/2017
    Guide pant more like anything and everything pant
    Let me just say first lite has my business, great company, great spokespeople and all around just a company you can tell has there priorities straight. I bought these pants about a year ago and I predator, upland bird, elk, deer, antelope hunt and really anything else in these pants, you get what you pay for and in my opinion you get great product's when you buy first lite I have a number of other FL products and they haven't failed me yet I bought a pair of the red desert boxers and they were just a little big I still wear them even after purchasing the correct size because they flat out work, my point is FL has something special going on, they get it, they understand what hunters and anglers and anybody that spends time outdoors needs. I'm an honest guy I'll tell you when you something doesn't work and until that time comes I'll stand behind FL and there products and even then I'll express my views and I know the company will make it better that's why I'm a FL customer for life.
    - Steven on 3/17/2017
    Awesome pants
    These are absolutely great pants. I bought th m to hunt in but find myself lounging in them around the house. And the tall lengths push this pant over the top for us guys who are on the tal side!! Well done First Lite!!
    - Steadman on 3/16/2017
    These Pants are Perfect
    If you are bow hunting in Nevada in August or elk hunting in Idaho in December these are the do-it-all hunting pants you want. They are thick enough to not get torn climbing over wind blown trees, but thin enough you wont sweat to death hunting in the desert during the summer. They aren't water proof, but are for sure water resistant. Oh and these pants stretch. It is unbelievable. You will not lack mobility climbing over logs or onto rocks. They will not hang up when you sit down to glass. These are my new go to pants for hunting or fishing year around.
    - Allan Nichols on 3/14/2017
    Best early season pant!
    I've worn the guide pant from First Lite over a year now. I have been through 6 different hunts throughout Wyoming and Utah. The guide pant has surpassed my expectations and performed flawlessly! The pant is very flexible yet durable, a great combination for extreme backcountry style hunts.
    - Dustin on 3/13/2017
    Best Pants Available
    These are my go to pants from summer scouting to rut hunts in November. Extremely durable and a joy to wear. The stretch on these pants make them very comfortable in any situation. I'm looking forward to the corrugate shorts that are coming out later this year.
    - Jeff on 1/19/2017
    The Corrugate Guide Pant was the most comfortable pair of pants I have ever owned. They are light and feel like you are wearing nothing, yet are durable and keep you warm. They fit beautifully, and are extremely quite. I will purchase more pairs for everyday use as well. Thank you First Lite for hitting a home run with this product.
    - Spencer on 1/16/2017
    Better than SITKA
    I'm 6'4", 190. The large talk is perfect. Street clothes I wear a 36" inseam and these are spot on. These are better than my SITKA Accents pants for quiteness. I love the NON-digital camp pattern. Pockets are serviceable, stretch is great. If you wear suspenders, the loops are sturdy. Being in the NW, im a huge fan of waterproof seats.
    - OREhunter on 1/8/2017
    Favorite Pants
    I have had the opportunity to use these pants in two totally different types of hunting situations. The first time I used these pants, was during a 7 day spot and stalk hunting trip in the early archery season. I loved the breathability of the pants and was comfortable in low 40 degree temps through mid 70's. I also used these pants later in the year, while hunting from a climbing stand. The stretch material allowed for a freedom of movement that I never had before in a hunting pant and really helped when climbing up and down the tree. I also love the Fusion camo pattern. These are my go to pair of pants and will be purchasing another pair ASAP.
    - Eric on 12/16/2016
    corrugate duraflex guide pant
    i love them ,the stretch is great made well a must have if you want many years of service
    - campo on 12/16/2016
    New Favortie
    Just switched over from the sitka assent. Never looking back.
    - BrPryor on 12/12/2016
    Passed the ULTIMATE test...
    I put these pants to the ULTIMATE test this year by wearing them for the Iowa Shotgun season. For those that don't know, pants can take a BEATING during this season. Most of the rips I get in my pants come from this season, and come from sticks/branches/multi flora rose/thorn bushes/barbwire.....and these things held up to it all. Besides the small strands that were pulled from the thorns (but are easily burnt back down to nothing), nothing beat these pants up. I paired them with some Alleghany Bottoms and stayed warm in 25 - 45 degree temps. I have just one request for a potential change to the pants.....and that's to use the same material that is on the gaitors, from the bottom of the pant leg to below the knee, to possibly help with the wear and tear in the area that see the most beating.
    - Jeremiah on 12/9/2016
    I will never wear blue jeans again!
    These pants are amazing, some complaints of them being noisy but after washing them a few times they have quieted down. The fit and feel are amazing most comfortable pants I have ever worn. I recently wore them in 20 degree weather on a spot and stalk mule deer hunt in Western Nebraska and they worked perfectly. I was never too hot or too cold in them I wore a pair of Polar Tech silk weight for a base layer and the Guides over top. One day it was in the teens and the wind was blowing at 20 plus MPH and my legs were warm both days with just that. They cut the wind well and kept me just right as far as hot and cold goes.
    My only complaints are the material the pockets are made out of isn't too durable I've developed a small tear towards the top of the upper hand pockets and I would love to see two back pockets or options. I'm kind of a weirdo I'm right eye dominant and left handed so I prefer my wallet in my left back pocket but I can live with the lack of that for how amazing these pants are!
    - Michael on 12/8/2016
    I will never wear blue jeans again!
    These pants are amazing, some complaints of them being noisy but after washing them a few times they have quieted down. The fit and feel are amazing most comfortable pants I have ever worn. I recently wore them in 20 degree weather on a spot and stalk mule deer hunt in Western Nebraska and they worked perfectly. I was never too hot or too cold in them I wore a pair of Polar Tech silk weight for a base layer and the Guides over top. One day it was in the teens and the wind was blowing at 20 plus MPH and my legs were warm both days with just that. They cut the wind well and kept me just right as far as hot and cold goes.
    My only complaints are the material the pockets are made out of isn't too durable I've developed a small tear towards the top of the upper hand pockets and I would love to see two back pockets or options. I'm kind of a weirdo I'm right eye dominant and left handed so I prefer my wallet in my left back pocket but I can live with the lack of that for how amazing these pants are!
    - Michael on 12/8/2016
    Nice Pants
    The material on these pants are great. Highly breathable. I only wish I had went with a medium tall instead of the large tall. I wear a 34x34 for jeans and these are a little lose around the waist, need to wear a belt with. The pants do have wuite a bit of stretch around the waist, so if you are befween sizes I would recommend sizing down. The length on these pants are great and they are pretty quiet. Hopefully they'll hold up well.
    - Cheese on 12/2/2016
    No complaints here
    While they don't rank IMO with my all time favorite Kanabs these pants have certainly earned their place in my gear room. They certainly shine in some areas MAYBE just a touch more than the Kanabs, like warmth and water resistance. Yet again, another FL piece that I wear both afield and to the office :)
    - Thomas on 12/1/2016
    This weekend did three different hunts, twice in a stand for bucktail for 7 hours straight and once still hunting for muleys. It was cold (-3c or so) in the stand and they kept me warm and cozy with a merino baselayer and 0 degree bag over top. No sweating, just the right temp. When still hunting they were quiet, they didnt get ripped up when walking through brush, they kept me warm and dry and they were extremely breathable.

    I love these pants, they are going to work for me all year.

    On the sizing, im 6'0, 33 inch waist 34 inseam and the large works absolutely perfect. I suspect with a med/tall I'd be ok too but would not leave much room for layering underneath when needed.

    Super happy. Can't wait to put them on again.
    - Adam on 11/22/2016
    Good pants, most pants these days pockets are too small, these are perfect. They dry quick and they haven't been torn or frayed for all of this season in SOUTHEAST AK sure they will uphold and last many more seasons of hunting.
    - Kaleb on 11/16/2016
    Built for the Active Hunter and Outdoorsman
    Summer scouting, travel, horseback, training hikes, antelope hunting, elk hunting, mule deer hunting...just a few ways I've used the Corrugate Duraflex Guide Pants this season. They are comfortable and easy to move in. The stretchy material and range of motion makes them great for active use. The DWR repels moisture very well and they dry fast. I'd describe these pants as a practical, all-around pant for the active outdoorsman.
    - RyanM on 11/15/2016
    these are a dandy
    don't pass em up, buy a back up pair also incase they stop making em.
    best hunting pant I have ever had.
    - Bryan Idaho panhandle on 11/8/2016
    Might be the most comfortable pant I own
    These fit and function like a dream. They flex in all the right places, enabling you to be agile and mobile working your way through the terrain. Whether its climbing over dead fall timber, hiking out of river bottoms, or even crossing the ever treacherous barbed wire fence, these things move with you. I would suggest two pairs, one camo and another in plain brown that you will want to wear everyday.
    - Gerry Shaw on 10/21/2016
    Outstanding Illinois White Tail hunting Pant
    I received my Corrugated Pants just in time for one of my White Tail hunts. These pants are Ultra lightweight, thin stretchy material. These are extremely comfortable no matter what I'm doing while hunting. Whether I was climbing tree stands, crawling through buck brush or just hiking, they are very quiet while walking/ bow hunting in IL. I have been looking for hunting clothes that will work in any environment, weather I'm hunting Midwest, Rocky Mountains, or Alaska. I don't want to be buying different camo for each environment. I want to buy one or two and that's it.

    First Lite has became my favorite camo for hunting. I will also be looking at having a couple more pairs to ware on a daily biases.
    - Dan Byington on 10/17/2016
    I'll be buying another pair for next year
    I wear the kanab 2.0 when it's hot, dry. Bought a pair of these corrugate guide pants this year for rainy days on our yearly elk hunting trip to Colorado and i couldn't be more impressed with them. I wore gaiters when it was raining and snowing also and I have never been so comfortable in bad weather. When you stay dry you stay warm. Feet and legs were dry even in a all day rain 1 day and all day snowstorm and 30+ mph wids the next day. Awesome pants
    - Ken rat on 10/15/2016
    These pants perform on another level! I got these pants in early August and waited to do a review on them until after my OTC deer hunt here in AZ and my OTC elk hunt in Colorado so I got a variety of use out of them.

    All in all these pants are my new favorite and I wont look back at another set. I sold my Kuiu tiburons and chinooks as well as my Sitka mountain pants because I liked them so much and I am going to be getting another 2 pairs!

    They have great stretch and breath on another level and and dry extremely fast!

    The only downfall I would say about the pants is that when you put a belt on them and tighten the belt it rides up a bit and the belt comes in contact with your boxers or skin and find myself trying to pull the band of the pants over it to make it a little more comfortable. Also the material beading up in the crotch area possibly from your thighs rubbing together.

    With that said if you're in the market for a great hunting pant or ones to just wear around town(solids) these are the best pants I've worn and will be buying several more pairs!

    Thank you,
    - TJ Perez on 10/5/2016
    Most comfortable hunting pant
    Just returned from a weeklong hike-in elk hunt in Colorado. These have to be the most comfortable hunting pants I have ever worn. I was a bit apprehensive about the narrow cuff but in practice they fit around my boots almost like a gaitor and the stretchy pant doesn't allow them to ride up over my hiking boots.

    We're going to Israel in February and I plan on having at least one more pair by then.

    The only CON I can find with ththe pant is the lack of a left hip pocket. I mean, would it kill them to have two back pockets like any other normal pant?
    - Bruce P on 10/2/2016
    Comfort and Flexibility
    Guys... these pants... pretty damn good. When worn appropriately, I don't think there is a better option. Great flexibility, breathability, and wear resistance. The DWR finish works well, and is better than all others I've tried. The swishy noise that you get with nylon will mostly wear away after a few uses and washes. Best temperature range is between HOT and about 45 degrees. If you are tree stand hunting, a base layer is recommended under 50 degrees.
    The fusion pattern blows me away.... I've walked up on numerous small and big game animals to withing 20 yards. If footsteps made no noise, I'm sure I could pet a deer with this pattern. Haven't found any cons when using this pant for its intended activities.
    - Geoff M. on 9/8/2016
    LOVE EM!
    I wore these pants recently on multiple hunts. From Bear hunting in a treestand to Sheep hunting in rocks, to Caribou hunting in the tundra to moose hunting in the alders. They performed perfectly in every scenario! Not too hot, tough, dry quickly and fit awesome!
    - Chandler on 8/16/2016
    Great Pants
    These have been great on my hikes leading up to hunting season. Very breathable and hold up well to the bush. 6'2" 195lbs with a 34" waist and the large size fits great.
    - Rob-M on 8/11/2016
    2 yr tested
    Two best pieces of kit I own are First Lite Fusion and one of them is the Corrugate Guide Pant. (the other is the Chama Hoody)

    Pros: Durable - while they are not as thick as Duck material and you will feel some briars they have not had issues getting caught nor torn. Still, I wouldn't expect them to be blackberry or thorn proof.
    Water resistant - I've been in some pretty good squalls hunting turkey and deer without worrying about getting drenched and they dry fast too. That said they are NOT a rain pant - dress accordingly.
    Temperature Range - Good down to about 40-45 degrees for me but I run hot. If you get cold you'd certainly want a solid base layer.
    Material/design - Stretchy! really works with going up over and around anything! The knee of the pant is well made and the side zipper pockets are easy to use with one hand. Good designing! Blood/mud has washed out easily as well
    Camo - Fusion Pattern I just can't think of anything better. Even pics of me on trail cam (wish I could attach them) the fusion is so well blended to multiple environments.

    Cons: A bit thin material - if you buy this pant it is not a heavy cold weather pant. Just be aware. Buy the stormtight if you need that.
    Sizing - this was recently addressed in the 2016 line but previously there was no long inseam! So I had to buy Large pants. They are far too loose and still slightly too short - I may have to buy new ones and try to sell the original pair because of that and that's a bit frustrating. If you have a long inseam use the sizing chart to see regular sizes and note if you may need tall version. Further, they don't list the Tall sizing in the sizing chart.
    Design: Internal belt system like higher end pant would be nice.

    Conclusions: Great light weight hiking/early season hunting pant that with layering can still give you support in later season hunts. Be sure to layer appropriately and note that they are not a rain/snow pant. Stretchy material and fabric allow for Full Range of Motion. A worthwhile part of anyone's kit. Be sure of your sizing and hunting environment needs.
    - Joel S. on 8/10/2016
    stellar pants
    These pants are the bees knees, they are so comfortable and versatile it is mind blowing. They forego wedgies on sweaty hikes through thick brush and provide unexpected strength and water resistance.
    - cameron on 8/10/2016
    Awesome Pants
    The Corrugate Guide Pants are the perfect hunting pant for year round use. Lightweight, stretch fabric breathes well, sheds light rain and morning dew, and resists tears during wire fence crossings or hikes through thick nasty brush. In 80+ degree weather they are cool and paired with mid or heavy weight bottoms they handle cold weather well too. I have the Kanab 2.0s as well and it really is almost a coin toss as to which pant I like more.
    - Chris on 8/9/2016
    Excellent, nothing else to say
    I have only had the chance to wear these pants on two scouting trips so far. Both of which were in AZ in August which translates to really hot humid weather. We beat the bush hard and hiked a ton with absolute comfort wearing these pants. They were bomb proof. I even fell on a barbed fence with no tears to the pants at all. They were a bit warm for the weather but in my opinion there is no pant that would feel cool with that much hiking and hot weather. Comfort level was through the roof, they were absolutely bombproof, and they look fantastic if that matters. I highly recommend these to anyone that is looking for a new hunting pant.

    The only downfall the pant that i saw and it could be just me was that as the day and myself warmed up the fit around the waist expanded and i was in deep need of a belt, my pants kept sagging down from the weight of my pack. A low profile belt would have fixed that instantly but i usually try not to hunt with a belt.
    - Bperk on 8/9/2016
    Guide pant
    Bought one pair in Forest as a hiking/ camping /shed hunting pant to save my camo for fall. I like them and so does the wife so I bought 2 more pair in solid color.
    Love the soft shell stretch and now am wearing them to ride horse back. These are a great out door pant and she told me to wear them the last time she invited a couple for dinner. Wife approved.
    - Huntallfall. on 8/7/2016
    Ninja quiet
    I have used the Corrugated pants on several hunts now. A bit last year in rifle, some bow and most recently in open hand whitetail season. Great blend of form and function and perfect for the type of hunting I do. Man these are quiet pants! I put a stalk on a nice velvet six point. Brought him down with a double leg from 2 yards and finished with a rear naked choke. Dropped the people's elbow on a doe just this past Thursday from a tree stand. She never even knew I was there until I was standing over her doing the eyebrow thing. I am looking forward to using them later this month during Montana's new Snuka season. No pant gives me the combination of durability and flexibility I need to perform complex and sometimes ariel maneuvers while being quiet enough to get in close for unarmed hunting. Top notch stuff. Buy with confidence. Do you smell me now!
    - Super Fly on 8/6/2016
    You'll want another pair.
    These are some of the most comfortable, yet durable pants I have ever owned. They are as comfortable as sweatpants, but are resistant like denim. When walking fields for pheasants in the early season, they are breathable and stretch easily to make some longer days more manageable. They allow you to walk restriction free through tall CRP and downed grasses. IF these ever wear out, I will be purchasing another pair.
    - CimplMadeHunts on 8/5/2016
    I used the Corrugate Guide Duraflex pants for a Train to Hunt event! They moved with all of my motion during some intense physical exercise! Never restricted my movement, didn't tear out, didn't overheat! I plan to buy more!!!
    - Terry on 8/1/2016
    Finally some durable hunting pants
    After tearing up some $150 hunting pants made by another company I began a search for a pant that could hold up to the brush I'm accustomed to encountering in Oregon. These pants fit the bil they are so awesome! They are durable and light. Don't listen to others when they say they are noisy. You don't hear them at all once you break them in.
    - Oregon Hunter on 7/31/2016
    Good to go
    I've had these pants now for just over a year and wear them at least 3 times a week doing all sorts of activities. These pants have performed flawlessly. They are starting to pile after washing just a little but after so much wear I can deal with that They are a slightly larger fit with heaps of room in all the right places.
    The only addition I'd like to see is an internal belt system to take them in a bit.
    - m fisher on 7/30/2016
    i would wear them every day if i could
    ^^^ fight light they were made for me, I got large talls
    - tim cool on 7/29/2016
    Toughest Pant+Fusion= Best Pant Available
    I used these for busting through thick laurel in PA that I ripped countless pants on annually. I was a bit hesitant with the leg taper but it makes it keeps them from getting hung up on brush. Amazing pants!
    - Tom on 7/29/2016
    Keep making them!
    Very durable, breathable, comfortable. Best hunting pant I have used. Gone through miles of sage brush and these pants can handle it. I use them year round and they are the most comfortable pair of pants I own.
    - Bryan B on 7/25/2016
    Best Pants I own
    These pants are legit. Super light weight and comfy. Almost feels like sweat pants. They are a super light weight, but the material doesn't feel like it will rip if caught on brush. I really like the DWR finish. They survived a mountain house spill straight to the lap. It all just wiped off leaving nothing behind. They were noisy right out the box, but after walking for a while the noise was gone. These pants are bomb proof and I will be getting an extra pair.
    - Keaton on 7/23/2016
    Pretty Darn Good Pants
    I ordered my Large Corrugate Pants (I am 6'3" 215 34.5" waist and they are a touch loose in the waist) before my Dall sheep hunt last year and I was excited to try them out. After 12 days straight in the field for that hunt and about 30 days of random scouting and bear hunting trips since then I can say this.
    They dry extremely quickly.
    Super comfortable
    Pockets... Seriously, a ton of pockets and deep too which allowed me to keep my pack on and have quick access to gps, range finder, sawyer water filter, phone skope, and snacks I would be eating throughout the day.
    After 12 days straight of wear in hot, cold, wet, and dry they didn't seem to be stretched out at all.

    Some of the high wear points could use some double stitching at least at the end of the seam. Day 7 of my sheep hunt the seem that holds the zipper flap down busted and while it doesn't affect the functionality of the pants at all it does seem like foreshadowing of things to come.
    - Brandon on 7/22/2016
    Buy two pair, you'll love them.
    I bought these pants fall of last year after I saw my Kanabs were showing some wear. I didn't know how I would like the "skinny Jean" fit so I was a bit reluctant.

    First I used them as layering under my ice fishing/winter shell pants. I immediately purchased another pair in dry earth color. The first thing I noticed was how the legs fit into my winter rubber boots and didn't bunch up or rub. I wore them off and on all winter as a layering item. They breathed well when things got too hot and also provided the right amount of extra insulation under my shell pants, as well as a place to pocket some gear.

    I wore them on spring time scouting and fishing trips, shed hunts, and hanging trail cameras.

    I used them turkey/hog hunting in early April in Texas. On this hunt one of the first things I noticed was that I really liked the pocket layout. I could run and gun all day and my main calls were always at my disposal. I could easily separate mouth, slate, shaker, and my small box calls so that nothing rattled. The other thing I really liked was with the tapered legs the pants hardly ever caught on the Texas hill country brush. It was hot that week in Texas and the pants breathed very well.

    I hunted turkeys in Minnesota also this year and layered these pants up with the allegheny's and waited out a gobbler in frosty wet grass on my knees and was comfortable until I was able to send an arrow his way.

    Just this week I was in the BWCA in Minnesota and wore the pants paddling and portaging camping and fishing. They were great. Durability is second to none. It seems when fabric is wet all day from traveling by canoe it my get "tired" (for lack of a better term) then tear, or rot from being wet all the time. These pants held up amazingly well. They dried out very quickly, and shed most of the water out of them before entry in to the canoe. Back when I was guiding canoers I wish I had them.

    So far I have worn these pants hunting and hiking and working in all kinds of different conditions snow, rain, wind, mud, humidity, heat, you name it. They haven't let me down. I've beat them up and roughed them up. Now even when I have yard work to do or chores on the farm to get done I'm sliding into these pants first. I'll be wearing them during whitetail season and as a mid layer pant when it gets colder. Then they'll go along ice fishing and winter camping. The cycle will start over. They've seen hard use since last fall and the only thing to happen to them is the iron on labels have worn off, but I don't mind, I've already put them to the test.
    - TL on 7/21/2016
    Best camo I have ever owned!
    I ordered these pants about a week ago and was able to finally get them in the woods today. I went scouting here in Tillamook Forest in Oregon, to say they work is an understatement. While scouting I saw a doe about 60yards out. I creep in without heavy cover to test my self. She could hear my steps and would look around but never focused on me. I hit to where I knew I had shot with the bow and pulled out the range finder......29 yards! She never stopped feeding on the cloves. These pants are quite and felt great. Fusion is the best camo I have ever owned.
    - Stefan on 7/17/2016
    Comfortable but not breathable
    These pants are very comfortable... almost like wearing sweat pants. The stretch of the material and the fit are both great! The pocket design is awesomeas well... I love having a zipper cargo pocket to secure important things as well as an open pocket for quick access to the things you need frequently. The hip pockets are deep so nothing falls out.

    The downside is the breathability... You are going to sweat no matter what when hiking with 50+ pounds on your back in 70+ degree heat, but I feel like these kept the sweat in more than the Kanab's.

    Haven't worn them enough to comment on the durability and if they stink after a few days of hunting.
    - Bart on 7/11/2016
    Great Back Country Hunting Pant
    These pants are very durable while staying flexible, lightweight, and breathable. This is a perfect early to mid season hunting pant.
    - Dustin on 7/10/2016
    Felt like a dream
    Everything I read and watched about these pants gave a green flag. My brother even had the chance to try them on before I received them, and he told me how great they felt. I thought he was just over exaggerating.

    I couldn't have been more wrong. They were more comfortable than any pair of pajama pants or sweats I have every tried. Lets just say they they are the most comfortable pair of leg wear I have ever owned.

    I immediately went and grabbed a bottle of water to test how water resistant they were. I dumped the whole bottle out on my legs and nothing stuck or soaked in. I was amazed.

    I then started to squat and bend and walk and move. I even tried the duck walk in them. No resistance at all.

    The next night I decided to put them to the ultimate test. I throw them on and headed out into the pouring rain. I climbed a near vertical hill that was full of tall soaking wet grass, shrubbery, and short trees. It was thick with vegetation. I actually sat on the wet grass at the top of the hill long enough for me to catch my breath (4 or 5 minutes) I then finished my little journey with out any restriction in any direction of movement, and headed back to the house.

    Now that I was back in the lights, I noticed that the pants were covered in water (not soaked, and not wet) just covered. I had water droplets everywere. I was surprised that the water had not soaked in at all. I was even able to just jump while stoping my feet down and 90% of the water fell right off onto the floor. I then managed to wipe away the rest of the droplets with my hands. I quickly ran inside to dry my hands and face so I could feel how dry they really were. Bone dry.

    If you consider these pants and then decide on something else, then you are certifiable insane.

    I'll never buy another pair of hiking/hunting pants again unless they stop making these.
    - Cody on 7/8/2016
    Game Changer
    When I found out that First Lite was going to be making nylon pant, I was so excited! Down here in AZ we have this gnarly vegetation called Catclaw. That stuff is notorious for tearing up pants and all clothing for that matter. The corrugates not only held up great through the stuff, but maintained comfort without gaining any pulls whatsoever. These are a great addition to the lineup and I would recommend them to anyone. Kudos First Lite!
    - DialedInHunter on 7/7/2016
    Tall size fits great!
    Just bought the corrugate size LT and these are hands down the best fitting synthetic pants I've ever owed. I'm 6'5", 210lbs and have had trouble finding pants that don't fit weird. First lite nailed it with these. The inseam of the pants came out to 34 long. I usually wear a 38 waist and the large size fits even though they say it's a 34-36. They're definitely pricey but being tall I'm used to having to pay more for something that actually fits.
    - Evan B. on 6/28/2016
    Go to pants
    Excellent fabric. Perfect fit. Incredible pattern. Unparelelled breathability. Very happy with the purchase. Will order again.
    - Tony on 5/27/2016
    won my vote as best hunting pant ever
    I've trek many miles in the pants layered for cold and not for warm weather. Very comfortable and light for packing extra clothing. Drys fast and very resistant to wear.
    - tillerman on 5/20/2016
    Belongs in the Woods
    I purchased these pants, as well as some other First Lite items, in October 2015 to use in the upcoming rifle season in NY. I am 6'2" 230lbs with a 34-36" waist depending on the pant style and brand. I generally wear a more loose/relaxed fit pant, due to the fact that I have tree trunks as legs. I was a bit concerned with what size to order so I called the customer service line and spoke to Casey I believe. He was really helpful in determining what to order and I ultimately went with these in XL, thinking that I would layer underneath in the cold months, and during the early season the little bit of extra in the waist can be managed with either a belt or a pair of suspenders. I am really glad I sized up slightly because these pants do have a more athletic fit to them, so the extra size allowed me to move comfortably in the hills. The nylon stretch, breathability, and DWR coating all combine to make this the one pair of pants to have on any outdoor excursion. The fabric is also very durable. There are a lot of briars in the area I hunt, so it is nice to have a pant that will stand up to some abuse. Busting brush and through the thick stuff never phased these. I would highly recommend these pants to anyone who is looking to find a great piece that belongs in the woods as much as we do!
    - Michael on 5/20/2016
    Just got my pants a couple weeks ago and have worn them quite a bit! Worn them to work, around town, and in the hills. We have had a ton of moisture lately and these pants have held up to everything so far, feel awesome, and look awesome. I find myself putting these on first thing Saturday morning and wearing them around the house like a pajama pant:) I agree they are a little noisy but not bad and noise might dampen a bit as they get broken in.
    - James on 5/16/2016
    won my vote as best hunting pant ever
    I've worn the guide pant everyday out shed hunting. Very comfy and easy to Layer underneath to keep warm or shed to cool off. I'd say it's comfortable from 75 degrees to 20 degrees with warm long jons. Or I'd go to the kenab pant for cooler weather. I'm gonna really test these pants this fall. I've ordered another pair for elk and bear hunting. I'll also test it in the stand during our whitetail bow season.
    - tillerman on 5/14/2016
    Best Pant on the market!
    If your looking for a great all around pant for hunting look no further. For those days when it is below zero in the morning and 50 deg in the sun around lunchtime , these pants have you covered. Best features are the fabric itself, it is pretty water resistant and has amazing fit and stretch in all the right places. While quartering an elk you kneel down alot and they held up in the snow I wasn't wet. The suspender loops are also pretty cool, If i could add anything it would be a button to fold up the pants like they have on the kanab. Overall, of all the pants i own for hunting I will be wearing these next fall come opening morning.
    - Rusty on 5/14/2016
    Favorite Piece
    These pants really are bombproof plus not too hot in late august but plenty warm even on the coldest days, they are are my favorite piece of clothing after 1 season. The flex helps a lot in the steep country here in Idaho and I have had no fraying or ripping. The ability to have a "tall" sizing option is great plus for 2016
    - Sam Sar on 5/12/2016
    Comfort and Function
    When I first tried these pants on for the first time I knew they would be different. But it wasn't until I had them on on the field when I realized how comfortable they were. The stretch nylon has no resistance when extending your knees. The breathable fabric makes you question what has taken the industry to come up with this! These are great pants that will be my go to pants for a very long time.
    - Matt Ortiz on 5/12/2016
    My go to pants
    Ive used a few other brands light weight pants which have been good to marginal. I decided to try the corrugate and was really surprised. These pants are ultra light weight, breathable and very comfortable. I have been using them in warm weather in Hawaii where I am hiking across lava fields through rainforests and alpine forests. I even use them for work because of their comfort and flexibility. They have held up very well after use in thick forest and bushes, brambles and long elephant grass. The pockets were a little different to what I was used to but have become a favorite configuration for me now.
    - David on 5/12/2016
    The article of clothing that sealed my faith in Firstlite
    I work in military product integration and fielding. Without a doubt , this pant is a product of strict dedication to an evolution of product improvement. There is not a single thing that I would change. From its silent fabric to the security minded pocket design, without a doubt my favorite hunting/scouting pant I've owned.
    - Ryan on 5/10/2016
    Outstanding Pant
    I can't say enough great things about this pant. They are as tough as nails, yet have just enough stretch to make them the most comfortable pants I own (even compared to non-hunting pants). They are the perfect weight/thickness, too. I wear them in the Texas hill country, which can temperature swings from the 80s to the 20s in a day and these pants are ready for it all. The fabric is sufficiently quiet for bow hunting. The pockets are perfectly placed, too. The fusion camo is a superior pattern, as well. Just ditched my kuiu gear for a complete kit in fusion this year and never looked back!
    - Phil on 4/20/2016
    Outstanding Pant
    I can't say enough great things about this pant. They are as tough as nails, yet have just enough stretch to make them the most comfortable pants I own (even compared to non-hunting pants). They are the perfect weight/thickness, too. I wear them in the Texas hill country, which can temperature swings from the 80s to the 20s in a day and these pants are ready for it all. The fabric is sufficiently quiet for bow hunting. The pockets are perfectly placed, too. The fusion camo is a superior pattern, as well. Just ditched my kuiu gear for a complete kit in fusion this year and never looked back!
    - Phil on 4/20/2016
    New favorite outerwear
    I bought these pants after I was having issues with my Kanab's tearing in the thick Pacific Northwest brush. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my Kanab's, you just have to be a bit more careful in our Western Washington environment.

    I was a little suspicious on how durable this nylon would be, but after receiving them- I knew even before I had a chance to take them out in the field that these were the ultimate answer. The nylon is super durable, thick, and forgiving. It is not what you would come to think of when you think of nylon. These pants were the answer I have been looking for. As another reviewer put, I would buy these over and over again. They are my new favorite pants for when I hit the field. I'm 6'0, 210 lbs., wear a 34 waist and the larges fit absolutely perfectly.

    You won't be disappointed with this piece.
    - Brian on 4/15/2016
    Great early season or high activity pant
    One of my favorite pants. Breathes Great, fit is spot on, dries fast. I like the contoured/tapered fit in the calves as it fits snug around calves and boots but allows plenty of room for motion in the seat and thigh, even for us guys with bigger behinds and thicker thighs. I ordered a medium and I usually where size 31"-33" waist and 30" inseam and these fit perfect.
    - Brock on 4/8/2016
    Buy it again, and again
    I used these last hunting season with the fusion camo and they worked really well with the first lite base layers. They hold up well in brush and are really comfortable. They can be a tiny bit noisy if you are trying to scout/spot, like carly said. I really want these in dry earth but I wish they came in black too.
    - JB on 4/1/2016
    I thought my kanab 2.0 pants were my go to pant, well the corrugate guide pant may be my new go to pant. These offer great stretching material so you'll feel a snag before they rip. They're comfortable, and repels water. Out of the package they wer a bit noisy but after a few washes the noise is gone. I wore them on an 8 mile hike to test them out and they blew me away. Great job FL!!
    - Jason on 3/15/2016
    Home Run!
    I compare the Corrugate Guide Pant like your favorite pair of sweatpants...very comfortable! The pockets are well thought out, great stretch in the fabric for stalking/crawling, and water resistant. Was in tight on multiple mule deer this past fall with no noise issues at all. I'm ordering two more pair for 2016 (Fusion and Brown). Nicely done First Lite!
    - Jeff Lander on 2/17/2016
    Best All-Around Pant
    After 20-25 days of mostly backpack hunting in Idaho in Montana, these pants show essentially zero wear. They are remarkably comfortable due to the amazing stretch fabric. Yet, compared to other pants I own (Sitka Ascent, Kuhl Renegage) the Corrugate Guide do not become stretched out after getting wet or several days of use. Speaking of wet, the Corrugate Guide easily outperforms the Sitka when it comes to DWR. It takes way longer for water to eventually soak through the Corrugates. Drying time on on the Corrugates is fantastic. I am a big fan of the pockets on these pants. There are 3 pockets on each leg. The traditional hand pockets are deer and lines with a very nice feeling fabric. On each leg there are 2 cargo pockets, one zippered and one with a flap. Perfect.

    Their are just a few things that were less than perfect. I personally do not like the big metal button that First Lite puts on these pants at the waist. I had an alterations shop replace it with a flat plastic button for $5. Another note, I am 6'3" and 185lbs. The perfect pant size for me is a 33'x35". To get the right size waist (33"), I had to order the Medium pants, which are then fairly short for a someone with a 35" inseam. I had the pants altered to 'let out the hem' to buy me about 1" of additional inseam. Not a design flaw, just something to keep in mind if you have long legs and a relatively small waist.

    The real icing on the cake is that my wife actually gives me 2 big thumbs up on these pants from a fashion standpoint. I have the Pine color (in addition to Fusion) and I regularly wear them out to dinner and almost any social engagement.

    Long story short, after wearing the pants once, I reached for the Corrugate Guide on EVERY backpacking and hunting trip I went on this year and left my other hunting pants at home.

    Oh, and they are plenty quite for bow hunting. At lease according to the 2 elk I shot this year while wearing them.
    - Josh K on 10/26/2015
    great for the Pacific North West
    I put these pants to the test on the Oregon coast for the 2015 archery season. My boots ripped, two of my shirts ripped, a different brand of synthetic hunting pants ripped. However, the corrugate pants held up nicely. I've ordered another pair.
    - Stan on 10/24/2015
    Great Pant
    Great early season pant. Very breathable as well as durable. I have been stomping through sage brush and berry patches looking for grouse and so far these things are bomb proof.
    - Bryan Bridwell on 9/7/2015
    Very Nice
    The weight and cut of this pant is perfect; I believe you could forget you were wearing them! I'll be trying them out on an elk hunt this weekend. My only concern is that they seem a bit noisy. I believe that will subside to an extent as they are broken in. Should be a great bow season pant!
    - Charlie Meyen on 9/3/2015
    From stalking out west to sitting in a treestand, this pant has exceeded all of my expectations in regards to durability and comfort. The fit is great and comfort/range of motion far surpasses any pant I've ever worn (sitka, scentblocker, kuiu.) I ordered in fusion for hunting, but will be ordering the solids for work as well. Worth every penny!!!
    - Jon on 8/17/2015
    Hawaii Tuff
    Probably one of the toughest pants you can get! Stalked on some rough lava and walked through Kiawe trees on multiple hunts and never noticed any signs of wear on the pants. Super light weight that has fabric stretch just like board shorts.
    - Riley D on 8/14/2015
    THE BEST!!
    The absolute best hunting pant on the market!! The lightweight, stretchy fabric is a treat to hike in! I would recommend these pants to everyone!! Durable, breathable and water resistant these pants are a must for any hunter in all but the nastiest conditions!

    Go get a pair!!
    - MORGAN UHRIG on 8/11/2015
    These pants are amazing, extremely lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. With the stretch material it made climbing over blow down and up clay banks in western Oregon unreal. Never once felt restricted in my moment and with the fusion pattern it makes these pants a must have during archery season
    - Bryan Spencer on 8/9/2015
    Ultra lightweight, thin material that stretches between seams. Very comfortable and breathable in hot weather. Fabric stretch made hiking a breeze while striding and ascending.

    Must have early season pant!
    - ZAC GRIFFITH on 7/21/2015
    Out of the Box/Initial Thought: Great Pant
    I just received my Corrugate Pants and I have been walking around in them for a number of hours getting a feel for them and figuring out its strengths and weaknesses. So far, my overall consensus is that these are great pants. The stretch is fantastic. I can freely kneel, stoop, and raise my knees without discomfort/without hiking my pants up. The pockets are great... front pockets are lined for cold days/nights if I need to put my hands in to keep my fingers warm, and the side pockets have sewed in top flaps so that whatever is in there, wont jump out aka keys, calls, gps, etc. The legs are nicely tapered so that I don't have extra baggage hanging around and they hug my ankles well. I also appreciate the elastic on the back, as a girl who is quite small and finding anything in my size in camo is impossible. But First Lite offered the smallest waist size and now elastic so I am on board!
    Now, with all these positives there is one thing I would like to have changed for the next line. These pants are rather noisy. They aren't as bad as some pants out there but for the price of the Ascent Pant by Sitka, I was hoping for something as quiet as Sitka. Spreading my feet apart as I walk helps a little bit, and sneaking wont be an issue, but if I want to scout/spot quietly? ehh that may take some effort.
    But overall I do like these pants and I will be interested to see how they do in the field.
    - carly on 6/25/2015