Waterfowl Mid Season Kit
Mid Season Waterfowl Kit
Waterfowlers face wildly diverse conditions chasing the migration as the seasons change; skies could be sunny and 60°F, rainy and 30°F, or sometimes both within a matter of hours. Be prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws your way with First Lite’s Midseason Waterfowl Kit.

Waterproof Outerwear

Fully taped, technical outerwear constructed from an ultra-durable 4.5 layer waterproof/windproof body fabric and loaded with patent pending features designed to make you a more efficient hunter in even the most fowl weather. First Lite Waterproof Outerwear is fit-to-kit over all Transitional Outerwear and Performance Knit layers.

Transitional Midlayers

These warm, durable soft shells transition hunters from the house to the field before transitioning to the ideal breathable mid layer under Waterproof Outerwear. Worn alone, these styles take the bite out of chilly mornings in the blind and the active 37.5 fleece liner manages body heat and moisture to keep hunters dry and comfortable when setting decoy spreads or layered under waders. Transitional Outerwear is fit-to-kit over all Performance Knits.

$220.00 USD
$240.00 USD
$180.00 USD
$225.00 USD

Performance Knits

The foundation of your waterfowl system, these high-tech base and mid layers respond to activity and moisture levels to keep you dry and comfortable across a wide range of pursuits and conditions. Performance Knits are all fit-to-kit under Transitional Outerwear.

$135.00 USD
$105.00 USD
$190.00 USD
$100.00 USD

Field Gear & Accessories

Mission based essentials for every flyway.

$70.00 USD
$80.00 USD
$40.00 USD
$45.00 USD
$250.00 USD
$50.00 USD
$119.99 USD