Waterfowl Late Season Kit
Late Season Waterfowl Kit
If April showers bring May flowers, November cold fronts bring December migrations… along with sleet, snow, driving winds, and dangerously cold temps. When the mercury falls below 30°F but the hunting is heating up, First Lite’s Late Season Waterfowl Kit is guaranteed to help you Go Farther & Stay Longer.

Waterproof Outerwear

Fully taped, insulated outerwear constructed from an ultra-durable 4.5 layer waterproof/windproof body fabric and loaded with patent pending features designed to make you a more efficient hunter in the extreme conditions of the late season. First Lite Waterproof Outerwear is fit-to-kit over all Transitional Outerwear + Performance Knit layers.

Transitional Midlayers

These warm, lightweight layers are blind bag packable and deployed under waders and Waterproof Outerwear for extra insulation to transition hunters from midseason to the frigid late season. Transitional Midlayers are fit-to-kit over all Performance Knits.

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Performance Knits

The foundation of your waterfowl system, these high-tech base and mid layers respond to activity and moisture levels to keep you dry and comfortable across a wide range of pursuits and conditions. Performance Knits are all fit-to-kit under Transitional Outerwear.

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Field Gear & Accessories

Mission based essentials for every flyway.

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