Woodbury Jacket
Silent Construction 37.5 Insulation

If silence is golden, consider the new Woodbury Midseason Jacket the new gold standard of stationary hunting jackets. Featuring the same outer fabric and 37.5 by Cocona insulation as the legendary Sanctuary Jacket with 40% less insulation, this is your new midseason happy place. Features include a removable Turret System Hood, harness pass-thru, grunt tube holder, kidney warmer pockets, large internal mesh pockets, a large external back pocket, rangefinder pocket, and deep zippered hand pockets--all wrapped in a nearly silent package. The Woodbury Jacket is a game changer for tree stand hunters and waterfowlers alike.



Product Details

Layering Position

  • - Insulated Outerwear
    • Features

    • - True to Size: Purchase your normal size to wear over other layers
    • - Roughly 40% less insulation than its big brother, the Sanctuary
    • - Body contains 120gsm of 37.5 by Cocona synthetic insulation
    • - leeves contain 60gsm
    • - DWR exterior repels snow and rain
    • - Removable 3D Turret Hood
    • - Grunt tube pocket
    • - Webbing loops on chest for range finder and/or grunt tube leash
    • - Harness Pass-Thru
    • - Built-in stretch for complete range-of-motion

      • Cut Cut to Wear Over Your Kit
        System Position Insulated Outerwear
        Material 37.5 by Cocona
        Actual Product Weight Size MD 55 oz.
        Primary Usage Tree Stand, Waterfowl

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Great Archery Jacket
This jacket is exactly what I was looking for. Although I have not seen the Sanctuary in person, I wanted the option to have a single jacket that could cover early season to late season. I hunt in the Midwest and northeast and with wool base layers and a puffy vest I’ve hunted as cold as single digits and been warm.

Although I have not hunted any downpours in this jacket, I have sat in some moderate to heavy at times rain and have stayed dry through. Everything I was looking for in an archery jacket.
- Bob on 3/25/2018
The zipper
This is the first time I’ve used first lite and they’re good. Keeps you warm, lots of pockets, and comfortable. My one complaint about the jacket was that the rangefinder zipper broke right away. I didn’t do anything just part of the zipper was bent, there for, the zipper didn’t work and it officially broke to the point where I can’t zip it up all away up otherwise it will be completely stuck after just unzipping it twice. Just twice. Their warrantee won’t let you return it if you use it or if you rip the tags off so the reason why I’m giving it three stars is I feel the warranty is not fair because if I pay 260 for something I want to work and feel like the jacket should be replaced if you didn’t cause the zipper to break.im still going to try to return it but if they don’t send me a replacement one I don’t think I’ll buy from them again. And all this being said my friends have their gear And they all like it so I might’ve just got bad luck on the jacket.
- Mjm on 3/18/2018
Perfect for Southeast
I bought this jacket last season in ASAT. It was great. Light weight, very warm, and plenty of mobility in it. I liked it well enough to buy a second one this year in the Cipher design.
- Josh on 3/17/2018
Exactly what I have been looking for !!!
I wasn’t farmilair with first light at all but was searching for the perfect hunting gear . I currently owned under armor but really wasn’t pleased with the fit or performance of the gear. I also checked out many Sitka products but wasn’t impressed . I came across first light at a hunting expo in Utah and instantly fell in love with all there products. I bought from my base layer to my bibs at the hunting expo then came home and purchased the Woodbury jacket . All I can say is there is not one thing I don’t live about all there products, worth every penny ! My only complaint is I can’t order more of there stuff because most of it is sold out :)
- Thomas on 2/24/2018
If you don't like this jacket, we are not friends.
I have nothing bad to say. Pockets are amazing, almost eliminating the need for a pack. Super soft. Very comfortable fit. I'm 5'10 - 185 lbs and I got the Medium. I live in South Louisiana. It doesn't get below 20F here so I had no desire to allow room for bulky layers. It has an athletic (BOWHUNTING) fit on me and that's exactly what I wanted. I haven't worn in the field yet but I'm planing on a Merino base layer and the woodbury for most of my season. The fusion pattern is awesome. The color is a bit duller than the guide pants but i'm sure the deer don't care about that more than I do. The cuffs are snug but not tight. The hood is perfect. The collar is perfect.
- Shane on 2/16/2018
Amazing mid to late season archery jacket.
I have been wearing the Woodbury jacket during late season hunts, and ice fishing in Ontario, Canada in temperature well into the negatives.

I would have to say this is my favourite hunting jacket I have ever owned. The jacket is incredibly silent, breaths very Well, and blocks wind fairly well. The design is perfect for bow hunters as it has flex panels in all the right place to allow you to draw your bow silently and unimpeded, has a great amount of pockets which are very thoughtfully placed as well as spots for call lanyards to attach.
But my favourite feature is the hood! It is designed to move with your head and give you full visibility while wearing it, which really allows me to minimize the amount I have to move while doing sits in a treestand.

- Joey on 2/6/2018
Great for Mid-Late season Whitetales
Loved wearing this in the stand this year, its quiet and Durable as I hung it up on tree branch's and climbing steps a few times. Catches far less burs then other jackets I have used. Its plenty warm for me with proper layers down to zero or bellow. The grunt tube pocket and range finder pocket with small loop for my clip came in very handy. Also has the harness pass through which a lot of people seem to ask for. Strongly recommend this Jacket if you are a Whitetail Stand hunter.
- Adam on 2/5/2018
Read full review below
Received this Woodbury Jacket after the deer season to replace some tattered gear. Read good reviews and wanted some quiet gear. Have not worn it in the field yet, but first impressions are good. Double zippers for me are a must--this has them. I like the way the sleeves taper down at the wrist with no insulation--great for bowhunting. Not keen on the GRUNT TUBE pocket location or angle--will have to try it in the field to fully judge it's effectiveness. Material pretty quiet, but compared to wool and even fleece this is a little noisier. Will have to see how whitetails react on a still frosty November morning when drawing the bow back I like the length and the weight/insulation. Overall am satisfied.
- Art D. on 2/2/2018
Perfect. Nothing more needs to be said.
The Woodbury is in my opinion the perfect midwest jacket. I hunt in Northern Minnesota and this jacket is worn from the end of October, through April. Not only does this jacket serve as a great hunting jacket, but just a great piece overall. Once hunting season is done, I use this jacket ice fishing. Here is where I was surprised. The Woodbury blocks wind really well. I've never been in a stand or on the lake and thought, "I wish I was wearing something else." Which means I can enjoy my time outdoors even more. Get one. You won't regret it.
- Chance on 1/25/2018
Simply put, WOW!
The quality and attention to detail that you can see that was put into this coat is off the charts! Amazingly warm yet is still wearable in more mild temperatures. Pockets GALORE is a huge plus. I'm not much of a deer stand deer grunter so no need for the grunt tube pocket but I'm sure I can find a good alternative use for it. Well done First Lite!
- TannerB on 1/21/2018
Great addition to your treestand kit
I used this jacket this past season for all my cold-weather whitetail hunts in temps ranging between 15 and 45 degrees. At the warmer end of that range it was great with a light merino layer underneath. As the temps dropped I would throw a heavy fleece underneath and never got cold in my core or arms. I wear this jacket in combination with the north branch soft shell pants and the higher bib on the north branch does a great job of keeping drafts out of the rear of the jacket. With regards to fit, I'm 5'11" and 180 lbs and the medium fit great even with layers underneath. Cut is good as well. No problems drawing or shooting your bow. I really like the wrist cuffs on this jacket as well. They are tight enough to seal out the drafts, but flexible enough to allow you to get your hand through with a medium weight glove on. The pockets were well thought out with a variety of zippered pockets, and a couple slip on hand warmer pockets that I used non-stop. Throw a couple hot hands in them and you are golden all day long. Slipping your hands out is easy and dang near silent as well. My only complaint about the pocket set up is with the grunt tube holder. It's a little too horizontal, so I found my grunt tube would fall out frequently. Fortunately there is a small webbing loop just above the pocket that you can tie your grunt tube off to, so it isn't a major issue, but worth noting.I didn't use the hood much, but when I did it seemed to fit well without restricting visibility. Lastly, this is not a light weight jacket, but isn't meant to be either. I only mention it to say that this is not a backcountry jacket. You'd want to look at the uncompaghre or hold out for the new down jacket for 2018 if that's what you're looking for. All in all, this an outstanding jacket that I'm really pleased with and intend to continue using for seasons to come. If you're looking to bolster your treestand kit, you won't be disappointed with this one.
- CB on 1/10/2018
No wind blocking material
Great style jacket. But you def need wind blocking jacket underneath
- Frank on 1/10/2018
Should Be Standard Issue for Planet Hoth.
Late Season Archery here in PA this year has been cold. Probably colder than recent years. I used this jacket for a little over 4 hours in the tree stand in temps that were -4 degrees with a light breeze. Never once did my core temp drop. Was very comfortable. Outer material is soft but very resistant to abrasions from mountain laurel and other shrubs. The fabric is also silent which is absolutely critical on cold hunts. Great pocket placement and I was able to keep my string hand toasty with just the Talus gloves on inside my pocket. Chest pocket is great for a Rangefinder(I have the Leica R1000) and fits with no issues. Everything from the construction of the hood to the port allowing you to thread your Fall arrest harness strap through the back is brilliantly designed.

Yesterday I decided to hike in a few miles to scout some public land while the temps remained steady at 7 degrees. Probably wasn't the intended purpose of this jacket but was able to stay warm and regulate my core temp by unzipping the jacket at times.

Overall, this is my go to cold weather top. Great articulation for bow hunting, silent, and well designed/constructed. I did wear a Llano top with a Uncompahgre Vest underneath on each of my outings.
- Joey B on 1/3/2018
The all day stander
This is my go to coat when I plan on spending more than just a couple of hours in the stand. I hunted late season archery in Wisconsin this year with felt temperatures well into the negatives. Paired with the Chama and the Cirrus Jacket, I was very well protected. Would not recommend packing it around the mountains due to it being a bit heavy, however that's not what it's intended for. The many smartly placed pockets and removable hood make it extremely versatile and useful for cold weather stand hunting.
- Gabriel on 12/31/2017
Really good, not perfect, good value on sale
I bought the Woodbury primarily for cold whitetail hunts in New England but plan on using it out West too. The fusion pattern will play well here and the jacket is warm, especially when I layer underneath with a heavy base and an insulated vest. And if I'm hiking, it's like a sauna, and I'm not even a particularly warm person. I haven't tried it in the rain, but it kept me warm for at least 4 hours in heavy snow at about 20 degrees Fahrenheit before the cold started to seep through as the snow melted on me and the jacket absorbed moisture in the shoulders. Downside is it got really heavy as it absorbed water. I will bring a waterproof shell if I expect rain. The jacket feels high quality except for the zippers; they feel like they won't last long-term. Time will tell, but I don't have high hopes. The hood is sweet--the fit is customizable so it won't slide over my face when I turn my head. The grunt tube holder is convenient when I'm not moving, but if I'm walking and bending over (like when tracking) the tube keeps falling out. Big pocket in the back is a nice feature, and so is the hole to pull through my harness tether. I like the front pocket set up--I use the two zipper pockets for gear and the pockets behind for handwarmers. I'm 5'9", 155 and the size medium is roomy (I definitely wouldn't want it any bigger) with plenty of space for layering. I recommend this jacket if you can get it on sale. It's not perfect enough to pay full price. If First LIte upgrades the zippers and gets it a more water/snow resistant shell, it's 5 stars.
- Joonyer on 12/29/2017
Everything you will ever need
I wear it still hunting and sitting from the ground. Anything more than a well paced walk will get you sweating if its over -5C (23F for you silly Americans), on top of your other preferred layers, that is. I wear it in Ontario November through till the end of the hunting season.

Fit is fantastic over my setup that is a Llano zip up with a Sawtooth jacket. I'm just over 6', slim with broad shoulders, and medium is perfect in length and width. I dig the length at the lower back when I am sitting. The fact that the inside of the sleeves is a slick material makes it easy to slip over all other layers. Shooters cuff is great. Turret hood is fantastic.

It is ultra soft and quiet, which is perfect for my hunting style when I'm shoving through brush. Huge fan of all of the pockets:
-One zippered and one flap-covered pocket on each side (they have drawstrings inside of them for anchoring down gear) that I use for scent, small calls, wind indicator. Favourite hidden feature: the zippered pockets have a small 'sleeve' in the bottom to hold items; the pocket fits my Primos bleat can perfectly from rattling around!
-Zippered pocket on the chest is perfect for phone
-One zipped mesh pocket inside the left chest for tags, license, wallet, car keys, and an open mesh pocket on the right chest that I use for gloves
-Big mesh pocket inside on the kidney area, but I do not use it
-Big mesh pocket outside on the kidney area that I have yet to use as well
-Grunt tube pocket is fantastic!

Cannot comment on the harness passthrough since I do not hunt form a stand.

Only complaint: Price and availability in Canada! But hey, you get what you pay for. Worth every penny.
- Me on 12/17/2017
Great for the PA deer woods
I just finished a four day hunt in north central PA and the Woodbury was excellent! With raining weather hovering in the 40s to 11 degree mornings with the wind it worked excellent. My buddy started calling it the "MacGyver Jacket" because of all the pocket storage options. Obviously, layering is essential for colder temperatures, for which I used various base layers to include a Chama Hoody. But, the temp range this jacket can be used is awesome.
- CRB on 12/9/2017
Perfect waterproof outerlayer
I bought the woodbury to use for late season deer as well as waterfowl hunts.
I am 6'2" 275lbs and the jacket in XL fits with a little bit of room to layer underneath.
This is my top layer, I generally wear allegheny base layer, followed by a Chama, the Sawtooth and this over top.
I have hunted wearing this jacket in some thick thorny field edges, in a layout blind, and in a tree stand. This jacket is still in excellent shape with no rips or tears and I am not easy on my equipment as I try to get deep in to maintain hidden.
The fit of the jacket is great, the jacket is warm and comfortable with many features perfect for the hunter. The waterproofing has worked perfect in snow and rain storms so far up here in Ontario.
There are many pockets located all around the jacket for ease of use. I like the double side pockets where the outer pocket has a zipper and the inner pocket is open as this allows me to keep my less used items inside the zipper and put items I need quick access to, like extra ammo, in the inner pocket.
There is a grunt tube holder located on the front right side with a loop to attach a grunt tube lanyard to. This is a nice feature to have however my grunt tube is a smaller style and did not fit properly. In fact if it wasn't for the lanyard being attached I would have had to take a trip down the tree stand to find my grunt tube as it fell out. I have switched to a thicker style and it appears to be working better.
On the upper left breast there is a pocket that I use to hold my range finder. This pocket has a nice sturdy zipper and is big enough to hold a wallet, licenses, cell phone and range finder. At first I loved this pocket as it was a convenient solution for my range finder however after having a deer come in close while holding my bow as a left handed archer, and then try to pull the range finder out with my left hand it was inconvenient. I guess what I am trying to get at is the jacket isn't ambidextrous in this sense. There is another loop for attaching the range-finder strap to which helps.
Inside the jacket are many pockets. I tend to store my Merino liner gloves inside the one pocket and use the other to hold the different neck gaiters as depending on weather I switch between the Aerowool and full merino one.
All this said I am extremely happy to be using this jacket in my current setup and will be using it in the field for both waterfowl and tree-stand hunting for years to come.
- Dave on 12/8/2017
Warm jacket
Went out hunting today on December 6th for mallards, it was 25 degrees and 20 mph winds and I was warm in it. Great jacket!
- Gage on 12/6/2017
Awesome jacket
I really enjoy this jacket. It’s got all the right pockets. It fits very comfortably. It’s pretty functional as I can wear it with just a base layer on the warmer days, or pack on the mid layers to get through a cold weather stationary hunt. Great choice for someone who wants to own just one jacket.
- Kenny P on 12/5/2017
Works Great.
First thing I have to say I was a little skeptical when I bought this jacket. and I was pleasant surprised. Very warm and pack full of pockets and extra features. Its quiet and just plain feels good to wear, but I did find out that for extreme temps which we are talking -20 with a wind chill it struggled even with layers. I would suggest the sanctuary jacket 40% more insulation for lower temps. That was my fault when I didn't ask the difference, but overall I love my wood bury jacket.
- Brian on 11/25/2017
I ordered this jacket for more versatility to layer under for whitetail hunting in Alabama. Trying it on, it was roomy underneath to allow for layering if needed and appeared to be very warm. Loved the pocket layout and the ability to remove the hood. The outer fabric was more of a stretchy material to allow for mobility and appeared to be shiny in direct sunlight and was super queit, however, I questioned the long term durability of the material. Due to the large amount of saw briars and black locust in the mountain areas I hunt, I sent the jacket back because I was concerned it wouldn’t resist tearing and holes making the DWR coating useless. I would like to see more of a micro fleece or Berber style outer to be more durable long term. If you pack it in or don’t have as many briars it would work well.
- Keith on 11/19/2017
Absolutely top notch
This jacket is absolutely awesome. It keeps you warm and dry in any condition. The merino is second to none at keeping you warm while blocking the wind and fighting off moisture. I've watched all of my buddies shivering and freezing on days where the weather is constantly changing from rain to sleet to snow, and I'm as warm and dry as if I'm sitting on the couch. Not only is this a great jacket to tackle any duck hunt, but obviously deer hunts as well. Sitting still in the stand on cold, windy days will lock you up and make the prospect of getting to full draw seem about as easy as climbing a mountain. Keeping your muscles warm, combined with the shooter's cut, making getting to full draw as easy as a day practicing at the range. There's is no noticeable difference in draw cycle or mechanics, you feel just as free to draw as always. Absolutely love this jacket. If you like to hunt everything and want one jacket that can do it all in any situation, this is it.
- Max on 11/16/2017
Great jacket
Absolutely love my Woodbury jacket. Paired with my sanctuary bibs I was extremely comfortable and quiet in the north Missouri woods whitetail country. I do have one point of contention, (2 if you want to count the fact I didn't get any stickers ) and maybe it's just me, but I would prefer the grunt tube sleeve be slightly pitched upward to help keep call in place. The material is slick and it doesn't take much for call to fall out of place. That being said, this jacket is fantastic, warm to 20°F with a couple layers. I purchased mine in ASAT during a sale, the deer I personally encountered didn't look at me twice. I'm new to First lite but I will certainly be a return customer.
- Alex on 11/15/2017
Woodbury Jacket ASAT
So far I'm really happy with this jacket. I think it will be more versatile than the sanctuary. I also ordered a sawtooth jacket, so I think I'll have a good layering system for almost the whole year. The inner material does tend to separate from the insulation but it seems to be a minor detail.
- Drumdilly on 11/14/2017
Great jacket
Love this jacket. I use it from muzzleloader season through the end of deer season in Virginia. Layers Chama and a cirrus under it, and I'm set down to the high teens.
- Alex on 11/12/2017
Overall this is a very good stand hunting jacket
I picked up this jacket primarily for early morning glassing in southern Arizona where it can easily be anywhere from the 20's up, and also for my trips to Wisconsin in November for whitetail rut hunting where obviously the temps can be pretty cold. I just got done with three days of tree stand hunting on days where each morning the temp was between 24 and 28 and didn't get above 35 until mid afternoon so I thought that was the perfect opportunity to write a review to help anyone out who might be considering this jacket.
The long and short of it is this jacket performed very well. My layering system for my upper body was the 170g long sleeve Merino Crew Top, Halstead Tech Fleece, and then the Woodbury. I will admit I did start to get a little cold about four hours into each hunt, but to be fair to this product I must include I was light on lower body layering. All I had was a pair of 230g merino wool long johns under the Corrugate Guide Pants. I double layered my socks with traditional thick boot socks but as usual my toes got a little cold. On top I used the Tundra Cold Weather Balaclava (which I'm very impressed with). The fact of the matter is that if you just rely on your upper body layering you're going to get cold. There's no way around it. But at the end of the day, this jacket held up its end of the bargain and I wouldn't be critical of any claim First Lite makes regarding its performance. It is also very quiet and functional. While I didn't use the harness opening on the back it would have been very useful. The grunt tube holder worked well once in the stand but every time I bent over to pick something up getting in and out of the stand it slid out and hit the ground. I recommend keeping it in a pocket until you're seated on the stand. The pockets are large and very handy. The hood was the only part I didn't like, just because when I didn't have my cap on the front flap of the hood fell in front of my eyes every time. I ended up just taking it off when I wasn't wearing my hate because it was so annoying constantly having to try to roll it up, where it never stayed anyway.
Overall this is a really good jacket and I would recommend to anyone who spends long hours in a tree stand in cold weather. Just remember to layer the rest of your body, unlike what I did. Hope this helps.
- Dan on 11/9/2017
The last jacket you'll ever purchase
This jacket is everything a late season whitetail hunter wants/needs. The athletic cut makes for easy use when drawing your bow. The ultra quiet exterior sets it above all other outer jackets I have encountered. The ample amount of pockets allow you to keep gloves calls and phone separate. The DWR has done well against slight down pours and mild snow. The warmth is further second to none. I can wear a chama hoodie and this and be good for 30 degree sit all day in high humidity conditions.

Yes it's bulky but if you learn to ranger role the jacket into the hood I know you will like how compact it is. About the weight: I feel that this jacket is paramount for long hours stand hunting and I believe firmly in the go in cold idea where you can sit all day bc you didn't bring your core temp up. I would pack this in for days that are mild but expect to encounter high winds and/or cooler temps at dusk/dawn. And the hood is awesome too. Fully articulate with no noise when moving head.
- Justin on 11/4/2017
Super quiet and comfortable!
I found it great to use during the first cold fronts here in central Illinois. With the correct layering, even 20 degree temps don't effect me. I'm excited to see how it holds up in the late season when the temps start there climb down to the single digits. Unbelievably quiet and comfortable! The numerous pockets have come in extremely handy. I'm not constantly digging through my pack for the essentials anymore.
- Kody on 11/3/2017
I am writing this review from a tree in Kansas. I’ve been hanging all day so far wearing the Woodbury jacket. Feel like temp has been right around 27 degrees. I’ve paired it with the Chama hoodie and padre vest. Not so much as a shiver today. This thing is toasty, dead quiet, with perfect features for tree stand hunting. It’s the perfect rut jacket all day! Also, can’t say enough for the fusion pattern. I’ve had several bucks look right at me and then go back calm like they were looking right through me. Now all I need is a hot doe!
- Jedi on 10/31/2017
Can you handle it?
Sit down and grab a napkin y’all, cause you’re about to be served a pipin’ hot plate of unbiased review glory. This Woodbury is the bee’s knees (for you yuppies reading this that means it’s the s**t). More pockets than Rosie O Donnie’s buttcheeks and more stuffing than Kim Kardashian’s a**. Put this puppy on before you hit the woods and you’ll be grinnin’ like a possum. It’s quiet as a church mouse so you ain’t got to worry about making noise when you move. The Woodbury will cream your corn!
- Jordan on 10/18/2017
Best hunting jacket I own. VERY nice well made. 6 foot and 200lbs. Large fits just right.
- 76chevy on 10/17/2017
Full of features & Comfortable
Extremely comfortable and able to be worn in a multitude of temperature ranges. The Llano and Chama layered under this jacket are extremely warm and versatile as well. Big fan of the kidney warmer slot in the back and two sets of pockets. Soft yet durable
- Christian on 10/17/2017
The perfect whitetail jacket.
This jacket is worth every penny. If you bowhunt whitetails, this is a must have! I use this with the Chama hoody, a fleece and a puffy vest underneath and I've been comfortable for long sits in below freezing weather. It's not bulky on your body, and it Is as close to silent as I've ever seen. The pocket layout is brilliant and I wouldn't change much about this jacket at all. The only con I've found is that it is a little bit on the heavy side, but for a stationary hunting jacket, that's no issue.
- Galin on 10/16/2017
Excellent jacket for stand hunters (QUIET)
This jacket is awesome. Everything I would like in a jacket for stand hunting. Only reason I didn't give it a 5 is because it needs those zipper cover things at the top. When the zipper is closed its open enough for water to get in.
- Ryan B on 10/5/2017
Packed full of features
This jacket has everything you could want as far as features. Only complaint is the 55oz weight. While not very convenient to pack around this jacket is quiet comfortable and feels sturdy.
- PNW Joe on 9/29/2017
Classic in the Making
I love this jacket. I think this will be considered the definitive whitetail jacket someday. Deathly quiet, extremely warm, with a full range of movement, and tons of pockets/storage? Yes! I will also go out on a limb and call this the best late season squirrel hunting jacket on the market. Works great as a waterfowling jacket as well, especially once the sloughs start freezing over.
- Jon on 9/25/2017
How could you ask for more
I wear my Woodburry from the first cool days of bow hunting until late duck season here in Kentucky. Like the other reviews, I like how temperature versatile the coat is, warm but not hot early season (I do carry it in to my farthest stands early in bow season) then the best ever when late season lets loose.
- Kyclint on 9/21/2017
I'll wear it until I cannot wear it anymore
This jacket has been the jacket I have been waiting years to find. I reached out to FL to see what they recommended for the area I lived in and they recommended the Woodbury. I waited a full year to write this review to put this jacket through the test of a Midwest winter, and it passed with flying colors. This jacket provided ultimate warmth on days where the temperatures were in the teens and single digits, but was also comfortable in the low 50s and 40s. This jacket does not require a whole lot of layering as it does retain heat very well, but if you are wearing a bunch of layers, the heat release zippers provide great temperature control. This jacket also does very well on very wet days, and keeps you both warm and dry in the tree stand. I highly recommend this jacket!
- Joe with Livin' Large Outdoors on 8/3/2017
Wicks moisture like a boss
I wore the Woodbury jacket throughout most of the archery season in Pennsylvania in temps from 55F, down to about 25F. The most impressive thing about this jacket is how well it moves moisture. Walking into my stand I usually get a sweat going, but the Woodbury really did a great job of pulling that moisture to the outside of jacket. I usually kept my hands in the hand warmer pockets and my cell phone in the zipper pocket. The sweat from my hands actually made the screen of my phone damp in the outer pocket but my hands were bone dry. That's how it should be! Super quiet, super warm, and the pockets are very well thought out. The only change I would make is to shorten the collar just a hair as I had to work around it to anchor on my jaw with my handheld release.
- Justin on 1/2/2017
Wicks moisture like a boss
The Woodbusy
- Justin on 1/2/2017
This Jacket is Awesome
Holy balls, I love this jacket! Was given to me as a Christmas gift and I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep it or return it for the Sanctuary. After trying it on and seeing all the pockets and feeling like I was in an oven I decided to keep this one. Also did a bit more research and the Cirrus Jacket, when worn under the Woodbury, will give the same amount of insulation as the Sanctuary Jacket. Will be purchasing that jacket next year. I digress! I was only able to use this jacket for a few hunts because deer season in Indiana ended on 1/1. When I did wear it, it was amazingly warm and lightweight. It feels heavy when holding it, but when its on it is extremely light. I put it in my pack when I walked out and it stuffed nicely in. The last day I hunted, I decided to just carry everything in the jacket. Four front pockets, large enough for my full size binoculars, a sleeve for my grunt call, front pocket for my range finder, and still had 3 more pockets just in case. The turret style hood is nice, but I like the fact that I can take it off. I'd rather wear a hat and face mask than a hood, but both those features are nice. I can not stress how much I love this coat! There is plenty of room for layering if you need to and the shooters cut is perfect. Spend the money, as with all of First Lite's products I have bought, you will not be disappointed!
- Brad B. on 1/2/2017
Great features!
My wife bought this jacket for me for christmas.
I love the wrist cuffs they do not bind when removing the jacket. The hood doesn't restrict vision. I can't wait to field test this piece of gear!
WI'll update this when I get out in the backcountry.
- Wayne Floyd on 12/26/2016
Great for Eastern Whitetail
This is by far the most versatile hunting jacket I have put on. The pockets are very well placed and the outer material is extremely quiet. This will be a perfect jacket for cold to cool days on stand with minimal layering underneath. This will be a great jacket to put on over the First Lite Chama on cool days or over top the First Lite Cirrus on really cold days. This piece will be one of the most used for stand/stationary hunters.
- Matt on 12/20/2016
Awesome Jacket
I've been wearing this jacket the past few weeks for late season in northern MN. Temps have been below zero without windchill for the evening sits. I chose to layer with the Woodbury jacket rather than going with the heavier Sanctuary, and I have not been disappointed! With the Chama, Halstead Fleece, and a light down jacket like the Cirrus - I've been warm and comfortable on long December sits with this jacket. The pockets are great - and its very light and easy to take off and on. I've had a little trouble with the zipper at times, but overall well worth the purchase.
- APmurray on 12/13/2016
Best hunting jacket I've ever owned
Being a bow hunter there is nothing worse than letting an arrow fly and the string catches your sleeve. Not only is the shooters cut awesome, but I am amazed at how quiet this jacket is. Pulling back on those calm, cool mornings is no longer an issue.

As soon as this came in we had a temperature drop into the 20's. Being my first hunt with it I wanted to see how it would hold up in that temperature so I had a fleece pullover and this in the stand with me. Not one issue with being cold after a 3 hour evening sit.

Living in Southwest Ohio hunting temps can vary throughout the season. I would absolutely recommend the Woodbury. Already looking to purchase some more FL gear. Can't go wrong!
- Nez on 12/9/2016
Great jacket, except for the collar
Received my new Woodbury Jacket and immediately loved the material and warmth. The next morning I took it out to wear while watching the sun rise. Cold here in the Northeast at 28F with ice forming on the margins of the pond. I was at a very comfortable temperature from first gray light until after the sun was up over the distant trees on the far shoreline. I could sit in this jacket without fidgeting or doing calisthenics to say warm! Sadly, by the time I'd worn the jacket for an hour I knew I'd have to return it. The collar is unbearable.

There are three things wrong with the collar. First, it is just too high. I don't have a short neck and this collar wants to ride above my chin. Second, the collar ends in a tapered point. What!!?? Yes, a tapered point at the chin rather than a smooth arc like every other collar I own. Third, there is a lot of bulk in the collar right at the chin since the zipper ends there, and the snaps to attach the hood are enclosed in covers right up under the chin, and there is a bulky bit of material to enclose all that hardware.

The net result was that after wearing the jacket for a little over an hour, my chin was raw. If there had been any light snow blowing to dampen and freeze on the chin, I'd have had to quit and go inside. The collar is stiff and because of the way it presses up against the chin, it chafes whenever you turn your head. Treestand hunting involves a lot of careful head turning.

Lots of playing with the three elastic pulls that tighten the hood did not help. The problem is really in the collar and not the hood anyway. Another problem with the collar being so high and stiff is that it interferes with the hood coming fully tight around the face resulting in a large gap to each side of the face, so if your face is into the wind (should be, right..) the wind blows into the hood.

This jacket is fantastic from the neck down. Sadly, from the neck up it is impossible to be comfortable. Its going back for a refund. I hope FirstLite redesigns the collar because I own ton's of FirstLike gear, with the exception of a heavy jacket, and would like to have one.
- Bendrix on 12/3/2016
Great cool weather tree stand/blind jacket
This jacket for me is best suited for 20-50 degree hunts, paired with a llano on warmer days and a llano+chama on cooler days. It bucked 10-15 mph winds and kept me warm where other jackets have failed. The material is very quiet and the cut/design fits perfectly. The only cons I have found are that the range finder pocket us too deep, and should be more shallower to make accessing your range finder easier. Also, the grunt tube holder does not fit the primos buck roar, or most of the popular (larger) grunt tubes on the market. Another item I would change is the design of the front two pockets, as I would flip them from front to back so hand warmers can be on the inside and in a zipper pocket where they cant fall out. The internal net zipper pockets are GREAT for the hunters that pack in with a tree stand and sticks, that want go light weight.
- Jeremiah on 11/30/2016
Two thumbs up!
As an avid hunter in northwestern Pennsylvania, Our winters can be brutal. I already own the Puffy jacket and several base layer pieces, but I was looking for more beef for my outer jacket piece. I contemplated between the Sanctuary and the Woodbury, but the Woodbury in my personal opinion offered more options and a better range of use. I took advantage of the HUGE sale First Lite just put on and pulled the trigger on the Woodbury Fusion. I was glad I had the opportunity to use this for our opening day of rifle season as the morning tempt was right around 28 degrees. Being able to wear my safety harness underneath the jacket and use the harness pass through was an awesome touch, the turret hood worked amazing, the options and abundance of pockets was well played. To top everything off, this jacket kept me warm all day without the additional weight of the Sanctuary. When late season archery rolls in the day after Christmas, I know that I can throw on my puffy jacket and this will be a badass oven in Fusion. I am a firm believer in First Lite products and I am convinced that I will definitely pay more for the top of the line product that ACTUALLY WORKS!
- PA Shawn on 11/29/2016
Been looking for this jacket for years
I have always had to bundle up multiple layers/jackets and sweat then freeze or just plain freeze. This jacket has been perfect. I've been wearing it still hunting and stand hunting anything below 50 F. always warm never enough to sweat even walking in to stands. Have had it down to 20 F so far with llano and chama hoodie and this combo proves absolutely perfect!
- Matt on 11/14/2016
Ill wear this thing till it falls apart and if it ever does Ill buy another!
I am extremely happy I pulled the trigger on this piece before my recent white tail trip. I carried this every time I went up in a tree and it performed far higher than expectations. Lets talk about fit first. I am 6’0’’ 185 lbs with athletic body type. I purchased the large and it fit impeccably. When it as warmer out I wore it with only one layer and when it was cold I was able to wear three layers below and still have plenty of freedom to move/draw my bow. I probably could have worn a fourth and been fine if necessary.

Features of the jacket were great. The turret hood really did work allowing me to keep the hood on and look being me when hearing noises. All of the pockets were great. I didn’t use the rangefinder pocket or grunt tube holder as I was wearing a binocular harness but im sure they would be handy if utilized. The double pockets in the front left and right were awesome as I could zip up gloves or a hand warmer in the outer pocket and still place my hands on the inside of the pocket. There is also a zippered pocket in the lower back area that I actually didn’t even notice until I was up in a tree and it proved very useful.

Performance was great. I had a little bit of light rain while hunting and it always beaded right off. I usually put it on early in the stand as to not be moving much in the last hour or two of the evenings and I was never hot and when it cooled off I stayed plenty warm. Lastly it was great at blocking wind. I a more of a western spot and stalk hunter and I will definitely be using this while glassing from now on when the puffy wont cut it.

I was on the fence between the Woodbury and its bigger brother the Sanctuary but I definitely made the right choice. I do not own the sanctuary and if I ever go up to Alaska or somewhere extremely cold I might buy it but this was perfect for Midwest white tail hunting. Temps only got down to low 30’s but I was only wearing two thin layers below and I was plenty warm. If I threw on another layer or two I am sure I would be comfortable down to single digits or possibly even lower.

I usually try to note a con whenever I write a review but I really cant find anything negative to say about this piece of gear.

Just a great all around piece of gear and I will enjoy for many seasons to come. Thanks FL.
- Charles on 11/10/2016
It feels every bit the price and then some when you put it on, it's whisper quiet. Pocket layout is outstanding, Humid day here about 40 and light rain took about a 2 mile brisk walk, left it zipped, didn't sweat or overheat, I could see the steam vapor from my sweat coming right out through the jacket when i stopped, wicks very well, it stayed dry. I'm 5'11 180 large is plenty big, but not huge. I can easily layer underneath down to below zero. and I say with a single thin layer underneath you could wear this below 50 degrees and under if you are sitting, I can snug the slack up easily with the waste draw string. Very strealth very thought well thought out looking forward to getting out there with it
- StillHunt on 11/8/2016
pretty impressed.
I must say the woodbury breaths, yet blocks wind and rain better than i thought it would. Its near silent. Love the hand warmer pockets and hood. Grunt tube pocket is a bonus. Just a great jacket for oct/nov hunts. Ive been using it everyday. Love firstlite gear in general but this piece is priceless.
- pabowhunter1112 on 10/31/2016
Excellent Jacket!
This Jacket is great! Plain and simple. Warm, cozy, comfortable, versatile and quiet. I wear this jacket for treestand hunting and it is absolutely awesome. I wore it for the first time in high 50 degree weather, wind and on/off rain. I was completely comfortable and dry. I can easily see using this jacket into the late season with some moderate layering underneath. This is my go to Jacket for 60 degrees and under. I would suggest carrying it to your destination in the 50-60 degree range. Great Great product, A+ First Lite!
- Anthony D on 10/19/2016
Perfect Everyday Hunting Jacket
The Woodbury jacket is a great all around jacket for anyone needing some extra warmth in cool conditions. This jacket is very comfortable and not bulky at all for the warmth it provides. I used it every morning and evening while glassing for high country muleys in Oregon, and I was very impressed at the Woodbury's ability to keep me warm and dry in light rain and windy conditions. I would recommend this piece of outerwear to any Northwestern hunter who wants something to throw over their baselayers while glassing, sitting in a stand, or any other type of stationary hunting situations.
- Trevor Smith on 10/7/2016