Women's Artemis 230g Merino Hoody

With no pink, no frills and no fluff, the Artemis Long Sleeve Hoody is the versatile second layer to the Lupine Crew. Made from 100% Merino wool in a lofted, mid weight high insulation knit, you will stay warm, comfortable and odor free when stalking your prey throughout the season. Designed specifically for the serious female hunter with a raglan cut and our Shooter’s Sleeve, the Artemis allows for freedom of movement and uninhibited shooting performance whether you are using a bow or rifle.





Product Details


  • True to Size: Purchase your normal size to wear under other layers
  • 18.5 micron, superfine, pure 100% merino wool
  • Pure Merino Wool is naturally antibacterial, meaning there is no treatment necessary to retain its odor resistant quality even when used for several days in a row
  • Unlike other fabrics, Merino keeps you comfortable from extremely high temperatures down to the coldest digits as well
  • Merino Wool is also naturally UV absorbent to eliminate shine and fire resistant
  • Lightweight, jersey-knit fabric
  • Flat lock seams for next-to-skin comfort
  • Ergo cuff with thumb loops
  • Stays warm whether dry or wet
  • Covered by First Lite's Warranty

    • Sizes

      Available in Women's sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL


      Machine Wash Cold and Hang Dry

      Cut Shooters Cut
      System Position Midlayer
      Material 100% Merino Wool
      Actual Product Weight Size MD
      Primary Usage Lifestyle, Spot & Stalk, Tree Stand, Waterfowl, Upland, Fishing

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    Perfect for EVERYTHING Hoodie! 8/29/2018

    this hoodie has been my go to all year round. i’ve had it for 2years & it still feels good as new. it continues to amaze me with how it is always that perfect weight & serves me at such a wide range of temperatures. Absolutely love this hoodie & only wish your inventory wasn’t so frequently low. i’d love to buy another one in a different color but no such luck yet:)

    Nickname: meli
    Height: 5'8" - 5'10"
    Weight: 120lbs - 130lbs
    Size: L
    Location: Oregon
    Use: Lifestyle
    Love This. 8/29/2018

    This is a great wool layering mid layer. I actually think it could use a full zipper and be just a tad thicker for more warmth and then used as an outer layer.

    How it fits
    Fits me great as a women.

    Nickname: Kris
    Height: 5'4" - 5'6"
    Weight: 130lbs - 140lbs
    Size: M
    Location: Pennsylvania
    Use: Spot & Stalk
    Breathable yet warm 8/29/2018

    This shirt can be worn in most weather conditions. It’s thin enough to be worn in warm weather but somehow keeps you warm when the weather cools down.

    How it fits

    Nickname: Gilbert
    Height: 5' - 5'2"
    Weight: 100lbs - 110lbs
    Size: XS
    Location: Arizona
    Use: Spot & Stalk
    A must have! 1/4/2018

    My hoody fits great! Im tall and lanky therefore Im pleased to have womens layering system that doesnt feel bulky. I was used to wearing guy stuff on my hunts and this had been a drastic improvement. No pink is a plus!

    Nickname: Erin
    My go to Hoddie! 12/1/2017

    I absolutely in love with this hoodie! It is a perfect to wear for a first layer or on top of Lupine Merino Crew. Since I'm only 5 foot, 118 pds I normally wear a small in hoodies, but a medium worked perfectly over top of any layers. I can't wait to buy one in black and Cipher! Also I love how it isn't too tight and the design of the hoodie allows you to have the freedom of movement to draw back a bow. Even in 60-70 degree it keeps me nice an cool!. Definitely a perfect design, Good job First Lite!

    Nickname: Madison
    Disappointed in quality of hoodie 11/2/2017

    I am really disappointed in this product. I wore it once and a hole started on the back of the hoodie. It did not get snagged or compromised in any way. I contacted customer service and they said they would not warranty the product. Customer service said, " I have found some luck using adhesive/pressure/iron-on nylon patches for things like this. I would encourage you to continue to use the product as this issue will not effect field performance." I feel that one use should not have to be "patched". I have bought other Merino products from other companies for far less money and they have held up for YEARS without getting holes. I understand that this hole will not effect field performance, but a hole after one use is questionable. We have other First Lite products that have been perfect. They usually make really high quality products.

    Nickname: Jami
    Perfect layering piece for a variety of activities 9/9/2017

    I LOVE the Artemis hoody!!! I own two currently- Sage and Fusion and will probably get a I third in black. I wear them ALL THE TIME now that cool fall weather is here. Walking the dog on the rail trail on cool September mornings, going to the range in the evenings, running errands around town, mushroom foraging, as a layer when hiking and rock climbing. I plan to wear them all winter long as a midlayer for my gig as a ski instructor. I have a strong upper body and I really appreciate that the shooter's cut gives me lots of range of motion in my shoulders and also accommodates my more muscular shoulders with aplomb.

    Nickname: Christa
    Perfect for all activtiies 6/29/2017

    I love this hoody and wear it anytime I need an additional layer. It's a staple in my hunting wardrobe but also in my every day life. It's cut a little larger than the Lupine Crew so you can pull it over a regular t-shirt and still not feel restricted. It's warm, keeps the elements out and keeps you from getting overheated. Everyone should have this!

    Nickname: Erin
    Awesome hoodie 6/1/2017

    All of First Lite's products are great, but this is one of my staple pieces! It's the perfect piece to throw on over the lupine when the temperature starts to drop. I generally where small or medium and plan on getting this in both. I currently have it in a small and it fits, but it's definitely a close to skin fit. I'm planning on getting a medium next for when I want a little bit looser fit.

    Nickname: Anna
    Overall good hoody 4/23/2017

    I tested this hoodie out in Georgia the temperature started at 53 degrees and I had the lupine crew base layer top underneath, and the tempatures maybe got up to 65 degrees. I bought the hoody in a large and I probably could have gotten a medium, the arms were the only part that was a little snug. Overall it is a great hoody and the actual hood is perfect if you are wear a hat. This will be a great baselayer in colder months.

    Nickname: Ga_huntress
    Great shirt! 4/11/2017

    I love this hoody. I have used it so much this last hunting season. While using it as one of my layers, I appreciated having the hood to pull on to add some protection from the cold and wind. Wool is the way to go! Doesn't get smelly as synthetic fabrics can.

    Nickname: mtn hunter
    True believer 3/18/2017

    My husband is a big First Lite user and he said I needed this hoodie. I was recently on a trip to NYC and it was COLD (below freezing).He told me my First Lite would keep me warm so I did not pack my big winter jacket to save room in my carry on but slightly wondering if I was going to have to buy a coat when I got there. I ended up wearing my hoodie everyday I was there under my faux leather jacket from Target. That thing kept me so warm I couldn't believe it. I was so impressed and so excited that I didn't have to wear a huge winter jacket to keep warm! I'm a fan for life. Now I need to add to my collection.

    Nickname: Chelsea G
    Love this top 11/28/2016

    This top is extremely soft and comfy. It is great to have the hood as an extra wind block or to keep you warm in the sleeping bag during those cold nights. Biggest problem I found is it loses its shape very quickly. I have a small (5'5" 145lbs) but I don't consider myself a small person. I have ordered an XS to see how it does, but if I need an XS, what are small girls going to wear? Also, it is great for sitting or moderate hiking, but is a bit heavy for any top layering if there is a lot of hiking/uphill involved. I guess that is what the crewe is for, but I like having the hood.

    Nickname: gypsynomad
    Thank you for not 'shrinking & pinking' 10/29/2016

    As an avid outdoor enthusiast, I expect to be disappointed by women's products (read: fewer features, inferior construction, etc.) and oftentimes I end up buying men's in order to get the 'length' I need. In this case, I was both surprised and delighted! Not only were the arms and body long enough for my 5'8" frame for the back to go over my behind (plus I'm broad shouldered and full chested), the Artemis is 'just as good' as my husband's version. The longer length is great not just because I'm taller, but because it accounts for the fact that you are actually doing something (i.e shouldering a rifle/shotgun, bending over and picking up something heavy and so on). As everyone else has noted, the piece is versatile and works on the ski slopes, in the field or for walking the dog...and the cut is actually flattering. Thank you First Lite!!!

    Nickname: JavaJade
    Hail and rain didn't bring me Down 10/4/2016

    First time wearing my new top was Grouse hunting in CO. Last day we got caught in some hail/rain mix. Didn't have my rain jacket packed but I kept comfortable while we hunkered under trees timing the spurts of heavy precipitation. Then in typical CO fashion, weather turned toasty but still stayed comfortable enough that I didn't even think about layering down to just my tshirt. Oh and did I mention I looked good in it! Like many others I want to own one in every color! Thanks First Lite and excited to see more stuff joining the women's collection.

    Nickname: Stacey
    Awesome! 9/18/2016

    The Artemis hoody is so soft and amazing! It kept me warm in early mirning cool temps and kept me dry hiking through mountains when it warmed up. It's so comfortable and functional!

    Nickname: Nichole
    My #1 Top! 8/22/2016

    Whether I am layering, using it by itself, hunting, lounging, running errands the Artemis top is good for all of that. I will own every color here soon. Love love love it!

    Nickname: Jeannie Steiling
    Wonderful 8/8/2016

    I have this hoody in the ASAT camo and I can't wait to get one in black and the fusion camo to match my new Corrugate guide pants. It's great for when it's just starting to get cold outside . I love the thumb holes and how the sleeves are far down enough to keep your palms warm. I love this hoody ...it's so soft, great for layering and also absorbent for your sweat when it starts to get a little toasty outside. I just love all of the wool products. They're great and totally worth the price.

    Nickname: Elizabeth
    I'm obsessed 7/26/2016

    The only problem with this goodie is that I don't have 3 of each pattern. I will hunt in this sucker until it falls apart, and I don't see that happening any time soon. By the way, I wear a medium and ordered medium. Fit perfectly.

    Nickname: Sarah (American Dream Outdoors)
    First Lite Nailed It! 7/13/2016

    First Lite nailed it with the Artemis Hoody. This is my go-to layer when things start to cool down. I wear it hunting, alpine and Nordic skiing, mountain biking, camping, hiking, fishing, to the gym, to the office and around town. It keeps me warm in the early morning or late evening and cool in warmer temps. It's soft and the fit is flattering: not too tight, not too baggy. The fit is more loose than the Lupine Crew. I like and often use the hood and thumb holes. The zipper and thumb holes are well constructed. I'm 5'4", 130 pounds, athletic build and love the medium. The medium fits well over my medium Lupine Crew. Finally a good mid layer for the female hunter, keep up the good work First Lite!

    Nickname: Katniss
    My Go-To Layer 5/20/2016

    Love this top! It is so comfortable and fits perfect. You would never know that it's 100% wool based on how soft it is. I don't only use it for hunting, but used it all ski season as well. The hood fits great and zips close around my face, and also can keep all of my hair out of my face. Also goes perfectly over the lupine crew.

    Nickname: Rachel
    Good product 4/2/2016

    Seems cut slightly fuller than lupine top, very soft and warm. I like the fit really well, and love it for hunting elk in the late season in Colorado!

    Nickname: HandyMom