Wilkin Half Zip Aerowool Top

We married our top-shelf Merino Wool for odor mitigation with the incredible moisture wicking properties of our outerwear technology, 37.5 by Cocona to create Aerowool. Anytime a premium is placed on moisture evacuation, i.e. active hunting or hot climates, Aerowool is your new go-to base layer. The Wilkin is the 1/2 zip top layer of the system, providing fantastic moisture wicking and a long zipper to help you stay cool and stink-free in the most demanding environments.

First Lite Aerowool

Available in men's sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL





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First Lite Aerowool

Available in men's sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Cut Shooters Cut
System Position Next to Skin
Material First Lite Aerowool
Actual Product Weight Size MD N/A
Primary Usage Spot & Stalk, Tree Stand, Waterfowl, Upland, Fishing,

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Great for warm weather
I like the earowool because it holds it’s shape better than 100% merino. The camo pattern is not as soft as 100% merino but the solid colors are are still very soft and feel much better on my skin that other synthetics. The thumb loops make the cuffs feel a little bulky for such a light layer. Great for warm weather hunting/ hiking. I wish there was one with a hood.
- Eli on 3/25/2018
Best baselayer for any outdoor activity
I use Aerowool and the Wilkin all year long as a perfect long sleeve base layer. This winter I've used it skiing for 5+ days straight without any noticeable stink, and I sweat a lot. No need for any other baselayers whether you are hunting, biking, hiking, skiing, running etc...
- Josh on 3/23/2018
All around top
I bought this top for hunting purposes and I use it for everything! My professional life is in the tactical industry and I use it all the time. Compared to other popular brands First Lite is on the top of the food chain! Quality is undeniable going through brush and laying prone in the mud and gravel it’s held up to what I have put it through. 100% satisfied and would definitely recommend to others.
- seth on 3/22/2018
I bought the Wilkin for my early season hunts such as antelope and early archery mule deer. Great ventilation as well as incredible wicking attributes!
- Dirtbag Bowhunter on 3/4/2018
Aerowool is fantastic and I am very pleased. Can't believe it took me so long to switch to First Lite gear. I am a 100% fan.
- Brian on 3/2/2018
Everything I was looking for for early archery in ohio.
- Josh on 2/26/2018
Best baselayer on the market
I got this before honker season in Idaho. Was blown away with this product. I am 180 lbs at 6 foot and the large fit perfect. The moisture wicking material is phenomenal, definitely helps out with odor as well. I went honker hunting 20 times or so this winter and maybe washed this 2 or 3 times. Kept me warm and odor free!

Was super solid during winter steelhead in Idaho as well. Looking forward to wearing it during archery elk and rifle mule deer in 2018! The Wilkin Half Zip will definitely be in my pack.
- Jack on 2/22/2018
Best baselayer on the market
I got this before honker season in Idaho. Was blown away with this product. I am 180 lbs at 6 foot and the large fit perfect. The moisture wicking material is phenomenal, definitely helps out with odor as well. I went honker hunting 20 times or so this winter and maybe washed this 2 or 3 times. Kept me warm and odor free!

Was super solid during winter steelhead in Idaho as well. Looking forward to wearing it during archery elk and rifle mule deer in 2018! The Wilkin Half Zip will definitely be in my pack.
- Jack on 2/22/2018
near perfect!
I really like this shirt...worn it from Sept through Nov. The long zipper is great and the cut is perfect for me (Med 5'11" 165lbs). The only thing that could make it better would be to add a hood for sun protection. Great sent mitigation and comfortable to hunt in, sleep in, and under a pack.
- rusty shackleford on 2/3/2018
I've been using the llano longsleeve for a few years now, love it. I have the qz and non zip, both work awesome. I now have this Aerowool to go with it. Fits the same and is a bit lighter, I should have bought another during the tag soup sale as I know I will be wearing this one more than the Llano's. At $60, this shirt is a bargain, get 3 now!
- Fishontro on 1/27/2018
Wicking machine
I wore this all last summer for training hikes and early fall bear season and was nothing but pleased with how well it wicked and dried so fast.
- Michael on 1/24/2018
A vital layer for the Southern hunter
Living in middle Tennessee, I have found that the Wilkin half zip has become an essential part of my layering kit. In fact theres many occasion where I'm wearing this next to skin and nothing else. Those times for me are typically during spring turkey, spring squirrel, and early fall bow season. I like having the deep zip for those unforgivably hot and humid days that middle Tennessee produces what seems almost year around. My only complaint is that First Lite doesn't produce a hooded version or at least yet. I have one in both ASAT and PINE and next to the Chama, it is one of my most utilized pieces of gear from the first lite collection.
- Harold on 1/24/2018
Fast drying, good durability!
An early season must-have! When the temps heat up, you’re going to sweat; anytime I took a snack/drink break, Aerowool is completely dry before putting my pack on and heading down the trail again.
- Josh on 1/16/2018
Solid Product
Bought in late summer and have worn in 70+F temps and down below zero F. Great alone on hot days and solid base for colder times. Got caught in some very cold/snowy weather in the Wyoming Range this fall during a backpack mule deer hunt, and it performed well. Will layer a Llano or Chama over when it gets colder in the November MT deer/elk season. Have worn as a base while skiing and snowshoeing with good results. Zipper also adds greatly to the vent when needed. Does not fight odor quite as well as the Llano or Chama for multiday use, but much better than anything else that I have tried with any poly in it.
- Dark2Dark on 1/15/2018
Great breathability
With most of the rest of the country in a cold snap, Southern Arizona is experiencing some record high temperatures. It's a good thing this shirt came in just in time for my first outing on my January javelina tag. It kept me at a normal temperature under my light jacket in the early morning, and then kept me cool during the hike back out at temps above 70 degrees. I highly recommend this to any warm weather hunter, as any breeze feels like an A/C blowing on you, cooling you down rapidly.
- Tony on 1/10/2018
5 STAR!! Early and Late Season
My go to piece for 90 degree archery hunt, and base layer for 9 degrees. I’ve got a bunch of my friends hooked on FL gear for amazing durability and unmatched comfort. I’m a fusion pattern guy, then ordered pine before out of stock as it’s my go to travel gear and one of the most comfortable pieces you can find.
- Jack on 12/7/2017
No better next to skin!
This shirt is amazing for warm weather or as a base layer in colder weather, you can hardly tell you're even wearing this thing. I've been wearing it next to skin tracking deer here in norther Maine, with temps in the teens this shirt does the job under a chama and north branch. Gets rid of the sweat when you're hiking hard and keeps you toasty when the winds blowing. I'm 6'1" 175 pounds and a large fits perfect, not to snug.
- Amos on 11/25/2017
go to layer for 80+ degree days
Used this layer antelope hunting in early September on some warm days. Compared to the older nonareowool top it definitely performs better in the heat. It super thin but have noticed that it's really durable despite the abuse I've put it through. Also feels really good on your skin, no itch.

Got this layer in Fusion and the colors were a bit darker compared to my other Fusion gear but doubt the animals will mind.
- Graham on 10/18/2017
Great for September hunting
This top is comfortable. It fits well and is great for September hunting. I've worn it four days of straight hunting without washing and it still doesn't stink.

After three washes total it appears to be pilling a bit.. hope it doesn't get too bad.
- Jonathan on 10/10/2017
Great Product
I purchased this top because I had the merino wool version and thought it would be nice for warmer weather. I am very happy with the product and sizing is true to size as compared to other wool tops. I hunted in 70 degree plus weather and it dried out well after sweating. I would recommend this product to others and am thinking of purchasing a solid color for every day use.
- Eric on 10/2/2017
Go-to for early archery
I got this shirt to try for the early archery season in MD. I typically went with a non FL synthetic because temps are commonly in the high 80's for September. I absolutely love this shirt. It has been blood stained twice so far this year. Once the temps get cooler I will try it as a base layer, but will most likely go to the llano and keep this as my warm season shirt. Love the Aero-Wool!
- Tom on 9/29/2017
excellent versatile layer
Excellent piece. Worked great in the 80+ heat stalking antelope and equally well layered over a merino base in the mid 40 drizzles the next week. It's the new favorite and is bound for a life of heavy use.
- Sparky on 9/28/2017
Game Changer
Aerowool is a fantastic material that really changes the game for early season layering. I wear this all summer during training hikes, scouting, and then into pronghorn season. It keeps you cool while still providing full upper body coverage and the zipper is great for dumping heat when you really get going. Dries super fast.
- Jon on 9/25/2017
Great warm weather top
Haven't gotten to wear this top much yet but I have gotten in a few dove hunts with it just to see how well it preforms in heat....which is excellent! I spent 6 hours on two different days in a field in lower Alabama, temps were in the 90's with humidity upwards of 75% and zero wind. As fast as I could sweat it seemed to dry and I was about as comfortable as you can expect to be in conditions like that. I think the half zip is a must on this shirt, without being able to open that up for some ventilation I think I would have pretty uncomfortable. This shirt isn't as comfortable as my Llano but it dries much quicker and breaths better.

For reference I'm 6'0" 175lbs and I went with a medium in this shirt based on some others reviews. I wear a Large in the Chama and Llano. The medium is a very snug fit on me, probably as true base layer should be. I think if I were to get another one I would go with a Large for a little more room/comfort since I will most likely only wear this as light weight top for hot days.
- Lincoln on 9/20/2017
Great early season layer!
This shirt works well out west during archery season as a layer or on its own with a light under shirt.
- Dylan on 9/17/2017
Wow, What a combo.
I live in this shirt while in the woods. The half zip is key to making me comfortable in addition to the soft feel. I pair this up with the Chama hoody and I'm good to go almost anyplace may-late September for all day comfort in the woods. I just got back from a week of stalking Pronghorn with my bow at 9500 ft and this combo kept me comfortable and adaptable in temps ranging from 45-88. Thank you for this piece of gear.
- james on 9/12/2017
New favorite shirt
This thing is hands down awesome. Light weight and breathable. The only thing I would change is to offer it with a hood like the chama. It also works great under the chama as a layering set up. The way I like to run it is the Wilkin next to skin, then the Chama, and the Cirrus Puffy.
- Stefan on 9/11/2017
Excellent for hot weather back country
103 degrees for the opening of elk season in Idaho... can't believe how well this breaths and helps you stay cool. Durable and tough, Fusion pattern is awesome. Great piece of gear.
- Jack on 9/6/2017
Great next to skin layer for the whole season
I've had this shirt since they came out last year. Its been out on backpacking trips from August to late December. I love the half zip! I know its not much more than the quarter but on those long hot days its great to open it up and let natures A/C kick in. I like how thin and breathable the Aerowool is, yet still very durable. I did some bush waking on a stalk and was sure I rip a few holes in it, but when I took it off to my surprise there were none. If I had one complaint, if you can call it that, is that it faded more so than all my other Firstlite wool. This is not an issue and it maybe common with the Aerowool.
- Justin AZ on 9/6/2017
Very comfortable top. Very thin for hot weather and very light. Was warm enough for low 50s as well nice top.
- Chad on 9/5/2017
Swiss Army Knife shirt
This thing is great! Good sun and a light insulating layer and the fabric and that swanky sipper keep you cool in the heat! If you are in between a size get the smaller size, in my opinion the aerowool fits a little looser than it's merino counterparts.
- Nickster on 8/24/2017
my favorite base layer
This thing is so solid i wore it in freezing temps in second season and also during early season archery hunting. The only thing i wish that was available would be the option of a light weight hood to keep the sun off you neck in the high country.
- Greg on 8/19/2017
Excelled in Texas summer
I'm a big fan of merino wool, and have used other companies in the past. After reading about the quality of Aerowool I decided to give it a shot, and it worked just as advertised. Living in Texas, I've found that a good base layer is crucial to surviving the heat and protecting yourself from the sun. I shot my bow for a couple hours in 100* heat and the Wilkin wicked sweat perfect and kept me cool & dry. Love the longer half-zip and the shirt dries out quicker than the other 100% merino shirts I have. Highly recommend.
- Jeff on 8/10/2017
Aerofool without Areowool
I was looking for a effective early season shirt that kept me cool and also provided some sort of scent control and this shirt did not disappoint. I waited a full year to review this so that I could write a proficient review that encompassed all seasons. During the early season this performed exceptionally as the primary layer during the warm months when temperatures can be in the 80s and 90s as it wicks away moisture and breathes very well. During the cold months it acts as a proficient base layer that is comfortable and works well with any of the jackets or Springer vest. I highly recommend this shirt and would not be caught during the early season without it!
- Joe with Livin' Large Outdoors on 8/3/2017
Aero Wool Believer
I wear this in the summer in Florida and it is very comfortable out on the water fishing. Does not stick to you like cotton or spandex based shirts. I see this being a tremendous base layer for the purgatory we call Florida archery season.
- Ryan on 8/3/2017
Great to have in the arsenal
I wore this alone on a recent scouting trip and it preformed great. Wicks away moisture just like it says it does. At the start of the day it was about 40 degrees and it was just enough to keep me warm through the beginning of the hike. It got to about 80 degrees and not once did I feel like I was too warm. Perfect piece for your early scouting.
- Trevman on 8/3/2017
Aerowool is amazing!
This shirt is perfect for any warm weather. Even when your in the high 80s low 90s this shirt allows your body to breathe. The aerowool is unmatched in this category as you trying other brands heat gear in hopes that it will be as good a aerowool but its not. I highly recommend this shirt! Its extremely comfortable and quiet.
- WILLIAM on 7/30/2017
I hunt in 80-110* weather often and this shirt meets up to the heat. it keeps you cool and aired out.

I'm sold a few of my hunting buddies on first lite gear and this shirt
- Daniel on 7/27/2017
Couldn't be better for hot weather
Wore this scouting in 90+ degree heat in Southern California with 70% humidity, kept me dry as well as cool. I should have bit the bullet and went with First lite in the first place.
- Matt on 7/27/2017
outstanding base layer
When I see "wool" i always used to think it's just for staying warm.. I was really surprised with how it helped to keep my cool as well. Used it on a spring bear hunt last week where temps were close to 90 and won't use anything else going forward.
- Jack on 6/8/2017
Perfect base layer
The fit and feel is amazing, the 3/4 zip is perfect for heat release - I'm sold on aerowool!
- Linc on 6/7/2017
Great base layer
I just wore this on a 4 day bear hunt, it was perfect paired with a vest for the colder mornings and then just the shirt for mid day glassing. It will keep you covered up from the sun and bugs, but still let you breath especially with the zip down front.

The only thing I would like is a taller neck. I have found that my bino harness rubs a little without a layer of material there. A taller neck would also be nice for when you need to zip it up and stay a little warmer.

I'm happy with my purchase
- Dallas on 5/24/2017
Might Be My Favorite!
This might be my favorite item from First Lite. I probably wear this thing way too often. I always wear it as a second layer, but it works great as a base. From lounging at the house to the rugged mountains, this top is on me or in my pack. As a second layer it's perfect for those not quite hot and not quite cold days. When it's cold outside and I know I'm gonna be packing/rucking I like to wear the Llano and the Wilkins top. It keeps you warm and also keeps the chill away when you're sweating a storm. Amazingly comfortable, dries extremely fast, half zip is a great air-it-out feature, and it's worth every pennie. You won't regret buying this top!!!
- Jacob Williams on 5/6/2017
Perfect Baselayer
Wore the Wilkin during all day/night winter training sessions for an upcoming race, in conditions from sub-zero to mid-50's. Managed moisture well, keeping my skin dry, and me comfortable. Outer layers would come off and on depending on the conditions, but the Wilkin stayed on.
- Erik on 4/9/2017
Great early season layer
Took my aerowool half zip out to hike SW Colorado, product worked great in multiple different temps, had no issues with odor either! Loved it!
- Ty on 3/29/2017
Great for....everything. Seriously.
I nabbed one of these in a solid color as soon as they were released to pair with my Llano QZ so I'd have something to alternate over the course of a backcountry hunt. Washed a couple of times before the trip, and then not again until returning home. Regulates temp every bit as well as my Llano (and since it's solid instead of ASAT, my wife will be seen with me in it when not in the woods) and may be even a little more durable. Tough to say at this point.

What I can say is that it staves off the stink as well as the Llano, too. 8 days, worn every other day in high temps, low temps and rain - nothing. To the point that I couldn't wait to put it back on so I didn't have to smell myself.

It performs well enough that it's also my go-to when it's hot out and I need sunshade in the middle of summer. Not a common recommendation for "wool" - I think that says it all. The QZ is key, in my opinion, to get true year-round use but as long as you have the extra venting, I don't know why you would need anything else.
- Bluto on 3/20/2017
Love this Aerowool material
I own 2 tops from First Lite in this material now and I cant wait to get more. It is light, dry, warm for early/mid season, or whenever as an extra awesome layer. It was never damp with sweat which I assume is due to it properly wicking moisture away to the surface to evaporate as advertised. It never smelt and it has a great range of movement throughout the arms and shoulders. I definitely want more of these!!
First Lite, it would be awesome to have a heavier weight item with this material to wear during later seasons.
- Dominic on 3/19/2017
Early season hunting in California can be hot hot...
During the warm days of July chasing prey with my bow this top worked perfectly!
- Novack on 3/19/2017
Great for Trail Running as well
I just came back from a 10K trail race in North GA. The temp was 38-42f. Perfect shirt for the conditions. Nice to have the ability to unzip and zip while going up and down long hills. I Didn't even have to wear gloves because of the shooters cut and thumb holes. The shirt was also remarkably dry at the end of the race.
- Scott on 12/3/2016
Perfect for Archery Elk Hunting
On an archery elk hunt in southwest New Mexico this year, the Wilkin Half Zip Aerowool top was outstanding. With cool mornings but temperatures reaching to the 80s in the afternoons, this shirt remained comfortable and very practical. Its breathability and moisture management were surprisingly effective. This will certainly remain a core piece of my archery and early season arsenal.
- RyanM on 11/15/2016
Great All-Weather layer
All of the Aero-wool items perform great! After wearing the system for 23 consecutive days in the field, I'm a true believer. Awesome early season piece especially when the temps are about 75-80 degrees. I have also enjoyed this system as a late season layer. The weather patterns this year in COLO have been crazy 25-30 early mornings and late afternoon, as high as 72 degrees. the Aerowool gave me the best breathability and performance. Would highly recommend.
- Matt on 11/14/2016
Great early season shirt, making it my base layer for the colder months!
The Wilkin is by far the best early season shirt I have hunted in. I wore it for a week in temps. from 78 down to 38 and it was comfortable throughout.

Dries in a flash.

After a week, no odor! I have worn other merino shirts that smelled after a couple days.

I am going to use the Wilkin as a base layer moving into the colder months.
- Rob on 10/24/2016
New go to base lauer
Missouri weather is consisteny inconsistent, especially when archery season opens on September 15. Temps can dip into the 40s at night and jump into the 80s. That was the case two weeks ago during my first sit of the year. Walking to the stand it was 42 and walking back it was 68. My aerowool performed exceptionally. I was comfortable the whole time, even in those chilly moments just before sunrise. I used exclusively wear BPs enduraskin as my next to skin/base layer until it was consistently cooler. It never felt just right, but I liked how light it was... Well I'm trading it all for aerowool . I'm confident that I will be able to depend on it even when temps are consistently cooler. It's like First Lite designed it just for me!
- Cody on 10/18/2016
This has to be the best heat mitigation layer for sure. Cools down body temp quickly and with the zip this really helps out when your going hard on a hunt. When it starts to get a tad cold just zip it up and the wool will keep you warm
- Jed on 10/5/2016
Excellent Layer for very active hunts.
Though I would sat not quite as comfy while still hunting or chillin' in my bag as compared to my Llano, The Wilkin QZ is more comfortable when I get done hauling-A down a canyon and get to the bottom only to realize the wind is bad and I have to make another half mile loop around a herd, because when I slow down to move in on that herd this layer is already dry. I don't have any hard numbers but I would say it dries nearly twice as fast as compared to the LLano, which is my favorite layer in the line.

Aside from hunting, lately my morning mountain bike rides start in the mid 40's and end in the 60's. I have found that this is the perfect blend of warmth and breathability for high exertion in those temp ranges.
- JerryO on 9/27/2016
The Ultimate Shirt
I own them all from Kuiu, to Sitka, and now First Lite; constantly in search of the perfect merino shirt. I have found it with the Wilkin Half Zip in the aerowool line. I do the majority of my hunting in California, often in 90-100 degree weather. Having the option to zip my shirt halfway down has been something close to a God send. It is because of this shirt that I have stayed comfortable, don't smell like the end of a gut, and have a great upside-down triangle sunburn on my chest. This is a must have for any warm weather hunters.
- Jimmy on 9/15/2016
a must for early season
Great for scouting and those early season hunts and sits.
- Mitchell on 9/8/2016
Awesome product
I've used Merino wool for years for alpine climbing. Its ability to wick away moisture when you're hiking in and also offer a great layer of insulation for when the temps go down are remarkable. When First Lite started offering this technology in hunting clothing there was no doubt it was going to be part of my kit. I've used all of their other tops and had to jump on the Aerowool when it was released. I had my first opportunity to use it during a recent early season Kentucky bow hunt. I pack in far on public land and the aero wool worked flawlessly for keeping my temps down when hiking and also offering that needed insulation for when I got on stand in the low 50s.

I just started using Fusion came and was interested to see how it blended in for early season. The pattern seems to do a great job with blending in with hardwoods and also helping with keeping you from getting sky lined.

I'm excited to put my new kit to work this fall in Ohio! Great products and great customer service.

- Duckmeat on 9/8/2016
Survived a 95 degree elk scout trip
Unless I finally draw an antelope tag, I likely won't be out scouting in any hotter weather than last weekend. The aerowool was as advertised; comfortable, full coverage, and pretty darn cool. Up and down drainages in the high heat, I could tell the difference between this and what I typically wear out in the field. The quarter zip allows airflow when needed, but it was also handy at sunrise when it was 40 degrees cooler. Seems to work great both as a hot weather shirt and a baselayer for September bulls.
- Kevin F. on 8/15/2016
Nice peice but not a base layer
I see the benefits to the aerowool - it certainly feels more durable, and breathes very well, but I find the pure wool version more comfortable. Also, I would say that my main complaint about FL shirts is really emphasized by the "rougher" feeling aerowool, and that is the stitching. I'd like to see them reverse the stitching. Turn your shirt inside out and see how much more comfortable it is. For base layers, I'm going to stick with the pure wool, but I'm sure I will find plenty of use for the aerowool as well.
- worldsworsthunter on 8/8/2016
Great warm weather base layer
Wore this shirt scouting in the hot weather , worked great and it is nice because you don't stink and it is the best material for wicking moisture away from your skin
- Michael on 8/5/2016
Perfect Early Season Shirt
As a Southeastern whitetail bow hunter this piece is perfect for the early season. Temperatures can stay in the upper 80's and even 90's throughout September in SC. This is going to be my go to outer layer for early season where staying cool is just as important as staying concealed and quiet at close range. The large zipper allows for even more air while walking to or hanging your stand. Love the shooters cut and the Fusion pattern rocks!
- Stiles on 7/27/2016