Vapor Stormlight Ultralight Rain Jacket
2.5-Layer Waterproof Construction

Any backcountry hunter will tell you that carrying a solid rain jacket is a necessary evil but nobody enjoys the added weight of your average rain jacket. We designed the Vapor Stormlight Rain Jacket as a no frills, bomber ultralight rain jacket that can keep you dry when you need it while also packing into its own pocket when not in use. At a featherweight 12 ounces, this hooded two layer rain jacket is the best of both worlds. Like it's big brother, the SEAK Stormtight Jacket, the Vapor features the Turret Hood and waterproof zippers.



Product Details

Layering Position

  • - Rainwear
    • Features

      • - Lightweight (12oz.) and compressible
      • - 42k Breathability [JIS L1099-B1]
      • - 30k Water Resistance [JIS L1092-B]
      • - Exclusive 37.5 Active Carbon Technology for maintaining optimal core body temperature
      • - 3D Turret™ hood construction for maximized Field-of-View
      • - Biomechanically accurate shooter’s sleeves and shoulders
      • - Built-in stretch for complete range-of-motion
        • Cut Athletic
          System Position Rainwear
          Material 37.5 by Cocona
          Actual Product Weight Size MD 12 oz.
          Primary Usage Spot & Stalk, Waterfowl, Upland, Fishing

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Great jacket
Great fit, light weight, and overall awesome jacket. There is nothing else like it on the market. Great company, great jacket.
- Chris on 3/17/2018
Great ultralite base layer
When I received this jacket in the mail i was slightly disappointed in what I got because I was expecting some sort of liner. After re-reading the description from FL they nailed it, its simply a cover to keep the hunter dry and it does it VERY well while taking up a negligible amount of space in your pack and VERY few ounces.
- Jon on 3/9/2018
light, pack-able and keep you dry
I have no issues with this jacket, it has performed perfect in windy and wet conditions and breathes very well with my layering system. I actually just keep it in my truck at all times. Its great for any and all outdoor actives.
- james on 3/1/2018
I'M VERY GLAD I purchased this product.
I like the light weight comfort of this jacket. It has performed well in the wet weather of Eastern North Carolina and will get much more use in the future.
- C.V. on 2/10/2018
With me on every hunt
I now carry the Vapor jacket on every single hunt in my day pack. This thing is super light, and definitely rain proof. Was rained on several times with it and it held up perfectly. Please make Vapor PANTS!!!!
- Tres on 2/7/2018
Great function and fit
I generally do not bring a rain jacket during archery but will find cover under tree branches instead. I hunted a different area this year and the Stormlight worked perfect. Amazing fit over layers of clothing and had ordered the same size as the Llano. The hood in a little oversized and worked perfect so I did not get rain drops coming in off the sides. Very lightweight which makes the decision easy when choosing gear for a lightweight trip. Fixture in my gear list now!
- Paul on 1/21/2018
Vaper Jacket
for its intended purpose, this is a great coat. Leave it in your pack the entire season. But for weather greater than a drizzle it can become saturated easily and tends to stop breathing. Had I known this i would have stepped up to the thicker jacket. I will continue to use as a all around rain coat.
- Joshua on 1/9/2018
I used mine twice and the sleeve ripped.
This jacket did not work out for me. I used mine twice before the sleeve ripped. Its very light and fits well, however, I cannot recommend it for hard use as it did not last very long for me. It might do ok as an emergency rain jacket but not much else.
- Kevin Harper on 12/8/2017
ideal for back packing
Worked great in a 4 hr rain while processing an elk. Kept me totally dry and packs super small/light.
- marty on 12/6/2017
Nice packable jacket
I got this in black so I could wear it in and out of field. I'm 5'11 190lb and I got a M

The sleeves are perfect. Coulda maybe went large but I'm in between sizes. I can comfortably wear a Kuiu Kenai under this and also my M sanctuary jacket fits under this and isn't busting the seams. The sanctuary doesn't fit perfect obviously but if you had to you could.
- Whit on 11/29/2017
Dry as ever
Wore the Vapor Starlight Ultralight Rain Jacket this weened on the western slope of the cascade mountains here in Oregon for the late archery hunt. I am very impressed with the performance of this jacket. I was completely dry and was able to move freely without having too much noise. So glad that I made this purchase!! I would highly recommend it to everyone going to be in the rain.
- Jason on 11/22/2017
Excellent waterproof jacket
By far the best rainjacket I've ever owned. Extremely waterproof yet packs down nice when it isn't needed. A blackberry vine caught my shoulder the other day (same day I killed my elk) in torrential rain and wind. I could see from the outside that there were some very small holes after I pulled the thorns out, but was pleasantly surprised to find my shoulder stayed dry. I later looked at the inside of the coat and realized the thorns were stopped by the coats thin inner layer. This coat is very tough considering its a lightweight jacket. The cuffs are a bit tight but they are adjustable and it keeps the rain out when glassing. The hood is very comfortable and has a cool drawstring on the top that allows you to cinch it to your head if it's windy. Very satisfied but glad I didn't have to spend 275 bucks on it. I got it in black on sale.
- Pnwhunter87 on 11/15/2017
No rain but great in the wind.
Windy Colorado Hunt and this jacket kept me out of it. Like all FL products with hoods, next level protection. Why can’t the army issue me items like these.
- Ryan on 11/14/2017
Great jacket
Great jacket to add to anyone's kit. It is pack able and tucks into its own pocket, packs down into a decent size. I like how lightweight and quiet it is for a good rain jacket.

I wish it had a zipper pull on the inside of the pocket that it packs into.
- Ty on 10/15/2017
Thin exterior membrane material. Ripped 3rd use out on branch. Pretty disappointing
Purchased Dry Earth for use in both pack hunting and to town/work. Sharp jacket and certainly is dry.

Do not buy if doing any sort of off trail hiking or hunting. The exterior fabric is so thin that my jacket chest ripped open while deer scouting getting snagged on a branch and pulled it right open.
I sent back to FL but was told any rip, pulls or tears are not covered by the first 12 month warranty. Any other jacket I've had would have deflected a branch, thorn, etc. I was told to put a large patch on it and use, but not the look I'm going for in my town/work jacket. Asked if they'd have material to match Dry Earth to help, given a "sorry can't help ya" response. Got returned ripped jacket back today.

So unimpressed with the product and level of customer support from FL on this jacket after years of wearing a few Kanabs, a jacket and serious socks I wont leave behind by Fl.

Look at the Woodbury or SEAK if of any better quality.

- Bill M on 10/13/2017
Not durable
Was impressed with this jacket at first, but after only a few uses the inside liner began to tear away, as well as the neck felt. I've owned about three different Patagonia light weight rain jackets and the same thing has happened to them, however they all lasted twice as long, and cost $200 dollars less. Not impressed with this product, and definitely not worth the money due to its lack of durability.
- Spencer on 10/11/2017
A must have for any backcountry hunter
I recently went on a hunt and few of us had this jacket and we were glad we did. The others did not and I expect them to have one next year. The jacket is ultra light but provides all the protection you need. My favorite part is that if the rain is off and on throughout the day you can keep it on because it breaths so well. This jacket can also just be worn as an additional layer for those cold days without having to carry another jacket in the pack. Highly recommend.
- Blake on 10/9/2017
Made the difference
I bought this recently for a mid-September elk hunt in Montana. Wanted to have something I could throw in my pack and forget about until I needed it. The trip was planned for 8 days in the field and the 10-day forecast was clear and warm for the duration; the forecast was wrong. After a few 80+ degree days, we were hit with an afternoon shower that lasted about an hour. I wore the Stormlight as my hunting partners and I still-hunted across the mountain into a herd of elk. We ended up taking a 5x5 satellite bull and a cow out of that group that evening and I was as comfortable as I've ever been in a rain storm while walking. The real test came the next day. One of my partners walked out to the truck to drive it around to the other side of the mountain range to make for a shorter pack out. He learned that 10" of snow was forecasted at our elevation (we were hunting between 8,000' and 10,000') starting late that night. The road system is poor in there, so there was concern we might get stuck if we didn't get out. It started raining mid-day and the temperature started to drop. At about 10:00 p.m. we were back at the truck with one load still left to pack out. The three of us were exhausted, wet, and cold. We'd been packing without rain gear on because we figured the exertion would be enough to stay warm and figured we'd be sweating no matter what we were wearing. By then, the temps were in the high 30's with moderate to heavy rain and I was a bit concerned about making the last trip in with the deteriorating conditions. My partners and I threw a dry shirt on with our Stormlight rain jackets, and our physical and mental states changed completely. We were able to comfortably (well, at least as comfortably as you can make it with two elk hind quarters on your back) complete the last trip. We made it back to the truck at around 3:00 a.m. as ice was forming and snow was starting to fall. We fought our way out that night on the slimy road and ultimately made it back to civilization. I am truly convinced that if I wouldn't have had quality rain gear that night, we wouldn't have been able to make that last trip and would have had to stay until mother nature gave us permission to leave. I was carrying a total of 115 lbs on that last load, and there are no signs of wear on the jacket. If there is better rain gear out there, I don't know how. The Vapor Stormlight has it all in my opinion. It's light, durable, breaths well, and keeps the water off you in the worst conditions. I just ordered another in a different color.
- Stiffler on 10/6/2017
Keeps me dry and not sweating my a** off
Kept my clothes and self dry while breathing and not turning my upper body into a sticky mess
- Tony on 9/15/2017
Super impressed!!!
Bought this for an Alaskan moose hunt that I expected large amounts of rain but it ended up being cool in the mornings and hot during the day but used it as a wind breaker in the mornings on the boat ride to go hunt. I love this jacket and plan to buy more, it packs down well, my only suggestion would be a double sided zipper so when I stuff the jacket into one of the jackets pocket, it doesn't feel as though I am going to break the zipper while trying to back it down while being inside out
- Cody on 9/11/2017
Amazingly light
Best packable rain jacket I've tried. Comfortable enough to wear all day. Doesn't bind up while drawing my bow. Very happy with this purchase.
- Clint on 9/5/2017
This jacket so pack-able that I will not leave my house without it. It's an amazing how light weight it is, and yet so breathable and keeps you dry as a bone. I was fishing when a storm blew in, and I just happened to throw my Vapor in the boat. I'm glad I did! I would recommend this jacket to anybody!
- Jonathon on 8/13/2017
Awesome Jacket
I've owned several high end rain jackets over the years and this one out preforms them all. It actually breaths so you don't feel like you're in a sauna. Not something that would hold up very well busting brush...but it's not really designed for that anyways. Perfect for the pack though. Only draw back I've found is I like it so much I feel like I need to get a second one in a solid color for wearing around town! For reference I'm 6' 180lbs and the L fit me well with room for some layering if needed.
- Lincoln on 8/3/2017
Great Jacket
I keep one of these along with the boundary pants rolled up in a large Kifaru pullout in my pack wherever I go. I recently used this jacket salmon fishing in Sitka in light rain and out on the boat and it worked great. I would not use this for brush busting as I believe the SEAK is best for that. But it worked great on light trails in and around Sitka with a pack on.
- Ryan on 8/3/2017
Great jacket for its purpose
The Ultralight rain jacket is just that. I really like the minimalist design, it is light and very pack-able. This jacket would not be used for warmth, but pairing it with a puffy makes for a comfortable day in the rain. The jacket cuts the wind very nicely. I would recommend wearing a long sleeve t shirt under the jacket if you intend to cut the wind. Since the jacket is very thin, it does get cool to the touch in the wind. The hood is user friendly and works great. The hood stays put, even when the rain is coming down sideways. I would recommend this product to those looking for a pack able jacket to keep you dry when you want to be active. If you want a "warm" rain jacket, then the SEAK stormtight would be the better option.
- Brandon on 5/17/2017
Bomber Jacket
I used the Vaporlight Jacket during rain, snow and a wide range of temperatures while on all day/night training sessions. Paired with the Wilkin top, it proved to be a great combo during moderate intensity outings. It managed moisture well, never getting really "clammy" like many rain jackets do. I stayed warm and dry(inside and out), allowing me to keep training no matter what the conditions were.
- Erik on 4/9/2017
I've gone through my fair share of backpacking rain jackets from both hunting companies and the big backpacking brands. The thing I always seem to find is that companies are good at making jackets that repel water from the outside but are not good at letting moisture out when you're active. So, the rain doesn't get me wet but I'm soaked because the jacket doesn't breathe when I'm hiking. This jacket isn't a thick and burly rain coat, it is a lightweight rain shell and it has kept me dry period. It breathes better than any other "rain jacket" I've owned and since I'm usually hiking when I wear it, that's what I need.
- Corbett on 3/17/2017
Best in it's class
This is the perfect rainproof packable jacket. It weighs next to nothing, is extremely packable, breathable, and fully waterproof. It basically does't leave my day pack unless there's 0% chance of rain.
- Jerome Reynolds on 3/16/2017
Great backcountry ski jacket
I have purchased some first lite gear and liked the fit and feel so I wanted the performance of their gear in different sports .Skinning up peaks and skiing powder The vapor stormlight is the best . Great weather blocker. Looks so good you can also wear out on the town
- greg on 12/3/2016
Perfect for the pack
This bad boy is perfect to keep handy in the pack for those unexpected showers but tough enough for all day abuse as well!
- Thomas on 12/1/2016
Hurricane tested and approved
So I got the Vapor Stormlight Ultralight Rain Jacket a few months back and have been waiting for the opportunity to put it through it's paces. Along comes Hurricane Matthew... I was out in this great weather for several hours (on duty) facing band after band of wind and rain in warmer temps. I never got wet (because the seams are so good) and I never got hot and sweaty. I couldn't be happier with my purchase! Another awesome product from First Lite! Buy it....
- Erick on 10/7/2016
Light and effective!
I was so stoked when FL announced they were going to make an ultra lightweight rain jacket. Once I got it in my hands, I wasn't disappointed in the least bit. I've put this thing through torrential downpours and hail storms. Not a drop got through. This also adds as a great windbreaker as well. It keeps me dry and my pack light. 100% a winner.
- DialedInHunter on 9/26/2016