Zac Griffith

Zac Griffith


Zac Griffith’s background in the outdoors began early. He was raised hunting mule deer in the Wasatch Mountains of central Utah. Later, Zac lived in Phoenix, where he was able to experience a new array of desert game, from Coues deer to ibex. When he returned to Utah, he took with him the open country archery tactics he had learned in the Southwest. Most recently Zac has become obsessed with killing mature mountain mule deer. His other passion is digital storytelling. Zac studied broadcast journalism at Utah State University and immediately began using this education to better document his hunts. This effort culminated in Summit Productions, his self-started hunting media company.


Salt Lake City, Utah


Salt Lake City, Utah

Favorite Hunt

Florida Mountain Ibex in New Mexico

Best Eating Critter

Young Elk

Other Outdoor Pursuits

Endurance training, bodybuilding

Conservation Group He Supports

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation