Taylor Kollman

Taylor  Kollman


Taylor Kollman began his hunting career at a very young age. Surrounded by outdoor traditions from infancy, he’d run around the house “shooting” windows with sticky darts and building blinds to hunt behind the couch. Picking up his first bow at the age of four, Taylor grew to love archery; which meant whitetail hunting in the agricultural country of Minnesota. Shooting his first deer at the age of 12, things only multiplied from there. Taylor has spent a majority of his hunting career logging hours in the deer stand, but has recently developed a passion to hunt in the western states. “The anticipation leading up to the trip is something one cannot explain, and once the hunt is over (success or bust) you walk away with a deeper understanding of yourself and the life we live…” says Taylor. Although hunting out west has been a new favorite for him, it’s still safe to say he’s sitting 20 feet up in a tree somewhere in Minnesota for a majority of the fall months. With the creation of Captured Creative in 2013, Taylor enjoys sharing his pursuits and outdoor adventures through the lens of a camera.


Glenwood, Minnesota


Paynesville, Minnesota

Favorite Hunt

Anytime I get to hunt with family. My dad and I have made it a goal to hunt out-of-state the last couple years and those trips will leave a person speechless. We’ve been to the Bighorn Mountains chasing mule deer, Colorado and Montana for elk, and our most recent trip to the mountain of Idaho for elk; the species really doesn’t matter. Just getting out there - losing touch with the [connected world] and spending quality time with good people is what it’s about.

Best Eating Critter

Huge fan of venison, but really anything will do. I once tried blackbird during college, they were tasty - two small breasts about the size of a chicken nugget… but fried up in butter and they melt in your mouth.

Other Outdoor Pursuits

Camping, biking, kayaking, campfires, and just about anything else outside.

Conservation Groups He Supports

Quality Deer Management Association