Mark Healey

Mark Healey


Whether its hitching a ride on the fin of a great white, riding a 50 foot wave or arrowing axis deer, Mark Healey is one of the most accomplished outdoorsman around. As a winning professional surfer, free diver, spear fisherman and part time stuntman, Mark’s status as a all around badass was recently affirmed with a spot on the cover of Outside Magazine and a feature article entitled “the greatest athlete you’ve never heard of.” He has appeared in a plethora of surf movies and documentaries and has also been widely recognized for his shark conservation work (darting tigers, hammerheads and great whites at close range). In addition to his vast aquatic resume, Mark is an avid bowhunter, plying the islands of his home state for a variety of feral and introduced game.

"For me Bowhunting has opened up a whole new part of Hawaii that I never knew growing up in the ocean. I’m not the kind of person that hikes just for the sake of hiking, the same way that I don’t just go to the beach to hang out. I need a goal or a mission or else I get bored in about ten minutes. When hunting came into the picture it was about the same time that I was really becoming aware of how detached we as a society are with our food sources. I always got my own fish, but red meat was something that always came from the store. Once I saw what real wild meat looked and tasted like, it made me wonder why it was so different. In the process of finding the answers to those questions, I quickly learned just how fucked up the food system is in America. Since then I’ve tried to source as much of my own red meat as possible. So being able to selectively harvest healthy meat is a game changer. Aside from that, I’ve gotten to see so many places in the mountains of Hawaii that I never knew existed. Spot and stalk bow hunting just requires so much awareness of the moment and my surroundings that the hours just fly by. Hunting has opened my eyes to so much more that I’m now able to really appreciate."


Haleiwa, Hawaii


Pupukea, Hawaii

Favorite Hunt

I like hunting Lanai Island in Hawaii. There are both Axis Deer and Mouflon Sheep on the island. Depending on what parcels you hunt, it can be really difficult or moderately difficult, but you will see animals. It’s a small island with a tight knit community that relies heavily on hunting for food. It’s just really cool to be at a place like that. I always learn a lot.

Best Eating Critter

Axis Deer

Other Outdoor Pursuits

Professional big wave surfing, professional spear fishing, professional freediving.

Conservation Group He Supports

Hawaii Center for Food Safety. Though not a traditional conservation group, it is challenging the major chemical companies that are poisoning Hawaii.