Jessi Johnson

Jessi Johnson


Jessi Johnson grew up the only child of a rural ranching family that managed several properties across the Rocky Mountain West. This upbringing fostered compassion and respect for landscapes and animals and a deep love of adventure in the out of doors.

Jessi moved back to Wyoming 9 years ago and intimately learned Wyoming’s vast public lands through a love of backcountry archery hunting. Archery hunting for Jessi creates a bridge between human and animal, and human and landscape. She feels it makes you go above and beyond just casual observance; learning habitats, behavior, and even sometimes a personality. It brings you in close and makes sure you are aware of the life you are taking. For her, hunting completes the circle, bringing into full focus what it means to be a predator, a participant in the cycle, and an expert on the land.

Jessi is the Public Lands Coordinator for the Wyoming Wildlife Federation, a founding member of a women’s conservation group, and a board member of the Wyoming Chapter Backcountry Hunters and Anglers and 2% For Conservation. Her work is fostered by her passion to protect the incredible landscapes she was lucky enough to grow up on and the animals that make the west such an iconic place to live.


I am a tumble weed. I’ve called Hamilton, Montana, Ovando, Montana, Elk Mountain,Wyoming and Mt. Shasta, California home.


Lander, Wyoming

Favorite Hunt

Every day out hunting is my new favorite memory but if I truly was forced to choose it would be an evening where I opted not to take a shot on a 5x5 bull elk and later witnessed an incredible dominance fight 30 yards from me between two huge bulls. I walked away from that season empty-handed as far as meat but feeling like the luckiest human alive.

Best Eating Critter

My favorite game meat is the animal that I’ve not yet eaten, with the caveat that it must taste like adventure. Also… Antelope, it tastes of big sky and vast prairies.

Other Outdoor Pursuits

Backpacking, angling, horseback riding

Conservation Groups She Supports

Wyoming Wildlife Federation, Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, National Wildlife Federation, Artemis Sportswomen, 2% For Conservation