Ben Dettamanti

Ben Dettamanti


Ben Dettamanti was born to two very lucky parents in a small town in southern Utah. He basically raised himself and became the sole wild meat provider for his family by the age of 14. After turning down what would’ve most likely become a pro football career, he made the decision that he’d rather hunt than do most anything else. Soon, hunting instead of facing his responsibilities became a full blown lifestyle. He left his full-time job in 2017 to pick up shed antlers, chase western big game, and win the hearts of the masses with his charisma on social media. Most days you'll find Ben in the hills documenting his adventures for his youtube channel, ShedCrazy, or at home with his young family, trying to raise his boys with a love for all things outdoors. This lifestyle has taken him all over the US, to Mexico and Canada in pursuit of wild places and wild things. He is always planning the next big adventure.


Cedar City, Utah


La Verkin, Utah

Favorite Hunt

Archery deer in Utah

Best Eating Critter

Mule Deer

Other Outdoor Pursuits

Shed hunting and outdoor cooking

Conservation Groups He Supports

Southern Utah Deer Alliance, Backcountry Hunters and Anglers