Casey Butler

Casey Butler


His Facebook page says he’s a “dancer” but we know him as the founder and owner of HUSH. Casey “LaVere” Butler grew up bouncing between Idaho and Utah loving the outdoors and chasing his dream to be a professional snowboarder. No, for serious. And he didn’t have a beard. A family man with an entrepreneurial spirit Casey has built a number of brands (Casey LaVere, HUSH, Trixin Clothing Co.) over the last decade. At HUSH, Casey’s vision was to document the most authentic outdoor content he could capture to create a diverse and loyal audience. He’s had a significant impact introducing new people to the world of hunting, shooting, fishing and cooking of wild game and continues to educate new subscribers to the “why” behind HUSH. Casey has traveled extensively throughout the west with a passion for fair chase public land, do-it-yourself big game hunting. He has taken a number of trophy elk, mule deer and antelope all of which were captured on film and cooked over an open flame.


Pocatello, Idaho


Pocatello, Idaho

Favorite Hunt

Any game on public land in the West.

Best Eating Critter

Pronghorn Antelope

Other Outdoor Pursuits

Snowboarding, fly fishing

Conservation Group He Supports

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation