Colter Ingram

Colter Ingram


Colter grew up following his grandpa and dad around the mountains of Eastern Idaho. There was nothing he looked forward to more as a kid than hunting season. As Colter got older his passion grew stronger and stronger. His teen years were spent hunting as much as possible after school, football practice, and on the weekends. Colter's first harvest came when I was 12 deer hunting with my dad. He shot a nice 4 point buck with a .243 at 50 yards. Colter took his first elk with a bow at age 14 at a mere 8 yards. From then on he was hooked on bow hunting the West. Colter is a self described gear junkie and takes pride in taking quality gear into the rugged landscape he loves. Over the years he has harvested everything from antelope to cougar, but general season OTC backpack elk and deer is his bread and butter. When spring rolls around Colter can be found tromping around the mountains picking up elk sheds with his golden retriever, Boone. Overall, he respects his quarry and the country they live in and is dedicated to preserving hunting and public lands for future generations.


Saint Anthony, Idaho


Bellevue, Idaho

Favorite Hunt

I love hunting the high country of central Idaho. The timbered mountains mixed with the sage hills makes for some of the best elk hunting in the country. Theres nothing I look forward to more than being on top of a mountain in the Idaho backcountry on the opening morning of elk season with some good friends and family. 

Best Eating Creature

Antelope are the best tasting animals in my book. I wish they weighed a couple hundred more pounds because I always seem to burn through antelope meat the fastest.

Other Outdoor Pursuits

Mountain biking, shed hunting, hiking with my dog, shooting sporting clay, fishing, camping, boating, backpacking, snowmobiling.

Conservation Group He Supports

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation