Tag Cuff Merino Beanie
Woven Midweight Merino

You asked for a classic, all-Merino beanie and we listened. The First Lite Tag Cuff Beanie is a classic heavyweight Merino beanie designed to be worn on any occasion, whether you find yourself in the field, around the campfire or out with your friends. With its cuff and stretchy material, this timeless Merino beanie will fit a variety of head sizes.



Product Details

Layering Position

  • - Beanie
    • Features

      • - Merino Wool
      • - Merino is naturally odor resistant with no treatments or chemicals to wear out
      • - Retains warmth when soaking wet
      • - Lightweight, interlock fabric
System Position Accessory
Material 100% Merino Wool
Actual Product Weight Size MD 3.3 oz.
Primary Usage Lifestyle, Spot & Stalk, Tree Stand, Waterfowl, Upland, Fishing

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Team Zissou pines for warmth when wet
I love the warmth and adjustability of the tag cuff beanie. When I want a short brim with warmth, I throw this over a wool cycling cap. Long brim? Over a BHAFL Our Land cap. The classic beanie design means from tiny head to oversized adult melon, this hat’ll roll to just right. My toddler thinks it’s hers when she gets cold so I’m buying another. We’ll look like Team Zissou rolling around town, only cooler, and retaining warmth even if we get soaked by a wayward snowstorm.
- Meateater907 on 4/2/2018
This merino beanie is a great hat. Its super comfortable,very warm and not at all itchy. Its not super big and it doesn't take up very much room in my backpack. My new go to beanie!
- Ryan on 3/30/2018
Love the material and the fit. Wicked away sweat, warm. Great to keep in the pack for all around use.
- Paul on 3/3/2018
Nice jacket for late archery
The fit of the jacket was as advertised for the size. Length of the sleeve was great. The jacket material is nice and light, blocks the wind enough, and will give you an added layer for chilly mornings in late archery, early fall.
- Paul on 3/3/2018
Love it
My only issue with this hat is that it seems a little small for my normal sized head. Its more of an aesthetic issue than anything. That being said, I wear it everyday and have no intention of replacing it.
- Nick on 2/27/2018
Favorite Hat!
This is just a great hat, my new favorite.
Nice and thick and warm, but stretchy so really fits just about anyone's head - and not bulky either. Works nicely with the First Lite hoods for a little extra insulation, and/or over a ball cap as well without slipping.

Also very comfortable and non-itchy wool.

I wore it on a bitter cold bunny hunt last weekend - and lost it. I was so devastated. Despite a high of -8 F for the day, after over a mile of hip-deep snow drifts and hummocky terrain and it was found. That's a testament to how much I love this hat, my new favorite hat.

I have worn other wool hats (Swix XC skiing hats, etc) and this blows them away in terms of providing a similar function with the same or better performance across a MUCH wider variety of outdoors activities/conditions.
- Wooden on 2/10/2018
Love this toque!
This is easily the most comfortable toque I have ever owned. It stretches well and breathes Great! I have sweat while wearing this toque and have still be comfortable through the whole hunt.

Would absolutely recommend this toque!
- Joey on 2/6/2018
My favorite beanie
I love this beanie, does a great job of keeping my head warm even when soaked.
If you have a large noggin, I would recommend sticking to the solid colors as the fabric will stretch and make the camo pattern look faded.
- Michael on 1/24/2018
Great Beanie
Love the hat, comfortable in all temperature ranges where a hat may be needed. I will be ordering more when available.
- Joshua on 1/9/2018
Awesome beanie
Very comfortable to wear and very warm. It’s my go to head piece in the winter. I wear it anytime I’m out in the cold
- Daniel on 1/4/2018
Evertime I put this beanie on I think wow this thing is awesome!
- Justin on 12/17/2017
Best beanie ever!
Haven’t had a chance to really test this in wet/snowy weather but it’s sure cold today and my head is toasty. As soon as I put this beanie on I realized how inferior my other beanies compare. So soft and fits amazing!!! Will be getting in more colors as soon as possible!
- Missy on 12/1/2017
Top of the line
Amazing hat. Very light weight, yet far superior than other hats similar. I use the hat for both hunting and work. On boats in the winter, and hunting in the snow. Cuts the wind, and keeps you had warm.
- Brad on 11/25/2017
Tag Cuff Merino Beanie
i purchased this beanie and i washed it and air dried it when i received this beanie. I wore it on an elk hunt and i was not pleased with the fitment of this beanie. If you decide to order this order a neck gaiter also, the beanie runs small and my neck was cold the whole time. When i was hiking i was really overheated at times wearing this beanie, Overall i would say its small and does not cover the neck line. Otherwise great product of material and needs more work on sizes.
- Johnny in Oregon on 11/16/2017
This Beanie aint for Weenies
The perfect beanie. Fits great, comfy merino. Adds warmth, but not too much warmth. What else could you want? Bought 2 - one camo and a solid for every day use.
- Rich M on 11/8/2017
Super comfy.
This beanie is super comfy and I was surprised how much it kept my head warm for as thin as it is. Will definitely be ordering more for everyday use besides hunting.
- Zach on 11/3/2017
favorite beanie
This beanie is great for regulating temperature but really excels when it's seriously cold. It's very soft and has no itchiness whatsoever. Love it
- Graham on 10/18/2017
It’s Bean Real
It’s what a beanie should be. The OSFA fits snug if your hat size is 7 3/8” or larger. If you got a fat head this beanie will give you “hair bend”, I don’t know what to call it other than that. I get a headache from too tight a beanie after awhile.

I typically wear a hat and throw the beanie over it. This beanie fits a lot more snug than the Merino. I order the Merino large and that fits perfectly over my hat.

It’s a great beanie well made. Perfect like all the gear.
- HuntORE on 10/16/2017
Extreme comfort!
This is the most comfortable beanie I've ever worn in my life. It's a simple design with amazing material (which is a great combo). It doesn't dry very fast, but I haven't found that to be a major issue.
- Galin on 10/16/2017
Great beanie
Excellent beanie highly recommended
- Ty on 10/15/2017
Great hat, but a little tight
I really like this hat, super comfy and warm. At first, I had a little trouble fitting it over my big melon head, but it seems to have loosened up now.
- Anthony on 10/9/2017
So much love for this Beanie
I think as far as hats go, FL has a lot of low crown fitting stuff, however this is not the case with this beanie. It truly is one size fits all. It fits like your favorite beanie should. There is a lot of versatility here, and I will be ordering a few more to for different purposes. Even though this is a super simple item, Im really glad FL began to make them. Well done!
- Kenneth on 10/4/2017
I now own three ;)
I posted a year ago touting that I like the first so much I bought another and would buy a third if released in Blaze Orange.... Well, I now own three. I purchased blaze-o as soon as it came out. Waited a few weeks for the supply to catch up to the demand and now have my third version. Blaze-O is for the whitetail woods during rifle season. Been wearing the synthetic carhartt up to this point- no need anymore. Thanks for offering new models based on user needs!
- SEPA Archer on 10/3/2017
The Beanie you'll never want to take off
This Hat is Great in the snow/Cold weather. It keeps your head at the perfect temperature and soaks up all of your sweat and drys instantly. I also wore it when it was 60 degrees because of how nice it it feels and how great it is at soaking up sweat. This is a must have Beanie.
- Will on 9/26/2017
My favorite beanie!
I absolutely love this thing. I have it in three colors now. Super comfortable and warm. I even picked one up in black to wear to work.
- Christopher on 9/23/2017
Classic Hat
Feels like a traditional stocking hat but in awesome camo and merino. A must have.
- Clint on 9/5/2017
The beanie your noggin needs!
I put this beanie straight on my head out of the package, and we became one!! This is the beanie my noggin had always longed for, and now it was on my head. "Pure bliss!!," I exclaimed, from over the top of my freshly opened cardboard box. My wife asked, "what is so special about that beanie?" I reluctantly handed it over to her. She tried it on, her face lit up, and I haven't seen it since :(. Now I have to order a new one. I ain't mad.
- Jordan on 7/18/2017
The Best!
Great in the field and great for drinking beer!
- Michael on 6/28/2017
Warm & Comfy
I've had quite a few beanies over time, and his one is absolutely my favorite. Regular wool beanies can be itchy and fleece beanies are useless if they get a little wet. The merino wool in this thing combats both issues. The fact that I can have the best of both in one along with a great camo pattern absolutely great! Buy one and you won't regret it!
- NOTCH on 5/10/2017
A must have
Super soft. I like the Cipher. it will do the business!
- Michael on 4/24/2017
Nice and warm.
A nice thick wool beanie. Plenty of length to cover my ears. It's always in my pack for those colder days. The only reason it didn't get five stars from me is the tight fit. I wear a size 7 hat, and it's pretty tight, but as I read in previous reviews, im seeing it loosen up a bit as I wear it more frequently.
- Derek on 3/20/2017
Great beanie
This beanie feels great on my bald head… not itchy at all for me! Warm enough to keep my head nice and toasty while sitting for long periods without being too hot when hiking around… love it!
- Varminator on 3/16/2017
You've hit the ball
You've hit the ball out the park! Inelrdibec!
- Kristy on 3/9/2017
Throw away your old carhartt beanies and stocking caps. These things are the best for cold weather hunts! the initial fit was slightly snug, but it stretched and formed to my head the more that I wore it. After a few washings, any of the "itch" that I had before, went away. This is a great piece for the winter and will be on my head or in my pack when ever I head out.
- Jeremiah on 12/27/2016
Warm and Comfortable
This beanie is really nice. It's warm and I used it a lot this fall during the rut all the way into late season. I sometimes wear it over my ball cap or stand alone and its fits comfortably. I like that through may wears this season I could not notice it holding any smell or stink like some of my non merino hats from the past. Really pleased with the weight of this beanie compared to the lighter weight beanie's I've owned from firstlite in the past
- Rick on 12/12/2016
Awesome beanie
The most comfortable beanie I have ever purchased. I agree with the other review that it might be even better with a lining.
- Blake on 12/10/2016
Fantastic cold weather layer
Glad to see this product offered. Been waiting on it! Got a few of them and soon was down to one. My two sons scarfed a set (and they aren't fond of wool). They wear the beanies all the time and never complain about the feel. Now I've got to order more so I'll have one for the pack, one for the jacket pocket, one for the car...

I wear mine under a regular ball cap too, and it makes a fantastic wind-proof very warm head layer with a sun visor.

Nice job FirstLite!

- Bendirx on 12/5/2016
Awesome Hat for Cold weather
Bought this during one of the recent sales and wore it the next day after I received it. I was still hunting and it was in the low 50's and rained for 6 hours. This hat was awesome, even soaking wet it was comfortable and warm. It is a little warm if the temp is above 45*F and you are exerting yourself, packing out or dragging a deer. Looking forward to wearing it as the season gets colder.
- Sully on 11/27/2016
Serves it's pupose
I bought this beanie for my Idaho Elk hunt in October not knowing what king of weather to expect as I'm from Pennsylvania. This hat in Fusion complimented the rest of my Fusion pieces, but also kept my shaved dome nice and warm without a lot of weight. I consider my melon of medium/large size and I was able to fit my grape into this without strain. I am definitely glad I got this beanie and it is a "go to" piece as is the neck gaiter.
- Shawn on 11/22/2016
better than expected
I purchased the tag cuff beanie because I wanted a merino hat that was warmer than my brimmed beanie. I didn't expect much, figuring, "it's just a warmer hat," but it has quickly become one of my favorite pieces of gear. It's light, soft, warm and comfy, and it does an unexpectedly good job blocking the wind, plus it has all the benefits of being merino - I've been very pleasantly surprised.
- motts on 11/21/2016
I now own two
I began my merino conversion from synthetics over the last few years, and was excited to see a thicker knit hat than what I was previously accustomed. I purchased one in ASAT for hunting and am so impressed that I just purchased another in pine for everyday wear.

I will own three if they release it in BLAZE ORANGE.
- SEPA Archer on 11/4/2016
Surprisingly nice fit!
The tag cuff merino beanie is a nice option to have in your pack on those crisp, chilly hunts. Comprised of merino wool, it regulates temperature well and minimizes any scent coming from your head. The fit of the beanie is very snug, but I had no issues covering my ears. My hat size is 7 3/8.
I would like to see the inside of beanie lined with aerowool, similar to the fabric of the neck gaiter. As with any wool hat I've ever worn, I tend to get itchy after a couple hours. This could be a personal issue and not everyone will experience.
Overall, this is a great beanie.
- Woolly Bugger on 10/4/2016