SEAK Stormtight Rain Jacket
3.5-Layer Waterproof Construction

If you spend time where sunshine is a rarity but rain, sleet, fog or snow are the norm, then we feel your pain. The 3.5 layer SEAK Stormtight Jacket was specifically designed for our friends in places like Alaska, BC and the Pacific Northwest who expect to hunt, fish and just plain live in the rain for days on end but still want unparalleled breathability without sacrificing protection from the elements. With features like its three-and-a-half layer construction, Turret System Hood, waterproof zippers, ultratight adjustable cuffs and a super-burly construction, the SEAK is built for whatever you can throw at it. Compare this with its little brother, the Vapor Stormlight, and First Lite has your rainwear dialed from ultralight to bombproof.



Product Details

Layering Position

  • - Rainwear
    • Features

      • - True to Size: Purchase your normal size to wear over other layers
      • - Designed for sustained exposure to rain, snow and moisture
      • - 38k Breathability [JIS L1099-B1]
      • - 35k Water Resistance [JIS L1092-B]
      • - Exclusive 37.5 Active Carbon Technology for maintaining optimal core body temperature
      • - 3D Turret™ hood construction for maximized Field-of-View and Range of Motion
      • - Biomechanically accurate shooter’s sleeves and shoulders
      • - Built-in stretch for complete range-of-motion

        • Cut Cut to Wear Over Your Kit
          System Position Rainwear
          Material 37.5 by Cocona
          Actual Product Weight Size MD 23 oz.
          Primary Usage Lifestyle, Spot & Stalk, Waterfowl, Fishing

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44 Reviews
Best Waterfowl Jacket Ever 7/12/2018

Title says it all, I bought this in fusion for waterfowl hunting specifically. I wanted to wait about 2 seasons to see if it still held up to being waterproof after some harsh seasons. Yep, its bulletproof. All the seams and zippers are still waterproof. I cant say enough good things about this jacket. It does run on the large side which is great for duck hunting becuase I can layer very well underneath it. Thanks FL for making such a great product.

Nickname: Benjamin
Height: 5'8" - 5'10"
Weight: 170lbs - 180lbs
Size: L
Location: California
Use: Waterfowl
Perfect jacket for monsoon season!! 7/9/2018

Alaska's weather car get nasty in a matter of minutes. This jacket has kept me bone dry in some of the wettest conditions I've been in. One of the trips I went on was a blacktail deer hunt in PWS in Alaska and it rained all 14 days when we were there, stayed dry the whole time. Would recommend!!

How it fits
perfect sizing

Nickname: Tyler
Height: 6' - 6'2"
Weight: 190lbs - 200lbs
Size: L
Location: Alaska
Use: Spot & Stalk
Great Jacket but could use an update 6/26/2018

I love my Seak, it holds up great to nearly daily use in south-central Alaska. It is not perfect however. I would like to see the sleeve cuffs changed to a more streamlined Velcro closure, the current system sticks out just enough to get caught up in fly line occasionally. I would also like to see the hand pockets moved a little higher to allow them to be used while a backpack hip belt is on. Other than these two small gripes, this is an awesome jacket and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is going to be out in the rain for more than a couple hours.

Nickname: Jake
average joe who makes 60 grand 5/11/2018

Buy a $100 dollar rain coat and be wet, you don't have to be a hater of people who like to remain dry.
First Lite is good, long lasting gear, well worth the price.

Nickname: Hunter
Durable 4/19/2018

I bough the jacket for a mid season backcountry elk hunt in Colorado. I didn't get the chance to use it in the snow hunting. I did use it shed hunting in the rain the last few weeks and it turned out to be very durable and kept me dry. It is not the most breathable if you're going to be really active. It still keeps you dry.

Nickname: Cody
So Far So Good 4/16/2018

I just recently purchased the Seak Stormtight for an upcoming Alaskan moose hunt this 2018 Fall. This is my first First Lite gear purchase. Out of the box, I have some concerns about it’s durability secondary to how thin it is; albeit I know I’m sacrificing weight for thickness. I do question how well this garment will stand up to brushbusting. I have not taken it through any buck brush so I cannot comment.

Sizing is accurate. I normally wear an XXL with other gear and I am able to layer underneath this garment as I would others so that is a plus. The shooter’s cut is a good design. For others wondering about size, I am 6’2” and 250lbs with an athletic build.

I have done a couple of field tests in cold and precipitation. With proper layers, I floated a river quite comfortably in 12 degree weather for over 8 hours without getting any upper body chill. The wind was quite strong as well, but the jacket did a good job of cutting the wind, but I was wearing a wind stopper vest underneath which could confound my findings.. For my second test, I did a short hike in NW MT in nearly freezing rain. Other than moisture from sweat, my mid-layer was completely dry on the outside. It wasn’t pouring rain, but there was enough precipitation collecting on the jacket to show it clearly was a great barrier to moisture.

I like the adjustable cuffs. The zippers are tough to zip but they should be considering their waterproof design. I wish it was stuffable into its own pocket.

For now, I’d say it’s a pretty good garment. If, and when, I see 10 straight days of wind and moisture in AK, and I don’t get wet, I’ll sing my praises more and rate it a 5. For now, I need to test it for the elements it was designed for. I’ll re-review in October.

Nickname: codylane729
bombproof raingear 3/30/2018

This jacket is absolutely bombproof. fully waterproof and lightweight

Nickname: Ryan
Prices are a complete joke 3/27/2018

I do not care how good these items do in the woods, It is criminal that this company puts on the price tag they do. Tell us how much it takes to make one. What wage does your maker make and where is your shop. If it is in the USA, shame on you. If it is in another country shame on you. I will spread the word to stay clear of your products and I will stop watching videos from "Meat Eater". What I will do is buy from Slumberjack. It will be very interesting to see if you will put this comment on your ridiculously priced web page.

Nickname: average joe who makes 60 grand plus a year.
Exactly as advertised 3/9/2018

After a month of wearing my SEAK jacket in driving german rains, I've discovered that the SEAK jacket is exactly as advertised. The zippers are fully waterproof and I've had zero leak problems. I would recommend that the user always keep a base layer underneath because the jacket can get a little sticky from body moisture. In a solid color the jacket makes for a excellent everyday wear jacket if you're living in a rainy environment

Nickname: Jon
Perfect for Texas fishing 3/6/2018

Used this jacket this past weekend fishing the river during on and off rain showers. Stayed 100% dry! The jacket is light weight and flexible (great for casting) The camo pattern also works well since I had a deer come in for a drink directly across the river. I will defiantly explore more products offered by FirstLite this hunting season.

Nickname: Stetson Allen
Excellent Jacket 2/21/2018

I love this Jacket. It has a terrific overall fit. The adjustment on the hood works really well. I live in BC and I have found this jacket terrific at keeping me dry when it is down pouring rain here. Also really like the way the pockets are designed. Would highly recommend this jacket.

Nickname: Reid
Never get wet again 2/7/2018

This jacket keeps you absolutely bone dry. It is MUCH lighter than the Kuiu Yukon jacket. I own both, and I sold the Kuiu immediately. It doesn't hold a candle to the First Lite Seak.

Nickname: Tres
Better than Arcteryx 2/2/2018

This Jacket is fantastic.
I've had a Beta AR Arcteryx jacket that i used for hiking and hunting and this jacket outclasses it in every way.
holds up to the downpours in Vancouver BC and so comfortable to wear and be active in
most definitely buying the SEAK trousers

Nickname: Davey
Get it, Get it now! 1/27/2018

I use ASAT and was stoked to see it on sale! Last season I got caught in some nasty rain/snow weather, I was warm with the llano base, Springer vest and uncompahgre jacket, but I did get wet. I have no fear now, as this will complete my kit. Just wish the pants where in stock, I need those too.

Nickname: Fishontro
I wish my Work rainwear was this good. 1/23/2018

I’ve been using this since it came out. My first day wearing it I was cleaning my gutters on a day where we got 2” of rain in less than 24hrs. It kept me super dry minus the cuffs where the water leached in through my gloves. I have used it salmon fishing, hunting, you name it. I love it so much that I got my wife the women’s version in black so she can have a great rain jacket as well. One of these days I’ll get one in a solid color and get rid of some of my casual rain jackets that honestly don’t stand up tho this at all when it comes to breathability and waterproofness. Critical price of my system here in NW Oregon. I haven’t had any issues with the noise, if it’s raining I have it on, and haven’t had anything bust from me wesring it yet.

Nickname: David
Rain armor 1/20/2018

My expectations for the durability of packable- breathable rainwear is usually pretty low, however I was really impressed with how tough this rain jacket is. I wore it all last season busting rain soaked brush in NW washington. It took alot of abuse and kept going while keeping me dry. The moment that will make this jacket forever my favorite is when I took a spill at the edge of a canyon and rocketed down a slope covered in icy huckleberry bushes. I slid on my back and side for a good distance while wearing the SEAK. I figured that was the end of my rain jacket, as any other of my previous jackets would have been toast after that slide. Miraculously there was no damage to the SEAK.

Nickname: Michael
Best Rain Jacket 1/5/2018

To date this is the best rain Jacket that I have ever had. I hunted more this year in the rain then I ever have because every time I used this coat it out preformed my expectations. I seemed to find more rain and bad weather this year then I ever have in the past. While normally I try to avoid bad weather when hunting locally, when you go on trips you simply can not wait out the weather. Every trip I took this year from deer to ducks it rained and while in Idaho it rained 3 days in a row and I stayed dry and warm. Great Jacket, can layer underneath defiantly recommend for every situation from hunting to fishing.

Nickname: Adam
Didn't get wet! 12/18/2017

Finally got to give this a try after two weeks of a high pressure system that produced nothing but sunshine.
Spent four excellent hours of being completely dry while it dumped a half inch of rain on me. The hood was great! Could spin my head around just find, wasn't noisy at all, could still hear the subtle feed chuckle as the hen mallard made her final approach as she swung around the blind. My lanyard went over the hood well with no snags and seemed to slide just fine.
This coat is light enough to be used in the summer while I am out on the saltwater in t-shirt weather or on a day hike.
If i had to make a complaint, it would be the size of the chest pocket. It would be optimal for me and my I phone 7 had the opening been a little larger by just an inch. I would also like an inside pocket.

Nickname: Brad
Incredible Jacket! 11/28/2017

Nearing the end of a West Coast British Columbia hunting season and I cannot find a single negative about the SEAK jacket. I have used it as my primary outer layer in all weather types, but obviously where it shines is in the rain. Recently, I was hunting some high country Vancouver Island Blacktail deer in 80km/hr winds with slanting rain and snow. I removed the jacket at the end of the day to find my mid layer was bone dry! Several hunting days this year were similar and i cannot say enough about it's performance. 10/10 would buy again. If you're on the fence, run don't walk towards making the SEAK part of your hunting gear.

Nickname: Anthony
Solid Rain Jacket 11/23/2017

Tested this jacket extensively and it simply hates water... keeps you dry, breathes great, and just doesn't want to get wet. The material reminds me a bit of my breathable fishing waders in that it's completely waterproof and does not absorb any water whatsoever - this means it dries extremely quickly. Wore on an all day hunt with steady rain and 30 degree temps, had it paired with the First Lite rain pants. At the end of the day I was completely dry, but even more remarkable, after I took it off and gave it a few flicks it was dry and I was able to pack away in my suitcase. Normally you'd have to hang your rain gear to dry for several hours but not the case with this stuff. The only thing I'd change a bit is the narrow cut on the sleeves from the elbow down. I know they do this on purpose especially for the bowhunter, but you'll find it will compress your insulation layer a bit much if you're wearing this in cold weather. That being said, I bought this as a rain jacket not a cold weather shell so it's not that big a deal.

Nickname: NCmirage257
Effective but sizing was an issue 11/23/2017

I've taken this jacket out in rain and and snow. It performs flawlessly, and the design is well thought out. My only issue is with sizing. I fit large in every other first lite top I own (shirts, puffy jacket), but the large in this jacket is massive! Way too big for me, which is unfortunate. I realize it's meant to layer over other clothing but the difference should not be this huge. Make sure to size down from your normal size.

Nickname: Jonathan
Awesome Jacket 11/23/2017

Seak keep me warm and dry all day on a rain soaked barren ground caribou hunt in Alaska. Also a great jacket to take fishing salmon on the Kenai river.

Nickname: Richard
An essential piece for your hunting kit 11/20/2017

Being comfortable and able to withstand all of the elements increases your chances of success when hunting in the backcountry. This jacket is now a permanent part of my hunting kit up here in British Columbia and it has accompanied me on numerous hunts including extended trips in the Northern Rockies, to day trips here in the southern part of the province. It has saved me on many occasions, keeping me dry and warm in the worst possible conditions. Highly recommend this jacket as part of your kit along with the Boundary Stormtight Pants.

Nickname: Mike - Rookie Hunter
Great cut but the jury is still out on material 11/10/2017

The cut is great. Finally a rain jacket with enough room to layer but not risk string slap when shooting your bow. The hood adjustment is also superior. It's cut long enough to provide protection when seated as well. The material outside feels kinda like tent fabric or plastic bag. Compared to some other top end waterproof exterior fabrics this jacket is definitely louder, has more shine, and is less stretchy. Considering one of those fabrics is on a ski jacket i feel like the noise for northwestern archery hunting should have been a greater consideration. I understand quiet waterproof clothing is tough but I've had comparitively quiet waterproof layers for skiing as well as from another hunting brand i no longer support. Additionally for the price a waterproof layer with thumb loops would be great addition as well.

Nickname: Ryan
Best Jacket In Years 11/9/2017

This is Jacket is the best purchase I've made towards outwear in years. Fit's like a custom tailored piece of gear that is meant for the crappiest weather you can run into while in the outdoors. Hoods on a jacket are much like the second to the top button on a shirt. They can make it or break it and First Lite nailed it on this jacket. My only concern is how fast I'm going to wear this thing out as it's become my go to for almost all weather below 45F.

Nickname: Sean
Excellent lightweight rain gear 10/4/2017

I've no idea what the metrics on breathability and water resistance mean but can attest this is the most breathable and waterproof rain shell I've ever owned. I've never looked forward to putting on a rain shell when I know I'm going to be on the move. They start to feel like a sauna and have to resort to pit zips to dump the extra heat. Well not the case with the Vapor, there are no pit zips but never needed them either. It's breathes so well you can be on the move during a downpour without getting uncomfortably hot. I always stayed dry underneath and whenever I hung the jacket up it also was dry. Water beads off this thing like a duck. The turret hood works great too, cinches in the right spots, moves with your head and doesn't interfere with your peripheral vision at all.

Saw a complaint that it's noisy. Yeah well what piece of rain gear isn't? Don't think there's any easy solution to this problem but if there were a way to silence the hood I'd be all about it. Thought about this while hunting in a snowstorm with the hood up. All could hear was the crinkle of the hood, sure I missed some bugles because of it. Maybe there a solution, maybe not, just thought it might be nice.

Nickname: Graham
Excellent quality! 9/29/2017

This jacket is constructed very well. Perfect fit, very comfortable and plenty of mobility. Keeps me dry in the wettest conditions. Love how adjustable the hood is, can let it out when the rain is really coming down, or pull it in for better visibility in a slight drizzle. Excellent breathability, never got too hot while hiking through the woods, up and down mountainous terrain. Overall this is a great product, and I would definitely recommend it to friends and strangers alike.

Nickname: James
Outstanding 9/26/2017

Just spent a week moose huntimg in Ak and it rained over an inch aday every day. This jacket and pant is incedible! It took a beating every day wallowing thru dense alder and other soaking wet brush and kept me totally dry. Not once would i have needed to change out of my under layers at the end of the day back at camp i was that dry. The one suggestion i would make to FL would to add a small flip out bill on the hoodto shed the rain off the head a bit better. I was concerned it might be a bit noisy but once i wore it for a day and when it was wet I didn't really notice it and the moose I got didn't either.Best rain gear i have ever owned. Thank you for a great product!

Nickname: Mikko
One of my favorite pieces 8/28/2017

This is a review for the past few months that I've had the jacket. I originally bought the seak for my wife as she needed a good wet weather jacket. My first impression was that I was jealous I didn't have one. I ordered it and used it the few weekends I managed to turkey hunt this spring. Hot, muggy central Texas weather didn't bug me one bit when I wore the jacket in warmer wet weather. The seak breathes quite well, the quality is outstanding, and fit is great. I'm issued a ton of goretex type stuff through the Army but nothing stands a chance against his piece of kit. I would like to see a mesh pocket on the inside of the jacket and possibly bibs in the future. I've worn my seak out scouting for birds the past few weekends and this weekend as Hurricane Harvey hit. Great piece!
P.S. y'all need to make this in multi cam!

Nickname: Boots
Top shelf stuff 8/18/2017

Again as I said before first lite is awesome. I bought this rain jacket in hopes that it will last me more than a couple years. I just bought it about a month ago and haven't really had chance to use it but so far quality is top notch. The day I received this in the mail it happened to be raining so of course I had to try it out. It worked perfectly it's actually quieter in the rain than it seems it should be. I hope this stuff lasts at least 5 years for me and would love to see a pair of rain pants to match come out next year and fit like the obsidian pants do!!! I didn't buy the rain pants currently available as I was hoping next year for 2018 there might be a seak storm tight pants. So for now I am using my old rain pants and probably isn't a good idea lol!! Keep up the good work, I am truely a first lite guy now!!

Nickname: Johnny
A little noisy for me... 8/9/2017

I was really hoping this could be my go to jacket for rainy conditions and simply layer up as the temperature drops with the seasons. Without question it's a bad ass rain jacket. My only criticism would be it's quite crinkly and noisy. Pulling back a bowstring without any sound will be an issue. Perhaps the technology hasn't arrived for a quiet yet rainproof jacket.

Nickname: Erik
This jacket does it all! 8/8/2017

Picked up the Dry Earth colour for versatility as We use this piece fishing(inland and offshore), skiing, southern BC day hunts, northern BC multi day sheep hunts, the list goes on! For the protection this piece provides it's well worth packing it on long backpack trips. Very breathable, very waterproof. Will say the fit is slightly bigger than some other brands, so if you are a large in, say Sitka, you are probably medium with First Lite. Excellent job First Lite!

Nickname: Rookie Hunter Podcast
Once again top shelf 7/14/2017

First Lite rain gear is the best available period!! I have tested it extensively and is in my pack ready to head to Alaska in August!

Nickname: CParrish
Awesome Rain Jacket 6/29/2017

The SEAK jacket is very nice, but there are a few minor things that I think can be improved on. First is the cut. As an outerwear rainy day jacket, I feel it's an inch short in overall length. I did size down to a small (small in the Uncompahgre jacket, but medium in everything else), so a medium may be longer. Second is the hood. I feel the hood is small for the jacket's intended use. It would've been nice if I could put the hood on without unzipping the jacket. Third is the collar when the jacket is fully zipped up. The jacket is roomy in the chest and skinny in the collar area, so it folds in and lightly presses against my throat when fully zipped. Again, these are minor issues. The jacket is burly and will last forever!

Nickname: 49th State Hunter
So close! 6/14/2017

Ok I live and hunt in Cordova, Alaska; try and find a wetter place...This jacket performs very well, HOWEVER, it doesn't have a loop to hang it up! Seriously, the jacket that touts itself as THE rainy day jacket can't be hung up except by a hanger. I don't know about you guys but closets and hangers aren't part of my everyday hunt scene. So close First Lite, so close. What does a loop of fabric cost or weigh...very little.

Nickname: Rain Hunter
Great Product 5/23/2017

I originally bought a Seak jacket for my wife, right out of the box I was jealous. Fast forward 6 months and I can say this is one of my favorite pieces of FL gear that I have purchased. The sizing is true and I have plenty of length in the arms. I've worn it during the weeks when the monsoons strike here in central TX and have not had an issue staying dry. Cannot wait to purchase another in camo.

Nickname: WI2TN2TX
THE BEST. PERIOD! 1/21/2017

THE BEST RAIN JACKET AVAILABLE! Whether I'm chasing big game animals through a brutal snow storm in the Rockies or swinging flies in a pounding PNW rain storm you will find me wearing ONLY THIS JACKET! Bone dry and unsurpassed breathability.

Nickname: Morgan Uhrig
You won't find a better rain jacket 12/13/2016

This is without question the best rain jacket I have ever tried, and I have tried quite a few. It will keep you dry without making you sweat. Don't let the high price sway you - It is worth every cent if you hunt in wet conditions.

Nickname: Stefan Wilson
Awesome Jacket 11/18/2016

This jacket is lightweight, tough, and keeps all the elements out.

It's very well made and should last and last. If you hunt in the rain, this is your jacket.

Nickname: Jed
Best there is 11/15/2016

I went back and forth between the stormlight and the SEAK, ultimately choosing the SEAK. I was on a Mule Deer/Elk Hunt in NW Montana and it rained/snowed 75% of our trip. It kept me dry the entire time, and was tough enough to withstand some brush busting. I highly recommend!

Nickname: Tom
10 days in the BC Rain 11/15/2016

After a 10-day hunt in northern British Columbia for mountain goat and moose, I'm a believer in the SEAK Stormtight Rain Jacket. It rained 8 out of 10 days and it's hard to remember a moment when conditions weren't soggy. Among the few things that stayed perfectly dry throughout the trip were the layers beneath my Stormtight rain gear. It allowed me to remain warm, comfortable and hunting hard the entire time. The rain gear evacuates moisture well, even when gaining thousands of vertical feet in pursuit of mountain goats. From the outside and from the inside, this rain jacket performed flawlessly.

Nickname: RyanM
Out of the Box 10/31/2016

Out of the box, the jacket just looks like it can take a beating. The fabric has a density / toughness and stitching / seems all taped well. Jacket cuffs have heavy duty Velcro and hood can be cinched so when not up on your head it won't flap or get in the way. First Lite fusion looks fantastic.

Thinner than I expected with not much for insulation, but designed as a true outer layer. An interior pocket would have been a nice feature, as you have only the two side pockets and the chest.

I principally bought to be used duck hunting in the NE. Used Sunday in a belting rainstorm with no issues. Looking forward to a proper field test - but confident that layered up it will be a strong addition.

Nickname: Michael B
Best BC Jacket 10/17/2016

This jacket is the best I've used in seriously wet conditions in BC. I spent every day of a nine day moose hunt in this thing and never got wet. The pit zips are huge which is awesome, plus you can actually hunt while wearing the hood which is amazing. This is the best rain coat I've used yet.

Nickname: Moosemaster K
Best Rain Jacket I've Tried 10/17/2016

We log a lot of hours in Bristol in our rain jackets, both hunting and fishing. I used this jacket on the fishing boat and also on a moose hunt in several days of heavy rainfall and stayed totally dry. On top of this we work hard but I never got very sweaty. Way better than the Kuiu jacket I had. Two thumbs up!

Nickname: Alaskan Slayer