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Scree Tactical Glove
High Tactile Synthetic Leather Palms

The Scree Tactical Glove is an incredibly durable take on a classic style, proven as one of the best all day hunting and shooting gloves around. We have upped the ante for this version by using modern materials while incorporating our exclusive Fit to Hunt articulated construction to ensure the best performance and fit. Whether you are drawing back on your bow or slipping your finger in front of the trigger, the Scree Tactical Glove will ensure precision and accuracy on target.



Product Details

Layering Position

  • - Lightweight Glove
    • Features

      • - Form fitting stretch synthetic fabric on back of hand
      • - High tactile, .5mm synthetic leather palms
      • - Reinforced goatskin shooter pivot pads on palm and thumb
      • - “Fit to Hunt” system for unparalleled grip and fit
      • - Flock nose wipe on back of thumb
      • - Short length, pull on cuff
      Cut Shooters Cut
      System Position Accessory
      Material Nylon
      Actual Product Weight Size MD 2.2 oz.
      Primary Usage Spot & Stalk, Tree Stand, Waterfowl, Upland, Fishing

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Great product 7/28/2018

These gloves kept my hands dry and warm and protected from the elements. Threw heat packs in them when getting ready to head out for the hunt, and kept my hands comfy all day. Love them.

Nickname: Isaac
Best gloves ever! 6/3/2018

I used these gloves for a spring bear hunt in Montana this year. They kept my hands safe on the rocks and boulders as well as warm. They were soaked the entire time, but they still managed to keep my hands warm. Great friction grip for climbing and for gripping my rifle. I highly recommend these. I’m actually going to buy a couple more to use for work, federal law enforcement, and for hunting.

Nickname: Matthew
JAC 4/4/2018

Вилочный погрузчик (forklift truck) представляет собой погрузочную технику, предназначенную для подъёма, перемещения тяжёлых предметов внутри склада. Он помогает в погрузке, разгрузке, штабелировании грузов на ограниченной открытой либо закрытой территории. Грузовой подъёмник называется по причине наличия специального захвата на мачте или каретке.


Nickname: JACkeymn
Functional gloves 11/22/2017

These gloves are just awesome. It was 28 degrees this last weekend with wind, fog, rain, and snow. My fingers stayed nice and warm the entire time. I like how they fit nice and snug so that I can still use the release on my bow. Other gloves I've worn are bulky, but I really like the fit of these. Id highly recommend them.

Nickname: Jason
Superb comfort 10/22/2017

Right out of the box trying these on for the first time they’re amazing. They feel like they’ll do a great job. I purchased them for the late season hunt next month. I typically don’t wear gloves because I like to be able to still have the use of my hands and fingers but with these gloves I feel like I’ll still be able to do that while keeping them warm and dry. The fit is perfect. Thanks first lite

Nickname: Jason
Use Sizing Guide 9/15/2017

Haven't wore much. I ordered wrong size. I didn't pay attention to sizing chart and ordered what I always wear. After I cussed FL for a crappy fitting glove I referenced their sizing chart and realized I am an idiot. I "always" wear a XL and sizing chart recommends a L. The XLs are too big

Nickname: Scott
Good dry weather glove 8/24/2017

I like the fit and feel of these gloves but if they get wet they get really cold. I wouldn't recommend them for late seasons hunts.

Nickname: Jake
Not bad 7/8/2017

I own every glove First Lite makes and these don't fit as well as the others. I wear XL in the Shale, Softshell, and Grizz and L in the Liner and Talus so I wasn't sure which to order for these. Went with XL and the fit is a little loose which is OK but the thumb is about 1/2" too long...a problem i don't have with any of the other gloves. L would probably have been a better choice for me. I use them for cutting wood and yard work now. Aside from poor fit, which may be my fault for ordering the wrong size, they are reasonably comfy and holding up OK.

Nickname: JayCreegs
Tough 6/15/2017

These will hold up and provide great dexterity. They have so far. I hate cold hands. and they solve that problem too.

Nickname: HuntORE
A++ 11/15/2016

Great glove they are an A++ product. I went with the Medium as I was sized in between Med / Large. The fit is snug but after a day of abuse they have stretched and form fit. I was hunting whitetail over the weekend 32 in the AM and climbed to 50 later in the day. No issues re: warmth. They are not a true cold weather glove but if your like me and hands don’t get that cold and you hat big bulky winter gloves for hunting - they are perfect.

My only gripe is the material on the back of the hand will pick and snag if working / pushing your way through heavy brambles and brush. I was in deep recovering my deer and realized the gloves were getting snagged.. Later took a light to them and just singed up the snags. Otherwise a great addition to my kit. I went with the green bcs that is what was avail.

Nickname: Michael B
Great Upland Glove 9/20/2016

These gloves have seen a very busy September hunting grouse. I can easily grab shells from my vest and quickly load/reload side/side, pump, and autoloader shotguns. I've worn them all day hiking 10 miles with 1000ft. elevation gains in temps ranging from 35 - 70 degrees. Been comfortable the entire time. They have literally saved my skin in some nasty scree fields. I followed the measuring guide and the fit was excellent.

Nickname: Andrew
Great for August Antelope 9/2/2016

I used my new Scree Tactical Gloves for crawling around after Antelope in August. They prevented my hands from being stuck with cactus thorns, cut or scratched by rocks, and they fit great. I also used them instead of shooting tab for my Recurve Bow, and they worked great.

Nickname: Ryan
not a hot weather glove 5/31/2016

I bought this glove to use on a "tour" through Afghanistan. However, the material was much to heavy for 70-80 degree weather. Also they were not as tight and form fitting as I would have liked for a tactical glove. (personal preference) All is not lost as they are a well made and will go in my hunting gear when I get back to the states. I can see them being a great glove to use as I row down a remote river in Alaska. As a tactical glove I rate them a 3.

Nickname: Chase
Awesome 5/30/2016

The Scree gloves fit great and are extremeley durable, wore them from early season all the way till late. They are comfortable to shoot with as well.

Nickname: Matt
NICE 4/9/2016

Overall I love the fit and feel of these gloves. Padding where you need it and none where you don't. I think these gloves are more of a shooting glove than First Lite's actual "shooting glove". GREAT JOB.

Nickname: N. Hedrick