Sawtooth Hybrid Jacket
300g Merino-X with DWR Nylon

The Sawtooth Hybrid Jacket sets a new standard in versatility for western and treestand hunters alike. 19.5 micron, 300g pure Merino wool provides the extreme odor resistance and breathable warmth you've come to expect from First Lite Merino, while DWR coated nylon panels provide critical durability and water resistance where you need it most--the chest and shoulders. Body-mapped to preserve core body temperature, we've added 60g 37.5 synthetic insulation behind the durable nylon panels in the chest for added insulation and wind resistance. The merino back allows for greater airflow in the mid and lower back where packs and trees trunks typically cause heat and moisture to build. Worn as a light outer layer for brisk early season days or worn in conjunction with other outwear for added warmth on winter days, the Sawtooth Hybrid defines versatility in a cornerstone of the First Lite layering system.



Product Details

Layering Position

  • This is a highly versatile piece designed to be worn either as your final, outer layer in chilly to moderate temperatures or as a layering component under insulation or rain protection.
  • Features

    • True to Size: Purchase your normal size to wear over or under other layers
    • Actual Weight: 20oz (Size Large)
    • 19.5 micron, superfine, pure 100% merino wool
    • 320gsm midweight interlock merino fabric
    • Body mapped insulation through chest and upper arms - 60g 37.5 insulation
    • Exclusive 37.5 Active Particle Technology enhances our insulation to help maintain optimal core body temperature
    • Stays warm whether dry or wet
    • Zippered, chest stash pocket
    • Ergonomic hood
    • Full zip front
    • Covered by First Lite's Warranty

      • Sizes

        Available in men's sizes: SM, MD, LG, XL, XXL


        Machine Wash Cold and Hang Dry

        Cut Shooters Cut
        System Position Insulated Outerwear
        Material Merino-X, 37.5 by Cocona
        Actual Product Weight Size MD
        Primary Usage Lifestyle, Spot & Stalk, Tree Stand, Waterfowl, Upland, Fishing

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    A very versitile layer
    Initially I wasn't sure about the Sawtooth, but the more I have worn this piece the more I like it. It's not going to keep you toasty warm if you are sitting still. But in my opinion it is perfect for a long walk in to a tree stand with a back pack on a cold morning or predawn moves in elk country. It's hard to overhead in this layer because of the breathability, but it definitly keeps the chill off you while moving. It's quiet and comfortable. It dumps heat when your active and dries quickly. It has become my goto layer when I am active and it's cool. I like it so much, I am considering by a second jacket in a solid color for everyday wear.

    In my opinion, this is one of the most unique layering peices in the outdoor industry. Great work First Lite.

    - Scott on 4/4/2018
    Good product, wrong price
    I have no complaints about the jacket, I just think it's over priced for a midlayer product
    - Dave on 3/27/2018
    I got to tell ya, I wasn't so sure where the Sawtooth was going to fit into my kit. But after a fall, starting in September archery elk and ending in late November whitetail hunting it definitely proved its worth. The Sawtooth was great during September in the mornings as an extra layer and proved not to be a burden when shedding it and packing it around all day. With the merino panels it breathed really well, expelling any extra heat. In November it really shined. The Sawtooth proved how versatile it could be. I used it as an external layer while still hunting. Again the merino panels were great, particularly being quiet in the thick stuff but providing warmth the rest of the time. I've got to say I was skeptical but the Sawtooth found a place in my heart.
    - Eric on 3/23/2018
    Great mid-weight piece
    I got one of these jackets, then because I loved it so much, I got one in solid so I could wear it around town! The jackets fit perfectly for using while hunting with a bow. the forearms are just snug enough to be completely clear of the bow when using it. These jackets are good down to about 40, then again, I get cold easy. The will on the back works outstanding to mitigate sweat while packing. The thickness in the front does indeed keep the wind off of the front of your body. This was well thought out and then are very, very comfortable!
    - Eric on 3/20/2018
    Great piece, be wary of sizing.
    Loved the piece and the role it served but unfortunately, I had to return it. Normally where a medium and based on my measurements got the medium. Upon getting the sawtooth, it was clear the medium was even too tight to wear as a base layer with the sleeves being much shorter than stated and the arms through the shoulders being too tight. Trying to draw a bow would have likely compromised the stitching. May try again with the large.
    - Andrew on 3/17/2018
    Excellent mid layer
    This seems to be a piece I build my layering around. It's nice alone when active or when wind isn't bad. With wind a soft shell vest or jacket over the top works well. With wind and cold a puffy over the top and a shell over that works great. I've been using it a lot predator calling and deer hunting. I like it very much as a mid to late season second layer over an Aerowool shirt and layer for conditions over top of it.
    - Heath S on 3/11/2018
    A Great Mid/outer Layer Piece for the kit
    I often find myself between adding another mid-layer piece when it's chilly, but then when it warms up or I walk around, I need to shed my outer layer so need some type of protection from the water/wind. This is the piece to fill that gap. It is surprisingly warm considering it's weight.

    In short, I find myself wearing it in field every day of the season.
    - SyracuseHunter on 3/9/2018
    great specs on jacket except for....
    From what I read seemed like a possible great jacket if not perfect one minus one thing the Hood. You need a hood-iess version or at least detachable if it was not for the permeant hood I would get a couple.
    - liam on 3/7/2018
    Versatile Jacket
    I really like this product. So much that it's become a staple of my wardrobe. Having used it across a number of situations, there really wasn't a task I found it couldn't handle. It's light enough to be worn early season and yet it also performs exceptionally later in the year when temperatures drop. On a surprisingly cold mid-November muzzle-loader hunt while my buddy was wearing four layers, I wore this over my base layer and stayed comfortable. Though I don't recommend it, I once forgot my rain gear and got dumped on for an entire morning while wearing this jacket. As another reviewer noted, it has exceptional wet weather protection. Even when soaked it still remains effective. A great product you won't regret owning.
    - TimVA on 3/6/2018
    Sawtooth is a must have
    I was looking for a good heavier midlayer or jacket. This is it!!! It will absolutely be go jacket for all seasons. Like all First Lite clothing it is a amazing fit. I'm 6' 1'' 210 and the XL fits me perfectly, stretching where it needs too. Shooters cut is great, I can wear as a midlayer and not have the arms be to bulky. The insulation is added only where it needs to be, so it cuts down on the weight. It is also dead quiet. The sawtooth is a must have!!!
    - Dane on 3/4/2018
    Insulation where you need it
    Finally, insulation where you need it when you have a pack on. I'm 150lbs, 5' 11" and I needed a medium. I'm usually a small in other FL gear, but some items are just too small. The sleeves are tight, perfect for shooting a bow.

    Overall fit and finish is great. The hood is my favorite part. This thing is downright cozy and I'm wearing it more around the house/town then I am hunting.
    - Sam on 2/26/2018
    My go to!
    This is probably my favorite piece! I like the added insulation in the arms and front. Super flexible material with snug cuffs to trap heat when it gets cool at night. I’ve been known to sport the Sawtooth out on the town. Thanks!
    - Dirtbag Bowhunter on 2/25/2018
    Great piece
    This is a layer that I didn't realize how much I was missing until I wore it. In combination with a chama, this is a really good piece to wear on an active hunt on a chilly day that doesn't call for the Woodbury. The zipper allows for good ventilation to control temperature when you'll be putting on the miles. The hood fit is great at keeping the wind off your neck, while not restricting field of vision.
    - Max on 2/24/2018
    Perfect for active Western hunting
    This garment turned into my go-to piece this year when the temps got below freezing. The placement of the 37.5 insulation made it it the perfect piece for active hunting with a pack on, extra warmth where you need it and breathability where you have to have it.
    - Cory on 2/19/2018
    Little nit pick to an otherwise great piece
    Great product and super versatile. I really like the slim fit shooters cut in the sleeves. I just wish the thicker insulation in the front went all the way down the front instead of stopping three inches from the bottom. It causes it to ride up and roll under making it poof out a little at the very bottom.
    - Skylar on 2/9/2018
    Great late season layer
    I hunted the late season with my Sawtooth several times this deer season and love it. Very comfortable, not too insulated to make you sweat, and seems to be durable. Walked through lots of brush and no tears or snags. Wish the tail was a little longer on this one, but still 5 stars for sure.
    - Tres on 2/7/2018
    My go to jacket
    I had this on with just a shirt in 32 degree weather and was warm from the start and going for hikes when it was snowing and was warm the hole time and when i took it off it was already dry. Fits perfect and has plenty of motion for shooting and everything else. Will buy first lite from here on out
    - Duckiller on 2/6/2018
    Best gear on the market
    Ive had my sawtooth jacket now for a couple of weeks now and all i can say is WOW! The fit is perfect, and i cant get over how tough these light weight materials are. For now on its first lite or nothing
    - Trevor on 2/3/2018
    Did the job for me
    Over all I really liked the jacket, It packed down to a small size, so it didn’t take up much room in my day bag. It was warm enough to take the chill out of the air but lite enough to where you could walk around for a short distance and not get too warm. The only thing I wish I could redo is, because of other reviews saying it fit small I bought it in XL kinda wish I got it in large still fits fine but it’s just a little baggy in the mid section 6.1’ 220lbs
    - NoLove on 2/2/2018
    Lightweight bowhunting must have!
    I am a whitetail tree-stand bow hunter who appreciates non-bulky, quiet gear. This jacket is my new favorite lightweight jacket or mid layer (for <32 hunts). I thought I wouldn't appreciate the hood but now it's one of my favorite features. Only negative is when zipped fully the front back digs into my chin, perhaps it's because I am 6'1
    - Michael on 2/2/2018
    This is a sweet jacket, fit is just perfect. I am 6' and 215 lbs.... I went with a Large and it is perfect. Very comfortable and warm!!!
    - James on 1/23/2018
    Love it!
    Absolutely love the lightweight feeling, warmth, true fit and comfort this jacket provides. The only reason I give it 4 stars and not 5 is because maybe 2 weeks after purchasing, I was wearing this during an early morning duck hunt only to find out afterwards that I had a small tear in the seam near my right elbow which possibly could have been from a prickly brush branch but still had me bummed. Still overall a great jacket!
    - TannerB on 1/21/2018
    Favorite New Gear in 2017
    Ok, after the 2017 season has come to a close, I am obsessed with my Sawtooth Hybrid. Favorite new gear of 2017, hands down. During the September archery season, it was a perfect, lightweight companion for the backcountry. The sawtooth gave me sufficient warmth for cold September mornings, without overpacking. Then on windy antelope hunts in October, I wore it every day. The merino arms and back don't cut wind, but the tradeoff is that they are highly breathable, perfect for active hunts in cool weather, stalking antelope over open country. And the light insulation in the chest was just enough to keep me warm without the feeling of getting clammy or sweaty under a hardshell or wind-resistant shell. Finally, onto November mule deer hunts in sub-freezing temps, this jacket was a rockstar. When I was glassing during those freezing cold mornings, I'd throw my Uncompahgre over top. When it was time to stalk and get after a deer, I'd shed the puffy and bolt, wearing the Sawtooth, layered with a Chama underneath. From the start to finish of this season, I couldn't have been more pleased with the Sawtooth Hybrid.
    - RyanM on 1/11/2018
    Great concept, execution could have been better
    I really like the idea of this jacket and it's intended purpose, but I've got a couple gripes. I had a hard time getting comfortable with all the seams in the arms of the jacket. They just felt weird, as the arms are fairly tight. Additionally, the length of the torso seemed rather short. Maybe it's just me being super picky, or maybe this jacket just isn't for me, but hopefully this feedback helps!
    - Jack on 1/8/2018
    Great idea, needs refined
    I overall love this as a mid layer. Right out of the box, when I tried it on, it ripped at the seems on the inside where the hood attaches to the main backpiece. Besides the rips, the fit is athletic, which I prefer for high intensity hunts. I really prefer this layer above any softshell I have owned because there has really been a lot of thought put into zoning the insulation and choices of fabrics. This has been absolutely perfect for wearing as my outer layer for anything shy of blizzard or downpour. I wore those piece a lot this season and believe it has replaced a fleece as the mid layer. I love this coat but am disappointed in the poor durability of the seams in a higher stress area. Once this is perfected, this coat is a game changer for sure.
    - kyle on 1/4/2018
    Perfect for that spot and stalk
    Early this season I had the opportunity to try the Sawtooth Hybrid on a spot and stalk mule deer hunt in north central Montana. Bottom line up front it preformed excellent. The extra insulation up front kept my core and arms comfortable despite a 10-15 mph headwind. I paired this with a Llano and Chama and it was all the warmth I needed in the 30-40 degree weather. The integrated hood was nice when the wind picked up because the cut of it tightly hugs the face without a lot of loose material to interfere with strings/releases. The thinner material on the back is perfect when wearing a backpack because of the warmth that it will provide. I'm 6'1 195 lbs, athletic build, and long torso and ended up going with an XL. I tried on the L but because this jacket is cut to fit more tightly than others and I like to layer, I chose an XL. Overall homerun FL and I look forward to using this next season on some early elk hunts.
    - Justin on 12/23/2017
    Great for a laying system
    Took the jacket out in the mild rain and wind for about a hour or so. Jacket performed well, but I would have preferred it if the nylon panels were included in the back. I understand this is not a rain jacket, but the chest panels stayed dry and blocked the wind so well I just think back nylon panels would have been a great addition. This jacket has a great fit and finish. At first I wasn’t sure about the shooters cut, but I quickly got use to it. This jacket would be a great addition to any layering system.
    - Gary on 12/19/2017
    My new favorite piece of gear!
    I bought this jacket specifically for my late elk hunt this year and I'm sure glad I did! I really like that its a full zip, easier to put it on and gives you the option to open up and cool down while moving. I had this over top of the wilkin most of my hunt in temps from the low 30's to low 60's. Because of how worm the Sawtooth is I was able to leave the puffy at camp and only carry one extra layer. The only time I had to pull out the puffy was when it was 21* and blowing around 20mph. The hood is cut amazing, it may not look awesome but it is exactly what you need. The only thing I will say is that YOU NEED TO SIZE UP. I'm a skinny guy and wear medium in everything else but my Sawtooth is a large.
    - Justin on 12/17/2017
    Warm and functional
    Love this jacket as it doesn't restrict movement while casting for reds, bass or trout and it keeps me warm on the boat or in the blind.
    - Ray on 12/16/2017
    My go to
    Next to my SS llano and my 1/4 zip Chana hoodie, the sawtooth is right there with them. This thing is awesome and I find myself wearing it around the house, running errands, etc.
    fits nice, hood is unique and fits just right. I love the extra material at the collar that I can zip up as high as my nose. Brings an extra layer of warmth over your mouth and nose. Works great for Central Texas. Wore it from the 30s to the 60s so far...very comfortable.
    - TX bowhunter on 12/10/2017
    all around item
    Out of all the FL items this one fits me the strangest. I can wear a L in most gears but had to get the XL as the diameter of the arm sleeves on this are too tight.
    But a great mid, outer and even base layer
    - marty on 12/6/2017
    It’s been pretty warm down here in OK so I’ve been going next to skin during my afternoon hunts. If it’s cold I layer with the SS Llano or Chama. I’m 6’1 and hover around 205 lbs and a LG fits perfect. Versatile, quiet, quality construction, tip-top hood and great mobility. Outstanding piece to add to your kit.
    - OkieBowHunter on 12/5/2017
    Good addition but room for improvement
    I like the idea of the jacket since I usually have a pack on so I decided to give it a shot. First impressions were the fit, I normally wear an XL so that's what I ordered and the sleeves are very tight with just the Chama underneath. I understand its tight for archery but it could be a little looser. Also the sleeves seemed shorter as I couldn't use the thumb loops. Other than the fit its a nice jacket.
    - Mike on 12/4/2017
    Great insulation piece
    I used the Sawtooth for five days in Idaho and am pretty happy with it. I feel this is a great insulation piece when you want something warmer than the Chama. I wore mine over the Minaret Aerowool crew shirt and T-shirt. When I was hiking, this was a great system for mid-thirties temps and when I would stop to glass for a while I would throw my Uncompahgre jacket on over it. I gave four stars instead of five because I felt the sleeves were too tight. They either need to be slightly bigger, or have more stretch. Overall, I would recommend the Sawtooth.
    - Justin on 12/3/2017
    to start, I have upgraded all my stuff to First Lite and for the most part, love all of it. I was excited to get this as a nice early season jacket or mid layer during colder temps here in CT. I ordered the 2xl as I'm not as fit as I was when I was 18. Upon receiving the jacket, I threw it on without a shirt and the the sleeves were tight fitting. So much so that if I put a layer or two underneath, it will be too tight to move. First Lite doesn't make any sizes over 2xl and most of their stuff runs a bit small, but this one.....just not up to my expectation.
    - Gregg on 12/1/2017
    Bought this jacket via Argali Outfitters. As soon as I put it on I loved it. Instantly felt warmer. I love the insulation on the front and upper sleeves. It is wonderful as a second layer when layering in cold conditions, but I can also see this being a versatile outer layer in the mid season. For sizing, I am 6'3" 210 lbs on an athletic build, and the Large fits me perfectly. Sleeves are snug and the bottom hangs about 5 inches below the waste. All in all I'm in love with it. Slowly becoming a huge First Lite fan!
    - Caleb on 11/29/2017
    Versatile Peice
    First use on a mid-November Idaho cow elk hunt. Temperatures ranged from 20s to 50s. The moisture wicking was noticeable after morning hikes in to glassing locations. I'm typically much colder from sweat and wind in this scenario, but this piece kept me drier and therefore warmer once sitting and exposed to the wind. Great active layer across a wide temperature range. Basically kept me warm in the cold and cool in the heat, even when humping out quarters. I think it's going to work perfect for winter chukar hunts as well!
    - Brandon on 11/27/2017
    Decent but not perfect
    Wore the sawtooth jacket for this 2nd rifle colorado elk season as my outer layer for majority of the week. Was warm but had some problems. I noticed that around the inner arms it was slightly noisy as I walked. My partner pointed it out and hated me for it. Luckily we weren’t bow hunting. The cuffs also began to come apart at the stitching in a few spots. Not sure how long this piece will last.
    - Mark on 11/27/2017
    How about an upland version dry earth/blaze orange?
    I have been wearing my sawtooth also season long from waterfowl, archery whitail, and gun season here in Wisconsin. Ususally layered over a llama crew and Chama hoody depending on temps. Perfect on cold teen temps in the morning rather setting decouples or hiking into the stand, with my heavy layer in my pack(usually my Woodbury jacket). At first the arms and shoulders feel a little snug when you put it on due to the shooters cut, however after it is on you will forget all about that. Ease of movement and streamlined without feeling tight and restrictive. It will definitely get some year round use. I most likely will be wearing it during ski season while ski patrolling, and probably try it out ice climbing as well.

    First Lite how about and upland version, dye earth/ blaze. Blaze hood with some blaze orange on the nylon panels on the sleeves and shoulders....that would make a killer addition to the line.
    - Bryan on 11/26/2017
    Great All Purpose Jacket
    I am an avid Upland Bird, Deer, and Elk hunter. This jacket can be used in all of these situations. I wear an aero wool long sleeve or short sleeve under it and just go. I pack a fleece vest and very light rain jacket and that's it. On a very cold wintry day I may throw in a very compressible puffy, but rarely needed. It is exactly how they explained it with the insulation in the appropriate places and less where my hunting back or upland vest is. Love that feature. Was in a deer stand yesterday, 28 degrees, had a ball cap on and pulled the hoody up, thick enough to keep me warm on head and ears but thin enough to hear the deer coming. Thanks FL for making a great product. This jacket will ALWAYS be with me. I am 6'3" 190 lbs with long arms and tall torso. The large fits perfect. A little snug in shoulders but I will only wear a light merino wool under it.
    - Michael Todd on 11/25/2017
    Great jacket but could use some improvments
    Bought this jacket about two months ago and really wanted to use it before I gave a review. First off I love the Fusion camo and feel of this jacket. Super soft and quiet. Extremely lightweight and comfortable. Being a such lightweight jacket I was skeptical about how well it would retain heat but boy was I wrong. It is surprisingly warm for such a light jacket. And when I say warm I mean I was comfortable with just a midweight base layer underneath on a mid 50's day sitting in the stand.
    The second time I put this jacket on, as I pulled it over my shoulders, I heard some threads snapping. Upon further inspection I found the seam at the back of the neck coming undone slightly. Maybe some stronger thread or stitching could be utilized.
    The chest pocket is a little small. Hard to fit a phone in there easily.
    Not a fan of the hood. But I'm one to never use a hood. Maybe a similar model without a hood would be a great option. Or even a removable hood.
    Overall I really like this jacket. It held together when walking through some thick brush and is good about wicking away moisture from your body on those long drags back to camp.
    - Sam on 11/23/2017
    Perfect for early season or late season layering
    I wore this jacket on a late November deer hunt in southern MN, where the temp averaged in the 20's. The jacket was perfect! I never overheated while traveling and the sawtooth was amazing as a layer under my puffy jacket while sitting. The thinner fabric on the back of the jacket is perfect while wearing your pack. One of the most valuable pieces you can own as a hunter.
    - Brian on 11/22/2017
    Awesome idea, subpar craftsmanship
    Ok I’ll start out by saying that I do not own this piece but have tried it out. For starters I love the idea and it was tempting to not buy on the spot HOWEVER, I tried on the medium over my T shirt and instantly heard stitches tear as I went to zipper up. The medium was awesome in my sleeve region but too snug and short in the torso which is odd for me actually. Upon investigation I noticed the stiching all along the bottom of the jacket was tearing out. So I quickly hung it back on the hanger and tried the large. The large fit better in the torso especially if I was to stack a llano and chama under. Once again though the stictches started to pop all along the bottom and also the hood area. One other thing to make note of is how snug the forearms are so wearing two layers under will cause bunching and purple finger tips. I decided against the purchase until they redo the design with better stitching or double stiching. Again I was only in the store and not out actually wearing in the field and it was falling apart. I think I might just lean to the Halstead for a 3rd layer as I haven’t heard many complaints on the stitching as I have the Sawtooth
    - Dano on 11/21/2017
    Great Cold Weather Layering/ Odd Fit
    I'm going to start off by saying that this is my go to layer underneath my outer coat for the bitter cold days. It helped keep me plenty warm for the all day sits in the stand here in Illinois during the rut. We had a cold stretch during early November when temps didn't cross 30 degrees. Now I know 30 isn't bad by itself, but when you are sitting in a stand for 10 plus hours it makes a difference. I had no issue keeping comfortable during those long days.

    My complaint is the fit. While walking into a 500 acre patch of Western Illinois public ground, I found that I was constantly having to re-adjust the sleeves and waist. It wasn't a bother when I was set up in my climber, just during the 1 mile walk in.

    I will be starting out wearing this during rabbit season along with a vest. I'm hopeful that I can get used to the fit, but my first impressions don't lead me in that direction.
    - Kody on 11/21/2017
    Not a jacket, but a great layer
    I was mislead by the title of jacket. It’s been a very comfortable layer, but I wouldn’t go out in this alone below 45 degrees. Also I’ve heard a couple of seams pop too easily.
    - David on 11/20/2017
    Different from expectations
    The fit of this jacket was much different than my other First Lite tops and jackets. The XL size I normally wear for everything else was considerably small. The body mapped insulation around the shoulders bunched up, didn't stay where it should and made the fit uncomfortable. I mistakenly thought this jacket would fit like my XL Labrador Sweater but have its hood. No such luck. The Labrador layered over a Chama hoody remains the standard to judge all others.
    - Robert on 11/17/2017
    Good for layering
    Great piece , I expected it to be more of a jacket. It is not. Great piece for heavyweight layering but count of wearing something over it like the sanctuary or Woodbury if your in temps under 45
    - Northeast blancotailer on 11/15/2017
    Great jacket, just doesn't fit ME right.
    Originally ordered a large as all my other First Lite tops are this size. When worn over my Chama 230g hoody the sleeves and chest were just too tight. It was uncomfortable so I returned it without issue and ordered an XL. This size had a roomy fit but the sleeves are too long for me. This jacket is very comfortable and both were/are well made. The issues I have aren't the products fault, but a problem with my vertically challenged body. The Sawtooth preformed well in the cold Massachusetts mornings and kept me warm while wet. Even though the arms are not close fitting it still seemed to wick away my perspiration.
    - GJB1124 on 11/13/2017
    Very well thought out
    When I first saw this piece I thought First Lite was trying too hard. But.....if you have ever hiked head first into a brisk wind with a heavy pack on your back and had sweat streaming down your back, steam coming off your head, and icicles hanging off your nipples all at the same time, this frankensteiny sweater/jacket/mid layer is for you. The most well thought out piece of technical clothing I have ever used.
    - Jeff on 11/12/2017
    Replaced my Mid/Outer layer
    I love this jacket. I used this as my outer layer during archery season and my mid layer during rifle season this year. Tight sleeves stay out of the way when shooting my bow and sleeve length is perfect for a tall guy like me (6'3"). The full zip is great to let out heat in the warmer months of when you get hot on those long hike-ins during the colder months. The hood works great to block the wind just enough while glassing and is thin enough that you can throw a beanie on over it if you need the extra warmth. It also articulates really well and doesn't block your vision when you turn your head. Super solid piece of gear!
    - JayCreegs on 11/12/2017
    great material, was warm and versatile. to bad good portion of stitching came apart in different places. garment did not last 3 days of whitetail hunting. was sewn like junk
    - sres on 11/10/2017
    Last minute
    I picked up the chama last minute before heading out on a weekend hunting trip after a friend turned me on to some first lite gear. This is a great shirt and I enjoyed the comfort and warmth it offered even for a light weight shirt.
    - Porkchop on 11/9/2017
    Small Fitting Uncomfortable Jacket
    I wear extra large chama, cirrus puffy and all the rest of the Firat Lite gear I own and it all fits great. So I bought an XL following the "order your normal size advice" which has never been wrong. When I received the jacket and I tried this Sawtooth Jacket I was afraid I would split it in half just trying to put it on. I bought it thinking it would be a Labrador sweater with a hood but was way wrong. I put it on with a long sleeve Llano underneath and the upper arms bunch-up and you have to dance around and rearrange yourself to get comfortable. The fit is not true to size. The body mapped insulation is also very strange feeling not comfortable.
    - Waterfowler on 11/4/2017
    My Absolute Favorite Piece of Clothing.
    The Sawtooth is hands down my favorite piece of hunting clothing that I have. I really dislike clothing that is baggy, as well as clothing that is pretty much skin tight. The Sawtooth is right in between, as a comfortably fitted top, that allows you to make all the movement necessary for hunting, shooting, etc. I'm 5'10 130lbs, with broader shoulders and extremely long arms, but a small fits perfect. The jacket is super lightweight, yet offers a perfect amount of comfort across several temperature ranges. I generally run a ball cap or the brimmed beanie, and the hood of the Sawtooth fits perfectly over the top of both. Currently I only have one in Cipher, but that will change soon!
    - Coy E on 10/31/2017
    More than i expected
    When I first saw this in the store I thought "you gotta be kidding me" Not much to it I thought, but bought It on impulse. Well glad I did. It is the perfect piece when you are hunting with a pack on your back. I wore this on a Wyoming rifle elk hunt and wont be without it next year. It eliminates back sweat that I used to get with other pieces. Just wore it with a lano weight base layer. Forearms felt cool on cold days but as the day warmed up had no problem. Use a windbreaker shell for the "occasional" days the wind blows in Wyoming and you are set.
    - Pa Tom on 10/26/2017
    Good warmth in a not so bulky package
    This jacket provided a good amount of warmth for not a lot of bulk. It layers up nice. I would suggest selecting one size up if you are borderline between sizes. It fit good with just a Llano and vest under it, but add a Chama into the mix and it got a little tight.
    - Joshua on 10/23/2017
    1 1/2 thumbs up
    Was pleased with this piece one my 9 day trip although if I didn't have a truck/ camp basecamp this piece wont make the cut for me next time. little heavy and didn't meat my warmth expectations as the Uncompahgre Puffy does. It felt true to form but the sleeves seemed to get twisted as some jackets do when you put on over a long sleeve.

    This will work better for me on summer morning or nights
    - Daniel on 10/18/2017
    Needs some work
    I pre ordered this piece and was very excited receive it. Once I got hands on I didn’t like that fact that the inside is colored. Sometimes I don’t like wearing the hood but I don’t like having right white showing nonetheless. I’ve worn it hunting two consecutive weekends bow hunting and no the stitching on the cuffs are coming undone. That to me was the biggest disappointment. For the cost that shouldn’t be an issue. The fitting was true to size, the insulation is great, love the cipher pattern, and it’s quiet. I had plans on a backpacking hunt this year but Uncle Sam had different plans for me, but I’m not certain this jacket, particularly the stitching in cuff areas, would hold up. I don’t think I’ll contact First Lite for a fix but I think I’m going to take it to my Tailor and have them double stitch the cuff/thumb holes.
    - Cody on 10/17/2017
    Great standalone or as a layer
    Great piece of gear! Very comfortable wearing this as an outer layer in 50F weather. Will be using this as a layering piece for colder weather hunts this fall. At 5'11" and 165 lbs, I'm a medium in most brands and this piece in medium fits like a glove. Very highly recommended.
    - Dan on 10/9/2017
    Excellent mid season jacket
    Great mid season jacket. Warm, light weight and very comfortable. Excellent for bow hunting with the tapered sleeves.
    - Craig on 10/4/2017
    Awesome versatile piece
    Was very excited about this jacket as soon as I heard about the concept and for the most part it has lived up to my expectations. This an excellent functional jacket for bowhunters that works in a wide range of conditions depending how you choose to layer.

    I wore this jacket in cool weather with just a base layer, also in high 20s low 30s by adding a Halstead. It performed well in the colder temps when I added a fleece and also felt pretty resilient to the wind. If you threw a rain shell over it, I think you'd be covered for pretty much anything minus the extreme cold.

    It fits great, sleek and not all bulky in the sleeves or midsection. Not sure if the design of the Sawtooth hood is different from the one on the Chama, but it seems to fit me a lot better. What I like about it most is my face more less pokes out of it, I can feel my anchor point without any fabric interfering and there's no worry of it interfering with string when I release whether it's up or down. The hood is also very stretchy around the opening making it easy to put on or pull down even when fully zipped.

    One other design feature that those hunting with a pack will love is the back panel is all merino. This makes hunting with a pack a lot more comfortable because your back doesn't overheat too much. It's super breathable and when my back would sweat it always dried quickly.

    In terms of design features they nailed it with this jacket. I'd like to give it a five star rating but after reading some other reviews I was reminded of hearing some stitches bust a couple times I put the hood on. Didn't really think about it at the time but upon checking there are some busted stitches where the hood meets the body of the jacket. It's still very much attached, no holes but it'd be nice if it were better secured via beefier stitches.

    - Graham on 10/4/2017
    Great addition to anyone's kit
    Love this jacket. Dead quiet, warm in all the right places, has a thin hood. Fits true to size. I'm very happy with this piece.
    - Joel on 9/29/2017
    Perfect Mid/outer layering Piece
    This Jacket is great for warmth as a mid layer jacket and is great for early season bow hunting. The Jacket was a little tight around my four arms at first but after a little bit i started to like the shooters sleeve a lot. Iv only used it in Colorado elk hunting but its going to be my GO TO jacket for early whitetail hunting in Michigan.
    - Will on 9/26/2017
    Didn't meet expectations
    I just got back from 6 day backpacking bow hunting trip in the mountains. I added this item to my layering system after seeing and reading all the hype about it. I had high expectations for it but honestly first piece or gear that I'm not impressed with. When layering over Chama and Llano it is tight in sleeve and bunches. Just overall fit not what I was expecting.
    - Joe_G on 9/18/2017
    This is an archers dream
    The shooters cut and athletic fit makes this perfect for bow hunting. Love this jacket.
    - Tony on 9/15/2017
    Great heavyweight piece
    This jacket is amazing. The fit is extremely nice! This is not a jacket but more of a heavyweight layering piece. I threw this in my pack and haven't regretted it one bit. You won't regret this purchase
    - George on 9/10/2017
    I never review anything. Ever. But this jacket fits and works so well that I have to add my two cents.

    Sawtooth > Big cotton hoodie over fleece long sleeve

    Took this thing fishing in the northern west coast of Canada and I counted on it to keep me warm for two weeks of sleeping and fishing in Godawful weather. It is surprisingly water resistant, standing in spitting rain for a couple of hours, and even once it wets through it still stays warm! It also didn't get me nearly as sweaty as my usual setup when hiking. I am a new believer in all things merino wool. It is definitely best suited as a mid layer in wet and cold conditions, but I can see myself putting it to good use as an outer layer for early deer or late spring turkey.

    I am a tall but skinny dude, so I usually have fitment problems with broader shoulders but very thin waist and long torso. This thing fits like it was designed for me, and likely for everybody else not even matching my body type. I also hate wearing hoods for the restricted view, but somehow that issue does not exist here. The high collar is great and allows me to leave my usual neck gaiter behind.

    The only bad thing so far: it starts to smell after two weeks of not washing and breathing into the front zip. TWO WEEKS THOUGH.
    - Me on 8/29/2017
    I will start with saying I love all of my First Lite gear. This Jacket seems to have a couple of issues. First off I noticed that this jacket does not stretch like a Chama, Lanno etc. I wear a large in the Chama hoodie which fits great. The Sawtooth runs small. I tried this on when it arrived. I put my thumbs in the loop holes and zipped it up. I stretched my arms front and back and i heard ripping. I removed the jacket and found the seam where the hood attaches tore out. I could aslo see the wool seperating at the back of the shoulder and the wool at the thumb loops was starting to tear. I returned the large and ordered the XL. This one fits much nicer. I then put on a chama under the Sawtooth to see if it would fit. moved my arms back and forth. I heard a stitch tear. I could not find a seam or stitch torn. I really like the jacket but I am worried if this will last as neither of these jackets have even made it out my front door. I will find out in three weeks if this Hybrid will hold up.
    - Soolong on 8/29/2017
    Really nice jacket!
    I've been wearing the Sawtooth jacket on my BC moose hunt and so far it has been a welcomed piece of clothing, especially on these chilly early morning hunts! The thick chest insulation has kept me warm and allowed me to do away with other layers such as a vest which always adds bulk to my torso. I do wish the bottom of the jacket had a drawstring to keep it tight against my waist, but overall this jacket has become a staple in my outdoor gear.
    - John on 8/25/2017
    bomb proof jacket great mid layer
    Had this thing out this weekend here in the high country of Colorado scouting for elk and mule deer. This piece will be my go to in the early mornings and evenings when it is a little chilly. I also cant wait to use this thing on stalks in the high country, the synthetic layer will help if you are stuck out waiting a deer to get out of his bed.
    - Greg on 8/19/2017
    Great addition to the product line!
    I really love the combination of materials on this jacket. They design and fit create unbelievable mobility!
    - Chris H on 8/17/2017
    My new favorite
    This jacket is just awesome. I can't wait for the weather to cool down so I can wear this thing. Not only will this be perfect for hunting, but I plan on wearing it around town as well, because it's such a great piece. The back and lower arms are light and breathable while the chest/core has nice insulation to keep you warm. The fit feels great and I just really like this jacket overall. I've got 3 weeks until archery elk season and I've found myself trying this on several times, daydreaming about my upcoming hunt.
    - Bull_Fighter on 8/14/2017
    Poor stitching
    Took this jacket to late July NWT dall hunt. Barely used it due to mostly warmer temps, was primarily used as warmth layer at spike camp at night. Stitching came loose at cuff and at hood causing significant holes. Question long term (even short term) durability. Needs double stitching around sleeve cuffs for sure.
    - JustinTX on 8/3/2017
    A Go To Piece
    The Sawtooth has fast become a go to piece of gear for me. Warm enough for cooler weather on it's own yet comfortable enough to be used in a layering system. I like the slimmer fit as it keeps excess material out of the way and just seems to hug the body better. about the only thing I have reservations about is the cuffs. I wouldn't mind seeing the cuffs with a slight more amount of elasticity as I like to be able to pull up my sleeves when it gets warmer out or when tackling a dirty job. The cuffs stay super tight on the forearm, which keeps them from sliding down, but also constricts on the forearm a tad too tight. Overall I have not hesitated to recommend this jacket and have had the urge to buy another.
    - Jerimiah on 8/3/2017
    Awesome product
    While I have not had this in the field the fit and fell is awesome. It is in my gear ready to head out for Alaska dall sheep in just a few weeks. Its First Lite I know it will perform flawless
    - CParrish on 7/14/2017
    Extremely versatile hunting jacket
    Was very impressed when I finally put on this jacket, amazing warmth in the areas you need it yet extremely flexible and breathable in areas where you want airflow. I did not expect it to be as warm as it is! The fit is perfect too! Great all around hunting jacket and a must for backcountry and tree stand hunters alike!
    - joshkolasch on 7/6/2017
    6' and 195lbs and the large fits the way i like (not tight not baggy)…
    Haven't used other than around town and i like it for the crisp mornings here in far northern ca….
    - Joey on 6/27/2017
    This piece is going to be a game changer! Its an all in one perfect jacket for those days where you need a little extra but not too much. First Lite knocked it out of the park with this jacket.
    - Jeff Lusk on 6/26/2017
    Great product- color is different
    I just returned from a week long bear hunt. Great product except for the color. I ordered conifer but the color is closer to pine. Both my obsidian pants and sawtooth jacket are much darker than they appear on the website. Other than that I love it!
    - AO Outdoors on 6/16/2017
    Dr. Versatile
    6'4, 195, Size Large. The cut is good, although it is shorter in the torso than the other large sizes that I previously ordered, not by a lot maybe 1/2". At first it felt strange, the mixture of different fabrics, it just felt off. Is it a chama? is it a vest? I wore it another time and it felt better, and now it gets better and better each time i wear it. Have an open mind, it won't let you down. it's a great layering piece for warmth. It will be in my bag this fall if it's not on me.
    - HuntORE on 6/15/2017
    Great mid layer
    Just got my cipher sawtooth jacket , great piece that's comfortable . Pockets are in a good spot and spacious so they don't catch back pack straps. Very soft inner shell and the hood system works great when you want to turn and look around . The long back makes it nice when you sit down it doesn't pull up so the wind doesn't blow up your back too .
    - Michael on 6/15/2017
    Excellent Fit and Function
    I am usually a medium in base layers and a small in outer wear and this fit me tight in medium. Take that into consideration when ordering. This piece is fantastic. If you were to pair this with a rain shell, you could take it down to below freezing and very nasty weather. It is a great piece that everyone should add, especially if weight is important to you. Very efficient and very effective.
    - Stefan on 6/8/2017
    Sawtooth - Go to Jacket Early Fall Hunts
    The Sawtooth will be a perfect jacket for early fall archery deer and elk hunting. The combination of merino wool on the back and arms as well as the insulation on the chest(core) makes for a light warm jacket that breaths.

    The pockets are place high so your pack belt doesn't cover them. The hood fits like a chama hoodie. The Sawtooth is the offspring of the uncompahgre and the chama hoodie.

    First Lite quality as always.
    - 3t Outdoors - Trent on 6/8/2017
    Right out of the box I was sold! The fit is right on for a mid weight piece and the wool feels amazing!!! This is my go to cool weather hoodie and I can see it easily being my new favorite mid layer for archery and rifle!
    - Linc on 6/7/2017
    Pretty darn awesome
    Just got my Sawtooth in earth. Haven't got to really use it other than wearing it today but it is really comfortable and seems very well thought out. the hood is sweet--not too big but I'll definitely use it. The pockets are great, too. So far so good.
    - Guide Guy on 6/1/2017