Sanctuary Insulated Bib Pant

The perfect complement to the Sanctuary Jacket for those late season hunts when the wind cranks up and the temperature drops down, the Sanctuary Insulated Bib is the extreme cold weather component of the First Lite Layering Kit. The Sanctuary bib is constructed with a proprietary combination of seven layers of fabric and insulation carefully positioned to maximize warmth and stealth while still allowing you the freedom of movement you need to take the shot. Stay Longer in your stand on those days when others are heading for home.





Product Details


  • True to Size: Purchase your normal size to wear over other layers
  • Actual Weight: 60oz (size large)
  • High back, waist, knees - 100g 37.5 Cocona Insulation
  • Silent construction provides quiet insulation and wind-proofing
  • Moisture resistant DWR exterior repels snow and rain
  • Thigh Cargo Pockets
  • Exclusive 37.5 fabric uses Active Carbon Technology moving perspiration (human signature) to the outside of the garment where it is functionally neutralized
  • Insulated high back with suspenders
  • Proprietary drop seat zipper system for complete thermal regulation and instant call of nature response
  • Covered by First Lite's Warranty

    • Sizes

      Available in men's sizes: SM, MD, LG, XL, XXL


      Machine Wash Cold and Hang Dry

      Cut Shooters Cut
      System Position Insulated Outerwear
      Material 37.5 by Cocona
      Actual Product Weight Size MD N/A
      Primary Usage Tree Stand, Waterfowl
      Temperature Below - 20F, 20F - 45F, 45F - 60F

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    Late Season Requirement
    Once I made the purchase, there was no going back on these. They aren't cheap, but as with everything First Lite they are top notch and an absolute necessity for anyone who hunts a cold late season. All you need is the merino base layer, the sanctuary jacket, and a tree stand in the right spot. These will allow you to stay most anywhere, probably longer than you want to sit. Thanks again First Lite!!
    - Josh on 10/2/2017
    Best cold weather bibs I've found
    LIke the jacket, the Sanctuary bibs are outstanding for cold weather. I rarely ever wear more than just a base layer under these down into the 20's, they're that warm. The nice thing is they're vented with a zipper all the way across your rear so you can unzip to get some air flow as you're walking in then zip up when you get in the stand. If you hunt under 40 degrees these bibs and the matching jacket are a must have.
    - Timothy on 9/2/2017
    There is no competition
    I waited a full year to write this review so that I could put these bibs through the test of a Midwest winter and they vastly exceeded my expectations. I live in Kansas where the winters can swing to the mid 30s, all the way down to temps below zero. With the varying temperatures, these pants kept me very warm, dry, and comfortable. Sitting in the stand in late November in the pants I was as comfortable as if it was 60 degrees. The material is quiet for stalks as well, and the zipper system on the back of the pants are great for when nature calls and you don't want to fully undress! I was thoroughly impressed during both snowy and rainy days where these pants kept me very dry, and warm. You don't want to be caught in the woods during the winter months without these pants!
    - Joe with Livin' Large Outdoors on 8/3/2017
    Perfect still hunt bibs!
    I primarily still hunt from a climber so long hours of not moving can get cold. I've used several different brands of bibs, tried hand warmers in pockets and most everything else you can think of to stay warm...these bibs out preform all that stuff. Layered with some other First Lite pieces these keep me warm the entire hunt and with half the bulk of my old stuff. If you're a still hunter these are a must! For reference I'm 6' 180lbs and the M in these fit me perfect with a couple of layers underneath.
    - Lincoln on 6/17/2017
    Some Serious Bibs
    After buying and using the sanctuary jacket last year the bibs were a must have. Although I have not had the weather to try out the bibs, if they are anything like the jacket they will be super warm, quiet, well-made, and comfortable. Thanks First Lite making such an awesome product for the whitetail stand hunter.
    - Troy on 5/10/2017
    Easily the best bibs that I have found for late season deer hunting out of a tree. Got to use these for a solid week on a late December western Kansas deer hunt. temperatures hovered in the teens most mornings, these kept me toasty warm 20 feet up in a cotton wood allowing me to shoot a nice 4x4 mule deer. They are quiet but do not pick up burrs or snags. paired with the sanctuary jacket its a perfect late season combo.
    - Gabriel on 5/4/2017
    The Best!
    These bibs are by far the best cold weather stand hunting bibs available. They are super quiet, warm and waterproof.
    - Andy on 3/16/2017
    What every Hunter needs!!
    I have had these bibs for 2 years now and have hunted as far north as Nebraska and as far south as southern Texas. They have been a must have for me. Whether I've been laying in a field hunting geese or siting in a tree in Kansas late season. They've kept me warm! You won't be disappointed
    - Matt Stanton on 1/8/2017
    The first time I wore these was during a real hard cold snap in mid December. The wind chills were dipping below zero. I had on Sanctuary bibs and a pair of sweat pants. The hike into my stand is about a mile and I was SWEATING on the hike in! Luckily the butt flap zipper lets in tons of air and I was able to regulate pretty easily. Once on stand I was nice and toasty even with a sweaty base layer on. This (along with a North Branch jacket) was my first purchase from First Lite and I am completely sold. I will be purchasing more (as in, a better base layer. haha) very soon. Also, the fusion pattern is fantastic. I would highly recommend this product.
    - Jake H on 12/29/2016
    Sell your Heater Body Suit/IWOM
    I use to hunt out of an IWOM suit for late season. It was warm but I hated trying to snake into it while sitting in my lonewolf stand, after I had cooled down from the walk in. I also didn't like how I had to shuffle my feet in the suit to move. If I would have fallen out of the stand I would have been screwed!! I switched to the Sanctuary suit and its the best move I've made. I love that you can vent the legs on the walk in, so you don't over heat. I also love the fabric, its DEAD quiet and doesn't get loud in super cold weather like some fabric do. The other two things I love on the bibs are the stretchy outter pockets that are easy to get your phone in and out of while sitting in the stand and lastly the legs zippers are awesome. No problems getting the bibs on or off when wearing large bulky boots. Selling my IWOM and buying these SUPER warm bibs was the best late season move I've made!
    - Rick on 12/12/2016
    Out of the box
    Just received the bibs and they look awesome. Real thought has been put into the design. I have been wear a pair of Cabelas silent sued bibs last 3 seasons and the degree of thought and the tech put into these is immediately apparent. Most obvious is the drop seat when nature calls and the next thing that jumps out is the thigh pockets will sit below a harness. The fabric quality and zips all stand out. The real test will be Sat AM as supposed to be 25 degrees at first light. With 3 layers under my other bibs, legs have been cold. I will report back!
    - Michael B on 12/7/2016
    Hands Down Best Hunting Bibs
    I bought these bibs for late season extreme cold hunts in South Dakota and these bibs exceeded my expectations in every way. Between archery hunting from a tree stand and calling coyotes in January I regularly hunt in below 0*F temperatures. These bibs keep me very warm allowing me to stay on the hunt longer and be more successful. All of the pockets and features of these bibs are well though out and useful and the fusion camouflage keeps me hidden in any terrain. First Lite makes some of the greatest hunting outerwear hands down and they have made me a life long customer.
    - Kendall on 12/5/2016
    Awesome in the cold
    I just wrapped a hunt in N. Michigan. I was stand hunting when a blizzard rolled in and was able to stay in my stand from sunrise to sunset resulting in the harvest of a nice buck. One neat feature I loved is the stretchy pockets on the legs. I was able to keep my calls in there for quick access and not worry about them falling out. These are what I consider an athletic fit meaning they are not bulky. I had the allegheny top/bottom, merino liner gloves, beanie w/ brim, uncompahagre jacket and Sanctuary jacket on; awesome combo.
    - James on 11/26/2016
    Great pair of pants!
    Been wearing these in the upper teens in the AM and upper 40's during the day the past week and a half, these are an awesome pair of pants/bibs to add to my First Lite aresenal. Very well thought out and functional and very warm with just my Allegheny underneath. Well worth the money and wish I had gotten them sooner. First Lite knocked it out of the park with these.
    - Hancho on 11/16/2016
    Toasty warm!
    These bibs are amazing, hands down warmest I've ever sat in. These allow me to sit from dawn to dusk with ease!!!
    - John Steinhauer on 9/2/2016
    These bibs are the bomb!! Perfect fit, to move, length is perfect. Very warm, I like that the material is so quiet. I thought the Uncompaghre Puffy was fairly quiet but the Sanctuary is almost silent. I really like the reinforced seat to keep your behind dry and the the zipper system is perfect for when nature calls so you don't have to strip butt naked in freezing temps. Great job first lite for thinking of the treestand deer hunter.
    - Jimbo on 7/28/2016
    Must have for cold weather!
    Hunting Late Season whitetails in the midwest can get cold, but you will not get cold wearing the sanctuary bibs. If you hunt late season or just like to be really warm, these bibs are for you!
    - Mitchell on 4/25/2016
    Almost like these more than beer !
    These bibs do not limit you to what type of game your hunting. the zippers and venting ability allows you to open them up to breath when your hiking and then close them up to stay warm when sitting for a long period of time. I put these through the ringer bear hunting this year and they even held up to some nasty briar patches. It was in the single digits in the morning and then up in the 40's during the day and I was very comfortable. I like to wear the base layer and kanabs underneath them. I even wear them under my neoprene waders when duck hunting.
    - David on 4/10/2016
    This is by far the best cold weather stand hunting system available. Paired with the Jacket its WARM, windproof, waterproof, and dead nuts quiet. Sizing is dead on, they are sized to layer over clothes so just order you normal size and forget it. The bibs waterproof reinforced seat is a little noisy if it rubs but it is super tough and if you do use the jacket it is covered most of the time anyway. You wont be disappointed!!
    - N. Hedrick on 4/9/2016