Sanctuary Insulated Jacket
Silent Construction 37.5 Insulation

Purpose-built for bitter cold days in the tree stand, the First Lite Sanctuary Insulated Jacket is the cold weather component of the First Lite Layering Kit. With a proprietary combination of seven layers of fabric and insulation carefully positioned to maximize warmth, this thing is an oven. Just as important, this is the quietest outerwear piece in the arsenal and utilizes our shooters cut, allowing you to draw your weapon accurately and uninhibited. With the Sanctuary, you will be able to Stay Longer in your stand on those days when others are heading for home.

An important note about sizing: The Sanctuary Jacket is a roomy fit designed to be layered over our base layer system. Without layering, some may find their normal size to be on the larger side.



Product Details

Layering Position

  • - Insulated Outerwear
    • Features

    • -True to Size: Purchase your normal size to wear under other layers
    • - Maximum insulation for warmth in extreme conditions + Moisture resistant DWR exterior repels snow/rain
    • - Dead quiet even in sub freezing temperatures
    • - Stays warm whether dry or wet
    • - Exclusive 37.5 fabric uses Active Carbon Technology moving perspiration (human signature) to the outside of the garment where it is functionally neutralized
    • - Built-in stretch for complete range of motion
    • - Constructed with biomechanically accurate Shooter's sleeves, shoulders and hood
    • Cut Cut to Wear Over Your Kit
      System Position Insulated Outerwear
      Material 37.5 by Cocona
      Actual Product Weight Size MD 55 oz.
      Primary Usage Tree Stand, Waterfowl

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Sanctuary System

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Very warm!
I have worn this jacket several times now. I wore it the other day when it was in the 40's and screaming wind, I did not feel the wind at all and I was toasty warm with just a wool shirt under! It is a quiet jacket as well. This is not a light jacket if you are counting ounces while backpacking, but if it is going to be below zero and windy, I will pack it because it is so warm! I am using it at sporting events to stay warm in the stands and watch my kids!
- Eric on 3/20/2018
All around PERFECT treestand jacket.
With a $400 price tag, I was hesitant to spend the money on one jacket. All I can say is that this is worth every dollar in my experience. This is the warmest jacket I own, hands down. It's the attention to the small details that make the sanctuary set a fantastic combo. The hood is perfect, warm while allowing you to see out of the peripherals. Pockets are purposefully placed. I could go on and on about how great the Sanctuary set is. I wore this during the late ML season here in NY when it was 0 degrees out. With one base layer and one good mid layer, I was pretty toasty in my treestand. You'll be glad you spent the money when it is below 30 degrees out. Nice water-resistant material. NOT durable however, so don't plan on busting through brush and briars (this is not what it is intended for).
- SyracuseHunter on 3/9/2018
Growing up, I hated hunting late season--wish I'd have had this jacket.
Thanks to this product, I no longer fear the cold. The Sanctuary jacket is phenomenal, it's become my go-to for frigid conditions. I've worn it over a t-shirt for evening archery hunts down into the 40's and been perfectly warm. With layering, I've used it as insulation for duck hunts down to -8 and it held up exceptionally. It's well designed offering a range of movement, built from a material that keeps quiet making it ideal for an outer layer in late archery, and durable. While expensive, it's the last late season jacket you'll ever need.
- TimVA on 3/6/2018
The wind will get you
I bought the sanctuary bib pant combo on sale and I would be irate if I didn't. The 189.00 gander mountain special I had was just as warm. 20 degrees and a 15mph wind is the norm in my neck starting the 3rd week of October, the sanctuary system doesn't cut it.. The combo is good if there is no wind but how often does that happen while hunting lol. 600 dollars later I'm still getting punished by the cold. The garment does not have a wind stopping membrane. It does not stop the wind.
- Obz on 2/23/2018
Great Jacket great price
we've had some windy and cold days here in Wyoming since I received the jacket. It does a great job at blocking the wind. I've never been a fan of hoods but this allows me to me my head without getting blocked. I will say it might be too warm for anything strenuous and its a bit on the heavy side but for sitting out waiting for wildlife to show up it's great
- Wyominghunter on 2/5/2018
Warmest and most comfortable clothing I have worn
When hunting and filming whitetail hunts in Northern Wisconsin at temps that were right around -10 degrees Fahrenheit and I was nice and warm paired with a Chama hoody underneath, this piece of clothing is by far the warmest piece of clothing I’ve ever owned.
- Brady on 1/31/2018
Tested to the limits!
I’ve been waiting until the end of our archery season in Minnesota to write this review. I wanted to test my gear through the nastiest weather before reviewing. Firstly, I had been researching cold weather archery clothing for a long time before pulling the trigger on the First-Lite Insulated Sanctuary Bibs and Jacket, along with a few under-garments. Upon receiving the items I noticed how silent the materials were. This turned out to be key in late-season when the woods are dead silent and sound carries in the cold crisp air. The bibs are pretty unreal. The full leg zippers that continue around the seat are really nice, especially on those longer walks to the stand. You can open up the zippers and release heat before breaking a sweat. There are two pockets with zippers and two pockets with stretchy openings. I used the stretchy pockets for my release and rangefinder. My legs never got cold and I was doing 2-3 hr sits in -15 degrees with -25 windchill. Now on to the Sanctuary Jacket. The jacket has a great fit in a size small for me. I’m 5’6” 135 lbs. I can layer underneath it and still feel like I have good range of motion. My favorite part is the material. It’s deadly silent. This is so important late season when there isn’t a breathe of wind, and everything is frozen. Sound carries really bad when like this. When the temps were in the teens I would wear just the thin base layer and the jacket but when the temps fell in the double digits below zero, I ended up layering with a merino long sleeve base layer and a couple of mid weight insulated fleece. I could last 2 solid hours in the stand like this before the cold crept in. I couldn’t have asked for a better jacket. Super quite and extremely warm. The sleeves are tapered to allow for smooth shooting without your string hitting. The hood is a huge plus as well. I worn their insulated balaclava as well. I wish the balaclava had a tighter fit around the nose to keep it in place. Besides this small concern, everything was perfect and made my December month of hunting in Minnesota a memorable and successful one.
- Evan on 1/12/2018
Absolutely top of the line
This is the best late season treestand coat there is on the market. Sure I haven't tried them all, but I'm still confident in that statement. The fit is great; roomy enough for movement and insulation, but not in the least bit baggy. There are tons of pockets, to help organize things, including the hand warmer pockets which are a nice touch. The fabric is also surprisingly quiet. I didn't expect that honestly, but it certainly makes staying comfortable AND quiet in a treestand much easier. And all of that is great and all, but none of those features compare to how dag on warm this thing is. It's amazing. Ten degrees out, wind blowing, and the only things cold on me were my feet (which also happened to be the only part of me not covered by First Lite gear... interesting). This coat (and the bibs) kept me feeling super comfortable all morning. I really can't recommend it enough. Also of note is that the sleeves work perfectly with the grizzly gloves, which are also awesome.
- Andrew on 1/11/2018
Simply the best!
Purchased the Sanctuary Jacket & bibs for late season here in Kentucky. This is the best product I have bought for cold weather stand hunting. Toasty warm without the bulk, plus as quiet as a mouse for archery hunting. Top to bottom, simply the best!

John on 1/3-2018
- John on 1/3/2018
Toasty warm and unrestrictive
I spend a lot of time treestand hunting in the teens and below. It is when the weather gets below 20 degrees that managing all day sits, while still being able to move, in a package that is quiet enough for drawing a bow on deer within 20 yards that is the challenge.

The sanctuary set solves most of that. The biggest thing I noticed about the sanctuary that set it apart from others was how light it felt when I was wearing it. Yet it isn't light. It also didn't feel bulky - despite the visible bulk that makes it so warm. The reason? This gear allows you to have the insulation you need but it allows you to be able to move. And this is amazing. You will notice this when you climb your tree steps, when you reach around the tree to grab your bow - grab your binoculars to glass, and draw your bow back.

I am a pretty little person, and as a woman (we are always cold!) staying warm sitting all day in a treestand in Minnesota winters is tough enough, and only made tougher (and downright insulting) when gear manufacturers only offer women's and smaller sizes in the early/mid season. Hats off to FL offering this in a size S as I was delighted to find gear that is actually WARM and
- Katrina on 12/30/2017
Sanctuary Jacket
Hunted late season archery whitetails in KS just a few days ago and used this and the bibs to tree-stand sit through some pretty brutal temps. The jacket is EXACTLY what I've been looking for and it kept me very comfortable during some -15+ wind chills. The matching bibs are incredibly warm and both are well thought out late season gear! I'm 5'-10 and 185 lbs and the large sizing fit me perfect. I will not look elsewhere for any late season gear because I don't think there's anything better available.

Pros: Quiet, warm, very comfortable and not too heavy feeling, great fit, great camo pattern (Fusion), deep pockets with cuffs are awesome, cell phone pocket on chest is perfect, hood fits great and adds another warm element to the system.

Cons: zippers/pull tabs are small (you're not putting on or taking this jacket off with gloves on) for the size of this jacket.

Wearing considerations: material is pretty tough and stretchy but isn't gonna withstand osage-orange thorns or a slip going over a barb wire fence - gotta be somewhat careful with it.
- Tim on 12/30/2017
Late season must have
This jacket is amazing. Without it I would not be able to tolerate the frigid late season weather. It holds heat in very well and keeps your body warm. Highly recommended! I'll be buying the matching bibs next.
- Chep on 12/12/2017
Just got this jacket last week and had a really cold weekend here in NC. Wore the jacket hunting Saturday and Sunday and never got cold the least bit. It was well worth the money. I will find out for sure how well they are next November when I go to Kansas.
- Caleb on 12/11/2017
Very impressed
Just received my jacket in time for a few days of Wisconsin muzzle loader hunting. Very impressed with the jacket. It is as quiet as any fleece I have owned. I hunted during some high winds and low temps (8deg.) and could not feel any of it coming through the coat. It is roomy and allows for layering underneath. The arm sleeves are tapered to the wrist and won't interfere with a bow string. This jacket needs to be carried in to the stand and put on, it is that warm.The outer shell may not seem durable but I can't imagine wearing it and doing much walking. I will be purchasing the bibs before next season. Always impressed with First lite.
- copper140 on 12/10/2017
I’m sitting out in 18 degrees windchill as I write this on December 9. Absolutely the best stand hunting jacket I’ve ever owned. It is as good as they say 100%.
- Tj on 12/9/2017
Picked up the Sanctuary Jacket and Bib on sale for Black Friday and couldn’t be happier. It’s hard to imagine any jacket being warmer while still maintaining mobility and low weight (relatively speaking, compared to lower quality late season gear). I’ve been out in 20-30F so far with winds, light rain and snow sitting in a stand and this set has taken it all in stride. I’ll be putting it to the test in January/February too when the temps really dip but I’m confident that it’ll hang just fine. Buy this set. it’s probably the last set of late season outerwear you’ll need.
- Scott on 12/8/2017
extreme weather jacket
This is a sleeping bag jacket- warm heavy and solid
- marty on 12/6/2017
great warm weather outer
If you need warmth while sitting this is the jacket. Not to be confused with a hiking layer, more for a sitting layer
- marty on 12/6/2017
Solid jacket for cold weather stand hunting
I am NEVER warm in my stand. I could not believe how good of a job this jacket did. I was also impressed by the well though out design and pockets. With all of the choices in jackets out there, it is the well though out design that makes the jacket worth it.
- Joe on 12/4/2017
Excellent fit and comfortable
I have always used 24 oz wool Jackets and bibs that were heavy and bulky. This sanctuary jacket is equally warm without the weight and bulkiness of wool. What a great product!
- Longbow hunter on 11/29/2017
Awesome jacket/bib combo!
I purchased this outfit primarily to hunt Saskatchewan in extreme cold, which will be next week. However, I got a chance to try it out during some very cold bowhunting days and the opening weekend of NY rifle. With minimal layering, I was toasty warm down to 18 degrees and windy. I didn't shiver or feel the slightest bit cold once. I am confident with my additional wool layering under this jacket, I will have no problem sitting in the below zero temperatures of northern Saskatchewan.
- Jeff on 11/21/2017
Great cold weather outerwear.
This jacket is almost perfect. 2 issues I have with this piece... the gusseted hand pockets are great for warmth, but a total pain to get hands in and out of. Secondly the grunt tube pocket is at a weird spot that when I turn to the left, my right arm constantly pushes the grunt out of the pocket. Fit and function is awesome and this jacket is warm!!! I’m 6’, 170lbs and I wear a medium.
- Wade on 11/21/2017
Perfect for Whitetail
I to put this off because of the cost. Now after wearing it for a season and a half, if my outfit came up missing I would buy another. If used correctly, this solves EVERY problem that a whitetail bowhunter ever had with cold weather clothing. I've worn it from Iowa temps in the low 20s with a 20 mph wind to mornings that start in the 30's and go up to 50's. Normally I only wear a pair of Chama top and bottoms under it with maybe a halsted fleece. The pockets and fit are perfect. I used to look like the stay puffed marshmellow man with very little mobility on cold days and I still struggled to stay warm. With this outfit I have pretty much full mobility, don't feel bulky at all and stay absolutly warm and comfortable. From someone who lives in the eastern whitetail woods, it's the best hunting clothing I've ever purchased!
- Aaron on 11/21/2017
Glad i spent the money
This is by far the best jacket I have ever owned. Others have been bulkier and not nearly as warm. I can shoot a bow with this thing on without any problem as the sleeves are designed to be tighter than the body of the jacket. The only reason i am giving it 4 stars and not 5 is because I would like to see 2 improvements: 1. the grunt tube sleeve could be angled up a bit more. If you bend over in the slightest with the current design your call will fall out of the sleeve. 2. I would love to have some sort of ventilation slits like the bibs have, the design with those was money as you can put them on at the truck and not sweat on your walk back. I feel if they could be placed from about the elbow down to the rib cage would be perfect. Thats a testament to how warm this thing is though. Love it!
- Stewart on 11/20/2017
Fitting Name!
I wore this sitting on the ground in a November Michigan sleet storm. With the hood up and bare hands in the pockets, I was very comfortable. As warm as it was, I never felt damp inside, like it says it brings sweat and moisture to the outside. Awesome jacket.
- Evan on 11/18/2017
So warm and comfortable in freezing weather with minimal layering. Purchase was worth it!
- Jay on 11/14/2017
Wore this while sitting on a ridge in central Washington for 5 hours looking for a mule deer. Wind was blowing up the valley, heavy snow and not once did I even think I was getting cold. Paired with the pants, the tundra balaclava and a few other First Lite pieces and I was quite pleased. Nothing worse than being cold or wet and with these pieces I was not worried at all.
- Kenneth on 11/13/2017
Duck hunters and glassers dream
Great jacket! I wear it duck hunting and it keeps me warm on the coldest of days. My favorite feature is the pockets. The lining keeps my hands toasty so I only wear a calling glove now. Just keep my shooting hand tucked and I have full dexterity for shooting. This jacket was clutch for 3rd rifle season in CO this year. Cold mornings and long stints of glassing were no problem. Only downside is that it's a little heavy so if you're headed into the back country it may not be the piece to take unless you absolutely need it.
- JayCreegs on 11/12/2017
It’s pretty good.
It really is a warm jacket. It’s quiet but it’s not ultra quiet, but probably quiet enough. The zipper occasionally gives me fits and sometimes doesn’t like to come undone or zip up. The shooters cut is the truth, it really doesn’t get in the way of shooting my bow, and when I wear it duck hunting the butt of my gun never gets hung up on it. $400 is a lot of money for any jacket but it’s probably worth it.
- Rick Ross on 11/8/2017
Well Engineered
This system (bibs and jacket) was clearly the brain child of a seasoned hunter. It has vents and zippers in all the right places so I don't overheat and sweat buckets when I'm heading out before first light (....... see what I did there), and has enough insulation that I have literally hunted in my boxer briefs and this system in temps hovering around 0 degrees and I was comfortable. The material is quiet so you don't make a racket drawing back on your bow and is designed in such a way that your range of motion in the torso and shoulders is not limited at all. If cold yoga were a thing this is what I would wear to it.
- Anthony M on 11/3/2017
Warm, Dry, And Comfy
Being up here in Alaska, we tend to get some pretty nasty weather in the fall during hunting season. I ordered this jacket to help alleviate some the cold, wet weather. it was about 35 degrees out on the first day and the wind was blowing so hard the rain was going up the hill into our faces. so we hunkered down and this baby kept everything toasty despite being in almost freezing temps with 50+ mph winds and rain. it got colder the next week when we were hunting further north chasing caribou, and it ended up getting to about -15 with the wind with a high of 5... but still this jacket did awesome!!! Best cold weather hunting jacket in my opinion that money can buy.
- Tyler on 10/27/2017
I love the sanctuary set. Warm, quiet, and full of great features. Expensive by man when its cold outside and you are warm and toasty it makes it worth every penny.
- Curtis on 10/24/2017
Warm and Quiet
I've owned this jacket only for the beginning of the 2017 bow season. The coldest it has been so far around here was about 38 degrees. I was in the stand for about 2 hours and began to get a little chilly, so I put on this jacket. I could barely keep it on it was keeping me that warm. For late season it will be great, but it's a little much if temps don't fall below freezing.

The material is super quiet. It made absolutely no sound. It is just as they say in the product description. Overall it is pricey, but well worth the investment.
- J Ryan on 10/15/2017
Perfect for Late Season sits!
First Lite hit the nail on the head with this design. Definitely not on the cheap side, but you can tell immediately that this is top quality. The fit is awesome and when paired with a layout that was clearly designed by hunters I don't see how you could make it better. When comboned with the sanctuary bibs and merino base this is perfect for those cold misting days in the stand when everyone else decides they would rather stay home and watch the playoffs!!
- Josh on 10/2/2017
Best cold weather jacket I've found
This is the best cold weather jacket I've ever found. I can wear just a Llano baselayer under this and be good down to the low to mid 30's. When it gets into the teens to 20's I wear a Llano, Chama QZ, and the Uncomphgre vest and stay plenty warm. The best thing about it is it's not that bulky and you can tell it was designed by people who hunt. The cut through the arms is perfect for shooting a bow and the sleeves aren't bulky at all. From mid November on this jacket is in the stand with me every hunt unless it gets unseasonably warm. If you hunt under 40 degrees this is the last jacket you'll ever need.
- Timothy on 9/2/2017
Very warm and comfortable
This jacket is very high quality and very warm yet comfortable. I like how you still have all ranges of movement unlike other jackets. If theres one thing I could change it would be a tougher outer shell.
- jaybee on 8/22/2017
Seems Awesome
I just got this jacket last week. It seems awesome. I tried it on and it fit perfect. I usually wear a large but bought a medium and I have plenty of room left for layering. It is really well constructed with tons of really nice features. I have a feeling this jacket is going to keep me nice and warm in the tree stand this season.

Keep up the good work First Lite!!!
- Scott on 7/19/2017
Perfect coat for late season treestand hunting. Used it one season with the sanctuary bib on the high plains of western Kansas. Kept me warm in temperatures close to zero. Love all the pockets on this coat, especially the hand warmer and kidney pockets. Turns this coat into an oven real quick.
- Gabriel on 5/4/2017
Perfect coat for late season treestand hunting. Used it one season with the sanctuary bib on the high plains of western Kansas. Kept me warm in temperatures close to zero. Love all the pockets on this coat, especially the hand warmer and kidney pockets. Turns this coat into an oven real quick.
- Gabriel on 5/4/2017
Awesome product!
I ordered this jacket along with the bibs for cold weather deer bow hunting. These are awesome for keeping you warm. Love it!!!
- Andy on 3/16/2017
**North Dakota Approved**
Living in North Dakota, you become all too familiar with extremely cold winters (wind chills quite often -30 to -40). I just got this jacket a few weeks ago and my heavy, bulky Carhartt was immediately retired. It doesn't hinder your range of motion, it's bow friendly (sleeves won't get hit by the string), and the hood cut is damn near perfect. It truly seals in the heat. If you live in the northern tier and want to be able to get out and stay out, you're not going to find much that can compare.
- Jack on 1/5/2017
Warm, quiet , comfortable
This jacket has it all , I've sat out in a duck blind below zero for 7 hrs with just the base layer and a halstead fleece underneath it kept me warm entire time . The material is very soft and quiet . Hood works well when turning your head I like the webbed pockets too, took me a second to figure out the loops on the chest , I assume their for a hand muff cuz it works really well for it , best overall heavy jacket i own .
- Michael on 12/14/2016
Perfect Late Season Jacket
I use this jacket in conjunction with my Sanctuary Bibs and its the ticket! I usually walk in with the bibs and my under layers with the jacket strapped to my backpack. Once in the stand I put it on and its great. There are a lot of things I like about the jacket. First off its quiet, you know that when hunting late season having quiet gear is extremely important. The jacket is very warm as well. I hunt in Iowa and MN and don't hunt out of box blinds, so all of my hunting is in the element... This jacket keeps me warm plain and simple. A few other features I like about the jacket are all the pockets (inside and out). I love the double pockets on each side hand warmer pocket and zipper pockets and also the kidney pockets for hand warmers inside the jacket!
- Rick on 12/12/2016
My three favorite things about this jacket are - It's very light, It's extremely quiet and finally, it's perfect. Looks amazing in Fusion and has been very durable so far. First Lite is the best.
- Chris on 12/11/2016
Best Cold Weather Outerwear Period
I picked up the Sanctuary jacket and bibs for late season extreme cold weather hunts in South Dakota. I use the jacket to hunt whitetails in December and coyotes into January and February. Temps regularly drop below 0*F but the Sanctuary jacket keeps me warm and comfortable regardless of the weather. The fit of this coat is excellent and the shooters cut eliminates unwanted bulk. Fusion Camouflage makes me disappear regardless of the terrain I am hunting. First Lite did an outstanding job with this coat. I am a customer for life.
- Kendall on 12/5/2016
Awesome in the cold
I just wrapped a hunt in N. Michigan. I was stand hunting when a blizzard rolled in and was able to stay in my stand from sunrise to sunset resulting in the harvest of a nice buck. The hand pocket design is ingenious. I just dropped a hand warmer in each pocket every morning and stayed nice and warm either bare handed or with the First Lite merino liner gloves. I hate bulky gloves so this is a very big deal for me. Also, I had about two inches of snow and ice on my hood and my head never got cold. I could see great with no affect to my peripheral vision and was able to hear the buck come in well before I saw him. My setup from First Lite included the allegheny top/bottom, merino liner gloves, beanie w/ brim, uncompahagre jacket and Sanctuary jacket on; awesome combo.
- James on 11/26/2016
Awesome in the cold
I just wrapped a hunt in N. Michigan. I was stand hunting when a blizzard rolled in and was able to stay in my stand from sunrise to sunset resulting in the harvest of a nice buck. The hand pocket design is ingenious. I just dropped a hand warmer in each pocket every morning and stayed nice and warm either bare handed or with the First Lite merino liner gloves. I hate bulky gloves so this is a very big deal for me. Also, I had about two inches of snow and ice on my hood and my head never got cold. I could see great with no affect to my peripheral vision and was able to hear the buck come in well before I saw him. My setup from First Lite included the allegheny top/bottom, merino liner gloves, beanie w/ brim, uncompahagre jacket and Sanctuary jacket on; awesome combo.
- James on 11/26/2016
Great fit and warm
Bought this jacket at the end of last season on sale. Did not get a chance to use it till this fall (2016). I took it duck hunting in N Dakota the first week of November. First day wore a Omni heat base layer, the labrador shirt and this jacket. Had the FL head gear on and used the hood. First time ever I not only tolerated a hood, but forgot I was using it. Fits great and moves with your head so you are looking to the side you are not looking at the inside of the hood. The articulated arms are the best I have ever used on a hunting jacket. Mounting and swinging the shotgun took no effort, again best hunting jacket I have used for shooting.
Unfortunately it was too warm that trip and only used the jacket one day, but I can tell that I will need fewer layers than before, I dislike wearing many layers of clothes, makes me feel all bound up and cannot move well.
One final comment is the collar, It is high enough to help seal off drafts around the neck, but does not interfere with gun mounting. A "different" coat I own has such a thick stiff collar it interferes with mounting the gun. Not something I want to have to think about when a quick shot presents itself.
I love this coat and will be my go to cold weather coat.
- Nate on 11/22/2016
Great Jacket!
If you are a tree stand hunter in the late season, then this is your jacket! I was amazed at how warm and quiet this jacket was. The temperatures ranged from 20-30's with some steady winds which usually would chill you to the bone since you are not moving. This jacket is worth every penny if you are like me and do a lot of tree standing hunting. I will say that at those temperatures you definitively can not walk around in this jacket, it is too hot. I found my self stopping and caring the jacket to my stand. I will see how it goes once the temps drop below 20.
- Chad on 11/17/2016
No regrets
The reviews are all true. I did not want to spend close to this much money but I have zero regrets. its light, quiet, and toasty. only reason it does not get 5 stars is because it should have a trap door slit for safety harnesses. that's my only dissappoinment.
- BK on 11/8/2016
Definitely helps you stay longer!!
Thus Jacke is simply awesome, I used this last winter chasing coyote in Temps around 50 below zero, and never got cold once! I highly recommend it for anyone doing any kind of later season hunting when the Temps drop!
- John Steinhauer on 9/2/2016
Treestand hunters dream coat!
Purchased this coat in hopes of finding something to wear during gun season (with blaze orange vest) and late season bow hunting here in Wisconsin. This was exactly what I was hoping for. Super quiet, wind resistant warmth!

Fit/Sizing: First thing to know is that this coat has a parka type bottom. Meaning it runs a little longer than "normal" hunting coats. I'm 5'10" 185 pounds. I ordered a large and medium. Large was the winner for me. The arms and shoulder area in the medium were just too tight for any layering. Arms have a nice shooters cut and stay out of the way of my bow string.

Pros: Windproof, water resistant, the gussets in the pockets are nice if you're a thin glove/no glove user. Full range of vision and movement with hood on. Interior lining makes it easy to slip on over base layers. DEAD QUIET! - even in single digit temperatures.

Cons: Sometimes have to wrestle with the zipper. However, I'll take an extra 20 seconds of zipper wrestling for the warmth and function of this coat.
- Dinger on 8/24/2016
It's an OVEN!
They're not pulling your leg when they tell you it's warm. I put this thing on and it was like an instant heater was put on my body. Truly amazing and a joy to wear in the stand or on the hillside even when not in motion. I wore this on a subzero temperature evening calling coyotes didn't even notice I was laying prone in the snow. If you are doing anything strenuous I would consider taking it off until the activity is over otherwise you may generate too much heat.
- Jonathan on 8/4/2016
Quiet and Comfortable
The Sanctuary Jacket combined with bibs is a rock solid set for extreme cold stationary hunting situations. I have used the system for layout goose hunting and bowhunting whitetails in the late season. In both situations, I maintained core temperature very well. I think back on hunts when I tried everything to keep my temp up just in order to stay on stand or in the bland, including doing squats and muscle contraction sets to try to build heat. I didn't have to do that with this system. As compared to some of the other options for staying warm while stationary, this system still allows full freedom of movement and ability to draw a bow. I do use a sleeve on my left arm to prevent string slap. The material is the quietest of all the hunting apparel I have used. I have used this in very light rain, but would not suggest more than that. But, this is really meant for extreme cold, when wet precipitation should not be an issue. This set is something I look forward to using, as I feel it will allow me the capability to stay on stand longer. Highly recommend.
- Scott on 7/20/2016
Built for Late Season Treestand Hunting
I have been using First Lite gear since 2007 and I must say I was excited to learn they released an outerwear line to compliment the merino wool line. I hunt late season for whitetail in Alberta and with frigid temperatures dipping well below -20 this Jacket allows me to sit comfortably all day. I have struggled in the past to stay warm but now I have no excuse to kill that buck of a life time.
- Joey Mungo on 7/5/2016
buy once cry once.
Outstanding jacket. I hunt waterfowl in late december with it as well as late season archery and it keeps me warm. Temps as low as -20 and gale force winds. it also allows for a large range of movement. This has always been a problem when attempting to shoulder a gun or draw a bow with other brands gear. Set in and finally be comfortable when your grinding out a long day. Its not the most inexpensive jacket but why invest in guns, bows, hunts, etc... and be cold and miserable. (NW PA)
- David on 4/9/2016
This along with the Sanctuary Bibs are hands down the BEST cold weather stand hunting gear I have ever used. Its is dead nuts quiet, and the features are well thought out and functional. Sizing is dead on, they are cut to wear over layers so just order your normal size and forget it. First Lite proves itself again. OUTSTANDING!
- N. Hedrick on 4/9/2016
If its cold and windy....this is the jacket
Sizing runs a little big I think. I ended up using a small and its perfect. I normally wear a medium. I shoot traditional archery and I may where it a little tighter in the forearm than some people. It works perfect as an arm guard.

The material and build is stealthy quiet. !!!!!

I did rifle hunt last year and it was bitter with a 30 mph straight line wind all day. Everything but my upper body and head (where this jacket was) was frozen. The detail around the hood is amazing against driving winds.

The only thing I would improve is the snag resistance of the outer fabric. We have tons of thorny vines here in Oklahoma. It only snagged a little and if you know what sand burrs are, they actually came right off.

I would recommend this if you are stationary hunting
- easton on 4/4/2016
Ridiculously Warm and Quiet
This is flat out the best piece of kit I own. I sat through rain, snow and wind and this coat is impervious to the elements. Even when walking in and out of the set up you won't get overheated as it disperses moisture well.

Lots of folks complaining about the pockets. I don't like to wear big bulky gloves while hunting once I'm in the set up. The snug fit of the pockets around my wrists allow me to keep my bare hands warm without any openings for wind or water. Throw a chemical hand-warmer in there and you'll appreciate the tight entry to the pockets.

Just Great
- Carter on 4/3/2016
Fusion... I am diggin this pattern! I have had a lot of close encounters though the years but alway felt like when deer saw me they see a blob they just couldn't figure out what I was. I just bought the sanctuary bibs and coat about a month ago and have had several encounters wearing this that a deer has come within 10 yards and looked through me! It's like their eyes can't focus on it. Very cool! Oh yeah, it's extremely warm too! I have not tested it to its full potential yet. I have had worn it in the mid 20s with 30 mph gust with no problems! I packed hand warmer but left them in my bag because I didn't need them! This is a great piece of gear!! Thank you first lite!
- Wm3 on 2/9/2016
Toasty !!!
Post gun Season (Archery) in NE Ohio (Jan 18th) brought Cold (19F), Wind, & a foot of Snow! I like the fact that I don't have to wear multiple layers underneath to stay warm! Hydraphobic (long john) next to skin, Flannel shirt, then this Coat was all I needed! Less BULK! Blocks wind better than wool,& lighter, sheds Rain better also! Fusion Camo pattern is GREAT for Eastern Woodlots! I like the 4 Color pattern!
- shubey on 1/26/2016
I just purchased this jacket, and I have yet to find a flaw. It's unbelievably warm in very cold conditions. The long tail is great and hood allows for excellent visibility. Perhaps my favorite part is the freedom of movement you still have. Bowhunter's dream.
- Mike McKinney on 1/25/2016
Awesome Product
I got this in ASAT pattern, no matter what pattern you pick the garment quality itself is very nice. It's a bit expensive as compared to all the low cost options available, if you make the leap and spend the money, you won't feel like it was a bad decision at all.
I won't get to use it for warmth for a few more months now but my gut tells me I'll have no problem staying warm late season. I also bought the bibs to match, also a quality garment
- Rick on 10/23/2015
Best Jacket Ever
I am very picky about my clothing as I only bow hunt all year. This jacket is my go to cold weather jacket. The cut is perfect, it is quiet, and the quality is unmatched. You definitely get what you pay for.
- Texas bow hunter on 7/23/2015
Amazing Coat
I bought this coat in 2014 prior to hunting season. I absolutely love it. I was still hunting elk in the Wyoming Mountains and wore it all day, every day. It is comfortable, warm and quiet. My only complaint is the zipper; it has been a pain in the ass since the day I got it. Ultimately it isn't a big problem because once I get the coat on I never want to take it off.
- WYO Joe on 3/12/2015
Sanctuary Jacket
This Jacket is great. Solid fit and VERY warm. I would not really call this extremely "packable" as another reviewer and it is no where near as small/light as the Uncompahgre but it definitely fits the bill for a deer stand and duck blind jacket.
- extremely warm for its weight
- great fit when layered with other first lite clothing
- good value for the product

- POCKETS: They are abysmally tight. Great for bow hunting when you don't wear any other gloves but as soon as you put on even thin layer of gloves the pockets will not allow you get your hands in and out smoothly. Forget keeping your phone in there and checking it throughout your sit.
I took the jacket to a seamstress and she opened up the pocket a bit and its now "perfect". Its a relatively small flaw for such a great jacket.
- Chris on 3/11/2015
Cold weather dream
I could t wait for some cold temps to hit the Midwest so I could try out this jacket. Through the wind, rain, and cold this product performed like a champ! With the temp in the teens and wind around 20 I stay plenty warm but it is cut generously enough to wear multiple layers beneath it. In the description the quietness was really bragged on but I can say that it is the quietest outer garment I've ever seen. I'm still amazed at how quite it is. I'm looking forward to my next time out and the opportunity to wear it again.
- Kentucky Whitetail Farms on 12/5/2014
Tree Stand Hunters Delight
I was in need of a jacket to keep me warm on the tree stand here in the Mid West. In November it is common to have temperatures below 20 degrees with 15-20mph winds. I had those conditions this year and the Sanctuary allowed me to sit all day without having tons of layers on underneath. I was able to walk in with just my Chama Hoody, then as I started to cool down I would add my Chama EXT and finally the Sanctuary. This jacket has the perfect cut for bow hunters and is very quiet. Highly recommend the Sanctuary for cold days in the tree stand or deer blind.
- Trent on 12/5/2014
Sanctuary performance
I've never written a review before but felt compelled to do so after using the Sanctuary jacket. I purchased this jacket specifically for a Kansas bow hunt. I spent four days in a treestand with temps dipping into the 20's and wind up to 40mph. The sanctuary performed as advertised, totally windproof and very warm. Also, during hunts when the wind didn't blow, the jacket is totally silent.
- Michael Brewton on 11/28/2014
Warm, Quiet, High Quality
I am a bowhunter and I bought this jacket for cold temp treestand hunts in Ontario Canada. Wore it out for the first time today and was impressed with the product.


Very quiet - critical for bowhunting.
Warm - overall this jacket feels lightweight but is very warm with good insulation.
Shooters Sleeve - the sleeves on this jacket will not interfere with your shot.
Zip to mouth - I like how the zipper goes up the neck to about your mouth and doesn't end at the neck, helps keep the heat in.
Good Length - this jacket fits more like a coat as it ends at around your thigh area and not your waist like most "jackets" do. Helps keep you warmer


Hood - I would prefer to have a removable hood on this jacket. When sitting in the treestand the hood rubs against the tree and can make enough noise to spook a deer. When worn, it is warm and blocks the wind but it is more of a pain for me which is why I would like it to be removable.

Hand Pockets - The hand pockets in this jacket are tight around your wrist which is great to keep the heat in and keeps your hands warm, however you cannot carry much in the pockets because of this which sucks. More pockets to carry all of your gear to the stand would be nice as well.

Overall this is a high quality jacket that is great for a treestand hunter.
- CanadianBoy on 10/24/2014
Very High Quality
Got this jacket, it's light VERY QUIET, very warm and just a very good jacket for a treestand bowhunter. The pouch in the kidney area is great, the pockets are good to keep hands warm and the left breast paocket is where I keep my range finder. It has draw strings to pull the bottom waist snug that can be accessed from the inside pockets.

Overall I am very pleased with this jacket, not cheap but worth every penny in my opinion

- Jimmy Wallhanger on 10/20/2014
Warmer than it Looks
Got this jacket to try waterfowling in single-digit temperatures. It is extremely warm and kept me dry in a pretty big snow storm. Didn't get cold at all and the gusseted pockets are like wearing a quarterback hand warmer--awesome.
- TheHornyToad on 7/16/2014
This coat is so light and packable that I take it every where in my pack. It has a self-containment pouch to store it in and its smaller than a softball when it's all buttoned down.

The insulation in the coat is ultra light and resists moisture well but is not waterproof This coat is awesome for camp, glassing and cruising around but when things get wet you'll need to throw on the Stormlight shell.
- ZAC GRIFFITH on 6/18/2014