Red Desert 170g Merino Boxer Short

The legend, the myth, the One: Slip on the First Lite 100% Merino Red Desert Boxer Short for the most comfortable and breathable experience known to man, whether your on a warmer weather hunt or gearing up for a long day on the job site. You will be amazed at Merino's ability to control odor and regulate temperature on even the warmest days--even on day ten of any hunt. All new design includes less stitching in wear areas and a soft jacquard waistband.





Product Details

Layering Position

  • This is your next-to-skin layer, the first layer you put on in the First Lite System
  • Features

  • True to Size: Purchase your normal size to wear under other layers
  • Inseam: 10"
  • Actual Weight: 3.8oz
  • 17.5 micron, superfine, pure 100% merino wool
  • Pure Merino Wool is naturally antibacterial, meaning there is no treatment necessary to retain its odor resistant quality even when used for several days in a row
  • Unlike other fabrics, Merino keeps you comfortable from extremely high temperatures down to the coldest digits as well
  • Merino Wool is also naturally UV absorbent to eliminate shine and fire resistant
  • Lightweight, jersey-knit fabric
  • Flat lock seams for next-to-skin comfort
  • Ergo cuff with thumb loops
  • Stays warm whether dry or wet
  • Covered by First Lite's Warranty

    • Sizes

      Available in men's sizes: SM, MD, LG, XL, XXL


      Machine Wash Cold and Hang Dry

      System Position Next to Skin
      Material 100% Merino Wool
      Actual Product Weight Size MD N/A
      Primary Usage Lifestyle, Spot & Stalk, Tree Stand, Waterfowl, Upland, Fishing

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Terrible Durability 10/25/2018

These tore at the crotch seam less than a year into use. I only used them for hiking and hunting. Filled out the form to try to exchange them and never got a response. Have had multiple friends say the same has happened to them. Very poor durability for the price and the outdoor industry. Makes me question future FL purchases.

How it fits
Fit was good.

Nickname: Cody
Height: 5'6" - 5'8"
Weight: 170lbs - 180lbs
Size: M
Location: New York
Use: Spot & Stalk
Best Boxer EVER 8/30/2018

No need to continue to search for the best underwear anymore. Moisture wicking, odor control, and comfortability are all top notch. I've tried many underwear and none beat these period.

Nickname: kyle
Pajamas or Long Johns? 8/30/2018

I'm running these boxers from September to May in SW Wisconsin. They are an excellent base layer for hunts below 68 degrees. When it gets brutal cold I wear them under my full-length base layer.
They also make a great sleeping layer when sleeping outdoors in a bag.

Nickname: Michael
Height: 6' - 6'2"
Weight: 150lbs - 160lbs
Size: M
Location: Wisconsin
Use: Lifestyle
Comfy! 8/30/2018

Super comfy, and they dont stink. I have a combination of these and the wick undies. Solid combination for multiple days.

Nickname: JOHN
Height: 6'4" - 6'6"
Weight: 210lbs - 220lbs
Size: XL
Location: North Carolina
Use: Waterfowl
Was my absolute favorite for a while but it's not 100% perfect. 8/29/2018

I'm a bit of an undergarment connoisseur. I work in wildland firefighting and torture test everything I use and wear at work on a regular basis from May until December every year. Prior to buying these, another reviewer admitted to wearing them for 3 days straight just to see what would happen and left positive remarks for them. Challenge accepted. I bought a pair and wore them during the summer fire season of 2017 in California. At first, I thought they were the greatest thing since.... well, boxer briefs.... The wool seems to wick moisture away fabulously. However, that moisture has to go somewhere and even though it doesn't completely saturate like cotton would, it ultimately heats things up more than would seem comfortable. I found that I was getting slightly too warm when I wore these. The material is great at keeping chafing in check, but the heat rash is inevitable. This is especially true after "3 days" of hard, gnarly use. I will admit that I wore these to their breaking point just to see if they lived up to the other reviews. They hold up but I'll tell you that after 3 days of working fires in 106* CA heat, they get funky. I'll leave it at that.....

These briefs are well-made and built with good material but it'll warm you up in the heat. Otherwise great for mellow hunts in cooler weather.

How it fits
Could be more generous in the package. Seems wide from leg to leg but the waist is close to the bottom of the seat and something's got to give.

Nickname: Ryan
Height: 6'8" - 6'10"
Weight: 220lbs - 230lbs
Size: XL
Location: California
Use: Lifestyle
MUST BUY 8/29/2018

So you’re probably thinking should I really spend $50 bucks on underwear? YES!!! NO MORE SWEATY BALLS OR SMELLY CRACK THEY KEEP YOU DRY WHERE YOU NEED IT AND DONT SMELL LIKE FUNK WHEN YOU TAKE THEM OFF!!! I walk a mile to my spot! MUST BUY!!!

Nickname: Wyatt
Height: 5'10" - 6'
Weight: 150lbs - 160lbs
Size: L
Location: Oklahoma
Use: Tree Stand
Boxer griefs 8/29/2018

They are the most amazing pair of boxers ever comfort is outstanding never bunches or rides up while hiking they wear out fast I have bought two pair and none of them lasted more than 20 miles without wearing a whole in crotch area they are absolutely over priced for the amount they will last you

How it fits
Great fit

Nickname: Ocotillo warrior
Height: 5'10" - 6'
Size: L
Blew my balls off 8/29/2018

Have you ever had a pair of boxers make your hunt more painful than it needs to be...Im talking about a crappy set of boxers that does nothing but ride during a long hunt. Well look no further because you’ll never have that problem with these puppies.

The first time I wore these it felt like a cloud was perfectly holding my junk in place. Zero ride.

I never go on a hunt without them. I typically go 5 days without a change. Here’s a trick I don’t tell many people, turn them inside out and you can get another 5 ;)

Nickname: KT
Height: 5'10" - 6'
Weight: 200lbs - 210lbs
Size: L
Location: Ontario
Use: Waterfowl
Best underwear I’ve worn 8/28/2018

I intended these to be a cold weather item, but found myself wearing them all the time. They’re great for everything. I like the extra length on the legs and the fact that I can wear them for a week straight without gett No odor. They wick well dry fast and most importantly., feel great on what matters most.

Nickname: J-Pip
Height: 5'10" - 6'
Weight: 190lbs - 200lbs
Size: XL
Location: Utah
Use: Spot & Stalk
Great product! 8/28/2018

The merino boxer short is a great product that I would recommend to anyone who is going to be out in the field for a while. I tested these out, wearing them ten days straight up in the arctic circle. Zero odor to them in the end (I know..gross) and they were without any noticeable wear and tear. They went through plenty of long movements with high activity. I'll be purchasing some more!

How it fits
Slightly tight in the groin area. Other than that, true to size.

Nickname: Micah
Height: 5'10" - 6'
Weight: 180lbs - 190lbs
Size: M
Location: New York
Use: Spot & Stalk
I never thought wool could take of the boys this well... 8/23/2018

These are great for hot or cold weather. They don’t absorb order and are super comfy.

Nickname: Jed
Height: 6' - 6'2"
Weight: 180lbs - 190lbs
Size: M
Location: Oregon
Use: Spot & Stalk
Super comfortable 8/18/2018

Super soft , drys quick , and the extra length is nice to prevent rubbing

Nickname: Alex
Height: 6' - 6'2"
Weight: 240lbs - 250lbs
Size: XL
Location: Alabama
Use: Lifestyle
Great, but needs some reinforcement 3/30/2018

Took these boxers to the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center in Bridgeport, California. I wore one set of these underwear for 12 consecutive days. (yes, nasty to some, but ounces=pounds; pounds=pain). Dried incredibly quickly on my body after nearly daily movements of 5-10 miles with a 100 pound pack full of military gear. They worked out great under my base layer leggings I was issued, but the only issue is the boxers started to wear out in the area between my testicles and butt crack. They developed a small hole and the fabric had worn very thin, but no major issues anywhere else. Despite the issue and ruined pair, I'd highly recommend these boxers.

Nickname: Paul
Must have 3/17/2018

Nothing worse than stinky underpants. These don't stink, and helps with sweaty... well you know what.

Nickname: Chris
Great base layer when it is cooler 2/7/2018

I wear these exclusively now when I hunt in mid and late season. Super comfortable, and warm but not TOO warm. I now have 3 pair in different colors, and simply won't hunt without them.

Nickname: Tres
So comfortable 1/21/2018

6' 180 and I wear a M. Perfect fit. I have used these for multiple seasons now when archery elk hunting and they never fail to impress me how much they keep the stink down on multi-day outings. They wick sweat away, keep things warm when needed and dry out when necessary while wearing them. Only knock would be durability. I machine wash on delicate and then hang dry and still get material holes or runs from the washing process every now and then. Unknown if they snag up on something in the washing load which pulls the material apart? Not sure. Even with that they are an invaluable piece of gear for the backcountry and everyday use.

Nickname: Paul
Dirtbag Hunter Necessity 1/11/2018

Feel free to cringe, but on backpack hunts I roll with one pair of undies - the one I'm wearing. With these boxers, that's possible. The merino wool is extremely comfortable, manages moisture very well, and they are highly odor-resistant. If truly necessary, you can always wash them in a creek, ring them out and hang them to dry. If you take one pair of undies on a hunt, make sure you have the Red Deserts.

Nickname: RyanM
Best underwear I've ever owned 1/5/2018

Best underwear I have ever owned. After a week hunt in Ohio there was no funk, like there would be in a regular underwear. My favorite feature of this underwear is they are long enough that they do not ride up even when climbing into a treestand or hiking. My go to underwear.

Nickname: Caleb
Extreme Comfort 1/3/2018

These are very comfortable, almost like you forgot to put boxers on. I am a big guy (6'4" 240) and the XL feel a little loose on me but not baggy so not sure if its just the style or if I should go down a size. Either way they are still the best I have tried. I really like the length on these over the shorter aerowool boxers.

Nickname: Nathan
warm 12/29/2017

helped very much with insulation layering and so comfortable didn't even remember i had them on. Plus on the ff chance I needed to make a quick stock in my underwear they have a great camo pattern.

Nickname: Ryan
Nice to wear 11/17/2017

Bought these on a whim and never looked back. Really comfortable and warm.

Nickname: stickandstring
Will not hold up 11/4/2017

I would've given these a five star rating because they are truly the best underwear I've owned but they do not last. So awesome I bought 5 more pairs for a total of 7 pairs and I wore them daily....then the wear-and-tear began to show after 1.5 months. I did get the other 5 pair on sale for $35 but for the money I wouldn't buy again. I am not a tooth pick legged runner, more built like a line backer where my pants are bought on how well my thighs fit in them. Maybe a change will be made such as with the original kanab vs the 2.0 version and now the obsidian.

Nickname: Justin
Buy them! 10/16/2017

If you are considering these, do yourself a favor and pull the trigger. They are crazy comfortable, scary good at temp regulation, and they also ward off the funk like nothing I've tried before. You won't regret this purchase. These are my favorite of the First Lite boxer lineup. I prefer these to the aerowool versions and the length of the legs on these keep them where they should be.

Nickname: Dusty
The best boxers for any hunt 10/2/2017

The best boxers, are those you forget you are wearing. These Red Desert Boxers fit great and don't ride up or fall down. They hold everything in place (without being restrictive), and keep it all nice and dry. I never knew how much I needed these until I actually used them. I can't recommend these highly enough.

Nickname: Cory
Comfortable and practical 9/25/2017

After 2 days of wear during active elk hunting at 8000- 10200ft were still comfortable and held no noticeable odor.

Nickname: RFelkGuide721
Amazing 9/13/2017

Best underwear ever, wear them for everything. Medium fits me perfectly, 6'0 tall 190lb slim build

Nickname: Lucas
Smooth Fabric 8/30/2017

Very comfortable and well made. Only issue I had was that it seemed like there was some extra fabric around the waist and upper leg that made for a loose fit.

Nickname: Kevin
Awesome first lite never fails 8/18/2017

Again I can't say enough about first lites gear. I absolutely love these boxers. I've only tried them on one time but I can tell they are absolutely perfect. Can't wait to use them when the season starts in a week!!!

Nickname: Johnny
Great pair for early or late season 8/12/2017

These boxers are a great fit. Not too long and not too short. They are thin enough to wear in hot weather and not feel overheated.
They are a tad bit on the itchy side when you first wear them, but they soften up after a few washings.
I would recommend these if you want some longer boxers than the benmore

Nickname: Kelly
Best pair of skivvies out there 8/9/2017

Both the Red Desert boxers and Dobson Aerowool boxers are the best underwear I have owned. I can run a trail marathon or spend 4 days wearing them in the backcountry with no chaffing or smelling my junk when I sit down. I like them so much I have purchased 6 pairs and wear them everyday, yes I have them on as I am typing this. The First Lite boxer briefs have replaced every pair of performance boxer briefs I own.

Nickname: Esquire_Outdoors
Perfect 8/3/2017

Held up to week in NWT for dall hunt. Only boxers I wore, no stench afterwards. Perfect for ultralite hunting.

Nickname: JustinTX
Way better than aerowool 7/31/2017

These are amazing. The length keeps them from riding up, they are snug and hold everything in place yet don't stink after a long hike. I tried the aerowool version but for me, they did not have the same comfort level.

Nickname: Mk7mmSTW
No stank. 5/1/2017

I hunted elk in the San Juan mountains near Ouray, CO for 8 days with two friends. After over 27 miles and 28,000 feet in elevation covered I wore two pairs throughout the whole week. Sweat, work, and elevation are no match for these things. I heard they wouldn't smell bad so of course I smelled them and they had no stank even after 4 days of hard hunting during a warm season.

Nickname: Matthew
Perfect for Pants and Parts 4/18/2017

These are my go-to undies for any sort of strenuous outdoor pursuit. They keep my twig and berries supported without feeling constrained, they don't stink after a few days of wear, and they keep everything dry and feeling fresh. Oh, and they're insanely comfortable. Easily the most comfortable underwear I own, to include ex officio, UA, and Smartwool. The only reason I gave these bad boys 4 stars is because I like to wear shorts in the summer time (Sky's Out, Thighs Out) and the longer legs on these peek out of the bottom of my shorts and get really exposed when I sit down. But if I'm wearing long pants and I'm outside, you can bet that I'm wearing these.

Nickname: Matt
Cold nuts ruin ruts 4/13/2017

These boxers are awesome for 3rd or 4th season deer hunts! I normally don't like boxers this long but the extra length is great when the temps are low and prevents them from creeping up and causing chaffing. They are a little too warm for my liking for early and mid season but that's what the Aerowool stuff is for. I love the comfort and flexibility of these. You won't regret the purchase if you hunt in the cold. No holes or pilling after 2 years of frequent use!

Nickname: JayCreegs
Never recommended underwear before this 1/2/2017

Just buy it is all I have to say. Weekend hunting trips with no showers and get home and they still don't stink. Plus they are really comfortable.

Nickname: Brad B.
Great comfort but lacks durability 12/19/2016

I have three pairs of these boxers. Let me say they are amazingly comfortable and awesome for hunting and backpacking. Ill go days wearing them and no smell and my body is clean. Temperature regulation is awesome as well. With all that being said they do not last long. For how much they cost I would expect more than 6 months out of them. I do wear them regularly but I have boxer briefs I've worn for years and no sign of failure. I have a real tree for 6 months and it is basically shredded in the perineum area (taint). The black ones for 3 months and they are starting to do the same. The third pair is real tree as well but isn't showing signs of failure yet. So that's $150 in underwear with only one pair still strong. Disappointed with durability for the price. Will give smart wool a shot and see if they hold up any better. Great product but for me not worth the $50 price tag.

Nickname: Robby Dougs
Best $50 You Will Ever Spend! 11/21/2016

Some of you may be questioning your sanity when considering spending $50 for underwear, but I promise once you experience the level of comfort and performance these provide, you will be back with your wallet open! My initial purchase was only 2 pair to give them a try and have enough for weekend adventures, but now I am back to buy a few more to grow my collection. I truly believe there is nothing more comfortable and find myself never wanting to take them off even when lounging at home alone! Ridiculous comfort!

Nickname: Hammer79
A Critical Part of Your Layering System 11/15/2016

I had a hunting buddy this season who invested in good pants and outerwear but didn't upgrade his cotton boxers, only to complain about being sweaty and uncomfortable. In order for your breathable outerwear and other layers to perform as designed, you also have to wear an underwear base layer that manages moisture properly. After a weeklong hunt this year, the Red Desert Merino Boxers didn't stink. They are comfortable and they dry fast. These are the last pair of undies I'll need for hunting or any active outdoor activity.

Nickname: RyanM
Must have! 10/27/2016

These boxers , are the perfect addition to your hunting clothes. The perfect layer to keep you warm . When there isn't a need for a full !ength base layer!

Nickname: George
The best so far 10/25/2016

These Red Desert Boxers have replaced my synthetic Exo boxer briefs. I purchased these earlier this summer and they have been on a rafting trip and two backpack hunts so far. The fiber is super soft. The length helps to keep things from getting bunched up in crotch area, and when it does after some long hiking and climbing, the length helps you pull things back into place without having to make things awkward for your hunting pals as you pick a front wedgie.
Truth be told, the first pair I ordered ripped at the seam after my second trip. I contacted FL about the issue and sent them a picture of the seam failure. They contacted me back and I filled out the warranty info. A week and a half later, I have a new set of boxers. Customer Service was easy to work with and the new set will be put to the test this winter on some longer hikes and snowshoe trips.

Nickname: Steve S
Red Desert 170g Merino Boxer Short 9/2/2016

Great product a must have for any situation. The extra lenght makes a big difference.

Nickname: John
Golden!!! 8/12/2016

These Red Desert Boxers are flawless! Once you wear these next to skin, you'll never want to wear another material again. I have worn these for days without a wash working out, at work, and hunting; casually scent checking them each day to learn how long I could actually go without a wash, and I was shocked!

The merino aids with scent and pulls moisture away from the body to elevate chafing. I can take two pairs of boxers into the back country, and while stand hunting here in Michigan, and switch each day knowing they will be comfortable, scent free, and reliable. The best boxer I have tested hands down!

Nickname: Nick K.
The Perfect Underwear. 8/6/2016

Like the new Dobson aerowool undies, these are friggin' amazing. I prefer the Red Desert's in colder weather. They perform greatest during late hunts or early spring shed hunting expeditions. I can't seem to own enough pairs!

Nickname: Caleb
Never turn back 7/7/2016

I did not have a good first impression with the first pair I bought. This was my fault as I ordered the large when I should have ordered the medium. In my defense, I thought the medium's waistband would be too tight judging from the sizing charts.

The large was too loose everywere except the waist band. The bottoms of the shorts hung over my knees (to the center of the kneecaps) And the seam that runs down the crack of the butt really tucked away between the cheeks. This made for a very uncomfortable first impression.

I decided to order the medium size and give them a chance before I gave up. Talk about a game changer. They fit perfect. No more baggy boxers. They stay right where they need to be on my lower thighs. No longer have a crack riding seam. And the waist band isn't too tight. Very warm when they need to be and not too warm when they don't need to be. Never had that sweaty wet spot that you get when you start working hard. Very comfortable next to skin. No chafing. And I am a huge fan of them being tagless as well.

The only thing I that I have an issue with is when I go to squat and bend over, the waist band does pull down a little. Not enough to have a plumbers crack, but enough that I feel the need to reach back and pull them up a little.

I can honestly say that I have never worn a more comfortable pair of underwear.

Nickname: Cody
Best athletic boxer I've ever had 6/14/2016

I own 2 pairs of these and love them. They are comfortable , supportive and breathe well. I have worn one pair for a week with a quick wash or two in a creek and no problems. I've worn them in 90 degree Arizona days hunting and In the snow at 10k. Mine are about 2 years old and are holding up just fine, not had such luck with other merino boxer brands.

Nickname: james
Better than anything else 4/19/2016

All other brands (underarmor, dry wear, ice breaker) I have tried stretch out, bunch, chafe and/or give me a wedgie. The red deserts however do not. They have stayed comfortable regardless of the kilometres and elevation I have put on them including packing an elk out 6km.

The one problem I do have is my legs are rather large and the bottom of them still stretch out a little bit past their elastic point. I am a 34-36 waist and have both large and XL and both have the same issue. It doesn't really affect the performance but does affect the comfort slightly... Not enough to bring it down to 4 stars though.

Nickname: Jeffrey
Got me through Ranger School 4/15/2016

I recently graduated ranger school and I have to say that one of my
biggest keys to success were the red desert boxer short. They did more
than pay for themselves when I wore the same pair for ten days at a time
in the rain, crawling in the mud, and very long walks with a lot of
weight on my back. They kept me warm when it was snowing in the mountains
and while crawling through chest deep water through the swamps. They
never lost their elasticity and sagged or bunched in the crotch no matter
how wet or how many consecutive days they were worn. In the end I never
chaffed once despite all of the physical events and endless walking. I
will be wearing the same pair this summer bow hunting hogs and this
fall/winter as various game seasons open. Thank you for having the same
level of commitment to creating all your products to a standard the
competition can stand up to. RLTW!

Nickname: Mason
best boxers ever 4/11/2016

wear for days and cant smell myself when I climb in the sleeping bag lol

Nickname: lucian
must own 4/9/2016

why in the world you would choose to cradle your bits and pieces in crappy cotton or some synthetic fabric that rides up your inseam and doesn't let things breath ? whether its hot or cold these are the best boxers you can get !

Nickname: David
I don't hunt without it 4/9/2016

I wear them on every hunt. You never think you'll pay this much for boxers, until you try them then you are HOOKED. I have wore them for days on end, and they DO NOT STINK!!!. Merino is hands down the best, and in my opinion the cut and fit if these boxers are wonderful.

Nickname: N. Hedrick
Buy a size smaller 4/8/2016

The wool is comfortable and light but I would recommend ordering a size smaller than what you traditionally wear.

Nickname: Sean
Great but... 4/7/2016

Love the boxers. The only thing I would suggest is moving the extra logo on the center back of the waistbelt. The extra fabric rubs with a heavy loaded pack. Keep the primo gear rolling!

Nickname: Harlan
Exceptional performance in harsh Alaskan conditions 4/4/2016

I have used these underware for two years now on multiple hunts here in the bush of Alaska. they have performed flawlessly during all temperature and weather conditions. Even after dumping a raft on a remote float hunt they wicked away the moisture and dried out extremely fast. My go to base layer without a doubt. Buy them.

Nickname: Scott
transcendental 8/31/2015

Its like having your junk cupped by the hands of angels.

Nickname: Spearo
Incredible 8/19/2015

I definitely hesitated at purchasing boxers for this much money. But they are worth every penny and then some. They are absolute incredible at pulling moisture away from your body and keeping you comfortable in all temperatures.

Nickname: BNC Bucks
Awesome! 8/7/2015

I wear these every day. Best boxers on the market. NEVER ride up, and keep the odor to a minimum, even after multiple days on the beat.

Nickname: John
Amazing! 4/10/2015

I really thought I would never buy $60 boxers, but I got a pair, and let me tell you now all other boxer briefs are ruined for me, I now have only firstlite boxers...

Nickname: TheRichOutdoors
Unreal! 3/6/2015

I just got back from a 7 day ski trip in Colorado and wore one pair of red desert boxers while skiing. I wore Patagonia Capline boxers after skiing, but the red desert took all the punishment! They still smell like new and merino continues to amaze me. They are crazy comfortable and I really like the longer length. I also wore llano and chama base layers and they performed great as well. Can I convince first lite to make a 3/4 length long underwear?! I don't like my long underwear interfering much with my socks and most first lite socks are pretty high anyways. Who can I talk to about this??

Nickname: Nat
Best $60 I've ever spent 2/3/2015

A$$ sweat is a thing of the past! These things are amazing, I put on my first pair and and ended up wearing them for week straight. Only stopped then because two fresh pairs arrived in the mail, and they still don't smell funky! Never would have believed how good they are until I tried them.

Nickname: Nathan
Best underwear on the planet 12/31/2014

Wicks moisture away better than any other garment and fits great.

Nickname: rusty
love'm 10/22/2014

I want 10 pairs in my underwear drawer.

Nickname: Jarrod
$50 for underwear?! Yes, please! 10/7/2014

Let's be real, $50 is a good chunk of change to shell out for some underwear. The idea borders on ridiculous. That is, until you actually try them. First Lite merino is top notch, so the comfort next to skin is a given. What surprised me was that they do not ride up the leg whatsoever, so chaffing of the inner thighs will never be an issue with these. Also, the waistband is equally as comfy. Also, no matter how swampy it gets "down there," these just won't stink. Awesome product...

Nickname: Jefe
You know when its time 6/30/2014

With cotton or synthetics you know its time when things just need to be changed. The First Lite Red Desert Boxer shorts do not fall into that category. All the comfort you need, thermal regulation and wait, do you smell that? Nope not with these...

Nickname: IATrent
Better than Compression Shorts!!!! 6/24/2014

Today was my first outing in these boxers and definitely not the last. Being an athlete I have always worn compression shorts while playing sports or in the woods. I was looking for a boxer that was comfortable like my boxer briefs but protected my thighs from chaffing while hiking. Not only do these boxers do that, they also don't ride up at all. If I had the money I would get rid of all my boxer briefs and switch to the Red Desert Boxer Shorts.

Nickname: Bears86
Best Field Boxer Ever! 6/24/2014

These are amazing! Worth every penny; sitting in a duck blind or in the these and so do the jewels.

Nickname: Squatch
Awesome 6/18/2014

The red desert boxer shorts greatly exceeds my expectations. Well worth the price! Used them recently during a scouting trip in the Arizona high country and after 2 full days of hiking around some rugged country in 75+ degree temps, they didn't hold that normal funk that regular boxers do. The length is a little longer then most, however, the didn't ride up nor did the restrict any movement. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a high quality piece of under garments

Nickname: scott
Cotton feels even worse after wearing merino! 6/18/2014

These boxer shorts are without a doubt the best I've ever worn. So comfortable I almost thought I forgot to put them on at times. The length was perfect under my pants/long shorts. Never bunched up/rode up when pulling up my pants/shorts. NO chaffing! Probably one of the best things was not being sweaty down there after hiking... dry and comfortable all day. I purposely wore them to work for 5 days to test out the smell/feel of them... completely impressed to find that I could have worn them longer but just the thought of it changed my mind... :) Great buy to anyone considering them. I will buy more!

Nickname: Almost like going commando!
Nice and Comfy 6/18/2014

This is a well made product that fits true to size, and is always comfortable no matter what the conditions outside or in. I do recommend this product.

Nickname: bsm
Favorite piece of clothing 6/18/2014

I never thought my favorite article of clothing would be something that couldn't even be seen but these Red Desert boxers are so awesome I'd have to list them at the top. They are comfortable, warm and scent free. I bought 2 pair that I wore on a 13 day BC wilderness horseback hunting trip and they were everything as advertised. They also kept me from getting chafed through long days in the saddle. I wear them every time I deer hunt and they fit the bill here in Georgia as well. Job well done to the Sitka folks.........

Nickname: John
Everyday wear 6/18/2014

These boxers are extremely comfortable, I wear them everyday.

Nickname: AZMike
Incrediballs 6/1/2014

These boxers are no joke. Incredibly comfortable! They will keep you happy where it matters most. I bought one pair last season and this season I purchased several more for everyday use. If you're skeptical, don't be. These will not disappoint.

Nickname: BromadTheForager
Awesome undies 5/29/2014

I was so impressed with these as a piece of hunting apparel that I purchased another 5 pair for all the other days of the week. These are great from the coldest days in Idaho to the humid tropics of Southern China.

Nickname: Mike_A
Perfect Product 5/29/2014

FirstLite crew, Thanks for making a superior product! I wear the Red Desert under my ski pants in the winter and under shorts in the summer for all day comfort, warmth and breathability. When I wear draws, the Red Desert is for me!

Nickname: Torres
Only Boxers You'll ever Need 5/29/2014

Any type of climate, these boxers are the perfect starting point to your layering system. So comfortable I wear everyday. The longer cut and overall comfort will keep me using the Red Desert for a very long time.

Nickname: Rodgesa
wear everyday 5/27/2014

First Lite boxers shorts are the most comfortable pair of underwear I have ever worn.
These are great for hunting but also good for everyday wear. Great temperature control.
Highly recommended them.

Nickname: bigbuckhunter33
Always comfortable! 5/27/2014

These are the basis for the best layering system. You can wear these for days on end, always staying cool and comfortable in warmer conditions, then helping your boys to stay warm in sub 0 temps! I never leave home without them when heading to the back country!

Nickname: Mtbowhunter
Best Place for Your Junk 5/27/2014

the combo of the Thermal boxers and the high socks have changed the way I layer in certain conditions where I will go from working up a sweat to standing still. when I am hiking I slide the socks down allowing a large portion of my leg to stay cooler longer.

Nickname: MassBruin