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Women's Aurora Puffy
Women's Aurora Puffy
Women's Aurora Puffy
Women's Aurora Puffy
Women's Aurora Puffy
Women's Aurora Puffy
Women's Aurora Puffy
Women's Aurora Puffy
Women's Aurora Puffy
Women's Aurora Puffy
Women's Aurora Puffy
Women's Aurora Puffy
Women's Aurora Puffy
Women's Aurora Puffy

Women's Aurora Puffy

37.5 Active Technology Insulation

$200.00 USD

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The newest addition to our growing women's apparel line, the Aurora Puffy Jacket is a packable insulating jacket engineered for the most demanding of hunters. Weighing in at just 16 oz., this piece features 100 gram 37.5 synthetic insulation, that actively manages your body's core temperature to exhaust perspiration and keep you warm even if the jacket becomes wet. The Aurora's built-in stretch and shooters cut allow for uninhibited freedom of movement when drawing a bow or aiming a rifle, and the exterior DWR repels moisture when the weather gets nasty. The jacket's 60g insulated Turret Hood preserves maximum field of view even while turning your head and provides critical, additional warmth when you need it most. This piece is machine washable and will dry quickly over a branch or on a line. Like all of First Lite's women's line, the Aurora shares the same construction, materials, and attention to detail as the men's line with a cut and fit that is simply tailored for women.

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Women's Aurora Puffy Details

Layering Position

  • Insulated Outerwear


  • Lightweight (16oz.) and compressible
  • Exclusive 37.5 Active Particle Technology 
    • Exhausts moisture and maintains core body temperature 
    • Traps odors (human signature) and releases them when laundered
    • Body and sleeves - 100g 37.5 insulation
    • Hood and underarms - 60g 37.5 insulation
    • DWR exterior repels snow/rain and blocks wind
    • Stays warm whether dry or wet
    • 3D Turret™ hood construction for maximized FOV
    • Built-in stretch for complete range-of-motion
    • Biomechanically accurate shooter’s sleeves, shoulders, and hood
    • All zippers, pockets, and closures adjust quietly on the move and do not interfere with targeting

    How It's Built

    • Material: 37.5 Synthetic Insulation
    • Primary Uses:
      • Spot & Stalk
      • Waterfowl
      • Upland
      • Fishing
      • Lifestyle
    • Weight: 16oz.

    Where to Use

    • Regions:
      • Intermountain/Rockies
      • Southwest
      • BC/Alaska
      • Pacific Northwest
    • Temperature Ranges:
      • Below 20F
      • 20F - 45F
      • 45F - 60F

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 53 reviews
    Ryan Courtney
    Product Size: M
    Height: 5'5
    Weight: 135
    Waist Size: No idea
    Inseam Length: No idea
    Location: Outdoors
    Primary Use: My wife is always cold as soon as we step outside. She said she never got cold this deer season because of her new first lite puffy.
    This thing is good. Buy it for your wife.

    Awesome puffy. It weighs nothing but keeps my wife from complaining about how cold she is. Could be 70 degrees, could be 20 degrees, she's always cold. This coat was put to the test this deer season and she claims she never got cold. For her size I should have ordered a small but she's too happy to send it back.

    Kamrie Pillar
    Product Size: S
    Height: 5’2”
    Weight: 106
    Waist Size: 25
    Inseam Length: 29
    Location: Oregon
    Primary Use: Hunting & fishing
    Favorite coat I own

    Just a hands down great coat for the outdoors! It’s warm, comfortable, breathable and quiet. I have it in Conifer so it matches all three patterns of my guide pants. You won’t be disappointed!

    Aurora Anderson
    Product Size: L
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 170
    Waist Size: L
    Inseam Length: normal
    Location: OR, WA
    Primary Use: everything, including camping, hiking, hunting
    Exceeded all expectations

    I got this jacket right before elk rifle season last fall, and the first day out was rainy and windy and would have been miserable if I'd only had my (admittedly nothing special) rain gear. But I ended up ditching my rain jacket in favor of the Aurora puffy. It was lighter weight, warmer even when wet, quieter, better visibility when turning my head with the hood up, and more comfortable. Even when I was in a downpour and the jacket was soaked (with my wool base and mid layers) I was perfectly comfortable. Getting out of the rain and drying the coat for a little bit in the truck it dried remarkably quickly (everything but the cuffs, which are the only part that is a more cottony material). I wear this in the backyard in the evening, to the store in the spring, on camping trips -- everywhere now. I got the conifer color, which makes it more versatile than the camo would have been.

    Product Size: M
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 167
    Waist Size: 32
    Inseam Length: 31
    Draw Length: 28.5
    Location: WY
    Primary Use: Hunting/hiking

    Comfortable fit and keeps me perfectly warm!

    Alexa Tipper
    Product Size: L
    Height: 5'5''
    Weight: 155 lbs
    Waist Size: 30
    Inseam Length: 29
    Location: Northern Ontario
    Primary Use: Hiking, bush work, farming, quadding.
    I wear this coat everyday and love it

    I bought this coat in February and I think I've worn it everyday since it's come in. Let me start with the fact that it is by far the coziest coat I have ever worn- it truly feels like an extension of myself, I don't even notice I'm wearing it. I've worn it for quite a few hikes and while cutting wood and it seamlessly matches your natural range of motion. I'm considering getting it in the black so I can wear it to work because I love wearing it in the car so much. I also love how warm this thing is- I live in Northern Ontario (Canada) and I've worn this with the kiln hoodie when it was -10 deg Celsius and have even gotten hot with it on while giving it on a long hike. Interestingly, I've also been able to wear it with a T shirt while gardening and getting firewood in +10 degree weather. I can also confirm this coat is the quietest thing I own, as well as being an excellent wind breaker. I've worn it through some pretty thick brush and so far no tears- only small tear I have is from my puppy who grabbed the sleeve and shook, and even at that it was a very small tear. I haven't been hunting in it yet but considering the amount I've worn it on other outdoor adventures, I would most definitely recommend this coat for anyone looking for a versatile, comfortable, and durable hunting jacket. In terms of sizing, I could have probably went with the medium but I like my jackets being roomy. If I were to get another one just for doing errands/going to work I would probably get the M but for outdoors work I would stick with the L.

    NatAlie Yarema
    Product Size: XL
    Height: 5.6
    Weight: 185
    Waist Size: 35
    Inseam Length: N/a
    Draw Length: N/a
    Location: Everywhere
    Primary Use: Everything. Walking around to hunting trips
    I wore it into the ground

    So I’ll start by saying I’m really hard on stuff! Like little kid, destroy my clothes, nothing lasts for a year without getting a hole or tear. . I wore this jacket all year in alberta mountain. I took it on sheep hunts, scouting for antlers, slept in it, hiked the north coast trail and multiple other back country trips and upland bird hunting.. Plus I even wrapped my dog in it on cold nights in the tent. And it lasted 3 years. What finished it was walking the dog at the dog park. I tore out the pocket and wore the material thin at the bottom of the same pocket from putting my gps unit in it and tore a small spot.

    So although I 100% love the weight and don’t want that changed, I might suggest a strip of material around the pockets, or inside ( even just one) to keep the wear from happening.. But that might not do anything given the lightness of the material and that it’s a perfect mid layer puffy as is. Just a suggestion. But I’m looking to get a new one for this year hunting season since I can’t be wearing a duck taped coat around in public lol. ( well maybe still at the dog park)

    Carla DeKalb
    Product Size: M
    Height: 5’9”
    Weight: 150
    Waist Size: 30
    Inseam Length: 01
    Location: Everywhere
    Primary Use: Hunting and hiking
    Nice comfortable fit

    Great fit, very quiet smooth fabric. Nice soft fabric inside the hood where it contacts your face. The jacket is just slightly breathable which is a good thing when you’re active. Excellent camp pattern. I also ordered the layers of wool and expect to stay very toasty next fall.

    Product Size: M
    Height: 5’7”
    Weight: 150
    Waist Size: 30
    Inseam Length: 33
    Great for all ace ventures!

    I got this coat after my husband falling head over heels for the brand. With his encouragement I ordered in the confier color. This jacket is amazing and I’m so glad he talked me into it. The color is beautiful, the jacket is warm and the quality is incredible. I love that it is longer in the back. The main reason I bought was for outdoor adventures but I’m excited to also wear this jacket for every day use. Already planning what I will buy next!

    Product Size: M
    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 150
    Waist Size: 28
    Inseam Length: 33
    Location: Central Montana
    Primary Use: Upland hunting
    Warm puffy jacket, lightweight

    This jacket fits well with room to layer, so order your usual size. Some notes for sizing: I always wear a Medium in major brands (arteryx, north face, patagonia, etc) and I ordered a medium in this jacket. IMO First Light women's gear fits better than Sitka Women's. There is plenty of room to layer and honesty if you are big chested, this jacket is made for you (there are darts!) I am not, but it still works (: I have been wearing the Sawtooth Hybrid jacket under it and they work great together in 0-30 degree weather. This easily compresses when I got too hot and could store in the pack.

    Product Size: M
    Height: 5’5”
    Weight: 152
    Waist Size: 29
    Inseam Length: 29
    Location: Montana
    Primary Use: Big game
    Great jacket

    I’m a small-ish, dense ~150lbs, and find the medium very roomy, even over 2 base layers, which are super not necessary because this puffy is extremely warm. The first time I wore it I had on a light capilene and midweight wool in 15 degrees F and I was sweating. I lost the wool and cranked up a ridge and stayed dry and warm hiking hard through big winds and random sleet. The thing was soaked in sweat when I got up there but I stayed warm sitting on my butt in snow at 8300’ and it dried out super fast in the sun back at camp. Only thing is it’s missing a zipper pull on the left pocket- the zipper itself is actually different than the main zipper and the zipper on the right pocket, not sure what’s up with that. Makes it hard to grab with big gloves on so I made one. I kinda wish I’d tried on the small but I was too excited when it came in the mail, and I wonder if I’d have too limited shoulder mobility to shoot comfortably in a smaller size.