Staff Picks: Winter Whitetails

Staff Picks: Winter Whitetails

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Gregg loads up a fat North Woods whitetail in his home state of Wisconsin.
Photo by: Captured Creative

Gregg Farrell: Product Operations Manager

Late season whitetail hunting means the possibility of sub-freezing temps, wind, snow, and/or any combination of the aforementioned. Success at this point in the season is often determined by the ability to spend time in the stand regardless of the frigid conditions that often come along with it. With this in mind my late season kit is built around warmth and functionality; at the core of this is the Sanctuary Jacket and Bibs. The jacket boasts 200g of body insulation with a windproof barrier and silent face fabric. The Bibs have a high rise to trap in heat, full side zips for ventilation when needed, additional seat insulation/ waterproof barrier to keep me warm and dry during long sits in the stand. My upper body layering system from the inside out will consist of a Llano Crew, Chama Hoody, and Halstead Tech Fleece. Lower body layering will be made up of Allegheny EXP Long Johns and Obsidian Pants. This is the time of year when I bring out my “heavy hitters” in terms of accessories. The combination of Talus Fingerless Gloves and Grizzly Mitts give me the perfect combination of dexterity, when needed, but also protection and warmth. The Mountain Athlete Cold Weather Socks are tasked with keeping my toes toasty and the Tundra Balaclava is perfect combination of protection/insulation for everything from the collarbone up. The longer I can stay in the stand exponential increases my odds at this point in the season and my late season kit has never let the conditions push me out the woods.

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  • Grizzly Cold Weather Glove
    Waterproof with Wool Liner

    65 Review(s)
  • Halstead Tech Fleece

    78 Review(s)



  • Mountain Athlete Cold Weather Sock
    Heavyweight Merino Sock

    27 Review(s)

    Out of Stock

  • Obsidian Merino Pants
    Ripstop Merino and Stretch Nylon

    424 Review(s)
  • Sanctuary Insulated Bib Pant
    Silent Construction 37.5 Insulation

    99 Review(s)
  • Sanctuary Insulated Jacket
    Silent Construction 37.5 Insulation

    134 Review(s)
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