Late Season Tags - Intermountain: Ford Van Fossan

Late Season Tags - Intermountain: Ford Van Fossan

Cold Crossing

Ford Van Fossan crosses a river before throwing on backcountry skis to chase bison on a late season hunt in western Wyoming.
Photo: Doug Stuart

Ford Van Fossan: Conservation and Content Manager

Snow and low temps are possible as early as late August in the mountains of central Idaho. Therefore, I build even my early season kit with the possibility of these conditions. However, after November, snowy, cold weather is guaranteed and so I add a couple layers and accessories to my pack to make sure I stay comfortable. The Sawtooth Jacket will usually replace the Kiln Hoody as my second layer in the late season, giving me a significant boost in core warmth. I also typically reach for the Chamberlin Down Jacket over the lighter Uncompahgre Puffy Jacket. I pair this outerwear with my packable Uncompahgre Pants to make sure my legs also stay warm when I am inactive at camp or on a glassing perch. Additionally, I rarely leave home without my Grizzly Mitts in November. Worn over my Talus Fingerless Gloves, these function as packable outerwear for my hands, keeping them roasty when I quit moving. If the snow and muck really pile up I will replace my lightweight Traverse boot gaiters with the Bramblers. These burly gaiters keep my lower legs and boots warm and dry. Finally, if temps get truly low I will replace my Tag Cuff Beanie with a Tundra Balaclava. This shearling headpiece warms my whole body up without adding much weight to my pack. Added to my early season kit, this gear keeps me warm on frosty late season hunts.

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  • Brambler Gaiter
    3.5-Layer Waterproof Construction

    75 Review(s)
  • Grizzly Cold Weather Glove
    Waterproof with Wool Liner

    70 Review(s)



  • Men's Chamberlin Down Jacket
    800 Fill 37.5 Active Down

    19 Review(s)
  • Men's Fuse Crew
    Lightweight 200 Aerowool

    22 Review(s)
  • Men's Wick Boot Top Bottom
    Ultralight 150 Aerowool

    12 Review(s)
  • Midweight Neck Gaiter
    Midweight 250 Merino-X

    64 Review(s)

    Out of Stock

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