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Archery Elk - Intermountain West: Paul Peterson

Archery Elk - Intermountain West: Paul Peterson

Hard Not to Smile

FL Customer Service Rep Paul Petersen grins for the camera on a fishing trip in Southwestern Montana
Photo: Signs West

Paul Peterson: Customer Service Representative

With temperature swings almost guaranteed in September, especially in the backcountry, the kit that I use to best handle the highs and lows includes: Core - Wick Crew, Kiln QZ, Sawtooth Vest and Vapor Stormlight Ultralight Jacket. Bottom Layers - Wick Long Boxer Briefs and the Obsidian Pants. I pack the Fuse Long Johns also just in case. I round out my extremities with the Shale Hybrid Gloves and the Mountain Athlete Triad Socks. Keeping my “control center” well-regulated and the sun out of eyes, the Mid Weight Neck Gaiter, Trucker Hat and Tag Cuff Beanie are a no-brainer. With the intention of keeping things minimal (and because Merino wool is anti-microbial) I don’t pack too many “extras” as I rarely get them out of my pack. That being said, I always pack an additional Wick Long Boxer Briefs and an extra pair of Triad socks (great for the hands if things are grim).