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Spartan Javelin
Spartan Javelin
Spartan Javelin
Spartan Javelin
Spartan Javelin
Spartan Javelin

Spartan Javelin

Quick Release Rifle Bipod

$295.00 USD

Color/PatternFirst Lite Fusion

Made using only the best materials, this lightweight bipod attaches to your rifle in seconds using Spartan's patented quick release system. With adaptors, a single bipod can be quickly used for all of your rifles. The Javelin comes with a durable storage box and a universal adapter. This model of the Javelin retracts to fit in a pocket or pack and gives the shooter a ground-to-stock height of 6.5 - 9.5 inches (17-24 cm) while collapsing to just 8 inches (20 cm) when not deployed.

Spartan Javelin Details


  • Shot Stabilization


  • Fits most rifles
  • Machined from 7075 alloy
  • Rubber and tungsten carbide feet
  • Built in rotation to permit following live moving targets
  • Connects to adaptor in seconds
  • Comes with a durable storage box

How It's Built

  • Cut: Accessory
  • Primary Uses:
    • Spot & Stalk
  • Weight: 5.22oz.

Where to Use

  • Regions:
    • Midwest
    • Northeast
    • Pacific Northwest
    • BC/Alaska
    • Southwest
    • Intermountain/Rockies
  • Temperature Ranges:
    • Below 20F
    • 20F - 45F
    • 45F - 60F
    • 60F - 80F
    • Above 80F

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Height: 6’2
Weight: 190
Location: Backpack Hunting
Primary Use: Backpack Hunting
Great mountain bipod
Not worth the cost