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Sawtooth Hybrid Jacket
Sawtooth Hybrid Jacket
Sawtooth Hybrid Jacket
Sawtooth Hybrid Jacket
Sawtooth Hybrid Jacket
Sawtooth Hybrid Jacket
Sawtooth Hybrid Jacket
Sawtooth Hybrid Jacket
Sawtooth Hybrid Jacket
Sawtooth Hybrid Jacket
Sawtooth Hybrid Jacket
Sawtooth Hybrid Jacket
Sawtooth Hybrid Jacket
Sawtooth Hybrid Jacket

Sawtooth Hybrid Jacket

300g Merino-X with DWR Nylon


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The Sawtooth Hybrid Jacket sets a new standard in versatility for western and treestand hunters alike. 20.5 micron, 300g Merino-X wool provides the extreme odor resistance and breathable warmth you've come to expect from First Lite Merino, while DWR coated nylon panels provide critical durability and water resistance where you need it most--the chest and shoulders. Body-mapped to preserve core body temperature, we've added 60g 37.5 synthetic insulation behind the durable nylon panels in the chest for added insulation and wind resistance. The merino back allows for greater airflow in the mid and lower back where packs and tree trunks typically cause heat and moisture to build. Worn as a light outer layer for brisk early-season days or worn in conjunction with other outwear for added warmth on winter days, the Sawtooth Hybrid defines versatility in a cornerstone of the First Lite layering system.

Sawtooth: Sizing Note: For the Men's Sawtooth Jacket, we recommend going up one size for a more comfortable fit. For additional questions please contact Customer Service through chat or by phone (208-806-0066).

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Sawtooth Hybrid Jacket Details

Layering Position

  • This is a highly versatile piece designed to be worn either as your final, outer layer in chilly to moderate temperatures or as a layering component under insulation or rain protection.


  • Exclusive 37.5 Active Particle Technology 
    • Exhausts moisture and maintains core body temperature 
    • Traps odors (human signature) and releases them when laundered
    • 20.5 micron, superfine, Merino-X wool
    • 300gsm midweight interlock merino fabric
    • Body-mapped insulation through the chest and upper arms - 60g 37.5 insulation
    • Stays warm whether dry or wet
    • Zippered, chest stash pocket
    • Ergonomic hood
    • Full-zip front
    • Actual Weight: 20oz (Size Large)

    How It's Built

    • Material: Merino-X
    • Cut: Athletic
    • Primary Uses:
      • Spot & Stalk
      • Tree Stand
      • Waterfowl
      • Upland
      • Fishing
      • Lifestyle
    • Weight: 18oz.

    Where to Use

    • Regions:
      • Intermountain/Rockies
      • Southwest
      • Midwest
      • Northeast
      • BC/Alaska
      • Pacific Northwest
    • Temperature Ranges:
      • Below 20F
      • 20F - 45F
      • 45F - 60F

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 447 reviews
    Oengus Smith
    Product Size: L
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 88kg
    Waist Size: 34"
    Inseam Length: 34"
    Location: Ireland
    Primary Use: Deer stalking, rough wingshooting and casual wearing around the house. Highly reccommended
    Perfect for the cooler days

    I added this to my layering system which would normally consist of a kiln hoodie, I was finding on the coldest of days i was having to add another layer between the kiln and my seal jacket. Cue the sawtooth hybrid! No need for that extra layer now. The heavier front is a game changer.

    Dennis Akin
    Product Size: XXL
    Height: 5-11
    Weight: 240
    Waist Size: 38
    Inseam Length: 30
    Location: Everywhere!
    Primary Use: Everything!
    Great jacket!

    Really like the warmth, build quality and fit of the jacket. I wear it everywhere!

    Jimmy Almeter
    Product Size: L
    Height: 6
    Weight: 210
    Waist Size: 34
    Inseam Length: 32
    Great for everyday Wear

    I am 6ft tall 210lbs. I followed the guidelines and sized up to an XL. The waist area is very big on this jacket. After wearing it, I wish I would have bought a large.

    jesse leeling
    Product Size: 36 x 35
    Height: 6'5"
    Weight: 250
    Waist Size: 36
    Inseam Length: 35
    Draw Length: 31
    Great fir small in the arms

    Great jacket but if you lift size up to fit the arms.

    Product Size: XL
    Height: 510
    Weight: 210
    Waist Size: 36
    Inseam Length: 30
    Draw Length: 28
    Location: Michigan
    Primary Use: Whitetail
    Sawtooth Hybrid Jacket

    Bought this jacket for the early season October 1st - whenever it got to cold. I wore this jack all season, it just became my mid-layer. My upper consists of the performance wicking tee, kiln hoodie, sawtooth hybrid jacket. My lowers consists of kiln long Johns and the Obsidian Foundry pants. I wore this set up as low as 28 degrees and had no complaints. After 28 I wore my cold weather outer layer over top. Can’t beat the merino wool from first lite it’s super soft and warm. I was shocked that such a light weight set up kept me so warm on the stand and was breathable while stalking. Also during the warm days, the jacket was to much and it stayed in the pack while I wore the Kiln hoodie as my outer layer. My only concern at this time is durability over time, as it is thin. At this time, everything is in good shape except for there being some fading to the camo pattern from washing them.

    Product Size: M
    Height: 5’8”
    Weight: 150
    Waist Size: 31
    Inseam Length: 34
    Location: Colo
    Primary Use: Elk hunting

    Sawtooth Hybrid Jacket

    Stephanie Schoenrock
    Product Size: XL
    Height: 6’
    Weight: 205
    Waist Size: 33
    Inseam Length: 32
    Location: North Dakota
    Primary Use: Hunting

    Best coat I have ever purchased. Amazing for walking to a spot then putting a warmer layer over when sitting. Fit was amazing. Such a quality item. Also great when it was warmer, I wore a very light layer underneath and it regulated temperature perfectly. So impressed with this jacket, worth every penny.

    Adam Helenberg
    Product Size: XL
    Height: 5’11”
    Weight: 235
    Waist Size: 35
    Inseam Length: 33
    Location: Western Washington and northeast montana
    Primary Use: Hunting and fishing

    Fits perfect and super comfortable. Stayed dry in rain and snow storms in western Washington muzzleloader elk hunt.

    Travis Cavalli
    Product Size: L
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 185lbs
    Waist Size: 36
    Inseam Length: 30
    Draw Length: 29
    Location: Archery Hunting
    Primary Use: Layering
    Great Piece

    Super warm, well built, appreciate the lack of extra insulation in the back when back packing. Less back sweat

    Logan Barclay
    Product Size: L
    Height: 5' 10"
    Weight: 170
    Waist Size: 32
    Inseam Length: 32
    Draw Length: 28
    Location: Idaho
    Primary Use: Bow Hunting turkey, deer, and elk
    Excellent addition to the layers

    This jacket was the perfect addition to my layers for hunting here in Idaho where the mornings can be below freezing and the afternoons in the 70s or higher.