Sanctuary Insulated Jacket – First Lite Performance Hunting
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Sanctuary Insulated Jacket
Sanctuary Insulated Jacket
Sanctuary Insulated Jacket
Sanctuary Insulated Jacket
Sanctuary Insulated Jacket
Sanctuary Insulated Jacket
Sanctuary Insulated Jacket
Sanctuary Insulated Jacket
Sanctuary Insulated Jacket
Sanctuary Insulated Jacket
Sanctuary Insulated Jacket
Sanctuary Insulated Jacket

Sanctuary Insulated Jacket

Silent Construction 37.5 Insulation

$375.00 USD

Color/PatternFirst Lite Fusion

Purpose-built for bitter cold days in the tree stand, the First Lite Sanctuary Insulated Jacket is the cold weather component of the First Lite Layering Kit. With a proprietary combination of seven layers of fabric and insulation carefully positioned to maximize warmth, this thing is an oven. Just as important, this is the quietest outerwear piece in the arsenal and utilizes our shooters cut, allowing you to draw your weapon accurately and uninhibited. With the Sanctuary, you will be able to Stay Longer in your stand on those days when others are heading for home. An important note about sizing: The Sanctuary Jacket is a roomy fit designed to be layered over our base layer system. Without layering, some may find their normal size to be on the larger side. *More inventory expected in early summer.

The Sanctuary is also available in a Bib Pant.

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Sanctuary Insulated Jacket Details

Layering Position

  • Insulated Outerwear


  • 200g insulated body
  • 160g insulated sleeves/hood
  • True to Size: Purchase your normal size to wear under other layers
  • Maximum insulation for warmth in extreme conditions + Moisture resistant DWR exterior repels snow/rain
  • Dead quiet even in sub freezing temperatures
  • Stays warm whether dry or wet
  • Exclusive 37.5 fabric uses Active Carbon Technology moving perspiration (human signature) to the outside of the garment where it is functionally neutralized
  • Built-in stretch for complete range of motion
  • Constructed with biomechanically accurate Shooter's sleeves, shoulders and hood

How It's Built

  • Material: 37.5 Synthetic Insulation
  • Cut: Cut to Wear Over Your Kit
  • Primary Uses:
    • Tree Stand
    • Waterfowl
  • Weight: 55oz.

Where to Use

  • Regions:
    • Intermountain/Rockies
    • Midwest
    • Northeast
    • BC/Alaska
    • Pacific Northwest
  • Temperature Ranges:
    • Below 20F
    • 20F - 45F

Customer Reviews

Based on 139 reviews
Product Size: XXL
Height: 6’5
Weight: 240
Location: Hunting
Must have for cold weather tree stand

Very warm and comfortable. Best use is for still or free stand hunting. Has some weight to it, but keeps you very comfortable. I have used it in a tree stand at 5 degrees with wind and stayed comfortable. Sleeves remain snug to the arm so it doesn’t interfere with drawing a bow. Very quiet material. Plenty of pockets in the right places. I have the Sanctuary Bibs as well. Going on my 4th season and no complaints.

Product Size: XL
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 205
Location: Wisconsin
Primary Use: Rendering animals into food

Bought the sanctuary jacket and bibs last year. Decided to put it to the test on a 0F morning with 30mph winds. With subpar underlayers, and fully expecting to freeze, I climbed into a bowstand. I was a little overheated from the walk, but as soon as I sat down the material immediately started pulling the moisture from my underlayers. Within minutes I was cooled off but not cold. Then the wind started to hit me. I could feel the cold biting at my face and hands. I felt as though I was getting cold, and then all of a sudden I warmed up. The wind had not stopped, and I hadn't moved a bit. Somehow this stuff can regulate temperature. I wondered if I had imagined it, but time and time again that morning the wind blew, I felt as though I was going to get cold, and then suddenly warmed back up. I've never experienced anything like that before. I've tried all kinds of different clothing and fabrics and nothing I've tried or seen works as well as the First Lite Sanctuary outerwear. Well worth the investment.

Product Size: M
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 165
Fit Comments: They fit it with anticipation for baselayers, I ordered medium bibbs as well and i wear 30x30 pants
Location: Minnesota Late Season
Primary Use: Treestand
Well worth the money, perfect for late season archers

So I bought this jacket last year before it got cold for whitetail hunting. I was sick and tired of freezing and not having quality warm and quiet camouflage for bow hunting. Anyway pulled it out of the box and put it on in the house and wore the jacket for about half hour or so. I was defenetly warm but I wasn't sweating like crazy. This proved to me that the jacket breathes very well. Warmest I hunted with it on was mid 30s. It could definetly be worn in warmer temps as long as your not super active. (keep in mind if I'm somewhat active 30 degrees is sweatshirt weather to me). Coldest I had hunted with this jacket was about negative 5 with some slight wind. I was wearing the wick and kiln as a base layer also with the sawtooth vest then this jacket and bibbs. I also absolutely hate to wear gloves and with this jacket I had my hands in the pockets without any hand warmers and they were super warm in those pockets! I hunted that morning for around 3 hours and was still warm except my feet. I've also used this jacket and bibbs to practice shooting bow in when its real cold outside, and the jacket does not get in the way at all. I was shocked that such a warm heavy jacket is so thin and doesn't hinder anything at all. It is also dead silent, just the perfect jacket for late season archers. I ordered a medium and I still had plenty of room with those 3 layers underneath, its sized with the anticipation that you will be wearing baselayers. With that being said, wearing just the jacket and a t shirt it still isn't big and bulky. Id say buy the size you would normally wear. I also own the catalyst jacket, and I tried putting on the wick, kiln, sawtooth vest, catalyst, and then put on the sanctuary bibbs then jacket and it wasn't too bulky or tight. It was just too hot for me to wear. I only had this for the one season so I cant attest to durability, it seems tough and hasn't had any tears or frays yet though. I hope this helps someone out!

Product Size: XL
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 280
Location: Tree stand
Primary Use: Late season
Very warm

I love this jacket for late season. I walk-in with it in my pack and once I cool down, I throw this on and warm for all day sits in the stand. Only reason I gave it 4 stars is that it doesn’t have the slat in the back of the jacket for harness safety line to go through like the Woodbury has.

Product Size: L
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 190
Location: Indiana
Primary Use: Tree Stand
Warm and quiet

Kept me comfortably warm on a 10 deg day in the woods. The fabric is super quiet against itself as well. Wish I lived in a colder climate to wear it more often!