NEMO Spike Tent – First Lite Performance Hunting
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NEMO Spike Tent
NEMO Spike Tent
NEMO Spike Tent
NEMO Spike Tent
NEMO Spike Tent
NEMO Spike Tent
NEMO Spike Tent
NEMO Spike Tent
NEMO Spike Tent
NEMO Spike Tent
NEMO Spike Tent
NEMO Spike Tent
NEMO Spike Tent
NEMO Spike Tent
NEMO Spike Tent
NEMO Spike Tent

NEMO Spike Tent

1 Person, 3 Season

$249.95 USD

*Nemo products are unavailable for purchase in Canada due to Canadian regulations.*

Whether you’re headed out on a solo multi-day hunt, or just need a bugout shelter for a day of fishing deep woods tributaries, Spike™ is a truly minimalist tent that will get you even deeper into the backcountry. Spike’s single-walled, trekking pole-supported design is meant to shave weight to just over a pound and pack down incredibly small.

Premium silicone-treated 30D Nylon Ripstop fabric greatly increases strength, durability, and waterproofness, offering reliable waterproof protection. The treatment also removes the need for toxic fire retardants, so you can breathe cleanly in the backcountry air.

A large vestibule offers plenty of waterproof gear storage and shelters a No-See-Um mesh door for increased airflow and condensation control. Offering the ultralight space and protection you need, Spike™ is the solution to go farther and stay in the high country for as long as it takes to punch your tag.

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NEMO Spike Tent Details

Unique design allows for setup with a trekking pole (not included). Reinforced pole pocket with attached pole sleeve houses the trekking pole handle. Premium 30D Nylon Ripstop is coated on both sides with a silicone treatment for increased strength and weatherproof protection. Packs small into the included stuff sack.


  • Minimum Weight (lb, oz-kg): 1 lb , 5 oz / 599 g
  • Packed Weight (lb, oz-kg): 1 lb , 10 oz / 729 g
  • Packed Size (in-cm): 11.0 x 5.0 in diameter / 28 x 13 cm diameter
  • Peak Height (in-cm): 42 in / 106.68 cm
  • Floor Dimensions (in-cm): 80 x 38/28 in / 203.2 x 96.52/71.12 cm
  • Floor Area (sq f - sq m): 18.3 sq ft / 1.7 sq m
  • Vestibule Area (sq ft- sq m): 5.0 sq ft / 0.5 sq m
  • Canopy Fabric: 30D Sil/Sil Nylon Ripstop (1500 mm)
  • Floor Fabric: 30D Sil/Sil Nylon Ripstop (1500 mm)
  • Tent Pole Description: 3 struts 6.3mm poles
  • Includes 6 Nemo Y Tent Stakes: 0.55 oz / 15.59 g per stake
  • Includes interior light pocket and drawstring stuff sack

How It's Built

  • Material: Other
  • Weight: 21oz.

Where to Use

  • Regions:
    • Intermountain/Rockies
    • Southwest
    • Midwest
    • Northeast
    • BC/Alaska
    • Pacific Northwest
    • Southeast
  • Temperature Ranges:
    • 20F - 45F
    • 45F - 60F
    • 60F - 80F

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Height: 5' 8"
Location: Montana & Idaho
Primary Use: bivy hunting & backpacking
lightweight & compact, but poor ventilation

This tent takes up minimal space in your pack and is easy to set up, making it a convenient solution for bivy hunting. However, I've used it in varying temps (20F-40F) with clear skies, and the condensation that develops overnight will absolutely ruin your morning. If you're looking for a quality solo tent for mid-late summer, this should work well. Otherwise, invest in a different design.

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 175
Fit Comments: Im 5'9 175 and still barely fit me for a tent thats all wet
Location: backcountry
Primary Use: Hunting elk
Just Garbage, both tent and first lite customer service!

First i bought this tent 2 days after it was released (thats important we'll get back to that). I planned my one time a year elk trip during the rut in September 20th to the 28th. Planned for months and sent thousands getting all my gear. Drove 9hrs to my spot. First night the condensate was terrible it didnt even rain i my stuff was soaked. Whats the point of a shelter if it wont shelter you from anything, I might aswell sleeped without a tent. Second night it rained at 2 am. Drip drip drip on my face the tent was leaking from the center seem. All my gear and myself were soaked once again. So rain you get wet,no rain you still get wet. Had to pack it in after 2days of hunting from fears of getting sick due to being wet and cold all night in the back country. Called first lite on my way back and was told this was not the first call about this today. Clears a known issue. Then was told they couldnt return it beacuse it was used ,lmfao. How are you to predict that the tent would leak if you dont try it in the rain. Then i was told that its past the 14 day return period. First lite released the tent at the end of july and as far as i know hunting season in most places doenst start till sept with some exceptions in late August. They released the tent fully knowing that by the time anyone really tryed it, it would be beyond the return date, pretty shady. Finally was told they wouldn't do anything for me and to try nemo which has been awesome through this whole ordeal. So if you want a tent that will get you wet rain or no rain this is the tent for you, otherwise get a better tent. first lites customer service is just Garbage. *Do Not Buy This Tent * Lastly it seems that first lite likes to post 5 stars reviews on this tent immediately after a bad review, also shady. it happened to my buddy bruno's review within hours of his bad review.

Location: Back country
Primary Use: Elk hunting
Light weight and packable but condensation is terrible.

Just got back off a 10 day back country hunt. I wanted to love this tent so bad. I even emailed them about its release date. However after having it in the back country I can’t recommend this tent to anyone. I was literally wet every single morning from condensation. It’s light weight and it’s rugged and it is very packable but, none of that even matters when your wet and your sleeping bag and pad is wet. Sorry guys this is a no go for me.

Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 210
Location: SE Idaho
Primary Use: Bivy Hunting
Lightweight, but does get damp.

Just got back last night from a seven day backcountry elk hunt in southeast Idaho and I used this tent for the majority of the time. Its packability and being lightweight was awesome for the backpack/bivy hunting style hunting that I was doing. It rained off and on for the majority of the hunt and it does collect condensation and if you touch the walls during a rain storm your gear will be wet. I'm gonna try to add additional waterproofing to it but I would absolutely rock this tent in early season and fair weather conditions.

Height: 6’1”
Weight: 220lbs
Location: BC
Primary Use: Hunting
Leaks during rain, and condensation is terrible

Used this for the first time on an elk hunt this week. Condensation is terrible. Everything got soaked. Next day it rained and I could feel drips on my face and all my gear. When I called First Lite they admitted it was a problem but passed me off to Nemo. Do not buy this tent if you’re hunting somewhere that it may rain.