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Men's Ranger Stretch Snapshirt
Men's Ranger Stretch Snapshirt
Men's Ranger Stretch Snapshirt
Men's Ranger Stretch Snapshirt
Men's Ranger Stretch Snapshirt
Men's Ranger Stretch Snapshirt
Men's Ranger Stretch Snapshirt
Men's Ranger Stretch Snapshirt
Men's Ranger Stretch Snapshirt
Men's Ranger Stretch Snapshirt
Men's Ranger Stretch Snapshirt
Men's Ranger Stretch Snapshirt
Men's Ranger Stretch Snapshirt
Men's Ranger Stretch Snapshirt
Men's Ranger Stretch Snapshirt
Men's Ranger Stretch Snapshirt
Men's Ranger Stretch Snapshirt
Men's Ranger Stretch Snapshirt
Men's Ranger Stretch Snapshirt
Men's Ranger Stretch Snapshirt

Men's Ranger Stretch Snapshirt

37.5 4-Way Stretch Nylon

$120.00 USD

Color/PatternDry Earth

Inspired by hot weather flats fishing shirts, the Ranger technical snap shirt translates the already proven concept into the hunting realm. Whether you’re shed hunting in the spring, pushing ridgelines for mountain grouse or glassing summer elk herds, this versatile performance top can pull double duty at the local rodeo. 4-way stretch, 37.5 nylon dries rapidly, keeps you cool and resists abrasion, and adjustable snap cuffs allow for a snug but comfortable fit. The sleeves are constructed with our shooter’s cut for freedom of movement when swinging a shotgun or drawing a bow. From the river to the mountains, the Ranger is the new go-to for your outdoor lifestyle.

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Men's Ranger Stretch Snapshirt Details

Layering Position

  • Next to Skin


  • True to size: Purchase your normal size to wear over or under other layers
  • 4 way stretch
  • Lightweight
  • Dries fast
  • Temperature regulating
  • Durable
  • Shooters cut sleeve
  • Ajustable snap cuff

How It's Built

  • Material: 37.5 4-Way Stretch Nylon
  • Cut: Shooter Cut
  • Primary Uses:
    • Spot & Stalk
    • Upland
    • Fishing
    • Lifestyle
  • Weight: 9.5oz.

Where to Use

  • Temperature Range:
    • 45F - 60F
    • 60F - 80F
    • Above 80F

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Product Size: L
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 200
Waist Size: 36
Inseam Length: 32
Location: In the field
Primary Use: Hunting
Love This Shirt

This is such a quality product. I did get it torn up a bit trying to fit through some thorns in the field, so it's not the best brush-buster in the closet. However, I love it's comfort and flexibility and will probably get another in a different color just to wear because I like it that much - just don't go busting brush with it as your outer layer without being really careful!

Product Size: 40"
Height: 6'1
Weight: 285
Waist Size: 40
Inseam Length: 30
Draw Length: 30
Location: Western PA
Primary Use: Outdoor Activities
Perfect Fit in more ways than one

Ordered the shirt and couldn't be more pleased, in fact I ordered 5 in total. I have always run into being to hot with your traditional flannels or hooded Sweat Shirts. Super comfortable !! Only down side is they sell out to quickly

Product Size: L
Height: 6’3
Weight: 190
Waist Size: 32
Inseam Length: 35
Location: Farm
Primary Use: Work/casual
Work shirt

I got 2 of these shirts for farm work/chores. This shirt has a great fit, dries fast, and has a bit of stretch to it for increased mobility. Also noticed it doesn’t stain and I’ve gotten blood on my gray one several times. If it will stand up to what I’ve put it through at the farm it will stand up to anything!

Product Size: XXL
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 245
Waist Size: 40
Inseam Length: 32
Draw Length: 32-34
Location: Hunting and hanging out at the camp
Primary Use: As a layer to my existing kit
Nice Addition to any kit

I've always been a bit disappointed I never got the Chugach work shirt, so I am glad this product was redone, renamed and produced. For me, this product has a good feel, fit and functionality to it. Its a great early Fall and Spring shirt for the woods with minimal layering and it takes up very little space if it needs to be shed. It goes great with Jeans if you are looking for high fashion but you want to be outdoorsy. The snaps do have a good hold to them so I don't have any concerns over the product not staying buttoned up, but I do have some concerns about aggressively unbuttoning the shirt, whether intentional or accidental. I am a XXL and it is loose so you do get that option to add layers if the temps permit. Overall a good addition to any kit.

Product Size: M
Height: 5'6
Weight: 160
Waist Size: 30
Inseam Length: 30
Draw Length: 26 1/2
Location: Da woods
Primary Use: Early season elk and muley's
Perfect Addition

Bought the ranger shirt for a lightweight early season addition to my wick short sleeve and wick 3/4 zip. This is going to be my go to for opening day - one of the most comfortable pieces I have to date. I have a hard time finding shirts that fit perfect, but this nailed it on the head. I'm short and stocky, and love the fit so much, I am going to purchase a couple solid colors(ash and conifer) when they get back in stock to wear around town.

Product Size: L
Height: 6'
Weight: 215
Waist Size: 33
Location: Indiana
Primary Use: Coonhunting
Great all around

I bought this shirt to use to coonhunt in as midwest summers can be brutally hot and a lot of green brush. So far it's been everything I bought it for, keeps me cooler and keeps the briars and itch weed off me. I'm going to purchase a couple more to wear out and for work.

Product Size: L
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 185
Waist Size: 34
Location: Midwest
Primary Use: Kayak fishing, and around town.
Great for fishing or a night on the town.

I’ve been wearing this shirt most of the summer kayak fishing and it is extremely comfortable and lightweight. The material seems to do a good job of wicking sweat and drying quickly. The dry earth, conifer, or grey versions could easily be worn out on the town.

Product Size: L
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 195
Waist Size: 34
Draw Length: 34
Location: Virginia
Primary Use: Scouting and fishing.
Great shirt for warm weather

Wore this shirt stomping around the woods and the farm in southeast Virginia on one of the hottest and humid days of the summer yet. Shirt felt outstanding in the heat and didn’t make it feel like it was holding extra heat in making the day hotter than it already was. Works great as a fishing shirt as well.

Product Size: XL
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 240
Waist Size: 36
Draw Length: 30”
Location: Business and casual
Primary Use: Work and free time
Love these shirts

These shirts are super comfortable and dress up or down nicely across wide range of temps. I liked the gray so much that I bought the dry earth as well and plan to get the conifer eventually too. I wear them to work regularly even in the Arizona summertime it’s nice and breathable.

Product Size: M
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 179
Waist Size: 32
Location: Alabama
Primary Use: Fly Fishing, Deep Sea Fishing, Everyday Wear. It's classy, people.
Fantastic Shirt

I love this shirt. The material is fantastic and the stitching is top notch. It's a superior product to the other things I've compared it to that are made from 37.5. I'm a recovery fatty and I don't have the best physique still being pudgy around the middle, but it's a tad wide around the mid section. It's not enough to make me wish I had bought a small over a medium and I think it's intentional to aid in airflow. I think the short length is absolutely perfect (it's seems cut to be intended to be worn untucked) and the cut on the sleeves are exactly what I didn't know I was missing. I wouldn't change anything about this thing. It's hands down my favorite shirt.