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Aerowool Touch Liner Glove
Aerowool Touch Liner Glove
Aerowool Touch Liner Glove
Aerowool Touch Liner Glove
Aerowool Touch Liner Glove
Aerowool Touch Liner Glove
Aerowool Touch Liner Glove
Aerowool Touch Liner Glove
Aerowool Touch Liner Glove
Aerowool Touch Liner Glove
Aerowool Touch Liner Glove
Aerowool Touch Liner Glove

Aerowool Touch Liner Glove

Lightweight 150 Aerowool

$25.00 USD


If you think that you may be in between sizes, we encourage you to to move one size up on the Aerowool Touch Liner glove.

Now featuring an all-new touch screen sensitive thumb and index finger, the First Lite Aerowool Touch Liner Glove is the perfect addition to your kit for warm early season hunts and concealing your hands when you close the distance. Built from First Lite's Aerowool comprised of merino wool and 37.5 by Cocona Technology, the Aerowool Liner Glove builds upon the success of our Merino Liner while adding increased durability and better moisture-wicking for a better grip on your stock or bow.

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Aerowool Touch Liner Glove Details

Layering Position

  • Next to Skin


  • Exclusive 37.5 Active Particle Technology 
    • Exhausts moisture and maintains core body temperature 
    • Traps odors (human signature) and releases them when laundered
    • Touch screen sensitive thumb and index finger
    • Lightweight, 150 gsm AeroWool Fabric
    • Lightweight interlock fabric
    • Next to skin under other gloves

    How It's Built

    • Material: Aerowool
    • Primary Uses:
      • Spot & Stalk
      • Tree Stand
      • Waterfowl
      • Upland
    • Material Weight: 150 Ultralight
    • Weight: .9oz.

    Where to Use

    • Regions:
      • Intermountain/Rockies
      • Southwest
      • Midwest
      • Northeast
      • BC/Alaska
      • Pacific Northwest
      • Southeast
    • Temperature Ranges:
      • 45F - 60F
      • 60F - 80F
      • Above 80F

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 50 reviews
    Matt Pilcher
    Product Size: L
    Height: 6’1”
    Weight: 270
    Waist Size: 40
    Inseam Length: 32
    Location: Mid Atlantic
    Primary Use: Early season white tails and spring turkey
    Great while they last. Buy a couple pairs.

    I use these gloves for early season whitetail and spring turkey. I go through a couple pair each year. The touch screen finger isn’t worth a damn and they usually start to rip or the seams bust out within a week of hard use. But they’re a super lightweight wool weave so what do you expect. They fit great, look cool, wick moisture, and provide just a bit of warmth. One of my favorite firstlite pieces. I’ll keep buying two pairs a year for years to come.

    Brian Dumas
    Product Size: S
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 170
    Waist Size: 34
    Inseam Length: 30
    Location: Connecticut
    Primary Use: Hunt, Hike, Camp, everything
    Great minimalist Glove

    I have a pair in conifer that really beats my expectations. As long as its not windy, these gloves keep my hands surprisingly warm for how darn light they are! Even when wet they retained most of their warmth. I use these for light insulation and to cover my bright white hands for turkey and archery whitetail. These things are not meant to handle a lot of abuse. If you need to handle fire wood or something like that, take them off. That said..Ive washed these over a dozen times, and worn them a ton and they are showing wear but are still perfectly intact. very impressed considering how lightweight they are.

    JB Hayman
    Product Size: XL
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 225
    Waist Size: 38
    Inseam Length: 33
    Location: Southeast GA
    Primary Use: Turkey
    Aerowool Touch Liner Glove

    Ordered the gloves for the current turkey season and I love pretty much everything about them. Only issue was not being able to access my phone screen to see land lines while gloves are on.

    Product Size: M
    Height: 5'8
    Weight: 125
    Waist Size: 30
    Inseam Length: 30
    Draw Length: 31
    Location: Michigan
    Primary Use: Hunting
    Nice but delicate

    It is a wonderful early season glove but it is not to be worn through thick brush, thorns, bramble bushes, or cactus will pull strands out

    Phillip Hays
    Product Size: M
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 225
    Waist Size: 38
    Inseam Length: 30
    Draw Length: 27
    Location: Southern Illinois
    Primary Use: Tree stand hunting whitetail
    Great Gloves

    These gloves are perfect for what I use them for. No bulk makes holding and drawing my bow a breeze. Fingers are a touch long but that is not due to their sizing but rather that my hand is a little too fat for the small and fingers are a touch short for the medium.

    Robert Beale
    Product Size: XL
    Height: 73"
    Weight: 290
    Waist Size: 44
    Inseam Length: 32
    Draw Length: 29.5
    Location: Late season in WA
    Primary Use: Treestand and blind hunting
    Glove liners

    They are perfect for the early season turkey and bear hunts on their own. Also perfect fit as a liner under those heavier cold weather gloves for the late season in the Pacific Northwest.

    Stefan Hiatt
    Product Size: L
    Height: 6’
    Weight: 208
    Waist Size: 208
    Inseam Length: 34
    Location: All winter, but 1st through 3 season elk hunting
    Primary Use: Everything
    Perfect Light Gloves

    Just finished my third year with these gloves. Love them. Keep hand warm, yet fit in bino harness with ease.

    Product Size: L
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 215
    Waist Size: 36
    Inseam Length: 32
    Location: Cold/Rainy hunting/camping
    Primary Use: Keeping warm and comfortable.
    Great dual purpose glove

    Just got these and can hang up my walmart brown cotton gloves. These fit prefect without constriction. They can be worn stand alone or as a liner on a larger glove.

    jake kallio
    Product Size: L
    Height: 510
    Weight: 190
    Waist Size: 34
    Inseam Length: 31
    great liners

    great fit and finish. exactly what I need while walking through hunting season.

    Product Size: M
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 175
    Waist Size: 34
    Inseam Length: 32
    Location: Southeast
    Primary Use: Deer, small game and predator hunting
    Great aero wool gloves

    These just arrived and I have not yet had an opportunity to wear them in the deer woods yet but wanted to comment on the fit and finish. These are a perfect fit and there are no straggling strings hanging all over. . It's 70 degrees today and my hands are not becoming sweaty. I'll update this review after my next hunt