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The Brad Bever Logo Wear Collection

These designs are kind of a reflection of something that I see along the way, and I think, 'I can make something out of this'. That was my goal, to create something a whitetail hunter can relate to."
- Brad Bever First Lite Pro Team Member

Kevin Monteith

In 2018, Brad Bever left behind his family, friends, and a steady job and moved to Iowa to chase monster whitetails. But unlike most folks who drop everything and move to the country's whitetail hotspots, Brad is also an accomplished artist. After working for Midwest Whitetail and Lone Wolf, he founded Arttec Branding. Splitting his time between the studio and the tree stand, Brad creates art inspired by whitetail hunting. We're stoked to present you all with this short film on Brad and a limited-run whitetail collection from the artist himself.

I sold my house, quit my job. I was content with where I was, but I wasn't doing artwork or photography, and I didn't get to hunt as much as I wanted." - Brad Bever First Lite Pro Team Member

Ford Van Fossan

There's some parallels in hunting and art in that it never shuts off for me."
- Brad Bever First Lite Pro Team Member

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