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How to Send your Stock

Congratulations on choosing to dip your rifle or shotgun stock (and foregrip if applicable) in First Lite Fusion! We have partnered with the best at Utah Hydrographics, so prepare a special place in your safe for the best-looking firearm in your quiver. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU FOLLOW THESE PREPARATION STEPS CAREFULLY. Failure to do so will result in further charges from Utah Hydrographics so please read instructions carefully and take your time preparing your rifle or shotgun stock. We highly recommend taking your rifle or shotgun to a professional gunsmith for disassembly.


STEP 1: REMOVE EVERYTHING FROM THE STOCK AND FOREGRIP. Do not ship any accessories attached to the stock or foregrip, including but not limited to slings, sling attachments, bottom metal and trigger guard, bipods, bipod mounts, recoil reduction pads, accessory mounts or otherwise. Any further preparation necessary for dipping will result in increased charges on behalf of Utah Hydrographics.

STEP 2: Download the PDF order form here or from the button below, complete it and include it in the box with your stock and foregrip. Be sure to write down the shipping address on the form before sealing the box. We recommend padding the stock and foregrip to avoid chips or dings and cannot be held accountable for damage during transit.

STEP 3: Ship stock and foregrip to the address on the form. Include your printed receipt from (emailed after purchase) with your shipment.

STEP 4: Utah Hydrographics will contact you with status updates or questions. Turn around time depends on both preparation and volume but generally, stocks are completed within two business weeks.

STEP 5: Upon receiving your First Lite Fusion stock and foregrip back from Utah Hydrographics, have a gunsmith reassemble your shotgun or rifle. Snap a picture of your firearm and show everyone you know how beautiful it is. Finally, go forth and harvest. Feel free to tag those posts with #firstlitefusion...we might just feature your baby.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not call First Lite for status updates or questions about your stock. We do not have access to Utah Hydrographics' system and will likely be unable to answer your questions. You can reach Utah Hydrographics directly at 1-801-707-4518.