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Aerowool® Technology



Sweat less, exert less energy and stay more comfortable with First Lite's Aerowool Technology. When temperatures reach for the ceiling but the hunting is heating up, too, you need every advantage you can get. Aerowool is the perfect marriage of First Lite's super fine Merino Wool and the 37.5 Technology utilized in our Outerwear System in a 65% / 35% ratio. The result is an ultralight base layer that fights stink and noise like the Merino you love but dries three to five times faster and brings improved durability to the table thanks to the 37.5-infused fibers. Whether you're hiking through high desert pursuing a heavy pronghorn or scouting for that giant whitetail buck in the back forty, Aerowool is your best hot weather, active base layer.


  • Eliminate Smell: The unique molecular structure and neutral charge of wool fibers prevent the attraction of odor-causing bacteria. Enhanced by hydrophilic 37.5 fibers, moisture is quickly pulled away from the skin and transported through the fabric, eliminating the moisture needed for bacteria to form.
  • Increase Stamina: When your body is not spending its resources and calories on cooling or warming its core, you're more efficient, you have more stamina, you think more clearly and you can make a better shot.
  • Delay the Onset of Sweat: Aerowool works in the vapor stage before you break into a sweat. If your activity level increases suddenly or the temperature heats up and sweat appears, First Lite's Aerowool dries three to five times faster than competitive Merino products.
  • Maintain Stealth: Leaning on Merino Wool's inherently soft fiber, Aerowool is one of the quietest base layer systems in the marketplace with its virtually silent movement.




With 37.5 technology, patented active particles permanently embedded at the fiber level capture and release moisture vapor. Not only do these active particles provide 800% more surface area to the fiber, but they also provide a unique driving force to remove moisture vapor, unlike any other technology. By actively responding to body heat, the active particles use this energy from the body to accelerate the vapor movement and speed up the conversion of liquid to vapor, significantly increasing drying rates. This means the hotter the user gets, the stronger the driving force removing moisture becomes—and the more comfortable the garment remains.

Having seen all of the benefits and performance in the field of 37.5 in our Outerwear, we set off on applying it to a synthetic fiber which we then wove with our industry-leading Merino Wool via an intimate blend of the two fibers. Merino Wool brings several benefits to the table that we have grown to expect in performance base layers: Natural antibacterial properties (less stink), an incredibly large temperature spectrum (meaning it works from triple digits down to sub-zero temperatures) and a soft fiber that virtually eliminates noise.